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Collapse of GMA-Ang Deal Further Baffles GMA’s Business Operations

A deal between Ramon S. Ang and GMA has been terminated for unspecified reasons, furthering the already troubled business operations of the Kapuso network. (Photo credit: San Miguel Corporation)

The resuscitation of GMA Network has once again hit a roadblock.

It was announced Tuesday that talks between the said network and businessman Ramon S. Ang for the latter’s acquisition of a 30% share have been terminated. Responding to this sudden turn of events, Ang called the move surprising and unexpected, and promised to wait for any explanation by GMA regarding the situation at hand.

This was not the first time that talks between GMA and a potential investor have ended without any conclusive results. PLDT and TV5 chairman Manny V. Pangilinan have also entered talks to acquire a portion of GMA’s shares in 2001, 2004, 2012 and 2014, only to collapse in the end.

The latest development involving Ang and GMA marked the latest chapter in the decline and mismanagement of the network. Just recently, the Kapuso network have been involved in a pair of un-Kapuso-like decisions in relation to its business operations.

Late last year, 52 GMA employees were laid off while fighting for the regularization of their services, leading to a protest by the group known as ‘Talents Association of GMA’ (TAG). Claiming there were ‘unfair labor practices’, the group recently held a protest in front of the GMA headquarters in Timog Avenue.

Then in late April, GMA closed down four regional offices, canceled a pair of regional morning programs, and laid off at least 100 employees. The network claimed that they were merely streamlining its operations in order to increase ratings and revenue.

Coupled with still-declining ratings and programming quality, it is now clear why GMA is going nowhere. The lack of urgency to improve and expand the business is taking its toll on the network.

And it only made worse with its latest debacle involving Ramon S. Ang.

This is now a hopeless situation for Felipe Gozon, Gilberto Duavit and the rest of GMA management. Without any support from other investors, GMA is destined to become an afterthought in the media industry, something they cannot afford to happen.

They desperately need a new investor at this point. Perhaps a sit-down discussion with SM’s Henry Sy and family may help.


327 thoughts on “Collapse of GMA-Ang Deal Further Baffles GMA’s Business Operations

  1. Jc says:

    Now GMA has to tap in to other investors such as MVP’s(?) PLDT, and Globe. Hope one of these two telecom companies have the will to rehabilitate the broadcasting operations of HMA Network

  2. grab pep article
    “Mr. Ang has agreed to withdraw the complaint he filed in the Department of Justice against Atty. Felipe L. Gozon, Felipe M. Gozon, Jr., Anna Teresa Gozon-Abrogar, Ismael Agusto S. Gozon, Belinda G. Madrid, Ma. Erlinda G. Gana, Jaime Javier Gana, Florencia Gozon Tarriela, Edgar Tarriela, Tricia Tarriela Valderrama, and Atty. Gozon has agreed to return the Php 1 billion to Mr. Ang.

    “Atty. Gozon has explained, as stated in GMA’s disclosure to the PSE last August 5, 2015, that, ‘In making the decision to retain the downpayment, Atty. Felipe L. Gozon did not consult with the other members of the Gozon Group.”

    it only means 3 things:
    1. The members of the board was unaware that Atty. Gozon did not return the downpayment.
    2. Mr. Ang was right to demand the 1B downpayment back
    3. The press statement clear vindicates the members of the board and implicates Atty. Gozon who acted alone and sole responsible for this mess.

  3. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    On the good side, though, despite their financial problems, GMA is still having their “Kapuso Milyonaryo” and “Kombo Panalo” promos being held once or twice a year.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        ABS-CBN also does the same promos, especially when it’s Summer, Christmas, or Anniversaries of ABS-CBN. But unlike in GMA’s, some of ABS-CBN’s promos require you to spot the promo sponsor’s logo on the lower-left portion of your TV screens, which is an alternative to the usual “proof of purchase,” which is always the method of the viewers’ sending of entries in GMA’s promos. In fact, these promos are ABS-CBN’s and GMA’s way of saying “thank you” to their viewers for their continued patronage to the two big networks.

        Speaking of promos, remember GMA’s “Big Cash sa Patalastas” Promo in 2006?

  4. Jc says:

    Talking about the radio side of broadcasting, ABS-CBN currently has only 4 Radyo Patrol stations in Manila, Palawan, Cebu, and Davao. Perhaps DYAB and (I guess) DXAB we’re the only ABS-CBN AM stations to have their own regional “Teleradyo” Channels exclusive to Skycable and they have 17 MOR stations. GMA has only about 5 Super Radyo stations, and 15 Barnagay stations. And TV5 has almost 10 Radyo5 stations (3? of which are originating in Manila, Cebu, and Davao the rest are 92.3’s relays). Sorry if I have to base some info from Wikipedia.

    Last year, GMA’s AM station was no. 1 in Mega Manila based on Nielsen surveys. Meanwhile, DZMM ranks no. 1 also in Mega Manila but based on Kantar surveys.

    • JRDV says:

      ABS-CBN was supposed to open AM stations in Cagayan de Oro and Tacloban back in the 90s, but ABS decided not to pursue opening new AM stations due to the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis. Both DYAB and DXAB have their own TeleRadyo channels, so let them serve Cebu and Davao.

      GMA used to have a lot of AM and FM stations, but sadly, maraming Super Radyo stations ang nagsara. Mas apektado ang Roxas City, Calbayog, Butuan at Koronadal dahil sa bad decisions ng GMA (to focus on major radio markets) kaya nagsara na ang Campus Radio at Super Radyo doon. Yung Super Radyo Bacolod, Super Radyo Iligan (formerly Campus Radio Iligan) at Super Radyo Zamboanga, relay na lang ng Super Radyo Manila.

