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Jeepney TV Displaces Fox Filipino on Destiny Cable

Jeepney TV will be seen on Destiny Cable beginning August 15, replacing Fox Filipino. (Photo credit: Destiny Cable)

Bad news to all throwback Kapuso fans subscribing to Destiny Cable.

Beginning August 15, Jeepney TV will be seen on Destiny Channel 9 for digital subscribers, and Channel 41 for analog subscribers. The channel will replace Fox Filipino, which will remain on Channel 41 on analog and Channel 211 on digital until August 14.

Jeepney TV is a cable TV channel owned by ABS-CBN subsidiary Creative Programs, Inc. The channel specializes on classic ABS-CBN programs dating from the ‘Star Network’ era to the present, as well as throwback movies and imported series that aired on ABS-CBN and its sister networks.

Jeepney TV’s main competitor is Fox Filipino, a channel owned by the Fox International Channels Philippines. The channel also specializes on throwback programming, but it mainly airs programs from ABS-CBN’s arch-rival GMA Network.

Logically, the addition of Jeepney TV and subsequent displacement of Fox Filipino only served to heighten the already heated rivalry between the two network giants. SkyCable and Destiny definitely has some clear intentions as to why they only want their lineup to be as Kapamilya-centric as possible.

Those who will be affected by the displacement of Fox Filipino may switch to Cignal, Dream Satellite, G Sat and Cablelink in order to continue enjoying the programs on the said channel.  In the meantime, classic Kapamilya programs will now be seen on Destiny Cable in a few weeks, so good luck with that.


49 thoughts on “Jeepney TV Displaces Fox Filipino on Destiny Cable

  1. James Ty III says:

    I’m excited to see Jeepney TV on Destiny Cable analog, which is my cable TV at home. Hope ANC, MYX and BTV also get restored on Destiny Analog.

  2. Destiny has been acquired by Sky sometime ago, kaya malamang mag parallel channel setup na ang dalawa unless pumatok ang digital television

  3. Goodness gracious, die hard Kapuso fans, who afford cable, will ensure anger for their rival’s favoritism and call for their spirit of “media monopoly and hegemony.”

    I wonder what cable channel of Fox Filipino under Destiny will be located.

    • That’s out of the question. Fox Filipino won’t be seen on Destiny after August 14. No choice for them but to switch to Cignal, Dream and other outfits who carry that channel.

  4. Kevin says:

    As much as I’m already disgruntled that ABS-CBN always keeps their high-rated cable channels (e.g. MYX, Cinema One, Lifestyle, et al.) on SkyCable only, at least in Metro Manila (I mean, seriously: If NBC owns a lot of cable channels carried by many cable operators, then why not ABS-CBN?), but them removing Fox Filipino in favor of Jeepney TV has got to be a new low compared to that. Then again, oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • JRDV says:

      Sky now owns Destiny, so expected na yan. Kung hindi mo ma-take, maglipat ka ng ibang pay TV provider (may Cablelink, Dream, GSat at Cignal naman).

    • ABS is here to make business and instead of getting pissed at ABS, we should advocate their competitors to do the same or at least try to match their strategy by doing so, the other networks would create more jobs and give ABS a run for their money. You can’t blame ABS by outsmarting competition if other industry players are not smart enough to play with them.
      TV5 is also using the same strategy when they used Cignal subscription as prizes, and placing TV5 channels into prime spot. GMA can buy cablelink and dream no one is stopping them.

      • yep, may naiinis sa move ng Jeepney TV, eh kung gumgawa b nman ng paraan ang GMA to keep up. kpag ginawa b nila na throwback channel ang NewsTV at binawi ang rights sa Fox Philippines eh magrereklamo sila na kawawa nman ang Fox Philippines? dpat iadvocate nila ang Fox to create their own content at makipagcompete sa ETC. Mas maraming trabaho ang magegenerate kung gagawa ng sariling content ang Fox Philippines at full blown ang broadcast nila.

      • Actually, may Star World na to compete with ETC. Star World is a sister network of Fox International Philippines. And besides, Fox here has numerous affiliate channels, hindi lang Fox Filipino. They also have Fox Sports 1, 2, 3 and News, Star Movies, Star Chinese and Fox Entertainment Philippines.

        Perhaps a co-production agreement with GMA and Fox should be in order, kung talagang may guts ang GMA na i-promote ang Fox Filipino.

      • well thats the thing Fox Filipino wants to penetrate the masa market but knowing their brand they might want to stick to class B and C so better produce shows like ETC’s Etcetera. Pero kung gusto tlga nila ng masa edi magproduce sila ng sariling drama, bka mas ok p n mki tie up sila sa TV5. mejo traditional kasi ang mga atake ng GMA. At least TV5 does alternative programming.

