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Overview of PNoy’s Final SONA Coverage

Eyes will be on President Noynoy Aquino as he makes his final State of the Nation Address. (Photo credit:

Welcome to SONA Monday.

Held every fourth Monday of July, the State of the Nation Address is an annual event where the President of the Philippines addresses the public of his accomplishments and plans for the nation. While the SONA is not a national holiday, it remains an important political event in the country, ranking just above the presidential inauguration and the national elections.

This year’s SONA will be the last for President Noynoy Aquino, and it will be interesting to see how he will respond to the recent string events that have plagued his administration. As always, it will be greeted by protests from those against his administration.

Television and radio coverage will once again be at the forefront of this annual event, so without further ado, here are the plans for some of the stations covering the SONA.


The SONA coverage on Channel 2 will proceed after ‘Flordeliza’. ‘Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita’, ‘Pinoy Big Brother: 737 Gold’ and ‘Mission Possible’ will be preempted, while ‘Kapamilya: Deal or No Deal’ may be preempted in case the SONA runs overtime.

ABS-CBN will use three different broadcast teams for their coverage. Channel 2 will be led by Ted Failon and Lynda Jumilla, ANC will be led by Tony Velasquez and Karmina Constantino, and DZMM TeleRadyo and Radyo Patrol 630 will be led by Anthony Taberna and Gerry Baja.

A live and uninterrupted feed of the coverage will also be streamed on It is unknown if the SONA coverage will also be seen on ABS-CBN Sports+Action, since the NCAA will no longer be in conflict with the SONA.


The SONA coverage on TV5 will proceed after the Marvel animation block. ‘Hi-5 Philippines’ will be the only show preempted, as ‘Movie Max 5’ only airs as a filler program.

TV5 will utilize a parallel broadcast approach for the coverage. Erwin Tulfo and Cheryl Cosim will anchor TV5’s coverage of the SONA on four different platforms: TV5, AksyonTV, Radyo5 92.3 News FM, and News5Everywhere.


The SONA coverage on GMA will proceed after ‘The Half-Sisters’. ‘Buena Familia”s premiere will be moved tomorrow, while ‘Healing Hearts’, ‘Alisto’ and possibly ‘Birth of a Beauty’ will be preempted.

The press release of the network only indicated that Mel Tiangco and Mike Enriquez will anchor Channel 7’s coverage. Whether or not it will be a parallel coverage or a separate coverage on Channel 7, GMA News TV, GMA News Online and Super Radyo DZBB 594 remains to be seen.

All AM stations, save for specialty ones, will also pool their resources for the SONA coverage. Updates on the event will also be provided by a few FM stations.

Net 25 will also cover the SONA, but since it takes place on the same day as the Iglesia ni Cristo’s 101st founding anniversary, the primary focus of the station could be on the latter. UNTV will also handle their own coverage of the event.

Finally, the neophyte CNN Philippines (formerly Solar News Channel and 9TV) will join in on the SONA fun for the first time. Their coverage of the SONA will be anchored by Jing Magsaysay and Pia Hontiveros.

Regardless of the station, the entire nation will pay attention to the statements made by President Aquino. His last SONA will be very important, so keep an eye on what he says.


156 thoughts on “Overview of PNoy’s Final SONA Coverage

    • More updates:

      May SONA coverage rin sa ABS-CBN Sports+Action, albeit using the Channel 2 feed. Thankfully hindi conflict ang NCAA this season, unlike before.

      Naka-HD camera with black bars na ang coverage sa PTV. As always, IBC had to depend on the PTV feed.

      Balik-HD and black bars ang TV5 coverage.

      As for News TV, antay-antay lang kung talagang magiging relevant sila sa ganitong event.

      • If ABS can make their newscasts into HD the same way they did with their sports coverages and their teleseryes, it would have been better. Total pioneer sila rito so why not they use it. Sayang naman ang pinaghirapan nila.

        As for TV5, dapat lang na gawin nila itong permanent. Sayang rin ang pinaghirapan nila, ibinalik pa sa SD after a few months, which is draining for the graphics department.

      • mejo risky kasi ang sona kung HD ang gagamitin, napaka unruly kaya ng mga rallyista, i think ung pag handle ng day to day newscast depende sa beat especially kpag disaster ung coverage

      • Gab says:

        Really hoped that the S+A hook-up with ANC during the SONA instead. ex-Solar anchor Nancy Irlanda and ex-Inquirer reporter Ian Esguerra were sent to Batasan and i commend their good reportage there.

