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AlDub Popularity A Big Concern for It’s Showtime

There is no stopping ‘Eat Bulaga”s increasingly popular AlDub tandem.

The accidental duo of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub has been on a roll in the last month. Ratings for ‘Eat Bulaga’ continued to rise, while netizens took to social media in increasing numbers to show support and concern for the love team.

Speaking of netizens, this was how ‘It’s Showtime’, like most ABS-CBN programs, enjoyed success in the last few years. But the tables now seem to turn against them once AlDub took to the airwaves.

An example of this was during the grand finals of the Funny One segment (won by Ryan Rems Sarita). Held on the same day as ‘Eat Bulaga”s ill-fated wedding between Yaya Dub and Frankie A. Arinoli (played by Jose Manalo), the Funny One finals did earn a spot among Twitter’s trending topics.

There was only one problem: AlDub was one step better on Twitter, both nationally and globally. Even though ‘It’s Showtime’ beat ‘Eat Bulaga’ on Kantar’s ratings last August 8, it was a 2-1 win for the latter, who managed to win AGB Nielsen’s ratings on that day.

This following week, ‘It’s Showtime’ promoted Ryan Rems to a regular host. But not even a promotion and a subsequent segment between Ryan, Vice Ganda and the five other Funny One finalists was good enough for ‘It’s Showtime’, as ratings and social media impact continue to widely favor ‘Eat Bulaga’ and its ‘Kalyeserye’.

As a result, according to various tabloids, the producers of ‘It’s Showtime’ are now forced to convene on a daily basis in an attempt to figure out a way to beat AlDub. They hope that these productive meetings could help ‘It’s Showtime’ regain their winning ways.

Then again, ABS-CBN is no stranger to losing to ‘Eat Bulaga’ whenever the latter responded with a more popular segment. Remember how Laban o Bawi helped ‘Eat Bulaga’ beat ‘Magandang Tanghali, Bayan’ for good?

The Kapamilya network can only hope that ‘It’s Showtime’ won’t become the second coming of MTB. The AlDub phenomenon can be beaten, and now it’s up to ‘It’s Showtime’ to respond with a stronger segment.


219 thoughts on “AlDub Popularity A Big Concern for It’s Showtime

  1. Its hard to beat something na hindi kayang gawin ng programa mo.
    Here aresome of the reasons:
    1. They dont go outside everyday unlike EB dahil sa JFAAFJ.
    2. Wala silang artist na pwede mag pa-masa. Yaya Dub in real life is rich, but she knows how to blend with the crowd. Walang arte in short, unlike the other program’s hosts.
    3. True feelings are playing as a wildcard in the Kalyeserye. Its a fact that Maine has a crush on Alden,and the same may be said with Alden. So there is a mix of fantasy and reality.
    4. The brand of comedy that the Kalyeserye has is unique. With the segment being unscripted and no lines, just a flow on how it will go for the day, this makes it funny and something hard to replicate. Showtime has what? Vice & Ryan Rems? 2 bad comedians with jokes that are rude and unfunny at all.
    5. The’split-screen’ tandem has charm & chemistry. What more could happen with them finally meeting face-to-face?

    The reasons are endless and it the AlDub fever is still gonna last for a long time.
    FYI: The Kantar figures for August 8 are unreliable. Everyone knows who won that day.

    • Reason #1 is unsurprisingly a no brainer. Reason #2 came from KMJS. Reason #4 and #5, agree.

      It’s just like you’re comparing that of KMJS to Rated K. When latter wins in Kantar ratings game but the former wins the Twitter trending topics.

      • There is still something that Showtime continues to lack: an experienced set of comedians. Ryan is still a greenhorn to say the least, unlike EB whose TVJ, Allan K and JoWaPao have been sharing laughter for a combined 60 or so years now. Vice can’t do it alone, and neither are the Funny One finalists.

        With that combined amount of experience in their profession, the EB hosts have been able to concoct a successfully spontaneous 20-25-minute act that is the AlDub kalyeserye six times a day. Showtime can’t even lift a finger on EB at this point.

  2. Gab says:

    Kaya puro meeting meeting ang inaatupad ni Direk Bobet at creative team. Naghahanap sila ng magandang konsepto. Hmmm… will this work?

    By the way, may segment din sila na tinawag na “Twerking Girls” kanina.

    • The Twerking Girls segment may be inspired from the recent twerking performances by Ella Cruz and Iza Calzado.

      Anyhow, kulang pa rin yung mga meeting na yan. They need help from the ‘madlang pipol’ as well. Total sinabi na ni Mam Charo na successful ang ABS dahil nakaka-relate sila sa totoong experiences ng mga tao, so why not heed the people’s calls.

  3. JRDV says:

    It’s Showtime is now getting more desperate dahil sa AlDub. But since patok sa masa ang Eat Bulaga dahil sa AlDub fever, It’s Showtime must do something to improve right away. Matagal na silang patok sa social media since its debut as ABS-CBN’s response to the long-running morning talk show Sis (dahil sa Showtime, cancelled na ang Sis for good). Right now, the tables are turning to EB with AlDub.

    • If this continues, baka matulad ang It’s Showtime sa mga dati nang napatumbang noontime shows ng ABS, like ‘Sang Linggo nAPO Sila, MTB, Wowowee and Happy Yipee Yehey. Their creative department needs some help, particularly sa mga ‘madlang pipol’ sa social media.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        Don’t forget “Pilipinas Win na Win,” also on ABS-CBN, which aired in 2010 as Wowowee’s replacement, and was also short-lived, its last episode was on December 31 of that year.

