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In 100 Words: The Flying House is Now a Kapamilya

It’s now the turn of ‘The Flying House’ to jump from Timog to Mother Ignacia.

Much like its sister series ‘Superbook’, ‘The Flying House’ has become very synonymous with GMA since the 1980s. But starting this Saturday, it will now be seen on ABS-CBN, who almost a year ago acquired both the classic and reimagined versions of ‘Superbook’ through distributor CBN Asia.

‘The Flying House’ will be dubbed in Filipino, using virtually the same voice cast as ‘Superbook’. The latter series will replace the original ‘Superbook’ at 9:30 a.m., while the reimagined ‘Superbook’ will continue to air on Sundays at the aforementioned timeslot.

Another terrific addition to ABS-CBN’s weekend morning lineup.


8 thoughts on “In 100 Words: The Flying House is Now a Kapamilya

    • Exactly. I’ve asked that same question in the previous article regarding Superbook moving to ABS. Now that The Flying House is moving as well, we may have to ask this question again.

      CBN Asia simply couldn’t wait to get out of GMA’s clutches, given the dire financial situation of that network. They may have a long and fruitful relationship, but its days are numbered now.

  1. James Ty III says:

    And I won’t be surprised if The 700 Club Asia leaves News TV, considering the financial situation of GMA now.

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