      • Nagiging pang-masa na kasi uli ang Sports+Action after the NCAA was reacquired, kaya kinuha ang feed ng Channel 2. Gusto na kasing mag-move on from Studio 23.

        At least they did participate in the SONA, unlike that sister channel from Timog.

      • JRDV says:


      • Our exact sentiments. Last year ginawa naman nila ito, so I don’t understand why they became so inept in this year’s SONA. Second time this year News TV snubbed a very important event, following the Papal coverage.

      • Gab says:

        For the first time ever, NO FULL SONA COVERAGE w/ JESSICA SOHO on News TV 11. Sad truth, because of the usual cost-cutting measures inside the network.

      • Second time na naging unreliable itong News TV this year pagdating sa mga important national events, after the Papal visit. IBALIK NA YAN KAY EDDIE VILLANUEVA.

      • walang budget pero ang lakas magproduce ng News Dept ng ToTheTop at Alamat? Ayan nga ba ang brain drain na sinasabi ko, anung mahirap sa parallel newscast?

      • Exactly. Kahit sabihin nilang ‘most trusted source’ daw sila, it won’t help kung nagkakaleche-leche na ang mga patakaran nila sa mga broadcast. News TV won’t do any good kung pa-relax relax lang sila. News channel kuno? More like a ‘Balitakilyaserye’ channel (Sorry JC, pero mas maganda ang tunog nito kahit awkward).

      • wala silang excuse khit anung klaseng channel p sila, nasa freetv sila kaya dpat pinalabas nila ung sona. Eh kung ung sports channel nga tinigil ang programming para sa Pangulo. pakiramdam ko eh may nakalinya na silang ads at nde nila kayang wag un iere. pero napalabastos ng moves buti p ung mga religious channel naki isa.

      • Yes. But the question is, kailan pa talaga ito magtatapos? Very undisclosed itong lease deal ng GMA sa ZOE, so we’ll wait and see.

        Now JC, even if they have ads to fill in, their unwise programming decisions are still haunting them. If they can’t part ways now, the best course of action is to rebrand the network into something more relevant than their ‘News TV’ name. Total they have JIL to back them up so why not pattern their station after Net 25 or UNTV?

        And by the way, that commenter you referred even claimed that News TV can beat TV5, which is absurd to compare.

    • Jc says:

      Its ok Ralph. You can just call it ‘Balitakilyaserye TV’ without the ‘GMA’ brand. Para at least hindi ‘madungisan’ yung pangalan ng GMA Network.

  1. Gab says:

    Even the Quiboloy-owned SMNI had a SONA coverage for the first time. the last two SONAs then were came in from PTV 4 hook-up.

  2. Gab says:

    Light Network 33 also had former GMA reporters Alex Tinsay and Claire Delfin as their anchors for the SONA coverage.

  3. Jc says:

    Speaking of SONA, I just hope the Government already finalizes its plans and doing everything they could to ‘privatize’ IBC 13 since I have been reading reports on rappler that this network will be fully privatized before Aquino steps down. Meanwhile, to give you some info (if you or some may already know) RPN (I guess) is still owned 20% by the government. Can we consider RPN already privatized with that 20% govt. ownership?

      • Jc says:

        In my opinion, IBC 13 should be closed for good and let the government transfer some of IBC employees to PTV (but they still need to retrench a few of those who work for IBC.)

        Meanwhile, I really feel bad for GMA. I cannot say why but there are countless reasons. I wish I want to see them (GMA) as a competitive network not as a ratings-starving network. But is this what I see in their act today and in the past days, weeks, even months? No. I’m a bit disappointed then.

      • That’s what we thought about. Closing down IBC may be the best thing to do.

        As for GMA, their overdependence of GMA News for non-news programming may haunt them in the long run. Brain drain na talaga ang nangyayari sa kanila, and that’s what happened when they couldn’t make good use of News TV for SONA.

      • Jc says:

        And if I’m not mistaken, since channel 11 is owned by ZOE, it’s news/other programming is like ‘outsourced’/sourced from GMA/GMA News so that’s why they (GMA) cannot fill much of their air time for lengthy news or special coverage of a news event (such as the SONA).

      • Although, there were times that they air a Senate or a House hearing regarding an ongoing issue. But still, these restrictions are hurting them.