      Regarding TV5, yung kanilang FM stations ay naka-license sa Nation Broadcasting Corporation, pero hindi gaanong ramdam ang Radyo5 sa buong bansa, unlike sa Brigada News FM na nagexpand na sa buong Pilipinas (kakabroadcast lang ng kanilang bagong FM station sa Davao, 91.5 ang frequency).

  5. Jc says:

    As long as Asia’s and the country’s economy is currently stable, I just hope ABS-CBN gets to have its hands again on launching these two “Radyo Patrol” stations in Cagayan De Oro and Tacloban in order to expand the network’s (ABS-CBN’s) news resources and public/community service. But it would be a very challenging step for ABS-CBN as they now have to manage 6 AM stations and 17 FM stations.

    And obviously ABS-CBN’s radio division is also getting into greater innovations among the rival minor and and major networks.

    • JRDV says:

      It might not happen anytime in the future. Hindi nga tinuloy ang Radyo Patrol CDO at Radyo Patrol Tacloban dahil sa Asian Financial Crisis back in the 90s, so hanggang MOR lang sa CDO at Tacloban. Enough na ang MOR to signify ABS-CBN’s presence in radio in some major markets.

      MOR 101.9 Manila is now broadcasting in HD Radio, kaya nga nagiinovate na sila, at par with 93.9 iFM, 98.7 The Master’s Touch, Radyo5 92.3 News FM (when they used to broadcast in HD Radio), 105.1 Crossover, Y101 Cebu and Wild FM 92.3 WT.

      • We have to live with the fact na pinakastable ngayon ang radio division ng ABS. Kung may mga problema sila, minimal lang ito at this point.

        GMA’s radio division needs improvement, period. And so does Radyo5 despite its innovative nature as a news-centric FM radio station. Brigada won’t be a major player in Metro Manila, but they can keep expanding in the provinces as they wish.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        Not only ABS-CBN is the stable radio network, but even MBC, especially when the latter is currently operating 6 radio networks (DZRH/Aksyon Radyo/Radyo Natin/Love Radio/Yes FM/Easy Rock), which is also profitable and rates well, like ABS-CBN’s. (But on Love Radio’s and Yes FM’ case, ratings-wise, it seems like they don’t deserve to be no. 1 as what you said in your previous article “Love Radio and Yes FM doesn’t deserve to be No. 1.”)

        Speaking of Super Radyo Cebu, I won’t be surprised if Bobby Nalzaro, Super Radyo Cebu’s station manager and flagship broadcaster, will suddenly transfer to another radio network, considering that he has been loyal with GMA for 2 decades, since he transfered there from Bombo Radyo Cebu in 1998 or 1999.

  6. JRDV says:

    As what I’ve heard from the Philippine Television Through The Years And Beyond FB group, GMA Davao didn’t cover the live Floral Float Parade of this year’s Kadayawan.

    It seems na apektado na rin ang local festival coverage ng GMA sa nangyaring cost-cutting sa GMA Regional TV. Lima na lang ang mga reporter sa GMA Dagupan, GMA Iloilo, GMA Cebu at GMA Davao, habang sales department na ang nasa Ilocos, Naga, Bacolod, CDO and GenSan.

  7. Jc says:

    Interesting to note that TV Patrol Regional is a lot more stronger compared to 24 Oras and Aksyon’s.

    But if I were them like I’ve said, I’d better reopen the Ilocos, and Cagayan De Oro stations. But as GMA Regional News Centers. This means only the newscasts will be the regional programs be seen in these and other stations. Para na rin bumalance ang budget para sa kanilang overall broadcasting operations.

    • JRDV says:

      Nangyari na ang “streamlining sa GMA.” Sacrificing most of the staff (including the whole news team of GMA Ilocos, Naga, CDO, Bacolod and GenSan; even the morning shows and select reporters from GMA Iloilo, GMA Cebu and GMA Davao) in favor of budget cuts.

      Kahit mangyari man yan, GMA cannot even afford to relaunch news departments in Ilocos and CDO doon sa proposal mo, Jc. Hanggang relay na lang ang parehong himpilan, aside sa Naga, Bacolod at GenSan.

      TV Patrol regionals have already been household names in markets kung saan may regional presence ang ABS, like sa Cebu, Bacolod and Davao. About Aksyon regionals, they need a lot of work to do since sa Cebu at Davao lang ang Aksyon regional newscasts ng TV5 (hindi counted diyan ang newscasts ng PBN Bicol at GBPI 11 Zamboanga since affiliates lang sila).

      • In short, JC, the damage has been done for GMA’s regional department. Kung tuluy-tuloy ang financial losses nila, very unlikely na makakabalik ang GMA regional sa dati nitong lakas at sigla.

        The only hope right now for GMA is an investor who can infuse all that cash, if there’s any interested.

  8. Jc says:

    Yeah. Perhaps this is GMA’s “another way” of going nationwide. By showing the entire GMA Manila schedule. And aside from its news stringers, GMA continues to rely on its Manila Reporters to cover any important story that happened in the regions.

    Mukhang maraming kalat ang dapat linisin ng ating mga kapuso sa Timog Avenue.

  9. Jc says:

    Kung ako ang masusunod, this should be the ownership structure of GMA Network/GMA Network should be owned by the following:
    -GMA Holdings/GMA Network Inc. (5%)
    -TAPE Inc. (40%)
    -APT Entertainment (20%)
    -Sports Vision [Producer of V-League] (15%)
    -Regal Films/Regal Entertainment (10%)
    -VIVA Communications (10%)

    Different owners may help in order to keep the network up and running smoothly.
    To give you Some details:
    -GMA Holdings/GMA Network Inc. will have minimal interest within the network
    -TAPE Inc. and APT will take care of GMA’s Entertainment Group (or GMA Infotainment Group as I said in one of the previous topics) productions
    -Sports Vision will be responsible for coverage of minor Sporting events aside from V-League
    -Regal Films and VIVA will handle GMA’s film production unit.

