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#AlDub Puts Eat Bulaga Back on Track

‘Tamang panahon’ is just what the doctor ordered for ‘Eat Bulaga’.

This past month saw AlDub take the 36-year-old variety show by storm, and viewers were gradually hooked to its spontaneous storytelling and unpredictability. Everywhere in the country, people took time off just to see the ‘Kalyeserye’ unfold and take to social media on the budding story.

The AlDub tandem, consisting of GMA hearthrob Alden Richards, and Dubsmash queen Maine Mendoza (a.k.a. Yaya Dub), were first paired on ‘Eat Bulaga”s July 16 episode. The segments involving the two eventually became an integral part of the ‘Juan for All, All for Juan’ segment, leading to the now-infamous ‘Kalyeserye’ subsegment.

It also helped ‘Eat Bulaga’ improve its already impressive ratings, and in the process, earn a younger set of viewers and a place among Twitter’s trending topics. This week alone was no exception, as two more recent episodes ‘broke the internet’ and gave ‘Eat Bulaga’ its best ratings performance of the year.

Saturday’s ‘wedding’ between Yaya Dub and Alden’s rival Frankie A. Arinoli (played by Jose Manalo, who also acts as narrator ‘Gasgas Abelgas’) ended with Maine fainting on-air (which was not part of the script) and Alden’s eventual failed attempt at locating her. It was later revealed that Maine was not feeling well in the hours leading to the skit.

Then on last Wednesday’s episode, Yaya Dub was scheduled to perform on the ‘Bulaga Pa More’ segment. It was anticipated to be the first on-air meeting between Alden and Yaya Dub, but things didn’t turn out as planned, as Yaya Dub left Broadway Centrum following her performance and Alden once again failed to locate her in time.

No one knows when Alden and Yaya Dub will finally meet in person, but as Lola Nidora (played by Wally Bayola) always says when questioning the pairing’s motives, it will eventually happen, ‘sa tamang panahon’. And all things will have to wait.

Once again, ‘Eat Bulaga’ strikes at the right time. After 36 years, this long-running variety show continues to amaze everyone, young and old, with new tricks and gimmicks to help it succeed.


69 thoughts on “#AlDub Puts Eat Bulaga Back on Track

  1. James Ty III says:

    Since Eat Bulaga and Sunday Pinasaya are produced by the same group, do you think the latter show needs a gimmick similar to AlDub to make it succeed?

    By the way, the Star reported that SPS and Wowowin posted higher ratings than ASAP and My Little Bossings last Sunday, based on the Nielsen surveys. What is your reaction?

    • You should ask those questions yourself. You’re just simply diverting the discussion again to Sundays just to get attention.

      And by the way, you haven’t even answered my question about On the Wings of Love. It’s obvious na ang utak mo ay puro pa rin Sundays. #SundayPaMore

      I’m ashamed of your unawareness with weekday shows.

      • JRDV says:

        JUST PLAIN SIMPLE. CURIOUS ANG VIEWERS. At isa pa, ireview na rin ang weekday at Saturday shows para mawala na ang identity mo na Mr. Sunday.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        Tapos, nagpapanggap pa siya (Mr. Sunday; sorry for the word) na tabloid writer daw siya. Just saying.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        O totoong tabloid writer siya. Pero ang problema, he keeps getting photo opportunities with some actresses during some sporting events.

      • He has a pass to prove it. He could have used to it something more beneficial to his profession, like a press launch or thanksgiving party for a movie, a teleserye, a reality show or any entertainment program. Kaso sa mga sporting events talaga niya ginagamit, just for photo ops.

        I am really perplexed at his lack of knowledge and awareness on the media industry. Yung AlDub nga, hindi pa makarelate, instead diverting to his favorite day na Sunday. Not to mention his inability to answer my question regarding On the Wings of Love.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        Well, if I were him, I’ll post TV schedules not only for Sunday, but for Monday to Saturday as well, to put the issue to an end.

        However, his job as a tabloid writer should be respected. I just get annoyed with his posting of all Sunday TV skeds and his photo opportunities with some girls. (Sorry guys, but it’s the truth. The truth hurts.)

      • We know he’s an informative guy, but there’s no excuse for him to know only three things: radio programs, sports and chicks, and Sundays. We can’t benefit from him if he only knows those three.

  2. Gab says:

    Remember, blocktimers like these are the only ones that GMA has fair share in ratings. Pagdating sa main programming, displaced.

      • Gab says:

        Beaten success of #AlDub is phenomenal.

        In fact, newspaper reports shows that It’s Showtime’s creative team already had meetings everyday para may makatapat man na malakas sa #Aldub craze.

        Sana pakingan nila ang hinaing ng mga madlang people na nanonood, hindi lang puro galing sa writers pool.

        By the way, last Sunday was their first monthsary.

      • GMA’s creative problems is taking over Showtime as well. Paano na kaya yung sinabi si Mareng Charo a few months ago, bakit hindi ito sinunod ng Showtime?