  4. Jc says:

    Mukhang unti-unti nang bumabalik ang tiwala ng mga viewers sa Eat Bulaga due to the AlDub domination kung gagawa ng tamang aksyon ang ABS-CBN at makikinig sila sa mga gusto ng mga Kapamilya viewers just like what they did with its teleseryes.

    • Actually, It’s Showtime’s recent streak of futility dates back to the first time Alden and Yaya Dub were first paired on TV, and since then, EB has been winning.

      EB this year was at its low point during the time Wally’s Dra. the Explorer character was present in Problem Solving, and early when his Lola Nidora character and the then-masungit Yaya Dub were first introduced. It was a blessing in disguise that they had to retire the ‘Problem Solving’ segment in favor of ‘Kalyeserye’, because we know how uninteresting and time-consuming the segment was, no matter how funny it is.

      • Actually its the opposite, they were doing fine with Dra the Explorer and the first week with Lola Nidora & Yaya Dub. Kaya nga ginaya ng Showtime ang Problem Solving segment with AdVice Ganda dahil patok siya.

        Another reason that I forgot to add in the reasons why AlDub is a hit is may moral lesson palagi bawat araw. Gaya nung August 12 episode, which saw EB tripling the ratings of Showtime, when Lola made that monologue about waiting for love at the right time and not rushing things like instant noodles and using instant messaging and fansigns as means of courtship. This is what EB is, a fun show with a purpose: To help and educate the masses.

      • They were doing fine except for two things: Showtime still trended higher than EB then not because of AdVice Ganda but because of talent-laden segments like Mini Me and Kalokalike Face 3, and whether we like it or not, Showtime beat EB in Kantar during the latter’s skits with Dra and early Lola Nidora/Yaya Dub. Thus, it’s 2-1 in favor of Showtime early this year.

      • No wonder that Eat Bulaga is winning. But it does not benefit GMA’s recent problems. Only blocktimers which is aired on GMA rate very well. But in terms of home grown shows ABS is winning by a mile.

      • JRDV says:

        Hindi talaga mabebenepisyo ang GMA since EB is under TAPE. I haven’t heard a recent GMA program (home-grown at produced by either the entertainment and news divisions of GMA) na nagclick sa televiewers.

  5. Jc says:

    Siguro Celebrity Bluff Lang ung nag-trend sa mga viewers given that (if not claimed) they are the certified no. 1 Pinoy-made game show

    • Pero talo pa rin, lalo na pag MMK ang katapat nito.

      Overall, tanging animes at EB lang ang nananalo for GMA, and they’re not even produced by the network. Their self-produced local programming still needs a lot of work.

  6. Jason says:

    I just hope that they won’t make a movie out of it. Huwag ipilit. Yun lang. But Showtime really needs to find that’s clicking with the masses

    • Indeed. A movie with AlDub will take the spontaneous factor out of it. Maganda na talaga yung unpredictable at unscripted, which is a successful formula for them. As for Showtime, let’s just hope they make a better segment than the monologue between Ryan and Vice, something na unpredictable rin at relatable sa mga tao.

  7. Jc says:

    Hindi madali ang mag-plano ng isang segment na mag rerelate ang mga viewers at bumuo ng mga eksenang aakalain natin na di dapat mangyari yon. And that is what the Dabarkads at Eat Bulaga did, ang makabuo ng segment na may pag ka-PBB ang dating in terms of real-life situations.

      • JRDV says:

        but Showtime’s new segment trended online for wrong reasons. inakusahan pa ng mga netizens ang panggagaya ng It’s Showtime sa Eat Bulaga, lalo na sa twerk it dancing contest. sa EB, sa That’s My Bae, “Twerk It Like Miley” ang kanta, tapos male ang contestants. habang sa Showtime, Twerking Girls ang segment, where girls have to twerk and the music they used is “New Thang”, which is performed by Redfoo, one of the two members of LMFAO.

      • Showtime has had a history of copying EB segments (e.g. Advice Ganda as a ripoff of Problem Solving). Yung ‘That’s My…’ for instance, tatak EB na yan for quite a while (remember That’s My Boy?), and Showtime took a page out of EB’s playbook when they created That’s My Tomboy.

  8. Believe That says:

    I remember how Vice Ganda did a skit of using Eat Bulaga’s Theme song and instead of saying Eat Bulaga at the end of the song, he replaced it with “It’s.. ShowTime”. Just a proof how Showtime is trying to copy and insult on Eat Bulaga. To me, Showtime is quite different ever since they moved to Afternoon Time slot. I used to watch Showtime when they used to air in the morning in competition with “Diz Iz It.” Those days with their dance competitions are the one that made them #1 before purely.

    • ABS had no choice when they moved Showtime to noontime. Wowowee, Pilipinas Win na Win and Happy Yipee Yehey were failures for the network, and they know Showtime would pose more of a challenge against EB.

      Though they were successful to younger viewers, the fact that they have some bad reputation along the way attest to how much more the show has to mature to be a critical success. And with Vice becoming more corny as they go along (no matter how popular they are), it only gets worse.