    • The TAPE group as majority owners? I doubt that. And besides, a mix of companies handling GMA may not help. The best ownership group will have to come from the big companies; those you mentioned are only medium-scale groups.

      • Jc says:

        So I guess it’s up to MVP, Globe, SM, or any bosses with big companies on who should be deserving to get GMA’s chair. Perhaps GMA Holdings should (like I’ve said) just have 5% of the network’s ownership, have the 75% to either MVP, Globe, SM etc., and 20% for private stocks.

  10. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    I guess the reason why Gozon does not want to sell GMA Network to other potential investors is because he wanted to keep GMA as his “pamana,” and he’s afraid to lose it to other people or groups after owning it for 41 years now (along with Menardo and Duavig) since the 1974 takeover. Just my opinion.

  11. Jc says:

    Here is my Top 7 list of what GMA should do so far (that the new owner can do):

    1. If their budget will return into a stable status, better reopen only 2 regional stations that were affected by the streamlining, but only the news department will be reutilized (hence its 24 Oras Regional) and GMA Manila should just produce a current affairs program (titled Isyu Pilipinas) dedicated for the different regions. In short, the GMA regional stations or “News Centers” will no longer produce their own current affairs shows.
    2. Better bring News TV back to ZOE, and just have a live TV/online video streaming of DZBB as their news channel. Most of News TV’s programming will move to channel 7.
    3. As for DZBB, better call it simply as “DZBB 594: Ang Himpilan Ng Katotohanan”. Better reorganize GMA’s radio operations in order to balance the budget and staff. And maybe adopt the “Ang Himpilan Ng Katotohanan” tagline for all AM stations.
    4. Reorganize as well the news, public affairs, and entertainment departments, and name it as GMA News and GMA Infotainment. As I said, GMA News will focus only on News (including their morning show) but no longer its documentary and public affairs shows. While GMA Infotainment will focus more on creating education and information-intensive dramas, reality competitions, documentaries, among others, (including i-Witness and other programs) but both divisions will work together for ideas and hosting gestures (except for the newscasts in terms of the kapuso stars). Yet this will lead to the possible overhaul of the GMA Entartainment TV Group.
    5. In order to prevent any conflict with SKY and GMA, much better if GMA New Media will create a free live video stream of both GMA and DZBB on their website (thus that service will be simply called GMA Live). Perhaps GMA Life TV should just be available online in order to answer the needs for lifestyle and other entertainment or infotainment shows.
    6. We know that GMA may have a lack of sports programming, but with the return to an even stable budget, we hope that GMA should produce at least one, or maybe strengthen its ties with Sports Vision and Solar for co-productions.
    7. GMA should also power up its finance division in order to take care of the salaries and benefits given by the employees.

      • Jc says:

        Additional notes for the Top 7 list (better check out the “main” Top 7 above to understand this clearly):
        1. Better if the GMA Regional News Centers (in Ilocos, Dagupan, IloIlo, Cebu, Davao, and CDO) will only have 4-5 reporters and 1 anchor each for its newscasts.
        2. To clear things up, DZBB’s TV coverage will also be available like I’ve said on Digital TV aside from cable and free internet video streaming. The programs formerly aired on News TV will air on channel 7. In place of movies, weekend programs, and other unusual programming in other timeslots.
        3. For the FM stations, much better if they will just adopt the “Barangay” brand but no longer using the last two letters of the station’s call sign. (In example, instead of calling the manila station as Barangay LS 97.1 (hence the station call sign is DWLS), it will just be called Barangay 97.1. Para at least pantay with the other FM stations of GMA.
        4. The reorganization of the news, public affairs, and enteratainment departments as just GMA News and GMA Infotainment will also serve as a response to the minor programming conflicts in terms who deserves to produce it (like for example, To The Top and Alamat is supposed to be produced by the entertainment group but it was handled by its public affairs department)
        5. The online-exclusive LifeTV will serve as a complementary channel for both live video streams of GMA and DZBB (on GMA Live). And who knows? Perhaps the online LifeTV can be the second home to some of their “popular” shows (for example: Starstruck, they can make a live online-only show on LifeTV that is similar somehow to PBB737 Online).
        6. I think it’s beneficial if GMA (in co-production with Sports Vision and Solar) would just broadcast the final round of its sporting events (in example, the V-League, GMA can carry “Game 4” or the last game of the league similar to what ABS-CBN does, the UAAP finals will be aired on ch. 2) while the other games will be aired exclusively online via LifeTV.
        7. Correction, it should be to the employees.

        -(In terms of international reach) Now that Life TV became an online-only channel and News TV International have been completely off the air, their only international channel will just be GMA Pinoy TV.

        With these 7 good (but slightly complicated) steps, GMA can surely innovate and move beyond broadcasting without the “yabang” and “doubt”. While at the same time, they balance the bridge between manpower and budget.

      • Magkakaproblema tayo sa 3rd suggestion ni JC. Barangay LS 97.1 in Manila and Barangay RT 99.5 in Cebu have their own branding. Listeners will always 97.1 in Manila as WLS or LS (stemming back from the old Campus Radio days) and 99.5 in Cebu will always be known as 99.5 RT. Masyadong established na ang branding ng Barangay RT 99.5 Cebu and there’s no way to remove RT on that station’s branding.