      • Jc says:

        Another problem is, GMA cannot bring ch. 11 back to ZOE, because by far, most of the newscasts/shows have advertisers/advertisements to fill in the gap for its commercials (sabi nga ng isang commenter mo, hindi lang basta-basta aalis ang GMA at mga advertisers sa 11 ika nga.) Kaya mahaba-habang proseso ung pagbabalik sa ZOE. Like what I’ve said in the previous topic, dapat hinintay na lang nila (GMA) ung DTV transition para dun ilagay yung ‘news channel’ or News TV nila.

      • Gab says:

        this could be happen if they will be speed up the privatization process of IBC 13. they need a big investor in case.

  4. Jc says:

    Perhaps the best option would be this: convert channel 11 into the ‘new’ Light Network. (However, it would be a 50/50 ‘venture’ with GMA and Zoe. Thus using the ‘kapuso/heart icon’ on the right side of the ‘LIGHT’ logo.) Its programming will be 50% from ZOE and 50% from GMA. For example, GMA’s News-to-Go, Balita Pilipinas, and State of the Nation will be its morning, late-night, and afternoon news programs, while ZOE’s NewsLight will be the flagship Primetime newscast. Complementing the broadcast schedule are some assorted entertainment and informational programs from ZOE and GMA.

      • Jc says:

        In addition, ZOE will also share and air news reports/content from GMA for ZOE’s newscast and its public affairs shows. And for convenience (kung kaya) ZOE’s studio operations should move to Timog Ave. and end ch. 33’s broadcasts.

        Speaking of which, better if Shakey’s V-League should be aired live on 7 during weekends than on 11 para at least may sports din sa GMA. And better name their sports ‘blocktime’ program as “GMA Sports”

      • Jc says:

        I almost forgot, ZOE will also be responsible for the SONA and Election coverages on ‘Light Network’ while sharing resources with GMA.

      • These proposals are very complicated. And I doubt if Channel 7 will air the V-League, since they still carry Eat Bulaga and are committed to other weekend programs. But ZOE can still proceed with being absorbed to GMA.

      • Jc says:

        For the Shakey’s V-League they can carry the game right after Eat Bulaga (but its still considered complicated even if they will go LIVE). Meanwhile, I think its best also that GMA should forge a partnership with the cable-exclusive (and Solar-owned) Solar Sports. In order to air its (Solar Sports’) other sports coverages aside from boxing and the Pacquiao fights.

  5. Jc says:

    If I rate GMA in terms of its overall performance in the first-half of this year on a scale of 1-10, I’d give them a 4.

  6. Jc says:

    Just another question, does CNN still mean ‘Cable News Network’ or is it now meaningless? Because CNN Philippines used this title for the 6pm newscast: CNN Philippines Network News

    Because if you aligned that (the CNN name) with the ‘Network News’ title it sounds like: Cable News Network Network News (as one commenter said on Media Newser).

    • They are still technically named the Cable News Network, but they no longer use this name to identify themselves. It is their legal name, but not their on-air and promotional name.

      Think of WWE, for example. They are still legally named World Wrestling Entertainment, but on-air and promotional-wise, they are only referred to as WWE. This is the same scenario that CNN did. No one will refer to either CNN or WWE under their full names; they only apply for legal purposes.

  7. Jc says:

    What’s for dinner tonight? Braised Pork Belly, I watched Sarap with Family earlier on News TV. Gutom ba tong news channel na ito? Lalo na’t marami silang food features sa SWF, MARS, Good News and other GMA Public Affairs shows. To be honest, I still watch GMA and News TV (for the sake of being informed when needed) But still too much lifestyle, reruns and other shows is just putting ‘The Philippines No.1? News Channel’ in total limbo.

    • JRDV says:

      matagal nang nasa total limbo ang GMA News TV. May pelikula na rin sa News TV. Mukhang QTV 2.0 na ang News TV sa ngayon.

      • pde naman kasing maging news channel na walang halong ek ek. Ang daming nag pinch na ng idea sa knila kaso nde sila makapag revamp. Awan ko ba ung isa sa mga idea na 1 developing story in a day nde na aprubahan. Ung State Of The Nation nga dapat magiging 24Hr show sya with different segments and news beat pero 1 developing story ang main focus.

