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In 100 Words: Sweeping Changes on TV5

According to a PEP report, TV5 will undergo a major retrenchment and a realignment to their programming. (Logo courtesy of TV5)

Expect major changes on TV5.

According to a report from Pep.ph, TV5 is set to dissolve a few of their departments, notably the entertainment department. The employees that will be affected by the move may be given voluntary separation packages from the network.

The report also stated that a realignment of TV5’s programming grid will be in order. This led to their decision to defer the broadcast of the newly-released sitcom ‘Misterless Misis’ until further notice.

The supposed third episode of ‘Misterless Misis’ did not air last Sunday due to a two-hour ‘Nike Rise’ basketball exhibition match, fueling rumors of a quick cancellation. Instead, it was temporarily shelved.

For more on this development, click on this link.


59 thoughts on “In 100 Words: Sweeping Changes on TV5

  1. Not happy for the news within the “Happy” Network. Hindi pa umaabot 3 episodes ang Misterless Misses, tapos ito kaagad.

    No wonder naapi na ang TV5 mula sa Big Two fantards over the social media pero again, emphasis on their stronghold of sportscasting and continuous sensationalism made by Jun Sabayton and friends to blame for the worse.

    I’m not surprised about it, anyway.

  2. JRDV says:

    First, GMA cutting its regional staff. Now, TV5 cutting its entertainment staff. Looks like ABS-CBN is still financially healthy.

  3. Gab says:

    Their entertainment head, Wilma Galvante, according to sources, considered resign with her buy out contract. Even on the news departmemt, they’re also have the separation program in time for the Bloomberg TV PH launching

  4. Gab says:

    From Balita: Pati daw mga contract artists (mostly from Star Factor and Artista Academy) kasama din sa aalisan sa bakuran ng Reliance-based network.

    Kawawa sila.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        Oh no. Remember the 2007 retrenchment and cost-cutting of ABC News, which occurred before the 2007 elections, which terminated many of their news employees? It left ABC almost incapable of election news coverage by then.

      • JRDV says:

        Back then, puro na rin bad decisions ang ABC 5 under Tony Boy Cojuangco. Hence, their last resort is to air TV shopping blocks in the morning (after the Nick on ABC block, which started at 2006, before the bad decisions of 2007) and afternoon. Their nightmare ended in 2008 noong narebrand na ang ABC 5 and eventually became TV5.

  5. It it a biggest lost in TV5. Kahit anong pagpaganda nila sa show nila, pangit talaga. Their station is too boring kaya mas gusto ko pa sa ABS CBN, GMA 7, ABS CBN Sports + Action, GMA News TV and PTV 4.

    • Boring except when the PBA and Gilas games air. And besides, TV5 can recover from this minor setback, unlike GMA na irreversible na ang situation.

      Having an alternative viewing option does help sometimes. Kung mawawala ang TV5, saan ka manonood ng something interesting at hindi nakakaumay?

      • To the sister networks of GMA 7 and ABS CBN. They are better stations than TV5. Also to the minor networks and government networks.

      • But they are specialized stations. It will be unfair to compare TV5 to those specialized channels, considering the differences in their audience.

  6. KKQ12 says:

    The PEP article also implies that Happy Truck ng Bayan and a few other new programs I won’t name (except the ones by IdeaFirst) are on the verge of cancellation, and TV5 really wants to get fully ready for the digital switchover by at least 2016. Strangely the infamous News5 is not mentioned in the PEP article.

  7. badofilada says:

    I truly feel sorry about what is happening today at TV5, about the removal of its departments, regular employees, cancellations of the shows, and talents of that network.

    Noong wala pa si MVP, mas OK pa ang TV5 (especially yung ANiMEGA na yan sa primetime), noong tinake over ni MVP at noong pumasok si Atty. RCE as CEO, well-improving yang TV5 na yan, especially Aksyon TV at Radyo5 (kahit nandyan pa noon si Willie Revillame at noong nawala yang ANiMEGA na yan). At noong pumasok si Lorenzana bilang CEO na kapalit ni Atty. RCE, bigla na lang lumilimbo yang TV5 na yan (pati Aksyon TV at Radyo5, lalung-lalo na yang News5 na yan, noong una, may public affairs shows at may newscast pa sa weekends, at kahit nandyan pa yang sports programming na yan sa TV5, after AKTV was removed in 2013). Hindi ko na alam kung ano na talaga ang nangyayari sa TV5 na yan.

    No offense sa TV5 being as an alternative TV station today.

    • May ‘na yan’ ka pang nalalaman. Pwede ba straight to the point ka na lang magsalita? Parang nakakaoffend na yung ‘na yan’ sa iba.

      Anyway, it’s sort of a lost cause now ang TV5. Unlike GMA though, they are much closer in becoming a more digitized network. Itong setback na ‘to ay temporary lang. They can restructure all they want, basta naka-focus lang sila sa future.