  9. JRDV says:


    Nagsampa na ang reklamo ang GMA sa NTC laban sa SkyCable dahil sa signal loss during the Kalyeserye segment. According to GMA News, GMA Network cited a series of tweets posted from July 19 to August 21, 2015 by televiewers from Metro Manila, Cavite, Bacolod, and Iloilo, “who mostly decried the apparent ‘sabotage’ perpetrated by SkyCable” and expressed “disgust” for missing their favorite portion of the country’s longest running noon-time show. – See more at:

    Any thoughts about this?

    • Hence the recent bar na lumalabas sa EB regarding the SkyCable signal situation. Another bad rep for the folks at SkyCable. Matagal na ‘tong awayan between GMA and SkyCable.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        Don’t forget that GMA also filed another case against SkyCable in 2003 due to the latter moving the former to ch. 12, without prior NTC approval, and GMA accusing the said cable provider of signal tampering (good thing I never experienced that “signal tampering” in Cebu), if I’m not mistaken. I think network wars are playing a role in that incident, as what JC said that “Sky is an ABS-CBN property.”

      • The problem could have been solved if GMA had its own livestreaming service similar to iWanTV. Kaso they don’t have the money, so they resort to battling a cable service of their arch-rivals to try and play fair.

  10. JRDV says:

    ANOTHER AlDub NEWS: Kasama na ang AlDub sa upcoming MMFF entry with Vic Sotto and Ai-Ai Delas Alas. Under contract na si Alden sa APT for four years.

  11. Glenchang says:

    right now walang magagawa ang showtime kung hindi magtry ng magtry ng iba’t ibang concept para pumantay sa popularity ng ALDUB. one thing though sana matutong alagaan ng GMA yung tandem na to because one wrong move from them and everything will be gone. it is a bigger loss for sure and sana mapanatili nila yung excitement ng mga tao. specially right now sikat na sikat ka pero the next day laos ka na agad.

    • Actually, it’s TAPE’s responsibility to take care of AlDub, not GMA. Total the only role for GMA is to air EB, and TAPE will do the rest. As for Showtime, they might as well need a new host or two, not to mention an ORIGINAL segment that their fans can suggest. Huwag yung pangopya sa style ng EB, like AdVice Ganda or the Twerking Girls.

      • hnically its GMA who is taking care of Alden since he is a GMA talent and TAPE is taking care of Maine. But anyways, their MMFF movie is under OctoArts, M-ZET, APT Entertainemt, GMA Films and I forget the last one. It was featured on the teaser of the movie last Saturday. Expect this to be a heated battle in the box office this Christmas.

  12. Gab says:

    Got this from a tabloid: One of the factors why Showtime is already losing its viewers is the overexposure of Vice Ganda.

    • Parang extended version ng GGV or any of his live standup acts. Showtime has always been Vice’s show since he became the judge na hindi maeevict ng mga manonood. Over a half-decade later, they are now in a crisis, because they let Vice be the star and the other hosts can only watch helplessly. Unlike EB where there is a fair share of exposure from the hosts, most of the time. Kaya tuwing Juan for All na lang ang exposure ng TVJ nowadays, unlike during the 80s, because they need the other hosts to have their shining moment.

      We might as well rename Showtime as ‘Gandang Tanghali Vice’, or ‘Vicetime’, if that’s the case.

      • JRDV says:

        Tama naman. Overexposed na si Vice. Parang siya na ang nagdadala ng Showtime. Speaking of other hosts, may upcoming show si Anne Curtis sa Lifetime Asia, may Pasion de Amor at movie si Coleen Garcia, Kuya Kim still has Matanglawin and Weather Weather Lang segment on TV Patrol, Billy Crawford is set to appear on another season of Pilipinas Got Talent, and Jugs and Teddy are still busy with other commitments, especially their involvement with Itchyworms and Rocksteddy, as well as Jugs’ radio stint at Magic 89.9.

      • May PGT pa ba? Mukhang na-retire na ito ng ABS a long time ago.

        Anyway, Showtime needs new hosts and characters other than those that they have now, yung tipong exclusive lang to the show. And don’t let Vice be the headliner. Meron namang Star Magic ang ABS so why not tap those from the said pool.

  13. Jc says:

    And speaking of Billy Crawford, may YFSF pa siya.

    Hindi pa ba ito ang tamang panahon para maghanap ng showtime ng mga younger hosts na always available sapagka’t sinabi na ung mga hosts ngayon may mga ibang show silang pinaprioritize, let Vice Ganda just appear on one segment, and make showtime the variety show dedicated for the audience.

  14. Jc says:

    Just want to share this. If there are hosts that I can suggest to Showtime (aside from Vice Ganda or better if Vice should leave the show for good or at least appear on Saturdays and holidays) then these may work:
    -Alexa Ilacad
    -Nash Aguas
    -Kiray Celis
    -CJ Navato
    -Maris Racal
    -Manolo Pedrosa
    -Kaye Abad
    -Jason Abalos
    -(Kung merong Jugs and Teddy meron ding) Joj and Jai

    I guess it would be better for Showtime to target the younger audiences (while Eat Bulaga will target also some young audiences but more on adult viewers) but Showtime needs help as well from viewers sabi nga ng slogan, “Your show, your time, it’s showtime”.

    • You suggested underutilized talents. It may help. They could also use a little help from the winners of past talent segments such as Mini Me and Kalokalike, but it may seem like they’re taking a page out of EB’s book.

      • Jc says:

        Besides, Star Magic has many other underutilized talents that they can use as showtime hosts. Perhaps they should just focus much on creating more competition-intensive segments (better if that competition segment should involve audience participation), aside from the usual games and prizes instead of creating segments where past winners are involved (i.e. Funny time) which can attribute taking a page out of EB’s playbook like you’ve said. But with these advantages, come disadvantages. These hosts that I suggested could really create conflict (due to their priorities with other shows and especially studies).