        At least Davao moved on from the Wow branding and is now known as Barangay 103.5 Davao.

      • Jc says:

        Or as for the 3rd suggestion, i-eencourage na lang na gumamit ng last two letters ng kanilang call signs ang lahat ng GMA FM stations to still ensure consistency. By the way, regarding sa 2nd suggestion, Balitanghali will be aired on Ch. 7 para at least mag-compete fairly with TV5’s Aksyon sa Tanghali.

      • We should let Manila and Cebu use the last two letters on their callsigns and leave Barangay FM stations unchanged. Mas gusto ko na ibalik ang Barangay sa Roxas, Zamboanga, Calbayog, Butuan at Koronadal.

      • And besides, hindi kailanman nagkaroon ng noontime newscast ang Channel 7. Even ABS never had one. TV5 lang ang naiiba; better leave TV5’s alternative programming out of the picture.

  12. Jc says:

    Basta para sa akin, (please respect my opinion JRDV) business-wise and name-wise, then again, better if all fm stations should use the last two letters of their callsigns para consistent with the others.

    Now talking about GMA’s international operations, Let me add that GMA Pinoy TV should be rehabilitated. Because based from what I see with GPTV’s schedule in Asia Pacific, delayed ung airing ng mga shows. Unlike with TFC’s, based from my observations in terms of its Asia Pacific feed, LIVE ung airing. So it’s best to have GMA Pinoy TV more live shows each and everyday.

      • Jc says:

        Yeah. But as of the moment, GMA’s international arm continues to hold concerts and events for the Filipino community. Meanwhile, with GMA Pinoy TV being their only international channel (as what I have proposed in my first comments) they do not need to pay a lot of money to their international cable carriers in order to carry their other channels (since DZBB’s live video stream and LifeTV is already available for free online via GMA Live).

  13. Jc says:

    Now to make everything detailed for GMA’s programming, here is my proposed weekday schedule for GMA’s programming:

    5:00am-7:35am: Unang Hirit (and Unang Balita)
    7:30am-10:00am: GMA Astig Auhtority Block (anime programs)
    10:00am-11:00am: MARS (transferee from GMA News TV)
    11:00-11:30am: Balitanghali (transferee from GMA News TV)
    11:30am-12:00nn: The Ryzza Mae Show
    12:00nn-2:30pm: Eat Bulaga
    2:30pm-3:20pm: The Half Sisters
    3:20pm-4:05pm: Buena Familia
    4:45pm-5:15pm: Mon:Tunay Na Buhay/Tue:Powerhouse/Wed:Alisto/Thu:Motorcycle Diaries/Fri:Love Hotline
    5:15pm-5:45pm: Birth of a Beauty (The 6 regional stations will have 24 Oras Regional)
    5:45pm-6:30pm: Reply 1997
    6:30pm-7:30pm: 24 Oras National
    7:30pm-8:30pm: Marimar
    8:30pm-9:20pm: Beautiful Strangers
    9:20pm-10:10pm: My Faithful Husband
    10:10pm-11:00pm: Starstruck
    11:00-11:30pm: Saksi
    11:30pm: Mon:Brigada/Tue:Bawal Ang Pasaway/Wed:Investigative Documentaries/Thu:Tonight with Arnold Clavio/Fri:Bubble Gang
    12:00mn-12:30am: EZ Shop/Shop Japan (any of the two will work)

    The reason why I have to extend the Astig Authority up to 10am and put MARS and Balitanghali on ch. 7’s 10am timeslot (please do not stubbornly blame me for putting Balitanghali on 7’s 11am slot) is that in order to fill the gap for one of the “overloaded” Koreanovelas aired on GMA. As for the noontime newscast (in my viewpoint) it’s considered “worth a try”.

    Perhaps GMA’s time management system is already feasible. I think it would be the time that GMA should scrap the Afternoon Prime and Telebabad blocks into simply these new blocks (I based these simple names from what it is said in the Program Schedule graphic which primarily features its morning slot): GMA Morning (5:00am-11:00am), GMA Daytime (11:00am-5:45pm), GMA Primetime (5:45pm-11:00pm), and GMA Latenite (11:00pm-12:00mn). And maybe GMA should air a list of program schedules from time to time as well.

  14. Jc says:

    Yeah. And maybe with the help of some infomercials from EZ Shop or Shop Japan, GMA can get a bit money from there. Infomercials are now gradually popular once again here in the Philippines.

    Now here is what the weekends will look like:
    5:00am-5:30am: EZ Shop or Shop Japan (or Vision TV)
    5:30am-6:00am: Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko
    6:00am-7:00am: Pinoy MD
    7:00am-9:30am: ZOE TV Block
    9:30am-10:30am: Sarap Diva (with Del Monte Kitchenomics at 10:05am)
    10:30am-11:30am: Maynila
    11:30am-2:30pm Eat Bulaga
    2:30pm-3:15pm: Karelasyon
    3:15pm-4:00pm: Wish Ko Lang
    4:00pm-4:45pm: CelebriTV (In fact, this will be the show that will replace Startalk)
    4:45pm-5:30pm: Imbestigador
    5:30pm-6:00pm: 24 Oras Weekend
    6:00pm-7:00pm: Pepito Manaloto
    7:00pm-8:15pm: Starstruck
    8:15pm-9:30pm: Magpakailanman
    9:30pm-10:30pm: To The Top
    10:30pm-11:30pm: Celebrity Bluff
    11:30pm-12:30am: I-Witness
    12:30am-1:30am: Walang Tulugan
    1:30am-2:00am: EZ Shop or Shop Japan
    5:00am-6:00am: In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley
    6:00am-7:00am: GMA Family TV Mass
    7:00am-9:30am: ZOE TV Block
    9:30am-10:00am: Isyu Pilipinas (A regional current affairs program produced by GMA Manila)
    10:00am-11:00am: AHA
    11:00am-11:30am: iBilib
    11:30am-12:00nn: Born To Be Wild
    12:00nn-2:00pm: Sunday Pinasaya
    2:00pm-3:30pm: Wowowin
    3:30pm-4:30pm: Day Off
    4:30pm-5:30pm: Juan Tamad
    5:30pm-6:00pm: 24 Oras Weekend
    6:00pm-6:30pm: Vampire ang Daddy Ko
    6:30pm-7:30pm: Ismol Family
    7:30pm-8:45pm: Starstruck
    8:45pm-9:45pm: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho
    9:45pm-10:45pm: To The Top
    10:45pm-12:00mn: SNBO (dub-free and new movies plus other specials)
    12:00mn-12:30am: EZ Shop or Shop Japan

