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So Long, Sunday All-Stars and KISPinoy

‘Sunday All-Stars’ bade farewell last Sunday afternoon after two years on the air. (Photo credit: GMA Network/Sunday All-Stars Official Facebook)

Two programs bade goodbye over the weekend in contrasting fashion.

The expected farewell of ‘Sunday All-Stars’ took place last Sunday afternoon. The two-year-old GMA variety show was cancelled after two years on the air, and will be replaced by ‘Sunday PinaSaya’.

Debuting on June 16, 2013, ‘Sunday All-Stars’ originally aired as a reality competition variety show featuring a team of celebrity performers going against three other groups. The winner is judged based on its conceptualization, execution and entertainment value.

However, low ratings and the departures of several performers forced the show to drop the competition format in favor of a straight-up performance show. In addition, ‘Sunday All-Stars’ underwent a series of timeslot changes, eventually settling into the 2:00 p.m. slot in its final months.

With the cancellation of ‘Sunday All-Stars’, GMA is now left without a self-produced noontime variety show. The incoming replacement ‘Sunday PinaSaya’ will be produced by APT Entertainment, a subsidiary of ‘Eat Bulaga”s production outfit TAPE, Inc.

Meanwhile, an unexpected development took place on TV5 last Saturday night. ‘KISPinoy’, a talent show that seeks to crown a new Filipino KPop sensation, was pulled out of TV5’s schedule without warning, and ‘Movie Max 5’ was aired instead.

In a statement given by the producers through ‘KISPinoy”s official Facebook, the reason behind the pullout was due to financial problems that affected blocktimer and producer YU&IQ International. They then stated that the updates regarding the journey of the remaining hopefuls will still be posted on their social media accounts.

Debuting last July 11, ‘KISPinoy’ was hosted by Richard Gutierrez and Jinri Park, and notable judges included Gelli de Belen and Rico Blanco. The talent show aired for only three episodes in total.

What will happen next to TV5’s suddenly vacant 9:00 p.m. slot on Saturdays will still be determined. So wait for further updates on this unfortunate situation.


88 thoughts on “So Long, Sunday All-Stars and KISPinoy

  1. James Ty III says:

    With Sunday Pinas Saya premiering this Sunday, Wowowin will move to 2 pm followed by Kapuso Movie Festival at 3:15 pm. Later this month, GMA will have another new Sunday show, Juan Tamad, before Alamat, which will also be produced by GMA News like Alamat and To The Top.

  2. Gab says:

    That’s it? KISPinoy only went for 3 weeks due time. Oh no, it was an unsuccesful comeback of Richard Gutierrez in the reality television.

    • The production company of the show ran into financial problems, hence its early cancellation. This isn’t the first time that a blocktimer pulled out unexpectedly (remember ATC on IBC-13).

  3. Poor K-pop fans getting victimized for the second time for crushed dreams in the limelight but sour weeaboos (die-hard anime and J-pop fans), on the other hand, are now celebrating such untimely death.

    But SAS’ end on GMA is predictable and we got our wish for axing it but the warnings of replacement is about to begin.

      • Gab says:

        Here is the (no doubt) reason straight from a TV5 official: Naaubusan ang budget ng blocktimer.

        Perhaps, napakamahal ng airtime fee for blocktimers pag sa primetime slot, ika nga.

      • That’s the problem. Masyadong lucrative ang primetime slot since mas marami ang nanonood pag ganitong oras. A blocktimer for a talent show will undoubtedly be pressured, and they buckled.

      • Facing the music (no pun intended), there are niche J-Pop fans in the country but of course, significant population pa rin ang fans ng K-Pop.

        Kahit hindi intended maging popular ang J-Music, there are no harsh relations for listening both, unfortunately, I have harnessed one radical netizen (administering a FB page) who wanted to demolish K-Pop in order to force them to watch new anime and J-pop. ‘Yung tipong sumisigaw, gamit ng kanyang keyboard, na ang K-Pop ay sanhi sa “MALING PAGKILALA SA BAGONG ANIME AT J-POP SA PILIPINAS!” (Note: that’s contrary to my view)

  4. HRT3434 says:

    The competition format of SAS is too far-fetched to be even noticed by the international TV markets.

