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TAG Wins Regularization Case vs. GMA

Members of Talents Association of GMA-7 (TAG) congregate in front of the GMA headquarters in Quezon City to protest the network’s unfair labor practices. A regularization case filed last year by TAG to the NLRC was later ruled in their favor. (Photo credit:

The disgruntled employees of GMA Network can finally call themselves regular full-time talents.

A decision was reached yesterday by the National Labor Relations Commission. In the statement signed by labor arbiter Julio Gayaman, the NLRC declared that the recently dismissed employees of GMA are indeed regular employees, and should be entitled to security of tenure and all rights and privileges appurtenant thereto.

The regularization case was filed last year by the Talents Association of GMA-7 (TAG), which composed mainly of the network’s embattled employees. Most of these employees come from the critically-acclaimed GMA News and Public Affairs division.

That said, GMA has no choice but to promote the members of TAG to full-time status, and give them a desired salary and additional benefits. After all, they have been working their butts out in producing the network’s critically acclaimed news and public affairs programs, and they definitely deserve some sort of job security for their hard work.

It was a hard-fought victory for the Kapuso network’s labor force. But for GMA management, their problems are not yet over.


9 thoughts on “TAG Wins Regularization Case vs. GMA

  1. James Ty III says:

    GMA’s problems are indeed not over. Network management will come up with some flimsy excuses like seeking a temporary restraining order.

  2. Gab says:

    Bad news for GMA: 4 of their reporters officially leaving the network, they are Dante Perello, Michael Fajatin, Ruth Cabal and Hadji Rieta.

    Basahin na lang dun sa MNP ang kumpletong detalye.

      • James Ty III says:

        Dante Perello is joining a candidate’s media staff, Ruth Cabal is becoming an independent film documentarist while the others will most likely join bigger networks. But I feel that they left because they probably didn’t like what is happening to GMA today.

      • Like I said, it has nothing to do with the recent events that shook GMA. They simply left on their own terms. If they mentioned something about backstage politics, then probably it would have destroyed their reputation and their relationship with the network.

        If I were you, Mr. Sunday, stay away from anything that doesn’t involve sports. Total puro mga girls sa mga sports events lang naman ang habol mo, so just focus on that and leave the news and entertainment stuff behind.

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