    Some minor adjustments with the weekday schedule:
    5:00am-7:30am: Unang Hirit (and Unang Balita)
    7:30am-9:30am: GMA Astig Authority Block (Anime programs)
    9:30am-11:00am: MARS (late morning show)
    11:00am-11:30am: Balitanghali
    11:30am-12:00nn: The Ryzza Mae Show
    12:00nn-2:30pm: Eat Bulaga
    2:30pm-3:15pm: The Half Sisters
    3:15pm-4:00pm: Buena Familia
    4:00pm-4:45pm: Healing Hearts
    4:45pm-5:15pm: Mon:Tunay Na Buhay/Tue:Sports Adventures with Rovilson Fernandez (sports show)/Wed:Power House/Thu:Brigada/Fri:iJuander
    5:15pm-5:45pm: Birth of a Beauty (24 Oras Regional for the 6 regional stations)
    5:45pm-6:30pm: Reply 1997
    6:30pm-7:30pm: 24 Oras National
    7:30pm-8:30pm: Marimar
    8:30pm-9:15pm: Beautiful Strangers
    9:15pm-10:10pm: My Faithful Husband
    10:10pm-11:00pm: Starstruck
    11:00pm-11:30pm: Saksi
    11:30pm-12:30am: The 700 Club Asia

    • Actually they just premiered Legendary Women last week. Reply 1997 finished its run last Friday. GMA would have waited for Reply 1997 to end before replacing it with Legendary Women.

      Other than that, it seems more acceptable.

      • Jc says:

        Yeah. I don’t think the ZOE Block will work. Better if the weekend morning slot is occupied by the anime shows which enjoys good ratings after all.

      • Tama naman si Robert. Tutal, mga animes, Eat Bulaga, Sunday PinaSaya at Wowowin na lang ang bumubuhay sa GMA, with GMA’s own original programming way behind than the original programming of ABS-CBN.

      • Jc says:

        But the problem right here is, kung patuloy pa rin na magiging loyal si Bro. Eddie with GMA, thus ung mga shows niya o ng ZOE ay patuloy pa rin Ineair sa (ZOE-owned) GMA News TV, pagbibigyan ko siya ng slot para doon.

        Isa pa, wala na ngang TV Mass ang GMA. Kaya Kung mapapansin mo pagpatak ng 6am, pelikula na ang palabas doon.

        At isa pa rin, nagkakaroon na nga ng identity crisis itong GMA News TV, sapagka’t instead na maghatid ng Balita Oras-oras, puro rerun, pelikula, at Teleserye na ang pinapalabas. Kaya mainam na ibalik sa ZOE ang News TV/channel 11. Hindi na po feasible ang mag-maintain ng dalawang VHF channels sabi nga.

  15. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    GMA Network has a records division (GMA Records & Home Video), right? I wonder if they’re also performing poorly nowadays, like the rest of the network.

      • Yet, GMA Records remain persistent in signing their talents. IDK about GMA Home Video continuing to produce DVDs of old teleseryes and documentaries for public consumption. If anyone goes to a record store and see the latest releases, fill us in.

  16. Believe That says:

    I kind of agree with this proposed schedule of yours. Much like similar with TV5’s Aksyon sa Tanghali. I think this is way better and GMA should try something new with it. But I think transferring Balitanghali to GMA will be quite difficult. I think they should just start a new pre-afternoon News Show. Perhaps News to Go can be transferred to Pre-Afternoon slot of GMA from News TV?

  17. Jc says:

    The weekday schedule that I posted above will apply to the Monday-Friday scheme.

    And let me add that some of the programs seen on channel 7 (including Bubble Gang) and News TV (which is about to be returned to ZOE as from what is proposed) will transfer to the online-exclusive LifeTV.

    Now meanwhile, if Bro. Eddie and ZOE wants to keep its loyal relationship with GMA, better if they (GMA) should have a ZOE TV Block every weekend Mornings in order to at least air ZOE’s shows.

  18. Jc says:

    I may be half-pessimistic here, But gaya nga rin ng sinabi ko, if GMA will close down due to some of these problems, the country will be left with only two major networks to watch and hear, or worse (since TV5 also has its own problems, minor nga lang kung gagawan ng immediate action) maybe one.

    • Jc says:

      I may be a Kapamilya viewer, but that doesn’t even mean na against ako sa GMA or any network kahit may problema sila. Kaya instead na mag-debate na ‘nalulugi’ ang GMA or whatever network it is, bakit di na lang magtulong-tulungan ang bawat isa na ayusin ang mga pagkakamali rather than hurting it?