    • There is a reason why they are still part of the Big 3. They have a satellite subscription service in Cignal, a UHF TV channel in AksyonTV, and now they have a digital outlet in Digital5. And don’t forget Radyo5 on the FM band. Not to mention that TV5 is owned by Manny V. Panglinan, who is among the wealthiest Filipinos.

  8. If TV5 is not concerned to TV ratings, whether Mega Manila or National Ratings, why TV5 is still allowed AGB Nielsen and Kantar Media to presents their results?

    • It was the discretion of both companies to present the results. TV5 may be subscribed to Nielsen, but ratings are no longer a concern for them.

      Would you say the same for minor networks like Net 25, UNTV or the Solar-owned networks? Maybe, but for all intents and purposes they are not concerned with ratings because they focus on niche audiences.

  9. Believe That says:

    I hope TV5 can survive this. I am not a big fan of TV5, but having an alternative is way better. Ever since they switched to TV5, I became interested in watching some shows their. Not just that, they started to be relevant again.

    I remembered some shows like Talentadong Pinoy, The Amazing Race Philippines, and among others are some of my favorites in TV5 (aside from PBA, Gilas Games, Olympics, and NCAA when they were still there).

    I hate to see TV5 be thrown back to the ABC style of broadcast again. Hope MVP won’t give up on these.

  10. Gab says:

    Reminds me of the sufferage of their employees union few years ago when they threathened to do a strike unless their CBA agreement will signed.

    • Though, there is no negative reaction from the employees at this point. And besides, TV5 is willing to help with the employees in this transition phase, unlike GMA who is very stubborn with regards to employee treatment.

  11. James Ty III says:

    Again, TV5 should be an alternative network. Time for it to concentrate on sports coverages since TV5 has a wider reach than ABS-CBN Sports+Action.

    With the changes in TV5’s entertainment department, Misterless Misis will most likely not be back unless the concept changes.

    • Who knows? They already made a statement that it would come back once they fix the programming situation, so we can only hope that it would turn out well. Otherwise it’s back to the drawing board.

      And for all intents and purposes TV5 is already an alternative network. Their programming alone seems different enough, to say the least. Now we’ll wait for the next move, and it’s not about sports alone.

  12. Jason says:

    That’s just sad for TV5 for this to happen. I just wish that MVP wouldn’t give up on the station and maybe this would lead to (almost all) programs that would be broadcasted by them would be line-produced like with Lola Basyang and ParangNormal Activity when I read the article.

  13. KG says:

    Content providers are the one who helped in TV5’s overall programming. This include Unitel (which Mediaquest has a stake) and Ideafirst of the tandem of Jun Lana and Perci Intalan, both top ent. executives of GMA and TV5

    • According to TV5’s website, Tanods will air Sundays at 9pm, while Jinrilationships airs at 9:30pm.

      Back to changes, TV5 might survive the changes, unlike GMA na kung saan hindi pa rin natuto sa mga kamalian nila.

  14. Gab says:

    It has been confirmed. Wilma Galvante, the entertainment head of TV5 will officially leaving as their entertainment head, to put up a content provider (similar to what Perci Intalan (IdeaFirst) has created)

      • Jason says:

        In the Rappler issue, it said that the content provider which Ms. Galvante will be heading, it will still produce shows like Happy Truck Ng Bayan and Wattpad Presents. So does that mean Happy Truck won’t be cancelled? (For Wattpad, I think there will be a hiatus though.)

      • Definitely, as TV5 will be changing strategies with the outsourcing of programs. Same thing goes to another ex-TV5 executive Perci Intalan, whose production company outsources LolaBasyang.com and ParangNormal Activity.

  15. Gab says:

    Reading on a newspaper now. It said that more than 107 employees of TV5 accepted their “very attractive” Special Limited Voluntary Separation Program.

    Noel Lorenzana’s reason: “changing the business process on how we do things, we are preparing for digital”

      • Jason says:

        Their programming is likely relying on reruns now(like the first season of Supernatural and Madam Chairman that will be broadcasted next week) but when they will get over this hump viewers will be glad. So people should learn to wait.

      • Quite surprising for TV5 to reair Madam Chairman, even though Sharon Cuneta left the network in not-so good terms. If they were smart, they could have used that timeslot for AniMega instead, considering the good fanbase of anime. TV5 should’ve moved on from Shawie, to be honest.

        Friday’s episode of Showbiz Konek na Konek was their last, with its future unknown. Too bad, considering TV5 is known for its unbiased showbiz reporting that favors no one. However, there is time to reassess, so they should welcome it.

  16. Gab says:

    Sneak peek of some shows for TV5 this 2016: Richard Gutierrez will starred in the remake of Ang Panday and Claudine Baretto will team up with Derek Ramsay in a upcoming teleserye. – from tabloids

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