  15. Christian Añasco says:

    Here’s an idea: why not put Showtime back in the 10:30am slot and create a new noontime show. We all know that if this keeps up, Showtime will end up like Wowowee, MTB, etc. I dont think adding another host will solve it.

    The Aldub craze is on a roll and the ratings are off the roof now, add to that the record breaking tweets and almost every day the average number of tweets for Aldub reaches to almost 1 million. Showtime is being hammered hard. No wonder why they add a specific hashag to their show everyday unlike EB where the fans are those who is making the hastag of the day.

    • The problem is, Ningning would be affected. Jana Agoncillo’s teleserye is winning over Ryzza’s talk show right now, and if Showtime were to move back as a pre-noontime show, it might alienate the audiences of Ningning because its timeslot may be pushed back.

      For now, the best solution is to revamp. Moving it back to pre-noontime is no longer an option.

      • And anyway outside of Eat Bulaga, GMA is beatable. They are not unbeatable as they were during the time of Vilma Galvantes. And Now with Kapamilya Gold building momentum for the ber months, i felt that GMA needs to do most of the revamping because ABS is stable and well.

      • This time last year, ABS produced no local afternoon teleseryes. Perhaps GMA could do the same as soon as possible, if they’re smart. Mag-movies muna sila kung pwede lang para namang makapag-isip ng bagong strategy ng mabuti.

  16. James Ty III says:

    There have been rumors that It’s Showtime will move back to 10 am and then Kapamilya Blockbusters would follow after Ningning at 12 nn. But these are just that, rumors.

    By the way, Vice Ganda is now imitating Willie Revillame in giving prizes in Showtime — although Willie’s show is on Sundays.

  17. James Ty III says:

    Also, because of AlDub, Alden Richards’ other show Sunday Pinasaya is also doing well in the ratings and ASAP is worried too. ASAP has been doing some skits like what SPS is doing.

    • Actually it’s not because of AlDub that SPS is rating well. It is the viewers’ dissatisfaction to the new direction of ASAP, not to mention the need for a change of habit, that leads to the good ratings of SPS. AlDub has nothing to do with SPS’ unexpected success.

      Both ABS noontime shows are clearly affected by the moves of both TAPE and APT, to the point where they start to imitate out of desperation. We might even see Showtime do their own version of ‘kalyeserye’ with Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia (or some little-used Star Magic talents) if they can’t stop AlDub. Hopefully they listen to their ‘madlang pipol’ for some advice on original segments.

      • James Ty III says:

        Martin Nievera said in an interview with that he isn’t happy with the direction of ASAP now. I think ABS should shorten ASAP to two hours. Three hours makes it long and boring.

      • At least Martin had guts. Perhaps it’s also time for one of the Showtime hosts to do the same, if they are really looking to turn things around. There’s nothing wrong with speaking up, as long as it will help.

  18. James Ty III says:

    Martin kasi has been with ASAP since it started so he knows the ins and outs of the show. I salute him for what he did.

    Hopefully, the ASAP in London this weekend will help improve its ratings once it gets shown on Sept. 13 and 20. This Sunday’s episode will be pre-taped or a replay while the entire cast is in London.

    Regarding the comments about GGV being a weekend version of It’s Showtime, it’s obvious, based on some of the episodes I saw. But what can we do? Viewers follow GGV because they like the format. If it ain’t broke, why fix it, as the saying goes.

    • Going back to Showtime (since it’s the main topic of the article), they’ll have their hands full this coming Saturday. If you’re not aware (I think you’re not following the ongoing kalyeserye due to your so-called sports obligations), the Wildcard round of Bulaga Pa More: Dabarkads Pa More will take place this Saturday, and Alden and Yaya Dub were already confirmed to participate. Plus, Lola Nidora placed some conditions, such as the inclusion of her Rogelios in Yaya Dub’s number, and Yaya Dub not allowed to meet Alden on Broadway. You should watch today’s Kalyeserye, because Lola Nidora still has a few more conditions to reveal.

      More problems for Showtime this Saturday because Yaya Dub and Alden will go against each other, and the Twitterverse is expected to go wild once more.

      • Jose Tiamson says:

        And the third condition is instead of keeping the price money for themselves, ibibigay nila sa na sugod nila sa Juan For All, All For Juan. This is a good opportunity for Maine and Alden to see why they are apart of EB and it is their way of giving public service through Entertainment.

      • Charitable causes is what keeps EB a step ahead of Showtime in terms of viewer interaction. The Juan for All segment is now running for five years, and that is how EB is giving back to the viewers after over 30 years on air.

        Showtime should improve on that aspect if they were to be as successful as EB.

  19. Gab says:

    “Bago pa naman nagka-AlDub, talagang may kumpetisyon na ang ABS at ang GMA. Hindi lang naman Showtime saka Eat Bulaga. Teleserye nila, kakumpitensiya ng teleserye namin… lahat.
    Kaya napakaipokrita, napakaipokrito na pagka sinabi ko, ‘Naku, walang kumpetisyon! May kumpetisyon ‘yan, and it’s a healthy competition.” – Vice Ganda on

    Reactions please, readers.

    • How can it be so healthy kung ang Showtime ay GGSS sa EB? If Vice claims that their competition with EB is healthy, better prove na hindi gumagaya ang Showtime sa mga istilo ng EB.

