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Pressure On for Second MariMar Remake

Don’t expect the second remake of ‘MariMar’ to be as successful as the first one.

The 2015 version of ‘MariMar’, starring Megan Young as the titular character and Tom Rodriguez as Sergio Santibañez, will officially air later tonight on the timeslot vacated by ‘Pari ‘Koy’. But unlike the 2007 version starring Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes, the new ‘MariMar’ will face tougher competition this time around.

When the 2007 adaptation hit the small screen, GMA was at the peak of its powers then, led by their successful mix of fantaseryes and Koreanovelas. The DongYan-led ‘MariMar’ topped the ratings in almost all of its episodes, eventually peaking with a 52.6% rating during its two-hour finale in March 2008.

The first remake of ‘MariMar’ skyrocketed the careers of Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes as a love team. It eventually led to an off-screen relationship, culminated by their wedding late last year (mirroring the ‘live’ marriage of MariMar and Sergio in 2008).

Fast forward to this year, and a very different scenario awaits the new ‘MariMar’. ABS-CBN had overtaken GMA in the ratings, thanks in large part to the discovery of new talents, and stories that pay tribute to the Filipinos’ admirable qualities and values.

One such story is ‘Nathaniel’, ‘MariMar”s upcoming opponent. The value-oriented teleserye has been a consistent winner in its timeslot, even though it had to play a supporting role to both KathNiel (Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla) and JaDine (James Reid and Nadine Lustre) in the Primetime Bida lineup.

That said, the new ‘MariMar’ will be under tremendous pressure to succeed against more formidable competition. The series has proven its charm in the past (both the original and 2007 adaptation earned high ratings), so it’s up to the viewers to decide if this is worth a second chance.

‘MariMar’ premieres starting today, August 24, and airs weeknights at 7:45 p.m. on GMA Telebabad.

Note: The first remake of ‘MariMar’ and the upcoming second remake had an eight-year gap between them. No stranger to producing a second teleserye remake within a short period of time, GMA has also produced second remakes of ‘Darna’ and ‘Captain Barbell’ within four and five years of the first adaptation, respectively.

This does not count another Mars Ravelo creation, ‘Dyesebel’, which aired on GMA in 2008 and later remade by ABS-CBN six years later.


20 thoughts on “Pressure On for Second MariMar Remake

  1. JRDV says:

    Mukhang mas kakabahan pa lalo si Megan Young since she has to compete against a young child star sa Nathaniel. According to GMA News, iaapeal ang second Marimar remake sa global audience, but, in my opinion, will not be a ratings hit, mapa-Kantar yan o Nielsen. Most televiewers prefer to watch Nathaniel than Marimar.

  2. In my POV, it looks like GMA has heavily promoted Marimar (as well as Starstruck). I guess this must be a sign that they’re slowly rising again. It won’t be as successful as before, but, with Megan & Tom in it, I’m pretty sure it would be as successful as Nathaniel (or probably outsmart the latter).

    • However, there is a ‘sawa’ factor about MariMar. Eight years ang pagitan ng dalawang remake, and with GMA still not as strong as they were in the past, their swift decision to remake MariMar for the second time may not pay off after all.

      • And I’m sure that there was also a ‘sawa’ factor about Darna. Angel portrayed better, IMO.

        Anyway, let’s just see if MariMar pays off or not.

      • Considering its opponent now is a force in the ratings, it’s a tough call for MariMar. But this is only their first week so it’s up to them to prove their worth.

  3. Gab says:

    Even through, she is former Miss World titleholder, Megan still have contacts with Miss World organization on this latest project.

    This serves as the comeback of Zoren Legaspi and Alice Dixson on GMA.

    But truly deserving si Jacklyn Jose bilang “Senyora Santibanez” because of her experience as kontrabida (My Husband Lover days).

    • May pagka-worldwide recognition si Megan given her Miss World win two years ago. Pero tingnan pa rin natin in a local perspective if that will translate to a second wind.

  4. Jc says:

    The hashtag: #Marimar2015 trended for a short time in the Philippines on Twitter. Meanwhile, the show also registered its highest rating on its premiere night. Which landed at no.5 tied with On The Wings of Love on The Top 20 programs measured by AGB Nielsen.

  5. James Ty III says:

    I think this Marimar remake will not create the same impact as what the first one did for Marian and Dingdong. But let’s give Megan and Tom time to establish chemistry.

      • James Ty III says:

        Ang Probinsiyano is based on a movie so I’m sure the story will be altered a bit. Coco Martin’s version will be slightly different from the FPJ movie.

      • Coco was supposed to be paired with Angeline Quinto, but she backed out. Perhaps getting replaced by Maja may be a blessing in disguise given her recent success in Bridges of Love.

    • JRDV says:

      More bad news ahead for Megan Young and Tom Rodriguez as Ang Probinsiyano premieres.

      Malay mo, makakansela na rin yan after 70 or 80 episodes.

      • Or worse, 60, like what happened to recent GMA teleseryes. But let’s see how it pans out.

        Ang Probinsyano’s sked is already set even before the trailer is revealed. What we don’t know at this point is its premiere date. In any event, MariMar should brace themselves for this new series.

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