  19. James Ty III says:

    As far as I know, GMA Records and GMA Films are practically defunct. I don’t know if Alden Richards is a GMA Records talent as well.

  20. Jc says:

    If I was the one talking to Gozon about how to use money wisely for the good of the network, I’d rather say this: Let the others spend all their money for a purpose, while us, we spend it for a purpose but balancing the bridge between wasting and saving money.

  21. GMA has just launched a relay station in Butuan. It’s on UHF 26. Relay yan ng GMA CDO na naging relay na lang ng GMA Manila. Kasama sa pipeline ang relay station sa Daet, Camarines Norte.

    GMA keeps building more relay stations in the provinces habang nagdusa sa budget cuts ang GMA Network.

  22. Jc says:

    Just to clear things up for no. 5 in my top 7 list

    GMA Live (which will be a live streaming service that provides live video feeds of GMA, DZBB, and LifeTV) will just be available for viewers in the Philippines. Since there are limitations if GMA Live will be rolled out internationally.

    By the way, GMA back in 2008, then provided a video-on-demand service which features programming from GMA and QTV (now GMA News TV) that service was named as myGMA Internet TV. But that was available only to viewers overseas

    • Back then, it was quite unfair for the local viewers who are tech-savvy and who wanted to watch GMA shows anywhere. Since then, ABS has iWanTV and GMA has yet to bring back that VOD service. You can check out that article about GMA’s lack of VOD service if you want to. Just search on this blog.

      As for the live streaming overseas, if they already have GMA Pinoy TV, there won’t be any problem with that.

  23. Jc says:

    I’m sorry if have to be like “weird” with what I comment every time here, but I really feel optimistic that GMA can really rise from their mistakes

    Anyway, here is my suggested schedules for all of GMA’s “proposed platforms” (some changes are minor)

    GMA Network
    5:00am-5:30am: EZ Buy/Shop Japan
    5:30am-6:00am: Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko
    6:00am-7:00am: Pinoy MD
    7:00am-9:30am: GMA UmagaToons (cartoon and anime block)
    9:30am-10:30am: Sarap Diva (Del Monte Kitchenomics at 10:00am)
    10:30am-11:30am: Maynila
    11:30am-2:30pm: Eat Bulaga
    2:30pm-3:15pm: Karelasyon
    3:15pm-4:00pm: Wish Ko Lang
    4:00pm-5:00pm: Celebri-TV (or if ever, iWitness)
    5:00pm-5:30pm: Imbestigador
    5:30pm-6:00pm: 24 Oras Weekend
    6:00pm-7:00pm: Pepito Manaloto
    7:00pm-8:15pm: Starstruck
    8:15pm-9:30pm: Magpakailanman
    9:30pm-10:30pm: To The Top
    10:30pm-11:30pm: Celebrity Bluff
    11:30pm-1:00am: Walang Tulugan
    1:00am-1:30am: EZ Buy/Shop Japan
    4:00am-4:30am: Adyenda
    4:30am-5:00am: PJM Forum
    5:00am-6:00am: Jesus The Healer
    6:00am-7:00am: GMA Family TV Mass (better if GMA handles some of the production load)
    7:00am-9:30am: GMA UmagaToons
    9:30am-10:00am: Biyahe Ni Drew (Isyu Pilipinas (regional current affairs program produced by GMA Manila) for the 6 and other regional stations)
    10:00am-10:50am: AHA!
    10:50am-11:20am: Born To Be Wild
    11:20am-12:00nn: iBilib
    12:00nn-2:00pm: Sunday Pinasaya
    2:00pm-3:30pm: Wowowin
    3:30pm-4:30pm: Day Off
    4:30pm-5:30pm: Juan Tamad
    5:30pm-6:00pm: 24 Oras Weekend
    6:00pm-6:30pm: Vampire Ang Daddy Ko
    6:30pm-7:00pm: Ismol Family
    7:00pm-8:15pm: Starstruck
    8:15pm-9:15pm: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho
    9:15pm-10:15pm: To The Top
    10:15pm-12:00mn: SNBO (like I said, dub-free and new movies, dubbing will only be used when needed, plus other specials)
    12:00mn-1:00am: Diyos at Bayan
    4:30am-5:00am: Replays: Mon:AHA/Tue:Alisto/Wed:Tunay Na Buhay/Thu:Powerhouse/Fri:Reporter’s Notebook
    5:00am-7:30am: Unang Hirit and Unang Balita (Home Foodies will be aired during Unang Hirit)
    7:30am-9:30am: GMA Astig Authority Block (anime programs)
    9:30am-11:00am: Hirit Pa! (Late morning spin-off of Unang Hirit but using some of MARS’ format)
    11:00am-11:30am: Ulat Pilipinas (midday newscast)
    11:30am-12:00nn: Princess in the Palace
    12:00nn-2:30pm: Eat Bulaga
    2:30pm-3:15pm: The Half Sisters
    3:15pm-4:00pm: Buena Familia
    4:00pm-4:45pm: Healing Hearts
    4:45pm-5:30pm: Two Mothers
    5:30pm-6:00pm: Mon:Alisto/Tue:Tunay Na Buhay/Wed:Powerhouse/Thu:Reporter’s Notebook/Fri:Love Hotline
    6:00pm-6:30pm: Legendary Woman (24 Oras Regional for the Ilocos, Dagupan, Iloilo, Cebu, Davao, and Cagayan De Oro stations)
    6:30pm-7:30pm: 24 Oras National
    7:30pm-8:25pm: Marimar
    8:25pm-9:15pm: Beautiful Strangers
    9:15pm-10:10pm: My Faithful Husband
    10:10pm-11:00pm: Starstruck
    11:00pm-11:30pm: Saksi
    11:30pm-12:00mn: Mon:Front Row/Tue:Brigada/Wed:Tonight with Arnold Clavio/Thu:Jump In! with Rovilson Fernandez (sports show)/Fri:Bubble Gang
    12:00mn-12:15am: The Tim Yap Show
    12:15am-12:45am: EZ Shop/Shop Japan