  20. Jc says:

    And speaking of Vice Ganda, that what he said about the “Network War” being a “stupid idea”? Perhaps for us, it’s a good idea after all. Total, ang daming opposition sa kabi-kabilang networks. It will just get even dirtier as it gets.

      • James Ty III says:

        And also, Vice Ganda should also find ways to make Gandang Gabi Vice a little bit more different. The way I see this show now, it’s like a weekend edition of Showtime.

        ABS stars now promote their movies and new TV shows on GGV now that The Buzz is off the air.

      • Perhaps it may be better if Vice becomes one of the executive producers and creative director of Showtime. More than being a host, playing the role of producer and creative director may help him think of new ideas and strategies in order to improve Showtime.

        And please, stick to the topic. You’re bringing GGV to this article for no reason at all. GGV has nothing to do with the topic.

      • James Ty III, did you read the title of articles before posting or you want inappropriate Sunday show comments that are not necessarily eligible in this topic?

      • Puro na lang Sunday TV Guide at chicks ang inatupag (given his job on a tabloid). Huwag lang siya mag-off topic dahil nakakairita na.

  21. Even Kantar’s ratings show na mas mataas ang ratings ng EB ngayon nationwide with 20+% ratings. Buong bansa na talaga ang AlDub fever, with more interesting scenes to watch. We might find out in the next few days kung sino ang kumidnap kay Yaya Dub at kung ano ang kinalaman ng plywood sa Kalyeserye maliban sa pagharang sa pagkikita nina Alden at Yaya Dub last Saturday.

  22. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    RELATED TO ALDUB: And now, the AlDub fever reaches its extreme peak as they endorse McDonald’s newest TV ad. I saw it yesterday during one of Eat Bulaga’s commercial breaks.

    • Problem is, ABS only aired the 15-second edited version featuring only Alden. They’ve been used to snubbing certain celebrity commercials before; after Derek Ramsey, it’s now Yaya Dub’s turn.

      Joel Ong also noted that GMA is also doing the same thing. He noticed that the McDo commercials featuring Enrique Gil (recently with the Shake-Shake Fries) and other Kapamilya artists are also being snubbed by the said network.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        Again, network wars might be playing a role in that. Fortunately, though, that the other TV commercials of other ABS-CBN and GMA stars were not snubbed by each other, like Marco Masa’s Jolly Spaghetti TV commercial, which GMA is also airing.

        However, I cited another case of TV commercial snubbing: Remember Mike Enriquez’s “Fight the 3 Signs of Nerve Aging” TV commercial for Neurogen-E in 2011? When ABS-CBN aired it, they replaced Mike Enriquez with a male VO instead. So unfair.

      • It is their to air these ads. Dapat ang ABS ay willing to air thse ads lalo na may sponsorship ang McDo sa UAAP at sa NCAA. If they are not willing to Air an AlDub related commercial it will reflect on how bitter ABS is on AlDub. Lalo na yun mga ilang contract stars nila mismo ay fans ng AlDub.

      • Kaya nga. If GMA was able to air a KathNiel or a JaDine commercial without consequence then there shouldn’t be any problem for ABS to air AlDub’s. It won’t do them any good in the PR aspect if they snub a certain artist in a commercial (in this case Maine Mendoza). If they think na airing an AlDub commercial would only turn Showtime viewers into EB viewers, then they’re wrong.

      • That should clear the issue. ABS has a right to do so out of respect to their own popular talents and tandems. Had they aired the full AlDub ads, it might only enhance their popularity while diminishing ABS’ own.

        Then again, would GMA also subject themselves to editing commercials starring JaDine or Kathniel? We’ll have to wait and see.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        I don’t think GMA currently has the same system of “commercial-airing” as ABS-CBN, as mentioned in the PEP article I shared to you last month, which is why GMA is still free to air KathNiel and JaDine together commercials until now.

    • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

      Earlier this afternoon, I read in today’s (or I think yesterday’s) issue of Sun.Star Superbalita Cebu’s Laysho section (entertainment/showbiz) that AlDub is now reportedly also the newest endorser of Talk N’ Text. If there’s a TV commercial for that, I hope ABS-CBN won’t snub Yaya Dub again.

      • Dapat iere din nila. Remember both the Lopez and MVP camps are in good terms nowadays lalo dun sa sports dept nila. ABS should learn how to appreciate the efforts alden and maine have done just to get into this point. And BTW i heard that ABS aired the whole 30 sec aldub commercial. This is coming from my mom who is solid kapamilya viewer.

      • Jose Tiamson says:

        To add it up, they are really airing the mcdo commercial feat. Aldub but only in 15 seconds at only maine or alden are featured in those 15 secs.

  23. Believe That says:

    I heard that ABS-CBN is not fair on airing AlDub commercial (McDo) on their station. GMA has been airing KathNiel at JaDine commercials for many times now, but why can’t ABS-CBN do the same thing for AlDub?

    Something smells fishy for ABS-CBN in here.

    • I’m guessing that the network is bitter about the unexpected success of the duo, which is why they snubbed Maine Mendoza from those commercials. The fact that Showtime is losing badly to EB and its AlDub segments speaks to the network’s frustrations, because, if ABS aired an AlDub commercial, it would only cause more Showtime viewers to switch to EB.

      As I mentioned earlier, Joel Ong said that GMA is also snubbing certain Kapamilya artists in the McDo commercials, like in the case of Enrique Gil with the success of Forevermore.