  3. Gab says:

    Back to the topic, nagiging kahanay na ng #Aldub ang loveteams na Kathniel, Jadine or even their own Ruru-Gabbi, pagdating sa fanbase.

  4. Jc says:

    Some netizens still claim that GMA was the one who put Alden into fame. But it’s TAPE who put him to that sudden scenario. Looks like TAPE will just be a ratings booster for GMA as long as they could.

  5. I will said that TAPE has put Its Showtime into desperation mode and not GMA 7. And by the way Kahit sabihin mo Mr. Sunday na no.1 ang SPS at Wowowin dahil GMA dominates Mega Manila and not the rest of the country. At kahit pano yun mga dabarkads naka tututok sa My Little Bossings noon Sunday at ABS pa yun hindi GMA. What a shame na hindi official blocktimer ng EB ang lumabas ng MLB.

    • To clarify, My Little Bossings (and all other films starring Vic Sotto), are produced by MZET Productions. TAPE has no involvement in his films, other than promotion on EB.

      And ABS beat GMA to a draw in airing the said film for the first time on TV. GMA, to be honest, can no longer afford airing more recent local films, even the films from their own outfit. It’s such a shame that ABS is getting the most of the opportunities in reairing classic and modern local films on Channels 2, 23, Cinema One and CineMo, and GMA is always left behind.

      Going back to EB (since we’re in this topic), if not for AlDub, It’s Showtime would have trended higher (and rated higher than EB) with their Funny One finals. Based on Kantar’s numbers, though, Showtime still beat EB on the day Frankie Arinoli was supposed to marry Yaya Dub, but just barely. Other than that, it was EB who dominated that day. Of course, mas makikinabang diyan ang TAPE kaysa sa GMA.

      I won’t comment on SPS and Wowowin since it’s not part of the discussion.

      • And i won’t be surprise if EB decides to move on and leave Timog Ave after 20 years being on GMA. Si Joey daw gusto tv5 na ang sunod na tahanan ng EB. ABS is long shot but i might be surprise if they decide to go back to Mother Ignacia.

      • Gab says:

        GMA Films only settles with co-productions or not to produce anymore. Nasa posisyon hanggang ngayon ang anak ni Henry na si Annette na president ng GMA Films.

      • They could have just dissolved. Kung wala na silang motivation to make films, why not they just close it? Then they put their films to the public domain if the people want to.

        Without their best bets, wala nang silbi ang GMA Films.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        How sad. GMA Films, was known before for producing award-winning movies like “Jose Rizal,” “Muro-ami,” and “Deathrow.”

      • Unlike Star Cinema, they have an inconsistent resume. They closed down briefly just before the fantaserye invasion, only to be revived and then reduce operations again.

        The lack of a film department has affected the morale and resume of their artists. As we mentioned, Alden is now hooked with APT, and others ended up with Regal, Viva and other outfits.

      • Unlike Star Cinema, they have an inconsistent resume. They closed down briefly just before the fantaserye invasion, only to be revived and then reduce operations again.

        The lack of a film department has affected the morale and resume of their artists. As we mentioned, Alden is now hooked with APT, and others ended up with Regal, Viva and other outfits.

      • It is highly unlikely that will happen, given that ABS has had a tenuous relationship with TAPE since EB left the network 20 years ago. Unless, of course, may change of heart sila.

        We’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

  6. JRDV says:

    The recent social media hype #AlDub wins for EB. Good news for TAPE, bad news for GMA. #1 man sila sa Metro Manila, napatunayan na may potential ang AlDub love team.

    Regarding Showtime, naging regular na si Ryan Rems after winning Funny One last Saturday. Let’s see kung bebenta sa viewers ang “Rock And Roll To The World” laban sa AlDub.

    • Showtime is now trying to emulate EB in elevating winners of a particular competition to full-time hosts. I haven’t seen them do this, until this week.

      Problem is, though, they’re still a long way. Their ‘Mini Me’ winners, for example, have yet to land a spot in their show, unlike Little Miss Philippines or That’s My Boy.

  7. Overheard says:

    We ask some identical fantards of the rival show and here it what they compare:

    Kalyeserye = Sine Mo To
    Bulaga Pa More = Magpasika

    Anong say nyo?

  8. I disagree with all of you with your statements na TAPE lang ang nakikinabang at hindi ang GMA because if GMA is not benefiting from EB, edi sana matagal nang wala ang EB sa GMA and hindi sila magtatagal sa GMA for 20 years and counting. It means may pakinabang din ang GMA sa success ng EB over the years especially now with Aldub. A return to ABS is impossible dahil may bad blood pa rin ang ABS sa kanila dahil sa balak nila dati na bilhin ang EB from TAPE. They even make jokes about it up to now. I remember Jose saying “sinubukan nila ngunit di umubra” or something like that.