      • ma pulitika sa loob tinalo pa sa Dos, dun kpag maganda ang suggestion mo pinapakinggan, nagiging project eh sa syete libre na nga ang idea naku bingi bingihan. Pero sa lhat ng networks TV5 ang pinaka receptive sa creative ideas coming from the outside. Tsaka we give ideas for free kasi colleagues nman nmin ung magbebenepisyo

  8. Jc says:

    Para patas, wag po nating ianticipate o maging makampante that News TV will close down. Malay natin, magkaroon ng mga ‘last minute’ changes sa mga palabas at marealize ang kanilang pagkukulang at pagkakamali.

    I know na maaring kayo and ikaw (Ralph) may ‘contradict’ to what I said. Pero sinasabi ko lang po ito muli, para patas.

      • Jc says:

        And speaking of GMA News, TV5’s news division (News5) is almost being criticized on Media Newser for its (If I’m not wrong) kalye-styled stories and reporting.

      • The presence of EMAJs is also hurting them. If you’re reading some previous posts on the Pinoy Nostalgia Discussion Group on Facebook, you may know the meaning of EMAJ.

      • Jc says:

        Looks like CNNPH (the ANC for EMAJs) and TV5 are the networks who have Entertainers Masquerading as Journalists. And by the way, TV5’s weekday broadcast schedule is almost filled with minimal local entertainment shows and more imported cartoons, movies, and drama series (A ‘dubbed’ Teen Wolf to be exact)

      • TV5 is more of an alternative channel. Never mind if they still remain a distant third in the ratings; they are trying to distance themselves from the norm that GMA and ABS are doing.

        Of course, we can’t prevent the presence of EMAJs. If they are properly trained, we can forget about this disparaging moniker.

  9. Nameless says:

    My recap:

    *Nag-rely lang ang GMA News TV sa kanilang mga flagship newscasts.
    *UNTV started airing their SONA feed right after the opening prayer led by representatives from Aglipayan, Islam, RC and INC.
    *Light TV, CLTV-36 and Sonshine-39 also covered the SONA and these stations used the PTV feed. The Villanueva-led channel’s anchor for that coverage was Alex Tinsay of Radyo5.

    • News TV is the worst offender; they did not air the SONA live at all. As for Alex Tinsay, he is basically a freelancer. Remember he also hosts The 700 Club Asia aside from his Radyo5 duties.

      Light and Sonshine had their own coverage unlike before when they had to depend on PTV’s commentary.

  10. Jc says:

    Speaking of TV5, I wonder what have happened to phase 2 of their ‘Media Center’. Its construction (I guess) has been halted for like months now since DMCI (the contractor for the Media Center) is in the news regarding the Torre De Manila controversy

      • Jc says:

        Speaking of which, I’ve already passed through the media center almost sone weeks ago. I only see minimal or no construction activity within that site.

        Hope everyone of us did a good work in the drill today. ABS-CBN TV Plus flashed a message/did a test of its Emergency Broadcast System in case of any uncertain events.

        Just a question on posting my comments here, will my next comment end up in your “pending comments” section even if my profile photo has changed without changing my name and/or email?

    • Jc says:

      Perhaps TV5 (I guess) first started the gig of having EMAJs since their reformat in 2010 as ‘The Kapatid Network’. Then its started to spread to Solar News (now CNNPH) by early-2014. Its really sad though that what we see on PH TV News are not ‘real’ news people anymore. And I think News5 and CNNPH are more likely targeting the low-income audience. Thus making them (the low-income audience) say: they are ‘real’ journalists. But as for us (the middle-class audience) we consider them (the EMAJs) not journalists (as seen in their past careers with other networks particularly on the music and non-news talk focused FM radio stations and others). Its definitely disappointing.

      • We have to move on from that. The best course of action now for the EMAJs is to be trained properly. Their past reputation in entertainment should be left behind.

      • Jc says:

        Definitely. I mean some Media Newser folks kept on making some complaining remarks about EMAJs on those networks. Like you’ve said, we cannot prevent EMAJs in making their appearance in the news industry. So its best for them to be given proper yet extensive exposure and training.

        Speaking of EMAJs. I really don’t like CNNPH’s programming lineup and feel (in terms of presentation and quality). I feel like I’m still watching 9TV, With a lot of newscast titles and some local shows carried over from the channel (9TV) and minimal imported live or recorded shows from CNNi/CNN USA but with more HLN shows (Because HLN’s content is mainly focused on sensationalized true crime, psychological, and sex stories particularly on Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew and its news stories on Morning and Weekend Express and The Daily Share are purely but not literally all-American [they will only report world news if its urgent/if I’m not mistaken]. HLN before used to be a ‘headline channel’ that provides 30 minute newscasts ever half-hour, 24/7. They used to be called then as CNN2, and CNN Headline News. But the channel scrapped their ‘Headline News’ format in 2005 in order to make way for other news show formats especially during US Primetime). I think I can describe CNNPH ad an ‘Americanized’ CNN Franchise because of its kind of programming. It may be offending but that’s how they look and sound like.