      • Indeed. Either that ABS or GMA set certain standards when airing commercials, to the point where stars from another network cannot appear in such commercials. Unfair talaga.

      • these are unsubstantiated assumptions by non industry practitioners. Ads are distributed by media buyers. ABS has a higher airtime price thus the cut in the commercials which was decided by Mcdo and their media buyer not the network. AlDub is endorsing a Php59.00 value meal which explains a smaller budget in tv advertising cost.

      • So this means that McDo only submitted the 15-second commercial because ABS has a higher cost in ads. No wonder viewers were infuriated by the Alden-only commercial then because McDo can only afford that short ad for ABS.

      • Maine’s version was also shown. The way I see it they are already pushing the budget with a TV ad for a Php59.00 peso meal. They jumped the gun with AlDub but it doesn’t mean thet gave enough cash to spend on tv ads.

      • We can’t blame ABS kasi malaki yun bayad nila sa ad placement lalo na pag primetime. But at least kapamilya viewers who are also dabarkads can see the commercial ng AlDub kahit 15 secs lang at maghiwalay pa sila. Dapat sisihin nila yun media buyer mismo, kahit KBP sisihin din nila.

    • Some of their contract stars and members of some departments of ABS-CBN are fans of AlDub. Si Vice Ganda nga namention ang AlDub at nag pabebe wave pa sa It’s Showtime yesterday. It shows that the effect of AlDub have reach from Aurora Boulevard to Mother Ignacia and ABS should recognize that.

  24. doesn'tcare says:

    I noticed recently that GMA has “overused” and focused on AlDub segment (from EB) in most news programs especially in 24 Oras and KMJS (every Sunday night). It seems AlDub overshadows other Kapuso (homegrown) loveteams such as Miguel Tanfelix and Bianca Umali, Ruru Madrid and Gabbi Garcia. AlDub phenomenon may have been overexposed on GMA (parang paulit-ulit nilang binabalita about AlDub), but how about its homegrown talents (especially their loveteams that I mentioned above) na parang pinabayaan na. Louise delos Reyes (Alden’s former loveteam) is now getting distant from Alden because of AlDub, where is she now?

    • IDK about Louise though. Either way she seems to have moved on.

      As for overexposure, yes it really is alarming. AlDub may be the most popular loveteam now, but GMA should not go as far as reporting them as a news item on a daily basis. ABS won’t do that with KathNiel and JaDine when it comes to a teleserye update. Yung mga summary na yan, they should stop doing it just to heighten interest. Give this loveteam a more humbling take.

      • doesn'tcare says:

        Right. ABS has a fair treatment for KathNiel, JaDine, LizQuen, KimXi and others to expose in which GMA can’t do that for their own homegrown loveteams (yung AlDub lang bumubuhay sa GMA kahit galing sa blocktimer although Alden is a GMA talent).

      • Oo nga. Nakakaalarma na ang overexposure ng AlDub. Although may benefits yan sa desperadong GMA Network, masasakripisyo ang kanilang homegrown talents. Madalas na natin yan napansin sa mga newscasts ng GMA at sa kanilang ‘unreliable’ sister station GMA News TV as of late.

        As for ABS, masyadong fair talaga ang treatment ng kanilang loveteams at equal ang exposure, mapa-entertainment man o news.

        GMA News should know from the start na hindi na nakakatulong ang AlDub hype sa pagtaas ng kredibilidad ng GMA News. GMA should also learn na hindi nakakatulong sa kanila ang AlDub fever dahil kawawa naman ang sarili nilang talents.


      • That’s the problem. GMA appears to be the only one doing this ‘episode summary as a news item on TV’ kinda thing. ABS wouldn’t do that with Pangako Sa ‘Yo and On the Wings of Love. Worst sin for a news organization to do such a thing.

      • Shame for a trustworthy news organization which was once proud of its achievements gone to waste with loss of regional outlets, TAG issue and To The Top.

        Kahit sabihin natin na bias ang ABS-CBN News, mas worse ang GMA News dahil sa AlDub hype.

      • The problem there is what if AlDub o EB mismo ang mawala, tiyak walang ipagyayabang ang GMA kasi sila lang ang nagbubuhay para sa tv network diyan sa may Timog Ave.

    • Just listen to DZBB sa show ni Mike Enriquez kanina, aldub lang ng aldub tong si Mike e. This goes to show that GMA’s overexposure of AlDub is not a good sign of improvement ratings wise.

  25. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    A PR from ABS-CBN, which I received last Sunday, said that “It’s Showtime” and “ASAP” are going to have their “Kapamilya, Thank You” concert here in Hoops Dome, Gun-ob, Lapu-lapu City this coming October 17 and 18.

    We all know this is ABS-CBN’s way of saying “thank you” to viewers who remained loyal to these two programs, but IDK if Hoops Dome will be packed during these events.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        Aside from the fact that the proposed “Kapamilya, Thank You” concert in Cebu is the network’s way of saying “Daghang Salamat” to the loyal viewers of “It’s Showtime” and “ASAP 20,” I think they also chose to hold this concert in order to pose a threat to the Cebuano fans of “AlDub,” asked a report by a showbiz columnist featured in Banat News, a Cebuano tabloid owned (50/50) by the Philippine STAR and the Gullas family, the latter also owning The Freeman (Cebu’s oldest newspaper, also co-owned by the STAR).

