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Ningning Premiere Kicks Off the Battle of the Child Stars

Jana Agoncillo (center) will star in an upcoming series ‘Ningning’, which will be placed in the pre-noontime slot opposite fellow child star Ryzza Mae Dizon. (Photo credit: ABS-CBN)

Two of the country’s most recognizable child stars today will face off this Monday.

In the red corner is GMA/TAPE’s own Ryzza Mae Dizon, formerly the 2012 Little Miss Philippines grand winner. ‘The Ryzza Mae Show’ is her first television project outside of ‘Eat Bulaga’, and it ushered Ryzza into the role of the country’s youngest talk show host.

In the blue corner is ABS-CBN’s own Jana Agoncillo, formerly known as ‘Baby’ in the hit primetime series ‘Dream Dad’. ‘Ningning’ will be her second starring role in a drama series, and her first in the pre-noontime slot.

‘The Ryzza Mae Show’ may be considered a ‘show within a show’ as part of ‘Eat Bulaga’, but on its own right, it was a decent and entertaining talk show, with the titular 10-year-old host proving to be a kid of many talents. Now Ryzza’s standing as one of the country’s top child stars will be put to the test as Jana Agoncillo comes into play.

In ‘Ningning’, Jana plays the titular character who is cheerful, hopeful and lovely. Set in San Vicente, Palawan, ‘Ningning”s jovial nature will be put to the test through a variety of obstacles that her family and her community faces.

Joining Jana in breathing life out of ‘Ningning’ will be Beauty Gonzales, Ketchup Eusebio, Sylvia Sanchez, Vandolph Quizon, Nyoy Volante, Rommel Padilla, Mercedes Cabral, Pooh, and John Steven de Guzman. Nonie Buencamino and Franco Daza will appear in a special participation.

Before ‘Ningning’ was officially announced as the replacement for the departing ‘Oh My G’, two other upcoming dramas were also considered. There is ‘On the Wings of Love’, starring the love team of James Reid and Nadine Lustre, and there is ‘Be My Lady’, starring Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga.

However, when news of an upcoming GMA/TAPE drama series starring Ryzza Mae Dizon and Aiza Seguerra came to light, ABS-CBN chose ‘Ningning’ instead. And it couldn’t have come at a better time, since ‘The Ryzza Mae Show”s days are being numbered.

By all indications, this should be an interesting battle. While Ryzza has more mileage in terms of exposure, Jana is not far behind, and based on her success in ‘Dream Dad’, expect her to be as effective in ‘Ningning’.

‘Ningning’ premieres this Monday, July 27, before ‘It’s Showtime’ on ABS-CBN’s Primetanghali.


21 thoughts on “Ningning Premiere Kicks Off the Battle of the Child Stars

      • very good move by ABS, mas magaling nman tlga sa mga pambatang teleserye . TAPE will produce Ryzza’s teleserye by the looks of it mukhang mas madedehado si Ryzza. Depende n lng kung may baon si bagets na galing sa acting. Kung talk show ito talo si Janna, pero acting kasi ito so forte nya ito. But lets see, bka mali assessment ko

  1. Kung sa patalastas naman, wala na ring Rejoice, Head & Shoulder, Safeguard at Joy sa ABS CBN , at bihirang bihira na talaga ang Colgate Palmolive sa kanila ngayon.

    • Let me remind you na you’re commenting on the wrong article. Pwede ba magkumento ka ng something related AND RELEVANT to this article? This is your first warning.

  2. pero sabi ni tito sen. sa the ryzza mae show during b-day celebration ni ryzza mae last june 12, 2015 hindi po tatangalin yung the ryzza mae show, kinomfirm mismo ni sen. tito sotto at maging nabas ko sa balita na hindi 2loy pagtigbak sa ere ang The Ryzza Mae Show dahil kumikita pa rin yung show na TRMS at maraming nagrequest sa management ng GMA at TAPE, Inc. na huwag tanggalin sa ere ang TRMS dahil maganda yung show na yon, bale 4 na show ni ryzza mae sa GMA: Eat Bulaga, the ryzza mae show, vampire ang daddy ko at yung teleserye niya the 1st daughter.

    yung teleserye ni ryzza mae dizon na the 1st daughter baka ilalagay sa hapon yan, sa afternoon prime block ng GMA-7 baka yan papalit sa the half sisters kasi ang the half sister hanggang august na lang (next month) tapos sa august na mag-uumpisa ng the 1st daughter.

    • all shows of Ryzza Mae are owned and produce by TAPE, if what you are saying is true then TAPE already has 5 key timeslots in GMA – EB, Vampire, TRMS, Sunday PinasSaya and First Daughter. Remember GMA needs money so malamang totoo yang balita mo. Kailangan lng nila ng clearance from DOLE, kung gnun kapagod si Ryzza.

      • GDFVee says:

        Sunday PinaSaya is under APT Entertainment, contrary to the almost-to-be misconception that TAPE would be running the show. But is Vampire Ang Daddy Ko under MZET?

        > TRMS under TAPE
        Where is the proof for this?

        > On The Wings of Love
        Its full trailer will premiere several moments from this comment’s post. The show itself will premiere next month but I have no clues about its timeslot because two ABS-CBN dramas, one afternoon, one primetime, will end on a same Friday a few weeks from now.
        > Be My Lady
        Just started production; initial pictorials were done. My projected premiere date: Q4 2015 or 1H 2016

        > Ningning
        I expect this (cute rural family: the series) to be another success, may even become more successful than Dream Dad. IMO

      • VADK is indeed under MZET. And MZET is treated as a separate outfit independent from TAPE. Though, in 1995, GMA acquired Eat Bulaga (a TAPE production) and Okey Ka Fairy Ko (an MZET production) despite the two programs being produced by different outfits. To be clear, all of Vic Sotto’s sitcoms have been produced by MZET.

        APT, which is named after EB producer Tony Tuviera, is also an independent outfit, but since the producer is friends with the EB hosts, he is able to bring some of them to his own shows. Hence you’ll see Marian, Jose and Wally on PinaSaya.

        The Ryzza Mae Show is produced by TAPE as well. I already mentioned that it’s a ‘show within a show’; the conclusion of TRMS quickly transitions to the OBB of Eat Bulaga, hence they seem to be treated as one show altogether.

        As for On the Wings of Love, the waiting game is on.

      • guys it was a mistake that I said that all Ryzza’s show were under TAPE, what I mean is all of her shows are under one group of people. APT is a subsidiary of TAPE, while MZET is the production company owned by Vic Sotto, they have common officers/talents with TAPE Inc. Hence TAPE is the parent company, APT is their film production while Vic has free reign on MZET. That’s why some reporters refer to TAPE as the main producers of Sunday Pinas Saya even though its under APT since they see the same faces in the presscons of TAPE shows.

    • I doubt that. And besides, we may fear na Ryzza may outgrow herself as host. You should also consider her education, since bata pa siya. Perhaps the best-case scenario is for her upcoming teleserye to air before EB.

      And before you can say na patapos na ang The Half-Sisters, maghintay ka muna. Wala pang confirmation ang GMA tungkol dito.

  3. Gab says:

    Confirmed: TRMS final episode will be in September, to be replaced by a new drama which had a little changes in the storyline (see Phil. Star Ngayon story)

  4. The name of Ryzza’s upcoming drama is Princess in the Palace. Kasama sa cast si Aiza Seguerra na naging bahagi ng BCWMH. It will premiere on September 21. Hoping to feature Ryzza’s new teleserye on an upcoming post.

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