      • Jc says:

        And If I wanna watch HLN, I’d rather watch it ONLY on HLN. Too bad they (HLN; formerly CNN2 and Headline News) gave up their format of bringing 30 minute news every 30 minutes since 2005. If they (HLN) would have kept that format, CNNPH would have been given a bit of a boost. At maayos pang magbalita ang mga dating anchors ng CNN2/Headline News unlike today, the anchors are acting like (but not often) ‘crazy’.

        Surprisingly, according to Inquirer’s BizBuzz, ABS and CNN used to have talks for a partnership (or perhaps a better looking CNN franchise that unfortunately, will replace ANC) but those talks did not happen as ABS-CBN says they have/are already an established news organization (who can manage a real news channel).

      • It’s just too bad that CNNPH is not using CNN International a lot in their foreign programming. The latter channel is miles better than HLN, so why bother gambling on a sensationalized network when your standards have to be at par with the parent?

        As for ANC, they have the resources to back up, so no need for them to have blocktimers. And don’t forget, the Associated Press is already a reliable partner in its own right.

      • Jc says:

        Regarding ANC, don’t forget as well Reuters and CNN (for its news videos).

        HLN may be a sister network of CNN, but I really don’t like that channel taking most of the airtime on CNNPH because of just like what I’ve said in the previous comment. Better put the blame for that kind of programming to the bosses behind CNNPH. Everytime I watch CNNPH and an HLN show is on, I’d say: This is NOT CNN

      • Jc says:

        I almost forgot, maybe the reason why CNNPH (for them) cannot provide live or recorded CNNi/CNN USA shows is that they have the livestream feature on their website. Thus possibly banning them (CNNPH) from airing its (CNNi/CNN USA) shows in any case because CNN just wants these shows to be aired ‘exclusive’ only on CNNi/CNN USA.

  11. Jc says:

    DEVELOPING: I saw a plug on News TV today that they will be launching a new morning/daily cooking show in collaboration with San Miguel Pure Foods entitled: Home Foodies. The premiere date was not yet set. I cannot either independently confirm this, but we have to wait for an official announcement

    • Jc says:

      Add this to the lineup of rerunned teleseryes on News TV 11: Alice Bungisngis and her wonder walis.

      ANC too also has a lineup of informational and lifestyle shows (some of them are produced by independent tv production companies who acts as ‘blocktimers’) but they don’t air them very literally or too much in most of its timeslots (which I would call ANC’s job as balancing programming) unlike News TV which only has hourly updates and excessive lifestyle shows, and reruns. Its already 5 years since News TV first aired, its definitely the time (for them) to change.

      • ANC does have some lifestyle shows, but they follow the precedent of foreign news outfits. News TV is doing it differently.

        As for Alice Bungisngis, it replaced Amaya which had already been concluded. Again, this is not the kind of programming that is acceptable for a news channel.

      • Exactly. Their newscasts are getting the ads, but not reruns. Masyadong may discrepancy sa ads Roman. You missed the point of other programs’ commercial gaps; you only specified newscasts. Better do more research on your ad-hunting rather than jumping into conclusions.

        The fact is, yung newscasts lang nila ang kumikita ng kahit konti. The rest, nganga. In short, konti pa rin ang ads to support them. ANC may have less ad revenue than News TV, but the support, success and financial power of the parent network is what keeps them going.

      • John says:

        The primary revenue generator for cable channels like ANC is subscription fee. Base sa mga total cable subscribers na may ANC sa line-up nila may share sila dun, secondary ang Ads.

  12. Hi Ralph, in other developing news: with Mar’s candidacy ABS News dept particularly TV Patrol will finally take it much needed revamp. Korina and Pinky Webb’s departure will shake things up. Actually matagal na si Pinky Webb inantay lng ang pagtakbo ni Mar which formally signal Korina’s career move. It is remain to be seen kung kasabay din mawawala ang RatedK pero its highly likely na mawala na rin ito sa ere since Korina will be very busy with her husband’s campaign.

    • That’s what we’ll expect. No more Rated K should Korina becomes busy with Mar’s campaign. But ABS should find a way to replace it; nagiging beatable na kasi of late ang Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.