      • It will be tough for them to shake the popularity of AlDub there, though. The Binan concert, though it did sold out, was a non-factor in the ratings for both Showtime and ASAP, so it remains to be seen if they will really turn AlDub fans into Pastillas fans.

  26. THIS JUST IN: Cancelled na ang Kapamilya Thank You show ng ASAP 20 sa Cebu ngayong Linggo dahil sa Bagyong Lando. Tuloy pa rin as scheduled ang It’s Showtime sa Cebu bukas at 11:30am.

  27. Jose Tiamson says:

    A huge breaking news, EB and AlDub Nation is ready to fill up the 55,000 seater Philippine Arena next week as a way of saying thank you for being with them during the rebirth of EB. Proceeds will be use to make Libraries in many parts of the country.

      • You are right. After the announcement about the event, parang nagsisuguran na ang lahat sa mga ticket booths. Yung website nga ng TicketWorld nagkaproblema pa because of this. This is great for EB. But this is also great for INC because they hold two huge events in the Arena in Bocaue this month.

      • Exactly. After that record attendance in the Felix Manalo premiere night, the Philippine Arena has become in demand of late, not just for INC, but also for the general public. And that EB show next Saturday is no exception.

      • I expect that too. Lalo na this is EB’s biggest event since their 25th Silver Anniversary Special held in Clark Expo back in 2004. Now the expectation is if they can fill up Clark Expo, will they fill up the whole ciudad de victoria complex? Because expect it will fill up all the way through.

    • with that announcement, Magpasikat Week of Its Showtime esp. the Saturday episode will be overshadowed by AlDub Tamang Panahon Event in Philippine Arena. too bad, sakto talaga sa Anniversary nila ang ginawa ng EB.

      • Also consider that they were unable to fill up Araneta during the so-called ‘Animversary’, so maiinggit talaga sila, even though TAPE lang ang makikinabang at hindi ang GMA.

      • Wala na talagang magagawa ang Showtime ngayon. Ito na siguro ang tamang panahon para makansela na ang Showtime. Masyadong magastos na ang mga emergency meeting. Even the show’s switch to HD doesn’t help at all.

        As for the upcoming EB event, TAPE lang talaga ang makikinabang and it will result in high revenue for TAPE. As for GMA, they might claim the ratings, but it won’t help them at all. Masyadong magastos na ang pagkuha ng Kalyeserye highlights sa mga newscasts ng 7 at 11. May streamlining na, pinalala pa ng AlDub. GMA might be on its way to be the next IBC 13.

  28. Jc says:

    Earlier tonight on TV Patrol, They reported about Showtime in Cebu wherein “Pastillas Girl” finally met her “Mr. Pastillas”. But this was reported as a general news segment (rather than a Star Patrol or the MKML segment) despite the presence of some parts of the ‘Star Patrol’ graphics. And that ‘Mr. Pastillas’ is named “Richard” from Ozamiz.

    As for Aldub, looks like “The Largest, The Most Powerful, The Best” Network is going to gain millions of viewers again aside from the arena attendants in that much-anticipated Philippine Arena event (that is produced and handled by TAPE)

      • Kaya nga isinali sa general news segment kahapon dahil sa show ni Marc Logan. Hindi talaga pwedeng isabay ang show ni Marc Logan at ang kanyang regular TV Patrol segment on the same day. It should be on Star Patrol instead.

        Ngayong tapos na ang Pastillas Girl segment, IDK kung ano ang magiging pakulo ng Showtime ngayong desperadong-desperado na sila sa ratings. Even their switch to HD won’t help.

        As for EB, dadami pa ang revenue ng TAPE sa Philippine Arena event. For GMA, they might win in ratings in noontime, pero hindi ito makaktulong sa kanila dahil overdependent sila sa mga blocktimers na nakakasira lang sa TV network in the long-term.

      • We’ll have to wait and see what will Showtime’s next move will be. Either itutuloy ang Pastillas as their own ‘kalyeserye’, or may bagong pakulo.

      • Last episode na nga daw ng Pastillas Segment sa Showtime, but they will still guide the two off cam. They will also introduce another segment, I guess after the Magpasikat week, in accordance to what the hosts are saying.

        May the Favor of the Almighty upon them dahil masyado na silang nilamon ng Rebirth ng EB. Though Hindi naman na tayo bago sa cancellation ng mga noontime shows sa ABS. Still, Expect the worst but Hope for the best parin para sa Showtime Family.

  29. Jc says:

    Showtime has two choices, it’s either they will listen to their viewers to suggest for good and audience-friendly segments (yet it will be a complicated step for both the show and the viewers due to negative circumstances) or worst, cancel the show (in favor of a new one or let’s say, a program that is not a variety show). And they should quit being desperate.

    As for GMA (the official carrier of Eat Bulaga), it would be possible if the network will hold talks with TAPE Inc. in order to either deploy an ample number of staff from GMA to spearhead the production of Eat Bulaga (in short, making it as a co-production) or handover the production of Eat Bulaga to GMA itself (but it would be considered a difficult task due to some circumstances). But either way, GMA’s situation is helpless to this point.

    Can’t believe the competition for variety shows is up against The Network who may be in good shape but their variety show is in bad shape versus The Network whose variety show may be in good shape but the network itself is in bad shape. Wishing both networks the best in solving their problems soon.