    And Wowowin aired yesterday in letterbox format, and was likely taped.

    KISPinoy Digital5 exclusive version when? TV5 should have run KISPinoy as a commissioned format from YU&IQ (with YU&IQ having more limited coproduction duties) like ABS-CBN’s local versions of international talent competition and game shows.

    @James The title character of ‘Juan Tamad’ will be played by Sef Cayadona. And ye olde KMF returns to the afternoon slot, competing against Kapamilya Mega Blockbusters.

    @Gab Richard hosted with his sibilings Raymond and Ruffa the Mutya ng Pilipinas 2015 pageant yesterday, which was aired on ABS-CBN.

    >Poor K-pop fans getting victimized for the second time for crushed dreams in the limelight
    Even MYX severely limited the airing of K-Pop music videos in that channel and relegated ‘Pop MYX: The K-Pop Edition’ to online-only.

    • The producers of KISPinoy didn’t mention an online broadcast. They only mentioned that they’ll post updates through social media. Thus no airing on Digital5.

      SAS was never a good concept to begin with. And it showed in the ratings. We’re finally glad to see it go. As for Wowowin, it is currently the only local program of GMA to air in letterbox format; all other local programs remain in the 4:3 format.

  5. Gab says:

    Observations in SPS:

    Marian Rivera is part of the casting of the newest variety show, she has given work permit from her ob-gyne even she has a fragile pregnancy to do so.

    Valeen Montenegro is also part of the cast of SPS, she is also a contract artist with TV5.

    Jose & Wally will have different characters in the show, and they will not used the other ones from EB.

    • Valeen does Happy Truck ng Bayan too, so it appears she’ll jump into two shows airing almost simultaneously. But we’re not sure if SPS will be a taped one since Happy Truck airs live.

      And yes, Jose and Wally will be different in this show, for a change. As for Marian baka mga few months lang ang itatagal niya rito before taking a rest.

      • James Ty III says:

        Valeen Montenegro can do Sunday Pinas Saya because that show is produced by a blocktimer in APT and not by GMA. As for Happy Truck, she is an occasional guest.

        As for Wowowin, moving the show to 2 pm will attract more advertisers — hopefully.

        Regarding KisPinoy, I feel sorry for Jinri Park because she has no more regular TV show. We can only hear her as a DJ on Monster Radio.

  6. James Ty III says:

    SPS will be more of comedy skits and games where viewers in the studio audience and on TV can win prizes, like what GMA Supershow used to do. APT promises that the new show will be different from ASAP which is becoming monotonous already with the same types of song and dance numbers being done by Martin, Gary, Zsa Zsa, Sarah, Piolo, Kim and Maja, etc.

  7. James Ty III says:

    Also with SPS, a lot of GMA stars like Christian Bautista, Iya Villania and Mark Bautista will not have anymore Sunday show. They should not have left ASAP. ASAP would have been perfect for their talents if ABS did not bring in too many new additions like the reality show winners, as well as JaDine.

      • Oo naman. But still 20 years is unbelievable achievement. Maybe the ball game will change with TAPE taking over the sunday afternoon slot but i mighg doubt if they can beat an Institution that their predecessors wouldn’t beat. That is 2 cents.

    • Gab says:

      Here’s the latest.

      More viewers watched ABS-CBN’s “ASAP 20,” the longest running and outstanding variety show in Asia, last Sunday (August 9) despite the launch of a new show by a rival network. Based on Kantar Media national TV ratings data, “ASAP 20” scored 17.1%, versus GMA’s “Pinasaya’s” 16.1%.

      – excerpt from the network’s press release

      • They won just barely, so there’s nothing to celebrate about. But if SPS keeps that healthy stat coming, it will give ASAP a hard time winning.