      TV Patrol will also endure a revamp; a new OBB and shuffling of female anchors is in the works.

      • at least magkakaroon ng growth among female newscasters nagiging “lid” na rin kasi si Korina. KrisTV which is a blocktimer might get that RatedK slot since lifestyle nman ang packaging ng show. Pde rin ang pagbabalik ng TheBuzz which is also in the works. Kung may naidulot man maganda ang eleksyon eh ang rigodon ng mga shows/personalities. Kris will stay here sa Philippines especially kung gumanti at kasuhan ang kapatid nya ng mga politicl rivals nito.

      • Kris TV is a blocktimer? But I thought Kris has an exclusive contract with ABS.

        Anyway, anything can happen in that soon-to-be-vacated timeslot of Rated K. Hopefully ABS does the smart thing here,

      • yep its not public knowledge but its not a secret, Kris Aquino Productions ang namamahala or another name but same group of people. Block timer sila kaya nga house ni Kris ang ginagawang studio to lessen the cost. Unique ung arrangement ni Kris kaya ung mga ayaw sa KrisTV, eh sorry n lng kasi binili n ni Kris ung timeslot.

      • So ABS is also into blocktimers too, even though they are financially strong. Still, unlike a few other blocktimer shows, Kris TV did tape some episodes at the ABS studios early in their run, before they became a true lifestyle-oriented show.

        It is also no secret that ABS is keeping this show, all because of her late presidential mother owing them one for reopening the network three decades ago.

      • Even if the show is beaten so bad by GMA’s animes, they’re definitely not concerned with it, as long as they are giving a stronger lineup of programs despite the criticisms. NBA and anime fans may dislike Kris, but no choice sila.

      • Gab says:

        now reading the article of MNP. Ate B might giving up DZMM, ANC’s Top Story, or more probably UKG and Salamat Dok to sacrifice her anchoring stint in TVP.

      • When she was temporary anchor for TVP, mga four hours straight ang pagiging anchor niya, from DZMM to ANC then to Channel 2. Now she has to sacrifice a few of her obligations.

        Quite interesting though is that the original Wish Ko Lang host and the current one will face off in primetime. Ganda ‘to.

    • ramones1986 says:

      Kung magkakaroon ng revamp ang TV Patrol, dapat isama na rin nila ang pagkakaroon ng afternoon edition at isang dedicated bulletin para smga taga-Metro Manila (“TVP Metro Manila”)

      • That’s close to impossible. Remember that TV Patrol the national edition does report some news around Metro Manila very often, so why need a Metro Manila edition?

        Masyadong redundant yung suggestion mo. Saka sayang lang ang oras kung may afternoon edition pa. Only those in the regions need that; we in Metro Manila happen to live in the seat of government, which is where TVP reports the most news.

      • puro metro manila related news na nga eh, khit ung simpleng crime report nasasama, archipelago kasi tayo kaya mas challenge macover ang lahat but it doesnt mean na hindi pdeng icover.

      • That’s why there are regional TV Patrol to pick up the slack. Saka hindi naman tayo overdependent sa TV; may radyo, diyaryo’t internet pa.

      • Gab says:

        So for now, it is either Ces Drilon and Bernadette Sembrano will be the anchor of TVP while Korina is on leave. Hectic kasi ang schedule ni Ate B, from UKG, DZMM, ANC’s Top Story and TVP.

        Gigi Grande replaced Pinky in TVP Weekend.

      • ramones1986 says:

        Redundant? Subukan mong panoorin ang BBC London News kapag nasa UK ka.

        Isa pa, kaya napagbibintangang bahagi ng Imperial Manila ang media, lalo na sa TV, kasi sobra ang coverage sa Metro Manila kahit wala silang sariling news bulletin

      • just in: TVPatrol’s OBB now features Bernadette Sembrano instead of Korina Sanchez this is in response to Korina’s departure from the newscast. It might be temporary though since there are no formal announcements that were made

      • Gab says:

        @marcus: Korina have signified she suggested that will be extend her leave in TVP because she will focus on campaigning for her husband’s presidential bid which is a long one. But not yet sure if Rated K will be affected.

      • matagal ko ng kinomment yan but today lng sya pinalitan sa OBB ng TVPatrol. Wla nmng formal announcement kay Bernadette but stay tuned bka sa closing spiels sya i welcome nila kabayan at Ted

      • Hopefully this is a permanent move. But we’ll see. Yung Rated K, either it becomes ‘Rated Kris’ (for Kris Aquino) or another related program.

