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GMA Has Virtually Every Dragon Ball Movie Except One; Race for DB Super is On

The ‘Dragon Ball’ franchise has long been associated with GMA since the mid-1990s.

From the first ‘Dragon Ball’ anime to ‘Dragon Ball Z’ and then ‘Dragon Ball GT’, GMA has aired them all. Even the remastered version of ‘Z’ called ‘Dragon Ball Z Kai’ has also been aired on the Kapuso network.

Just recently, movies of the ‘Dragon Ball’ franchise were being aired on GMA every weekend mornings. Titled ‘Dragon Ball Fight Presents’, it features a 45-minute DB film that is aired in two parts (23 minutes each), with the exception of the 70-minute ‘Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan’ (aka ‘The Burning Battle’ in the teasers) which aired for four parts.

While GMA has the rights to most of the older DB movies, it was ABS-CBN who ended up with the most recent one (not including ‘Resurrection: F’, which is yet to be released). Earlier this year, ABS-CBN managed to acquire the rights to the ‘Battle of Gods’ film, and aired it on Channel 2 and Hero during the month of January.

Yesterday morning, ABS-CBN re-aired ‘Battle of Gods’ (teaser video above), hours after GMA aired the second part of ‘Bio-Broly’ (known as ‘Attack the Super Warrior’ in the teasers). Talk about doing a favor.

By all means necessary, the rights to ‘Dragon Ball’ are now being disputed by the two network giants. And as the franchise entered its third decade, a new series in on the horizon.

Starting July 5 in Japan, a new ‘Dragon Ball’ anime will be released, entitled ‘Dragon Ball Super’. The new anime is expected to arrive soon in the Philippines, but it remains uncertain as to who will air the new series.

Of course, it will go down to the two heated rivals in the television industry. GMA may have long been associated with the DB franchise, but ABS-CBN is also looking to give a new spin to the popular anime series.

That said, the fans of Goku and the gang will have to wait. This is definitely an exciting time for the Filipino anime community, as one of the most iconic animes in the world will have a new adaptation coming soon.


11 thoughts on “GMA Has Virtually Every Dragon Ball Movie Except One; Race for DB Super is On

  1. Unless GMA gives in to new season of DB, status quo will reluctantly remain in force even though they retain such audience levels. ABS-CBN could do it but then, there will be objection from the Timog and weekday morning problems in certain parts of the year (such as NBA Finals in June, possibly NCAA Basketball Finals in October and UAAP in December).

    • So it settles then. Dragon Ball Super is now a property of ABS. Pity the folks at Timog. I thought they have all the rights to DB. Then all of a sudden, they were unable to gain the rights to Battle of Gods, and now DB Super. Such a shame.

      And besides, even Hero also used to air animes that were a property of GMA, like Voltes V, Daimos and recently Trigun, so ABS seems fine about this. Regarding the airing on ABS, they may seem fixed on airing the series on weekends, much like right now with Haikyuu!! and Kuroko’s.

  2. James Ty III says:

    I remember, Battle of Gods was first shown on Kapamilya Kiddie Blockbusters earlier this year on Ch 2 then it was replayed on Hero before being shown again on Ch 2 yesterday.

    • And the voice dubbers on Battle of Gods got it right on Goku’s finishing move which is the Kamehameha. GMA’s dub simply calls it the ‘Kamehame Wave’, which is inaccurate to say the least even though it was popular.

    • Not yet. Remember, Kai stopped at the Cell Games saga due to lack of budget. Only this year did Kai continued with the Buu saga. However, it is unknown if ABS or GMA will continue Kai.

      Super is essentially a reboot in the Dragon Ball series. They will begin following the defeat of Buu.

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