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PBB: 737 Gold Cancelled; All of Me Replaces Flordeliza

Turns out there won’t be any congestion on Kapamilya Gold after all.

‘Pinoy Big Brother: 737 Gold’ was cancelled following last Friday’s episode. The cancellation gave way to the premiere of ‘Doble Kara’, starring Julia Montes.

The afternoon edition of the ongoing ‘Pinoy Big Brother: 737’ has been under hot water from the beginning, receiving an SPG warning from the MTRCB after the infamous ‘bromance’ issue between Bailey May and Kenzo Gutierrez. Though it was later removed, ABS-CBN eventually decided to cancel PBB: 737 Gold out of respect to younger viewers.

Thus, for the first time in the reality series’ history, only one edition of PBB will be seen on free TV on a daily basis. Past seasons of ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ had an afternoon and evening (sometimes late night) edition on weekdays, and in the early years of the franchise, sister station Studio 23 even aired a supplementary broadcast of the series.

Meanwhile, ‘Flordeliza’ is down to its final week. The comeback series of Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin has been on the air for eight months now, but despite its surprisingly long run, it failed to dampen the success of afternoon’s top drama, GMA’s ‘The Half-Sisters’.

Now it’s up to another comebacking Kapamilya, JM de Guzman, to give ‘The Half-Sisters’ a much-needed challenge. After returning to the limelight with the movie ‘That Thing Called Tadhana’, JM returns to the small screen via ‘All of Me’.

In ‘All of Me’, JM and veteran actor Albert Martinez will share the role of Manuel, whose near-death experience led to his transformation back to his younger self. Older Manuel, a widowed doctor, settled with his new love interest Lena (Yen Santos), and after transforming into his younger self and traveling into the future, was faced with seeking revenge on Lena’s husband Dr. Henry Nieves (Arron Villaflor), or moving on to a new life.

The upcoming series will also star Angel Aquino, Ina Raymundo, Neri Naig, Ana Capri, Micah Munoz, Jordan Herrera, Sue Ann Ramirez, and Akira Morishita. Dondon Santos will be the director.

One can only hope that JM will rekindle the success that he had on ‘Angelito: Batang Ama’. It won’t be easy though, given that ‘The Half-Sisters’ has been on fire in the afternoon for months now.

Still, it’s worth a challenge, and an opportunity to revive his showbiz career further. Good luck.

‘All of Me’ premieres this Monday, August 31, after ‘It’s Showtime’ on Kapamilya Gold.


19 thoughts on “PBB: 737 Gold Cancelled; All of Me Replaces Flordeliza

  1. Jc says:

    Talking about “The Teleserye ng Totoong Buhay”, who can’t even forget a scheduled livestream on both ABS-CBN channel 2 (especially (I guess) in season 2 during Holy Week) and on Studio 23 (airing at 12:00nn). Hope I got the info correct.

    • Generally though, PBB had three editions in early seasons. Then Studio 23 decided not to join in the fun, and PBB was then reduced to just two editions, up until midway through this season.

  2. some netizens are actually asking to their post for ‘All of Me’ to be placed on the vacated timeslot of PBB 737 Gold and not After Its Showtime, I guess that would be a better programming for Kapamilya Gold.

    as per the cancellation of PBB 737 Gold, I guess, low ratings is an issue also. both kantar (sometimes) and agb posted single digit rating of this afternoon program..

    • All of Me would have been a better opponent to Healing Hearts, TBH. JM is still a work in progress despite his recent run of success with That Thing Called Tadhana, and facing untested actors on the GMA camp would’ve helped.

      I would’ve also liked Doble Kara to face The Half-Sisters, considering Julia Montes has has success before in the ratings. It would’ve make sense facing a more well-known actress against a pair of underrated ones in Barbie Forteza and Thea Tolentino.

      As for PBB 737 Gold, yes it has to do with ratings too, considering how much viewers were alienated by the teen housemates’ immaturity and decency. But then again, it also had to do with its timeslot. In the past, PBB afternoon editions air at around 5 pm, which is a good spot for viewership. Thanks to Kapamilya: Deal or No Deal, however, PBB 737 Gold was forced to move to an earlier timeslot, and its ratings were affected.