      • fyi TVP weekend edition also aired a revised OBB it did not feature Alvin Elchico and Pinky Webb, signalling the changes that are yet to unfold.

  13. Jc says:

    Continuing on my comment about CNNPH, This may/may not happen: Kung dadalawin sila ng isang taga-CNN or yung head mismo (that’s Jeff Zucker I guess) at pag nakita nila (ng CNN) na kokonti lang ang mga local newscasts at productions, at dependent sila masyado sa HLN o yung mga ‘outdated’ CNNi/CNN USA shows, lagot sila (at baka mabigyan ng warning na ipapasara nila ito soon kung hindi nila aayusin).

      • Jc says:

        Meanwhile, CNNPH is also one of three CNN franchises that is ‘50% owned’ by a broadcasting company that does not have a general news and entertainment network next to Japan’s CNNj, and India’s CNN-IBN.

      • Jc says:

        To be specific, CNNPH is owned by Nine Media (an example of a media company that operates a CNN station but does not have a general tv network). Most CNN franchises are partly owned but fully operated by tv networks including CNN Chile (sister station: Chilevision [also owned by TBS]), CNN Turk (sister station: Kanal D), CNN Indonesia (sister stations: Trans TV and Trans 7). Most of these maintain a seperate staff and crew. Sorry if I have to base some info from wikipedia for some cnn channels, but as for CNN Indonesia I get some info from youtube. I tried my best just to give you a bit of info.

      • Jc says:

        In corporate terms, CNN Chile is owned by VTR Chile, CNN Turk by Dogan Media Group, CNNj by Japan Cable Television, CNN-IBN by TV18 (Network18) Broadcast Limited, and CNN Indonesia by Trans Corp.

        Nine Media’s CNN Philippines really needs to beef up their local news content and programming and remove their 9TV-formatted ‘image’. In order to convince more viewers to watch their programs, improve live news coverage, and fix their technical capability, (in general, their LIVE reports, where problems occur unexpectedly) or else CNN or Turner might shut it down.

      • Jc says:

        Perhaps there is one CNN franchise that shut down. And that has to be Spain’s CNN+ by Sogecable. This CNN channel was replaced back in 2010 by a 24/7 livestream of Spain’s version of Big Brother.

        I hope this will not happen to CNNPH (kung aayusin nila ang sarili), and let this be a lesson as well to Bloomberg PH, they too need to beef up their business news content and programming in order to convince viewers.

  14. Jc says:

    Sorry if I have to furtherly sensationalize this but, is CNNPH really targeting American and Filipino American viewers living here in the country just for them to watch the HLN programs for pleasure?

    To be honest, I cannot really get used to and get rid of feeling disappointed on what ANC’s competitors are showing. Therefore the only place I can watch more ‘local’ news is only on ANC. And sometimes, right after I watch an ANC newscast, I realized aren’t there any other legitimate choices for local news aside from ANC and without all of the inappropriate programming that it has?

    • ANC is the standard-bearer. No one comes close. Though, in CNNPH’s part they’re trying hard. It’s just that they seem like having an identity crisis, one for hard news and another for sensationalized news.

      Two other competitors are also enduring an identity crisis. AksyonTV is a hybrid sports/news network now, and News TV is more like QTV 2.0. The closest ANC has in a competitor is its own sister network, which is DZMM TeleRadyo, a simulcast of DZMM on the AM band.

      • Jc says:

        Back in its pre-launch 2011, AksyonTV is already plugged as the first non-stop news and sports network on free TV. However not much sports programming was aired back then. As for CNNPH, it’s already like 9TV 2.0 in terms of its on-air image with more US-specific (yet sensationalized) news programming from HLN, some outdated CNN and non-CNN shows. Again, Better blame Jing Magsaysay and the bosses behind for that matter.

        Sorry again if I have to say this but, As for ANC, News Now at 2pm and 3pm is only 30 minutes long. Back in its early days, ANC runs news continuously from 2-5 pm (or 2-6:30pm in its SNN days) I was expecting for ANC to have at least an hour or two of news in the afternoon and early evening hour (and sometimes on primetime). But ANC’s 2:30 and 3:30pm slot is vacated for reruns of its current affairs and Headstart’s Hot Copy. Better exclude the 4-6pm because that’s where The Bureau, ancalerts, and Top Story Dominates the timeslot.

