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A New Breed of Sunday Noontime Show

‘ASAP’ finds itself with a different kind of opponent.

Last Sunday, GMA and APT Entertainment launched ‘Sunday PinaSaya’, a new variety show that features mostly comedy skits with a few hints of musical performances. The new Sunday noontime show is hosted by Marian Rivera, Ai Ai Delas Alas, Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, Alden Richards, Julie Anne San Jose, Barbie Forteza, Valeen Montenegro, and Jerald Napoles.

‘Sunday PinaSaya’ marked the first time that GMA did not play a key role in producing a Sunday noontime show. The said program is produced by APT, whose founder, Tony Tuviera, is the director of ‘Eat Bulaga’.

The new offering did give ‘ASAP’ a run for its money, scoring a 21.4% rating over the latter’s 16.8% in the AGB Nielsen NUTAM figures. In the Kantar ratings, however, ‘ASAP’ still emerged the winner, but just barely (17.1% over ‘Sunday PinaSaya”s 16.1%).

Judging from the first week, it is safe to say that ‘Sunday PinaSaya’ is still a work in progress. Their ratings in the first week are purely based on the viewers’ curiosity, so it remains to be seen whether or not the show’s second week will have the same kind of performance.


‘Sunday PinaSaya’ is not the only Sunday noontime show that is offering something different, however. Just ask TV5’s ‘Happy Truck ng Bayan’.

The two-month-old program employs a more unconventional approach, as they hold shows in various barangays. It is essentially a modern-day ‘Kwarta o Kahon’, albeit outdoors, with various games and segments to entertain the audience.

Though ‘Happy Truck ng Bayan’ airs an hour earlier, it is still considered a noontime variety show for all intents and purposes. The show is hosted by Ogie Alcasid, Janno Gibbs, Derek Ramsay, Gelli de Belen, Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, and various other Kapatid stars.

While its ratings pale in comparison to ‘ASAP’ and ‘Sunday PinaSaya’, TV5 seems unconcerned about its performance. After all, the Kapatid network values alternative programming, and ‘Happy Truck ng Bayan’ exemplifies that.

Gone are the days where musical performances dominate every viewer’s Sunday noontime habits. A new dawn in Sunday noontime programming has indeed arrived, with skits and games to keep people entertained.

The Sunday noontime slot is definitely back in business.


21 thoughts on “A New Breed of Sunday Noontime Show

  1. JRDV says:

    Heto na ang favorite day ni Mr. Sunday!!!

    Regarding Sunday noontime shows, it seems that ASAP’s longtime dominance is now seriously challenged. Matagal na rin ang ASAP, but since naging venue na rin ang ASAP to promote Kapamilya shows, most especially sa mga Pinoy abroad via TFC. Mahina man ang ratings locally, patok ang ASAP overseas. Proof of their overseas dominance is their upcoming London show.

    Back to Sunday Pinas Saya, sana matutuloy yung momentum last Sunday, lalo na sa ratings.

  2. BDFFD3 says:

    SPS debut also helped Wowowin to get past ASAP 20 in an unexpected big Kantar ratings increase for the Sunday variety shows from GMA and ABS-CBN. Wowowin still has hope.

  3. James Ty III says:

    All three shows are different nga in concept. It’s about time ASAP gets a wortthy competitor. For a long time, ASAP offers the same thing with all those production numbers. And at three hours, it gets tiring and boring.

    At least with the other two shows, it’s just two hours at mas mabilis pa ang pacing.

    Wowowin’s new time slot will get more advertisers, definitely.

    By the way, I was told by a movie writer friend of mine na mahirap makapasok sa ASAP studio. You have to reserve in advance kasi maliit lang ang studio yet there are so many stars in ASAP.

    • As always, whenever an article on Sunday shows such as this pop out, you are only interested in them. Such a shame. You could have been useful in articles relating to programs that air on weekdays (teleseryes, reality shows, talk shows), but instead you only want to make your presence felt in articles like this.

      Anyway, ASAP’s two rivals are essentially the ‘second coming’ of Family Kwarta o Kahon. Yes it’s been over 20 years since a Sunday noontime show with comedy, prize money and gimmicks were prevalent, so it’s a needed change of pace for viewers.

  4. It’s a good move for GMA to move a bit into alternative programming through SPS. I hope this & some of its programs can help bring the network back on track.

    The said program, Wowowin & HTB would change the game for Sunday noontime programming.

  5. Jc says:

    But on the downside, SPS as we know, is just a block timer of TAPE Inc. yet good thing TAPE did provide GMA something that is alternatively good in order to compete with the 20-year old ABS-CBN show.

    Looking forward for more updates on Philippine Broadcasting Ralph, keep it coming.

    • It had some problems in its old timeslot, considering only a few watch TV at that hour, but they’re now glad to air much earlier, since it will help their viewership.

      And with GMA making strict rules on Wowowin, such as taped broadcasts, you can enjoy watching it without the heavy overtones of Willie’s past shows.

  6. Gab says:

    Martin Nievera, one of the pioneering host of ASAP had tweeted and he surpised on the few format changes of ASAP:

    “What has happened to the noon time shows on Sunday ????”

    “Everyone relax pls! Asap has been there for 20 years. There is always room for experiment & competition. Let the games begin. Fear not all!”

    • ASAP seems intimidated with the new competition offering a different approach. Contrary to what Martin tweeted, I don’t think adopting parlor games and comedy skits is worth experimenting enough, not to mention competing against the ‘new breed’ for the sake of ratings.

      ASAP is doing what Showtime is doing of late, by copying the styles of other shows (though it’s still less of an emphasis). Not leaving the alternate competitors alone may convince older viewers to change channels, which is not good for the 20-year old show with a sizable amount of loyal viewers.

  7. Jc says:

    Sorry if I have to talk about ASAP here, but did somebody in this blog say that ASAP should be lessened to 2 hours, I think it’s more feasible if ASAP should do so. Since their are some unexpected things happening there.

    ABS-CBN should just compose their Sunday afternoon schedule like this:
    12:00nn: ASAP
    2:00pm: PBB Rewind (A week-in-review show highlighting the happenings at the house in the past week)/During PBB season break: Trending to! (teen magazine)
    3:00pm: Bayan Mo, Ipatrol Mo (citizen journalism show)/Countdown sa Halalan 2016
    4:00pm: Mutya ng Masa
    4:30pm: 3-in-1

      • Jc says:

        Who knows? Viewers who don’t want to go may watch these magazine-typed shows just to be filled with all the information they want.

      • Perhaps. Then again, it’s only a minority.

        Now let’s move on. You may write about your suggestions on changing the Sunday TV schedules or anything you want to say in a blog, if I were you. It may be better if you do that instead of diverting to a different topic over and over. Better stick to the heart of the article, or if you have updates to share in relation to that article, feel free to dig in.

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