    DZBB (on radio and simulcast on Digital, Cable, and Online TV)
    The entire schedule of DZBB will be aired along with Newsboard (for TV viewers) on Monday mornings from 12:00mn-4:00am (DZBB signs off at that time)

    LifeTV (online-only channel)
    The schedule will be composed of drama re-runs and other shows (most especially from News TV) along with original productions such as: Starstruck Access (format will be similar to PBB737 online) Mon-Fri from 7:30pm-8:30pm; Kalyeserye Rewind (a spin-off of Eat Bulaga’s segment featuring Scenes from the new episode) Mon-Fri 8:30pm-9:00pm; GMAnewsfeed (online newscast currently available for facebook users) from 9pm-9:02pm; and Hot Seat with Jessica Soho (live newsmaker interview show) Mon-Fri 9:02pm-10pm.

    • If I were you, make a blog out of this, where all suggested schedules and changes would be posted. That would be much better than posting a long comment like this. You can just post a link from that blog just to make it short.

      • Jc says:

        I was thinking of that now, but I think I’d rather not create a blog due to some ‘sensitive’ complications when it comes to what kind of gadgets I use.

        Anyway, Hope to see GMA back to normal soon. And innovate like it is.

  24. Jc says:

    It may be good to see GMA keep on building relay stations in the provinces, But it’s just sad to see that GMA no longer has the money to reutilize the affected regional stations. Hope GMA solves the problem of its regional operations kahit news department lang, ok na yon.

    UPDATE: BusinessWorld reported that GMA plans to revive its movie production business for growth of revenue.

  25. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    I still also remember that GMA, at the end of a year, promotes earlier their new shows for the following year, like what they did in 2010 when they promoted their 2011 shows like Amaya, Machete, and Encantadia (which was shelved, sadly). I dunno if they still do this nowayears.

      • Considering the financial problems, it is unlikely that they still do this. Last year, some of their teleseryes premiered before the end of the year, so they seem to stop hyping new teleseryes for the following year, and instead do them before the year ends.

  26. Gab says:

    Rumors now escalated that former Ilocos Sur governor Chavit Singson is now interested to buy the majority stake of the network.

      • Gab says:

        A Pep report confirmed Singson’s interest to buy GMA 7, with Rep. Manny Pacquiao as his business partner. Pero magpapautang muna sila bago gawin ang pagbebenta.

        Tatanggapin ba kaya ito nina Henry (FLG) at Jimmy (Duavit)?

      • We’ll see. But honestly, mas ok kung isang conglomerate owner ang kukuha ng interest, since hindi magiging complicated ang process. Kung magpapautang pa siya, baka mahihirapan siyang ma-sustain ito.

  27. Jc says:

    GMA should really get back to making all of GMA Manila’s programming aired nationwide. Because I don’t think it will be beneficial for the network to utilize regional stations at this point due to monetary and employee conflicts.

  28. GMA recently aired another plug claiming that they are #1 nationwide, as well as in Mega Manila and Urban Luzon, based on data from Nielsen.

    Mukhang napag-iiwanan na ang GMA sa Visayas at Mindanao. Important market din ang Visayas at Mindanao with major markets like Iloilo, Bacolod, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Zamboanga, Davao and General Santos at mas dominant ang ABS-CBN sa Visayas at Mindanao, thanks to its strong regional presence.

    GMA is getting more and more stubborn everyday, claiming that they’re #1 in the ratings game but with huge consequences (streamlining, TAG issue, operating losses, lack of potential on young talents (nakatutok ang GMA sa AlDub), GMA News and Public Affairs becoming a pseudo-entertainment division, programming woes, Kapuso Primetime Cinema and many more).

    • Pang-Luzon lang talaga ngayon ang GMA. They have no right to claim that they are the No. 1 station in the country ratings-wise, especially kung kaya lang nila i-carry ngayon ay ang buong Luzon.

      • Pulling out from the KBP proved to be GMA’s biggest mistake. Since they left, the KBP Golden Dove Awards became a showcase of domination for ABS, and its credibility as an award-giving body was questioned at best. I get that they left just to free themselves from its ad restrictions, but it’s still a ridiculous decision and it only increased their propensity for being ‘mayabang’.

        Not only that, GMA, as it seems, does not care about the Catholic faith given their owners’ religious beliefs. They tried to air a Sunday mass before but they pulled it out after only a few months. It goes to show how humility can be a difference-maker in the success of a network.

      • Add to that the fantaseryes that seemed to beat ABS’ traditional dramas, only to be blamed because of extravagant spending at the cost of long-term technological viability.

  29. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    Some people said that in order for GMA to expand, Gozon needs to loan money from a bank or any financial institution, provided that he has the sufficient money to pay for the business loan, but I think he is afraid or doesn’t like to loan, just because he doesn’t want to repeat the Bob Stewart days, wherein RBS, GMA’s precursor, operated in red ink because of too much ‘utang.’ Worse, Gozon keeps claiming that his network is ‘debt-free.’

    I think he must be better off focusing more on law.

      • To be honest, hindi talaga consistent ang AGB Nielsen sa pamimigay ng mga ratings report. Whenever you visit PEP, it is clear that the only figures they get from AGB Nielsen is from Mega Manila, not NUTAM or the National Urban Television Audience Measurement. And since PEP is allied with GMA, ganito ang nagiging patakaran nila para matakpan ang mga kahinaan ng GMA sa ibang parte ng bansa.