    • Well the thing is that EB is an independent entity and a network of its own. So mahihirapan din ang GMA to turnover the production right to them kasi EB is like the baby of TAPE Inc. at ayaw nila mabitawan yun. And GMA should have a good lead-up show after EB. ABS is building momentum and GMA should find ways to gain momentum back. Sayang yun ratings ng EB kung hindi naman maganda yun mga kasunod niyanh mga shows.

      • With most AlDub fans turning out to be bandwagoners, mahirap talaga. And also consider that ABS has a strong production partner in Dreamscape, something that GMA needed so badly.

      • Jc says:

        Maybe why not let TAPE Inc. and GMA be partners in producing Eat Bulaga aside from TAPE Inc. being a blocktimer? Also, in ABS-CBN’s case, I think it’s worth a try if they will tap-in the resources of Dreamscape (also as a production partner) for Showtime. But in ABS-CBN’s case, it’s a complicated process.

      • No wonder why Kapamilya Gold is leading its rivals on Afternoon Prime as of late, despite the weak ratings of Showtime.

        As for GMA and TAPE being partners for Eat Bulaga, hindi talaga mangyayari yan.

      • Secret weapon talaga ng ABS ang Dreamscape. Problem is, pang-drama lang ang specialty ng Dreamscape at this point.

        If JC wants to pursue this co-production thing so bad, pwedeng pumunta na lang siya ng personal sa TAPE office, sa Broadway at sa GMA Network Center. Let’s see kung maco-convince niya ang management ng GMA at TAPE with regard to his radical proposal. But beware, masyadong tight ang security so good luck na lang sa kanya.

    • Jc says:

      You know what, hayaan na muna natin ang TAPE Inc. at GMA in their separate ways and see what else will happen then.

      If GMA will be on its way to becoming the next IBC 13 (because of overdependence on blocktimers, programming woes on ch. 7 and 11, regional office closures, slow transition to HD, and employment problems) GMA might be in danger of closing it down. And after all, my ‘desperate’ proposals that I kept on posting here are just useless but an impossible dream. Ngayong may isang businessman na interesadong bilhin ang shares ng GMA, sana ayusin na ito at ang mga kabi-kabilang problema sa tamang panahon. Or else, kung may tatanggi na naman, close the network center and give that building to another network that is deserving to have all of the facilities needed.

      As Brian Williams said, from Making a Difference to Making a Mess.

  30. Here’s the summary of the popularity of AlDub, from a marketing perspective.

    Ayon sa article ng Inquirer, “Kantar Media reported TV ownership in the Philippines stood at 15.5 million households. In July 2015, Eat Bulaga and Showtime had 2.5 million and 2.9 million households viewing them, respectively.
    “By Oct. 3, 2015, Eat Bulaga began to take the lead with 4.3 million households viewing, while Showtime’s dropped to 2.5 million.
    “A look at past data from market research leader TNS revealed that among teenagers and tweens, Showtime was the favorite TV show in 2011 among 30% of respondents versus only 8% for Eat Bulaga.
    “What happened in between is a very interesting case study of a lesser known strategy practice—the market-driving strategy.”

  31. Believe That says:

    Right now, the Showtime hashtag animversary is trending again on twitter. I saw some tweets saying that they will be using that hashtag tomorrow. Looks like they are using that hashtag to add up to the tweet count they previously did.

    Maybe a desperate move perhaps in order to counter the AlDub “Tamang Panahon”

  32. Jc says:

    Not to mention, TAPE also used the resources of GMA Cebu for a live hook-up with Cecille Castro to give updates on the Aldub phenomenon in Cebu.

  33. Gab says:

    22 million tweets for the Aldub’s Tamang Panahon vs. 1.5 million of Showtime’s culmination of their magpasikat week.

    Congrats to the men and women of TAPE, for the smashing success of Eat Bulaga live show at the largest indoor arena in the world, the Philippine Arena!

    • More like double loyalty. They only air ads na hiwalay sina Alden at Maine. For example, ABS aired two versions of McDonald’s commercial: the Alden only version and Maine only version.

  34. James Ty III says:

    Even the guesting of Maine Mendoza on Sunday Pinasaya yesterday attracted a lot of attention on social media. Expect that to be reflected in the next ratings as well.

  35. James Ty III says:

    I think Vice Ganda should give up GGV if he wants to stay in It’s Showtime since both shows are almost the same format. ABS has two reality shows on Sundays and their Sunday’s Best begins so late at night.

      • Perhaps Mr. Sunday needs to stop posting comments on showbiz and TV programming stuff. Doon siya nagkakamali minsan sa mga facts. Problema kasi sa kanya hindi siya umaattend ng mga showbiz-related presscons and events; ang ginagawa lang niya ay magpagala-gala sa mga sports events para lang mahanap ang mga magagandang babae. That’s why he doesn’t deserve posting comments about TV programming and showbiz-related news.

        Anyway, GGV is definitely a whole lot different from Showtime. And unlike Showtime, it still rates well kahit ineere na ‘to sa late nights. Showtime already admitted defeat, that’s all, so huwag na nating problemahin yun.

      • Yan nga ang problema kay Mr. Sunday. Yung utak niya, stuck pa rin sa basketball, chicks at Sunday TV guide.

        He should broaden his reporting skills. He should attend some showbiz-related presscons and events.

      • Let’s admit na pang-sports lang siya. As much as we want to convince him to change, imposible na. Kung ako sa kanya, tigilan na niya ang pag-post ng mga Sunday TV guides and his thoughts on TV and radio, knowing na puro basketball games lang ang iaattend niya.

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