      • JM is still considered a mess in the showbiz industry because of his addiction problem, so maybe this will be a factor in this new show. TTCT was honestly not a great movie; it should be called That Thing Called T.I.

        Yes, PBB is suffering in the ratings mapa-primetime o afternoon. A big reason is because of the teen housemates this season and the bromance thing. Again, ABS has this thing for their afternoon programs where they avoid the obvious opponent and just go head to head with the weaker program. A great example is the new show of Julia Montes, which instead of facing THS, it went with Buena Familia. For the obvious reason that the new show may have a neck & neck race in the ratings.

        Just something to ponder: if you are an actor and you are a part of a show that has been on air for over a year now, does that make you a underrated actor. Doesn’t that make you a great actor now? Knowing that you have proven your acting with you show? Im just throwing this out because calling Barbie & Thea underrated actresses is something, to me, below the belt. Give credit to them for having a show that is great and to think that has lasted for over a year now.

      • Despite that, they are still overshadowed by their own network’s more established artists. Yes they have enjoyed success with The Half-Sisters, but not to the point that they are receiving endorsements, magazine covers and movies that other more established artists would earn. Even some of the younger artists at ABS were overshadowing them. They are still underrated for a reason despite the show’s success.

        Regarding JM, ABS did gamble based on his past brush with drugs. But he was on a path to redemption once ‘Tadhana’ was released (in fact it gave him a best actor award at the Gawad Urian, among other awards, not to mention it was released in other countries and film festivals), and giving him another shot is more than enough to reestablish himself and forget about his past reputation. There’s nothing wrong in giving second chances to people with a negative reputation.

        As for PBB, its ratings did suffer a bit with all the controversies and twists, and it is also overshadowed by The Voice Kids 2 on weekends. The cancellation of 737 Gold was the culmination of that. And yes, ABS should have pitted Doble Kara against The Half-Sisters, considering its bankable top star.

      • hi Christian, nice to read your views: 2 points
        to be called underrated is not to be taken as insult by the artist. Yes they have been on air for a year now but you also have to look that despite the show’s success it did not create enough buzz to boosts Barbie and Thea’s career. They are not household names yet, its GMA’s decision to not capitalized on their success. Look at Aldub TAPE is promoting them heavily unlike whay GMA management is doing to Thea Barbie at idagdag mo pa si Julie Ann. Look at social media, their followers, the endorsements under their belt. Underrated sila kasi un ung reflection how their network promotes them.
        You criticize JM as if you know him as a person and he has done something bad to you. Everyone has their moments and everyone deserves the second chance. Kung nde sya magaling nde sya bibigyan ng solo show. TTCT is the highest earning indie film in history-you should be happy that a low budget independent film made a mark and help the indie film industry. Diba nakakatuwang isipin na ang TTCT earned more than any GMA movie for the past 5 years to think accdg to you galing rehab ang bida? Filipinos are forgiving especially if they see the sincerity.

    • As per the case of Doble Kara, It is indeed the great opponet of THS, and actually news articles regarding the timeslot is just a front since the program premiered a week earlier because Flordeliza is not yet finish but starting this monday, hopefully true that Doble Kara will be moved to the vacated Flordeliza timeslot and Nasaan ka ng kailangan kita will be back to its original timeslot,

      with All of Me to enter the game on monday, indeed it is very appropriate to be on the third since Healing Hearts is reportedly near to its finale and will be replaced by Destiny Rose of Ken Chan.. that would make sense that two new shows will work against each other..

      I agree with you ralph anyway, the term you used for Barbie and Thea is kanda true, for example Liza Soberano after forevermore, she was then received immediate endorsements. with the help of a single hit program, she is now an indemand artist. Despite the long run of the half sisters, they werent able to received other projects that will justify their success.. IMO..

      • Paki-correct lang yung grammar and spelling, please? Ayoko kasi yung mga mala-KelvinAbe na comments.

        Saka official na yung schedule. All of Me takes Flordeliza’s timeslot, followed by Doble Kara and Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita. We have nothing to do about this. Better understand that.

        If ABS were smart, their lineup would’ve looked like this:
        Doble Kara – The Half Sisters
        Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita – Buena Familia
        All of Me – Healing Hearts

        It would have made Kapamilya Gold a stronger threat. Now they’re a lost cause, despite that promising lineup.

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