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‘Instadad’ Bids Farewell; Two New GMA Shows to Replace

‘Instadad’ ran for four months and 14 episodes, with little success. It will be replaced by ‘Heart of Asia Presents’ and ‘Alamat’ this coming Sunday. (Photo credit: GMA Network)

So long, ‘Instadad’.

The comedy-drama series that starred Gabby Eigenmann, Gabbi Garcia, Ashley Ortega and Jazz Ocampo aired its final episode Sunday afternoon. Overall, ‘Instadad’ aired for only a mere 14 episodes, from April 5 until yesterday.

‘Instadad”s pilot episode was pitted against ‘The Buzz”s finale, and had an impressive start as far as ratings are concerned. But when ABS-CBN moved ‘Luv U’ to a later timeslot the following week, ‘Instadad’ failed to keep up to its new rival.

Not even the premiere of ‘Wowowin’ nearly a month later helped ‘Instadad’ regain its opening day fortunes, nor did the former’s suddenly declining ratings in subsequent weeks. In the end, GMA’s latest attempt at a teen-oriented series was doomed as a failure once again.

Now that ‘Instadad’ is already out of picture, both Gabby Eigenmann and Gabbi Garcia can now focus on their primetime projects in ‘Pari ‘Koy’ and ‘Let the Love Begin’, respectively. At least they still have something to keep busy with.

Moving on, GMA has lined up a pair of programs to replace ‘Instadad’. They are:

Heart of Asia Presents

If five Asianovelas on weekdays are not enough, then a weekend with GMA’s ‘Heart of Asia’ block should satiate the desires of Asianovela fans. As the title suggests, ‘Heart of Asia Presents’ will feature special presentations of various Asian dramas, particularly from Korea.

‘Heart of Asia Presents’ airs every Sunday at 4:30 p.m. starting July 12.


GMA dubs it as the first-ever local animated anthology series. Produced by GMA News and Public Affairs, ‘Alamat’ will feature a some of the greatest myths and legends the country has ever told, and will be voiced by some of the country’s most popular and distinguished personalities.

‘Alamat’ airs every Sunday at 5:00 p.m. starting July 12.

This should be another acid test for GMA’s predictably weak Sunday offerings. ‘Alamat’ and ‘Heart of Asia Presents’ may pack some potential, but it remains to be seen if they are definitely good enough for viewers to see.

With that, good luck to both shows.


24 thoughts on “‘Instadad’ Bids Farewell; Two New GMA Shows to Replace

  1. JRDV says:

    Just great. Another Asianovela. Overdependent na ang GMA sa mga Asianovelas these days. This proves that GMA is weak on weekends.

  2. KKh55 says:

    Will ‘To The Top’ replace Asia’s Next Top Model Season 3 in a few weeks?

    Alamat looks promising on paper.

    When those two new GMA Sunday afternoon shows end, will GMA Blockbusters replace them, or will Wowowin extend its timeslot in light of its ratings blunders and a very recent controversy?

    • Better keep tuning in. We don’t know when To the Top will air on GMA.

      AFAIK, GMA only allotted an hour for Wowowin, nothing else. They didn’t want to see any untoward incident that affected Willie on 2 and 5. GMA Blockbusters will be short on time if it were to replace the two upcoming programs, unless GMA suddenly cancels Wowowin.

      • James Ty III says:

        According to its newspaper ads this morning, To The Top will air on weekends beginning July 18. Probably, the Sunday edition will replace ANTM.

        The same ad also mentioned that the GMA 65th anniversary show will be at the Mall of Asia Arena on July 26 starting at 11 am. Most likely, it will be aired live until Wowowin comes in at 3:30 pm.

  3. James Ty III says:

    Between the two shows, I think Alamat has a good chance of getting some viewers. It’s been a long time since there was a regular animated series on TV. I remember, there was Ang Panday on RPN 9 before.

  4. That’s three months I counted not four for the duration of InstaDad.

    Staying in the topic of such replacement, I agree with John Rodrigo, it’s just great, another Asian anthologies despite different genre on James Ty III’s favorite day!

    But when to comes to “Alamat,” that’s another story to tell (no pun intended). It would reinvigorate not children’s programming — even a small spark — since Ang Mahiwagang Baul but also the efforts and fruits of our homegrown animators.

  5. James Ty III says:

    I talked to Ashley Ortega at the PBA games last night and she admitted to me that InstaDad was no match for Luv U in the ratings. One of her co-stars, Jazz Ocampo, was a former Luv U mainstay.

  6. James Ty III says:

    The Philippine Entertainment Portal has just reported that Wowowin will air its last show tomorrow. According to the report, Willie Revillame is suffering from financial problems because of his show’s low ratings and he will meet with GMA executives regarding his plan to make his show a daily one.

    GMA management can only accommodate Willie for 30 minutes everyday.

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