        Unlike ABS-CBN na matapang kung mag-release ng daily ratings report from Kantar, takot ang GMA na maglabas ng mga report via NUTAM with regards to their ratings. Clearly, tinatago nila ang mga evidence para umiwas sila sa kahihiyan.

      • More like stubborn and scared at the same time. Tinatago ang mga bad news (e.g. GMA Iloilo’s downgrade from originating to relay station) para lang ipagmamayabang na #1 sila sa ratings gayung Metro Manila lang ang kaya nilang icarry (salamat sa Tandang Sora transmitter).

        Sa totoo lang, mukhang mas pinagkakatiwalaan na talaga (IN MY OPINION) ang Kantar Nationwide Ratings. I am not against Nielsen, pero sana mairerelease ng BUO ang Nielsen NUTAM ratings para malaman kung anong network talaga ang tunay na #1: yung #1 nationwide, mapa-Luzon, Visayas at Mindanao (ABS-CBN) o yung #1 nationwide KUNO na hanggang Metro Manila at Urban Luzon lang ang kaya nilang icarry (GMA).

      • Indeed. Sobrang unreliable ang Nielsen sa mga ratings, kaya itinatago nito ng GMA just to fool us into thinking na No. 1 daw sila. Yung PR department nila sobrang magulo dahil dito.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        And, in my opinion, Kantar is also a more consistent ratings provider when it comes to Philippine radio ratings, along with KBP-RRC. I only find Nielsen reliable when it comes to surveys on what people are buying or shopping. Again, this is my opinion.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        Not nice. Who’s gonna succeed the leadership of this now-declining media firm when Felipe finally breathes his last? Oh, I’m afraid that GMA will be further mismanaged if any of Gozon’s relatives will succeed his leadership!

      • Whoever those so-called ‘new and former prospective buyers’ should act quickly. The ever-stubborn Gozon may not live long enough to breathe some hope on GMA, so the time is now for them to resolve the ownership transition.

      • Jason says:

        So that’s why Manny has a show on TV5. I was quite surprised that he will be producing/doing a show from another channel knowing that they want to buy a share from GMA, so that’s why, too bad for GMA though

      • To clarify, most TV5 talent are either borrowed from other networks or are freelancers. Manny is one of those ‘borrowed’ by TV5, and Blow by Blow has nothing to do with his planned purchase of GMA.

  30. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    When we talk about marketing in business (not just on the TV industry but in the business world itself), mas mabuti pa ‘yung Avis Rent-a-Car, ginagamit nila ‘yung slogan na “We Try Harder.” How humble. Kung ito lang sana ang sinunod ng GMA, tiyak na walang mangyaring problema sa kanila.

  31. Jason says:

    What’s really happening to GMA now especially in the news department 5 veteran journalists(Dante Perello, Hadji Rieta,Michael Fajatin, Julius Segovia and Sherrie Ann Torres) has left them in a span of 5 months. Bad news for GMA once again. So many problems hope they can figure themselves out of all this predicament.

    • With all the obvious problems that they have, this news doesn’t make sense. Unless they can prove na pwede silang makipagsabayan sa ABS, that so-called net income of theirs won’t be justified.


    Tumaas ng 148% ang net income ng GMA sa 1Q ng taong 2016 (ABS-CBN News).

    I can excuse them this time dahil sa dami ng political ads. Any thoughts on this?

    • Same old news, same old problems. Enough said. Any news like that is no surprise to us. GMA will always be the network na seemingly tumataas ang income, pero hanggang ngayon, ang daming problema behind the scenes.

  33. Overheard says:

    Still the same, still the same. Puro pagmamayabang pa rin ang GMA na #1 daw sa nationwide rankings. GMA News TV is still the #1 news channel in the country daw, kahit alam naman natin na medyo pumangit ang program line-up (Shop TV, cooking shows, etc.)

    • Hindi ko masasabing nationwide ang pagiging No. 1 ng GMA. Again, paano nila masasabing No. 1 sila sa buong bansa eh hindi naman nila kinuha ang Visayas at Mindanao. This is a misleading piece of info coming from GMA’s PR department, dahil inemphasize lang nila ang Urban Luzon at Mega Manila. Dapat sinabi na lang nila na No. 1 sila sa buong Luzon lang. The folks at Nielsen are simply liars, to tell you the truth, dahil itinago nila ang totoo.

      As for News TV, same old story. Walang nagbago. Ang benefits lang sa kanila is free TV and their wider reach, that’s why they keep claiming na No. 1 daw sila.

    • Mostly election related advertisements. But the truth is, any news on their income is all too familiar. Kung hindi nila ito gagamitin ng tama, balewala lang ang mga ito.

    • They definitely need it. It’s obvious that their finances are still far below what ABS is generating, so any help from prospective investors will be necessary to improve their overall operations.

      • Gab says:

        Alam nyo naman na magreretiro na talaga anytime soon si Gozon kaya kinakailangang mag-invest ang mga bagong investors sa GMA.

      • Indeed. The negotiations could take time, but once it’s done, a positive and bright future awaits GMA after all those troubles. We’ve been waiting for this a long time now. Good thing Gozon finally comes to his senses.

  34. Sid Rejie Samson says:

    Mas maganda kung ang mag-ari ng “GMA 7-TV5 with TAPE, Inc. and WBR Production” ay mga malalaking mass media companies from U.S, but kailangan ng Constitution Amendment/Revision para dito sa bagay na ito po.

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