      • James Ty III says:

        As long as Martin Nievera and Gary Valenciano remain loyal to ABS-CBN, they will still be part of ASAP and the show will still linger on, whether we like it or not. But let’s give Sunday Pinas Saya a chance to prove its worth.

        Also in fairness, because of ASAP, many of its young stars have become recording artists like Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador.

      • Let ASAP be as it is; only the fans of traditional Sunday noontime shows would appreciate it. Those of the weekday variety would look forward to SPS.

  8. James Ty III says:

    Willie Revillame has just announced through the GMA Network Facebook page that his Wowowin will now be aired at 2 pm starting this Sunday. And it may finally be aired live against the last hour of ASAP.

  9. Nameless says:

    Sunday PinaSaya looks like the 2nd reiteration of “Diz Iz It” which was produced by TAPE Inc., pero this time ay magiging under APT Entertainment ito. So finally, hindi na masyadong magiging abala ang GMA pagdating sa noontime. When it comes sa line-up ng hosts nila, sana inilagay na rin nila si/sina Paolo Ballesteros, Gladys Guevarra and/or “Yaya Dub”. For Paolo and Gladys, dahil naging better sidekick sila nila Wally and Jose and for Yaya Dub, dahil na rin sa naging successful result ng AlDub series sa EB. In all fairness sa timeslot nila, talagang EB-inspired kasi 12nn-2pm sila.

    So finally, may makakatapat na ang not-so live show na Happy Truck ng tv5 thru SPS, despite Valeen’s presence in the latter. The MVP network is known for borrowing and lending such homegrown talents.

    For KISPinoy, baka naman kasi masyadong mahal ang blocktime fee sa tv5, lalo na’t on nightly weekend sila. I agree with Sir Ralphierce’s suggestion na i-franchise na lang ng network ang nasabing show. Nagtataka ako kung bakit nila ginawang judge si Gelli de Belen.

    Aside from 1D fans, KPop fans found another rival thru those JPop/Anime lovers.

    • APT doesn’t want to turn SPS into an Eat Bulaga clone. They wanted to forge its own identity. Some of the hosts may have EB roots, but it would be better if they do it a little differently.

      And yes, TV5 is known for borrowing some talents. However, most are freelancers.

      By the way, Nameless, I didn’t say that KISPinoy needs to franchised. Next time, better be cautious and careful whenever you comment.

  10. James Ty III says:

    By the way, I learned that Sarah Lahbati’s guesting on ASAP yesterday created more buzz than the pilot episode of Sunday PinaSaya.

  11. James Ty III says:

    Sarah is now managed by Viva which has maintained a good working relationship with ABS. Her It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez is aired worldwide over TFC for ABS viewers. Many Viva specials were aired on ABS like the Mutya ng Pilipinas and the concert of Anne Curtis.

    Viva also manages Michelle Madrigal, Arci Munoz and Bela Padilla, who performed with Sarah last Sunday.

  12. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    I began to fall out of favor from watching “Sunday All Stars” since April last year, when they removed the segment “Kalerkioke” (I like the segment’s background music the most) and transfer it to a later timeslot (1pm, and then 2pm), which many presume it as a “dead” hour.

    In October last year, I wrote GMA Network, through a letter, asking them to revive “Kalerkioke” and move “Sunday All Stars” back to the 12nn slot, but until now, I still have to get their reply. And now that “Sunday All Stars” is cancelled, it seems like the GMA management has ignored my letter and dumped it to the trash bin instead.

    • Who cares? I’ve campaigned for that show to be cancelled and here we are. SAS never worked out and was a disgrace of a show; even SOP, Party Pilipinas and Supershow were more superior. The planning and hype GMA did was so underwhelming, and now they can only watch helplessly, as Tuviera’s group now tries to unload their magic touch on SPS.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        Well, I was just saying. I never said this to you at first, but I knew to myself that I’m glad that “Sunday All Stars” is axed. I’m just telling the details of my disgrace for the said show after only its first 9 months of airing.

  13. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    “People who cannot maintain their vision fall into mediocrity or failure.”

    I wish GMA should’ve learned this saying. XD

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