      • CNN International also does that: shorter newscasts in one half, other programs in the other.

        The reason behind shorter newscasts nowadays is the internet; we have that now. Not to mention anchors need some rest every once in a while. Some of ANC’s anchors are also busy with shows on DZMM and Channel 2. You should realize that we have our own approach in newscasting as well as modern technologies to back it up.

      • Jc says:

        Yeah. With the internet becoming the new ‘news channel’ for that, the quality of news channels are gradually deteriorating. Btw, I just watched an ABS-CBN News plug on ABS-CBN a few days ago and just now on DZMM Teleradyo highlighting the biggest stories ABS-CBN News covered from the 60s to now plus showcasing the different platforms that the news organization already has from TV to online in the end of the plug. It’s awesome! I wish you have watched that

      • Jc says:

        Looks to me that ABS-CBN will not stop diversifying their content whether in news or entertainment.

        Just a question, what would be the advantages and disadvantages of putting ANC on free TV/DTV/TV Plus? And does ABS-CBN get their funds from TV Plus subscribers in order to keep its dtv channels on air similar to what SkyCable does?

      • I can’t answer that. You may ask the braintrust in Mother Ignacia, if I were you.

        ANC, as far as we know, is exclusive only to cable, and it caters only to the upper class. There’s no way ABS would move ANC to free TV or TVPlus given the audience that both platforms possess.

    • Jc says:

      Talking about that ‘endangered’ CNN franchise from the Worldwide Corporate Center, that Kapatid ‘hybrid’ news channel both in Mandaluyong and the pretending-to-be-a-news-channel from Timog Ave., They’d better call themselves as HLN Philippines thus utilizing the likes of the EMAJs as their correspondents/anchors and if they won’t get rid of the HLN programs sooner; reformat the Kapatid news channel, and go back to being QTV or else bring it back to ZOE respectively. ANC’s competitors doesn’t get to the top instantly you know.

      • JRDV says:

        At least two news channels from ABS-CBN knew what news channel really means. ANC for the upscale audiences (hence it is only exculsive on pay TV (Sky and provincial operators)) and DZMM TeleRadyo for the masses (available on TVplus and pay TV operators).

        Eh mas maganda na tawaging HLN Philippines ang CNN Philippines (9TV 2.0 minus Kids Weekend) dahil sa issues sa naturang channel. Aksyon TV is now more redundant and GMA News TV is now having a major identity crisis.

        Regarding other news channels, GNN for example, may halong religious programs din (Oras ng Himala) but they are trying their best to work as a best alternative to ANC. GNN is available on free TV on some areas, Destiny, GSat, Sky and select provincial operators.

        On provincial news channels, like Brigada News TV 46 in GenSan, just let them serve their locality.

      • ABS has financial backing as well, given that the Lopez Group has many subsidiaries to support them. TV5 could have used MVP’s other companies to support AksyonTV, but since the patron himself is more into sports, perhaps they have to change AksyonTV’s identity ASAP.

        News TV? Better tell Eddie Villanueva on why he decided to allow his so-called ‘friend’ to take over his network.

  15. Jc says:

    Based from the Instagram photos that I saw, CNN Indonesia (one of the two new CNN channels in Asia) definitely and already beats CNNPH by miles in terms of programming, anchors, and overall setup. I’m afraid I have to admit this but, CNN Philippines is the worst CNN franchise that I’ve ever seen.

    Can somebody ask this? Lumalabas pa rin ba si Atty. Mike Templo sa GMA News TV sa kanyang show na Boarding Pass?

    UPDATE: Home Foodies already made its debut on GMA airing after Unang Hirit and it will air also on News TV during Balitanghali Weekend.

    • Yes indeed. SONA is definitely over and yet, this discussion extended to the point where we’re talking about the pros and cons of the news divisions of each network. We’re going back and forth over this.

  16. Jc says:

    I’m sorry if I was the one who keeps on elaborating the pros and cons of Philippine Broadcast News no matter what topic it is, but can’t you, everyone, and someone imagine how hard it is to accept these kinds of unusual and inappropriate scenarios happening in the world of Philippine Journalism? These things really has to stop.

    • Only time will tell if there will be an even playing field for news networks in our country.

      Moving on, you seem too exclusive on the news side of things. Perhaps you may give your own thoughts on topics related to entertainment and sports broadcasting on this blog. Your insights on a teleserye, a reality show or any program not related to news may help.

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