    And to the guy na nagsabi na ayaw ni Maine na maging Kapuso, well lets wait and see. Malay natin may offers na sa kanya. The MMK tweet thing was edited by Kapamilya fantards para lang siraan ang Aldub. Transferring EB to TV5 will mean death to EB just like with what happened to Willie Revillame. Willie’s back and Wowowin is doing just fine in the Sunday slot and there are rumors that his show will be LIVE very soon.

    • Let us remind you that TAPE is ONLY a blocktimer of GMA. TAPE may buy three hours from GMA for EB and TRMS, but they still get the bulk of the ads and sponsor money, not to mention revenue from ratings, which is still a big disparity. And take note of the ‘Courtesy of TAPE, Inc.’ sign whenever GMA News airs a news report or a segment on the AlDub story. It’s because TAPE has the rights to the material and not GMA. Kung ang GMA ay may-ari nito they would have been given credit and benefited from it.

      It’s just sad that while EB is once again a success, the rest of GMA’s programming is a letdown (except for The Half-Sisters and the anime programs perhaps). If GMA had EB and decided to co-produce with TAPE it would’ve helped, but no. They would still be on the wrong end of the stick since they only sell time to TAPE.

      And besides, AlDub was TAPE’s idea, not GMA’s. Perhaps our advanced scout Marcus would like to relay the bad news.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        I won’t be surprised if GMA will eventually rely on blocktimers, TV content providers na mala-ATC ang peg and co-productions for almost all of the rest of their programs and airtime (with the exception of news and public affairs), since GMA is now heavily relying on blocktimers and the like for their noontime shows, both on weekdays and Sundays.

      • It will be very sad if GMA programs were to be invaded by blocktimers, and require the services of content providers and production companies. They’ll have little to show for in their paychecks.

    • hi Christian, sorry I was late in the party. GMA is a big network and it doesn’t need block timers in their prime spots such as the noontime for it to survive. I said it before the over dependence of GMA too TAPE’s EB caused the downfall of GMA produced variety show. Second bakit nde exclusive ang mga stars ng TAPE show sa GMA? Simply because their contract is with TAPE not GMA. Third tpus na ung issue ng EB with ABS it was just refueled by Willie nung MTB days pa. Nakapag promote na rin sina Vic and Joey ng film nila before sa Star Cinema. Fourth bkit may Dabarkads ang tawag sa knila at nde Kapuso? Again dhil sa TAPE silang may contract at nde sa GMA. TAPE ang nagpapasweldo sa knila at TAPE ang nagbabayad ng airtime.

  9. Jc says:

    I guess Christian’s point is that GMA (the broadcaster of EB) may be the owner of TAPE Inc. or TAPE may have close ties with GMA. But none of these statements will worth it.

    (Sorry for this part of the comment) By the way, I’d rather stop posting comments or feedback anymore. Because I’m tired seeing commenters who contradict to what me, you (Ralph), and others are “truthfully” saying. Everytime some people (especially the fans/fantards) who are “contradicting” what is said in this article even in this discussion, I sometimes have this mix feeling of disagreement or whatsoever. I accept their opinion, but I can see in their expression that what we are saying is wrong. Can’t they just accept the fact like it is?

    • JRDV says:

      Problema kasi GMA fantards think na nakikinabang ang GMA dahil sa AlDub. They are wrong. All EB content is and will belong to TAPE. TAPE is the producer of EB. TAPE only buys airtime from GMA. Hence, TAPE has the huge bulk of money from advertisers and sponsors, gaya ng sabi ni Ralph.

      The problem is GMA’s own originally-produced content is not even close to the success of EB is now enjoying with AlDub. Naghihingalo nga sila both on primetime and weekends. They can’t even produce noontime shows on their own since TAPE and APT now produced noontime shows currently airing on GMA.

      In terms of original programs, ABS still wins.

  10. Jc says:

    Kaya sa mga kapuso at kapamilyang nagbabasa ng aking komento, itigil niyo na ang paninira sa isa’t isa. Nalilito na ako kung kanino ako dapat maniwala. ENOUGH OF THIS NETWORK WAR ALREADY! ENOUGH! ENOUGH! ENOUGH!

  11. Jc says:

    UPDATE: Looks like (TAPE’s) Eat Bulaga is now winning in the AGB ratings in Visayas and Mindanao. registering a 20-point mark

  12. Jc says:

    Nagtataka ako, bakit ang tawag sa mga audiences ng showtime ay Madlang Pipol, samantalang Dabarkads naman ang tawag sa EB? It’s a bit confusing.

    • The term Dabarkads was coined by the late Francis Magalona. Iyon na ang naging katawagan sa mga hosts at followers ng EB. Madlang Pipol, on the other hand, was not coined by the hosts of Showtime, but by Maricel Soriano in the 1986 film Inday Inday sa Balitaw. Showtime adopted the term as a way of greeting their viewers before their show starts.

  13. Gab says:

    And looks like the Aldub’s phenomenon had to do with the renewal of contracts between Tape and GMA earlier for the contract extension of EB.

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