  5. Gab says:

    In other developments, Jeepney TV also started to air re-runs of the first teen edition of PBB which Kim Chiu is the season’s big winner.

    • First time it has happened in that station. Now if they can air re-runs of TV Patrol to commemorate a special event in history, it would be better, if the theme of throwback in their station is really their forte.

  6. James Ty III says:

    Even throwback replays of ASAP are being shown on Jeepney TV. Martin Nievera does look younger in those reruns. And Dayanara Torres and Ariel Rivera were still fresh back then.

    When ASAP began, the show did not have that much young stars unlike today.

    • But that’s it. They don’t even air classic MTB or ‘Sang Linggo nAPO Sila. There are a few drawbacks concerning Jeepney TV: they can only accommodate dramas, sitcoms, gag shows, game shows, reality shows and talent shows. No news, noontime shows and various other shows. If they are really the ultimate throwback channel they should also air the latter ones too.

      • eh kung throwback news ang hanap natin edi NewsTV na tayo at diba nireplay nila dati ung mga public affairs program nila? TV5 also did that. Sana ung docu n lng pg news kasi wala ng relevance or gawa ang JTVng program for throwback news ala history channel ang epek

      • At least kung pwede man kahit segment lang ng TV Patrol to commemorate something in history. Para naman naka-full on throwback itong Jeepney TV. Saka more on the recent past lang yung sa News TV at TV5; if there’s a chance na kahit segment lang ng older public affairs programs ng ABS (e.g. Magandang Gabi Bayan), it would have make sense.

      • i think you are right they just need to be very careful in writing that segment since news here in the Phil. are personailty based. Baka kasi may makinabang since malapit na ang election. Alam nyo nman na khit walang malisya ang show nagagawan ng kulay ng kalaban.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        Actually, Jeepney TV airs classic ‘Tatak Pilipino’ episodes, and the latter is ABS-CBN’s former current affairs program from 1990-’94 which tackles about Pinoy pride, life and culture in all aspects. I remembered watching on Jeepney TV “Tatak Pilipino”‘s episode in January or February last year about classic Pinoy TV commercials and its memorable taglines (ex. “Mommy, nawawala si Jennifer!”). But I think that’s the only NaCA program of ABS-CBN aired on Jeepney TV.

      • Perhaps they can at least accommodate classic NCA programs for nostalgia’s sake. Jeepney TV can’t be a true throwback network if they air only entertainment shows.

  7. HTG433 says:

    Jeepney TV also reruns Asianovelas that were aired on ABS-CBN channel 2 and are popular enough. Does Fox Filipino rerun Asianovelas too? And is the latter channel still on SkyCable’s lineup?

    • I’m not sure if Fox Filipino is still on SkyCable. We don’t have that on our plan. And as far as Asianovelas there go, I doubt that since the title of the channel suggests otherwise.

      As far as Asianovelas on Jeepney TV go, as long as it was originally aired on ABS, it will qualify. Same goes to Baywatch, which was formerly aired on the defunct Studio 23. Any live-action show that aired on both Channel 2 and Channel 23 are qualified.

    • That’s Destiny’s decision. Of course, Destiny now being a part of Sky plays a role on that. Sky is trying to monopolize their lineup so to speak.

      The other cable providers are also monopolizing their lineups. Fox Filipino remains with Cignal, Dream and other providers. Of course, they’re not carrying Jeepney TV.

  8. Jc says:

    Regarding Sky Cable, napapansin ko na sa halos lahat ng patalastas ng SKY ay muli na nilang ginamit ang ating wika (Wikang Filipino) matapos siguro ang 2-4 taon. Siguro Ito ang paraan ng cable company na maka-attract ng mga bagong manonood na magsubscribe sa SKY (lalo na ang mga masa viewers) Kung natatandaan ko, huli nilang ginamit ang Wikang Filipino nang maintroduce ang SkyCable silver prepaid (maging ang Pay-per-view para sa PBB) noong mga 2005 o 2006.

    • Buwan kasi ng wika ngayon. Pero there’s some commercials where they still speak in English, thus catering to upstart middle class people as well, not just the masses.

      • Jc says:

        I think it is considered unlikely if SkyCable will be turned over to another company (let’s say JG Summit holdings, SM, or Ayala Corp.) despite all of the recent and minor problems that they encountered even ABS-CBN (the owner of SKY) already has TVPlus (which is possibly considered as the digital tv counterpart of SkyCable).

      • There’s no mention about SkyCable getting sold to another company, as well as some of their recent problems in this article. You’re once again trying to divert away from the topic. Didn’t I tell you that before?

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