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A Congested Schedule Coming Up for Kapamilya Gold

An extremely congested schedule looms on Kapamilya Gold next week.

From August 24-28, a total of six programs will be seen on Kapamilya Gold from 2:30 to 5:50 p.m. This is due to the hasty premiere of ‘Doble Kara’, an upcoming teleserye starring Julia Montes.

‘Doble Kara’ was supposed to replace ‘Flordeliza’ once the latter finishes on August 28. But due to the continuous success of GMA’s ‘The Half-Sisters’ (who are airing for over a year now), the former is now scheduled to air after ‘Flordeliza’ instead, after which it will air once ‘It’s Showtime’ concludes.

As a result, at least for next week, three local teleseryes will be bunched together on Kapamilya Gold for the first time in nearly two years. After which, though, the said block will revert back to airing two local dramas every weekday afternoon.

‘Doble Kara’ stars Julia Montes as twins Sarah and Kara, who were separated by their mother after Kara was diagnosed with leukemia. Both twins went on to enjoy different lives, but fate soon intervened that will eventually bring them back together.

The series also stars Edgar Allan Guzman, Anjo Damiles, Carmina Villarroel, Ariel Rivera, Mylene Dizon, Gloria Sevilla, John Lapus, Allen Dizon, and Alora Sasam, with a special appearance from Alicia Alonzo. Emmanuel Palo and Jon Villarin will serve as the series’ directors.

With ‘Doble Kara’ premiering next week, here is how Kapamilya Gold’s schedule will look like from August 24-28:

2:30 p.m. – Flordeliza

3:05 p.m. – Doble Kara

3:40 p.m. – Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita

4:15 p.m. – Pinoy Big Brother: 737 Gold

4:50 p.m. – News and Current Affairs Block (Mission Possible, My Puhunan, Red Alert, Sports U, Tapatan ni Tunying)

5:15 p.m. – Kapamilya Deal or No Deal

Waiting for ‘Flordeliza’ to end would have served ABS-CBN and ‘Doble Kara’ well. Instead, they are now forced to compensate for airing six programs in nearly 3 1/2 hours (commercial breaks included).

A risky programming decision is uncharacteristic of ABS-CBN’s well-planned programming schemes. But who knows? Perhaps beating ‘The Half-Sisters’ with a proven Julia Montes in ‘Doble Kara’ may be a blessing in disguise after all.


24 thoughts on “A Congested Schedule Coming Up for Kapamilya Gold

    • In the teasers ABS did confirm that All of Me will premiere within the month of August, but I doubt that. We’ve seen possible premiere dates change before so we’ll have to wait and see.

  1. Gab says:

    Pwede naman i-stretch ang It’s Showtime at gawing hanggang 2:15pm, para maayos.

    And as usual, TV Patrol Regional will be severly affected.

    • I’m thinking of an earlier timeslot for Ningning, if that’s the case. Since KBlockbusters lang naman ang umeere before that, baka mas ok na lang kung agahan ang Ningning to around 11:20, then Showtime can air at 12. An earlier start time for KGold would be necessary at this point, given the six-program lineup it has starting next week.

  2. Jc says:

    As Peter Musngi says: Iiits showtime, weekdays, 12 high noon.

    Speaking of time, most TV networks (especially ABS-CBN) continues to have their share of being on overtime for most of their shows. It may be complicated, but I think it’s best for the MTRCB (or the NTC or KBP) to also impose a “time management policy” for all broadcasting stations, that way all, TV and radio networks are required to have their own ‘timeframe’ on when the show will start, be back from commercials, and will finish in order to avoid confusions with the programming schedules we see on our digiboxes, newspapers, or any form of media.

    • JRDV says:

      Minsan kasi, ABS shows may air before the scheduled broadcast, on schedule, or overtime. Mas malala kung overtime since hindi maiiwasan na maovertime ang mga live shows.

      Yung American Idol nga, throughout its run, nagoovertime sila tuwing live shows sa FOX.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        And, IMO, another reason/s for some TV shows to be running overtime (which, as you said, is “inevitable”) is the presence of too much commercials on commercial breaks or there may be technical glitches during the show.

      • To this day, ABS continues to use the ‘bago mag-‘ and ‘pagkatapos ng’ indications during their program plugs because they commit more with live programming. Showtime, for example, airs live and can run overtime if necessary (unlike TAPE blocktimer Eat Bulaga which GMA can cut at will once it ran overtime).

    • Marcel says:

      I guess, it is really best for KGold to move KDOND to morning slot tp maintain the 45 min airtime of teleseryes.. ABS-CBN have to remove once and for all KB to give atleast good match to the morning and afternoon programming of GMA..

      • Problem is, KDOND is rating well in the afternoons, and moving them in the mornings may not help. And besides, GMA is putting up equally mediocre programming with their unli-Koreanovelas. The best scenario now is for Ningning to air 10 minutes earlier than scheduled and for Showtime to end at 2:20. Then we’ll wait until PBB 737 ends and after that, the schedules will be back to normal.

      • Marcel says:

        But ABS’ morning game shows are provenlike minute to win it, the singing bee, even master chef.. so i just there will be no problem.. though, accdg to the news, PBB 737 Gold was already removed. that gave us the answer..

      • We were surprised that PBB’s afternoon edition was cancelled. That solves the issue of congestion. However, the morning game shows, though consistent ratings leaders, actually rate lower than those in the afternoon, owing to the lack of viewership during work and school days.

  3. CV535 says:

    @marcus Only the first 2-3 weeks of All of Me are taped so far. So it is possible that this upcoming drama may be delayed to next month.
    @Jc GMA already has a time management policy due to financial issues. Will It’s Showtime cut its airing time due to lack of appealing enough segments?

    • And besides, All of Me was only revealed this week, so it’s likely that ABS will take some time promoting the series.

      As far as time management is concerned, like I said, hindi talaga maiiwasan ang overtime kapag may mga live shows. In the case of Showtime, we’re not so sure if they’re willing to cut some unappealing segments. The best-case scenario now is for Ningning to air earlier and for Showtime to start at 12. Then around 2:20 the KGold dramas would begin. That’s more logical given the time constraints.

  4. Will Doble Kara be the kryptonite of THS? I don’t know but with the exposure of Julia Montes on Primetime, maybe it may help bring ratings on the afternoon slot. And siya ay magaling na aktres at may appeal siya sa mga manonood.

    • Exactly. Though Half-Sisters wasn’t bad, Barbie Forteza and Thea Tolentino weren’t exactly superstar material like Julia’s. Still, it’s a tough call given THS’ consistently high ratings in the afternoon.

      • It is rare to stay for one year but with DK coming up I don’t know if THS would stay consistent. And by the way the new show of JM De Guzman would be airing 2 weeks from now.

      • That will only add to the congestion factor of the KGold block, so ABS must find a way to spread the block’s duration, at least until PBB is finished.

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