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StarStruck Finally Returns, But Problems Persist

The long-awaited return of ‘StarStruck’ is underway.

After a five-year absence, the original and most iconic reality talent search show on Philippine television is back with a new season and a new hope. A total of 35 hopefuls will have the chance of a lifetime to become a GMA star and an Ultimate Survivor.

But there are some problems that should concern the returning ‘StarStruck’.

GMA announced that ‘StarStruck’ would air weekdays at 5:50 p.m. starting today. The problem is that the timeslot is way too early for a reality show of this caliber, and based on recent trends, Filipino reality talent shows usually air in mid-to-late evenings to take advantage of bigger audiences.

In the first five seasons of ‘StarStruck’, GMA placed the show after the local teleseryes and before Koreanovelas on the network’s Telebabad block. At the time, it helped ‘StarStruck’ earn high ratings for the network, right in the midst of the Koreanovela and fantaserye fever.

Those seasons of ‘StarStruck’ also had a weekend edition (which also rated well), something that the new season won’t have (unless GMA changes its mind). But until then, the new ‘StarStruck’ will have to endure a different and more radical approach than in past seasons.

‘StarStruck’ will also have to worry about ‘Pasion de Amor’. The ABS-CBN drama series continues to stay hot in its timeslot, winning over its GMA counterparts on a consistent basis.

That said, GMA will have its hands full once ‘StarStruck’ comes in. ‘Pasion de Amor’ is a tough nut to crack for the Kapuso network, especially considering the single-digit failures of previous opponents ‘My Mother’s Secret’ and ‘Reply 1997’, thus GMA has to pull all the stops if ‘StarStruck’ wants to return to form.

It’s just too bad that they didn’t place the show against the continuously declining ‘Pinoy Big Brother: 737’ (thank you ‘Legendary Women’ and ‘Bubble Gang’ for closing that timeslot). Had they placed ‘StarStruck’ against PBB (or earlier at best), the show would have fared better.

But as it stands, ‘StarStruck’ is in for a rude awakening. Without any options, GMA has no choice but to place the returning ‘StarStruck’ into a timeslot they’re not used to, which is a daunting challenge to this point.

Is ‘StarStruck’ worth the wait, or an immediate afterthought? We’ll see.


37 thoughts on “StarStruck Finally Returns, But Problems Persist

  1. It’s more like not worth the wait for me. They put it on the wrong timeslot, so importante talaga diyan ang tamang timeslot para mag-rate ang isang programa.

    MISMATCH MADE IN HEAVEN. Pasion De Amor vs. Starstruck. Abangan na lang natin ang resulta sa ratings in the next few days.

      • Ewan ko kung single digits ang ratings ng Starstruck ngayong mas pinainit na ang mga eksena sa Pasion De Amor. Kung mangyari yan, mauulit lang ang My Mother’s Secret at Reply 1997 single digit rating nightmares. We should let the viewers decide and let the ratings providers get the result.


    • Yeah. If that trend continues, GMA News na lang ang pag-asa ng desperadong management ng GMA. Tagasalba na lang ang GMA News ng mga kapalpakan ng GMA Entertainment, hence may To The Top, which is an entertainment program. The problem is hindi masyadong nagclick ang To The Top sa ratings.

      • yeah but to the To The Top is oroduced as well by Public Affairs Dept which is a Division of the News Dept. And remember TAG employees are mostly from the News Division. Gloomy days ahead for the Gozon group

      • Not to mention that To the Top and StarStruck are being aired in unusual timeslots. To the Top sa late nights, StarStruck sa early evenings. The fact that these are off-peak hours for TV viewership spells disaster for two shows na dapat sana’y magkaroon ng magandang fanbase with their participants, not to mention impressive ratings that they desperately need.

        And GMA is no stranger to the unusual, kung maaalala natin yung Despicable Me 1 and 2 na inere nila at the last minute against the TVK2 finale.

      • Yes, GMA’s airing of two Despicable Me movies against TVK2 is a desperate move.

        As for the fanbase, paano nila ifofollow ang mga boyband wannabees sa To The Top gayung nasa late nights sila? Same goes for Starstruck na ang problema is they air that on 5:50pm against a perennial drama series.

        Mukhang puro pa rin bad news ang mga naiwang linggo sa taong ito. Kulang na lang ang Year In Review ng GMA na puro bad news (except blocktimers (EB, SPS, Wowowin) and anime) ang laman.

      • I have no more clues as to how will GMA make amends with their problems. StarStruck was supposed to be their saving grace for their desperate need of star power, but numerous consequential decisions led to this show now airing much earlier than they would have. The StarStruck vs. PBB matchup would have also mattered given PBB is on a decline, kaso other programming decisions got in the way.

      • di ko magets ang logic. Heard that they want to have an AlDub primetime show but since the magic of it is its spontainety malabo silang magkashow sa sked nila at di pumayag ang TAPE, ma ooverwork daw sila proving that TAPE is only after its timeslot not helping the network.

      • Pati TAPE nasali sa gulo. Seems like GMA is after AlDub para lang masalba ang ratings ng network. However, there is a case of overexposure if that happens.

        GMA should worry about their own talents at this point. Yung mga nasa doghouse ng Artist Center ang dapat nilang bigyan ng pansin, hindi yung AlDub. And they should also be more concerned with how the 35 StarStruck hopefuls will turn out to be.

      • desperate times call desperate measures like what they did with DongYan phenomenon in Marimar only this time blocktimer sila. Kawawa nman ung 35 hopefuls

  2. Gab says:

    I think the ex-Starstruck alummus just like Mark Herras, Kris Bernal, Miguel Tanfelix are doing their great job for hosting the new season.

      • Gab says:

        I checked the line-up of the Top 35, there’s some familiar names, Koreen was the grand winner of the My Girl in HYY, and the girl who rosed to fame saying “Ayaw Kuminis” in a facial cleanser commercial.

  3. Believe That says:

    The timeslot is very unfavorable to many of us. Sayang, kasi mas may pag-asa pa ang Starstruck vs PBB 737 in terms of ratings.

    Anyways, I am thinking that this is just an experiment (IMO) and they will transfer it on a later timeslot. Maybe they are waiting to finish To The Top. Better yet, they can just switch To The Top and Starstruck’s current time slots. Pero agahan na lang ng konti ung sa Starstruck

    • Right now, StarStruck only airs on weekdays, and To the Top airs on weekends, which is unlikely at this point given their airing days.

      In past seasons, StarStruck aired every day. At this point, however, nagtitipid ang GMA, hence the 5x/week airing of StarStruck this yr.

  4. James Ty III says:

    Airing Starstruck only on weekdays hurts the show. I don’t understand why GMA had to put up To The Top which has almost the same premise. Bad move by GMA.

  5. Here’s the ratings last Monday (from Kantar):

    Pasion De Amor (23.0%) vs. Starstruck (10.3%)

    Debut episode pa lang ng Starstruck, nangangapa na sa ratings. #SayangAngWait

  6. From TV Patrol: Extended na ang Pasion de Amor until next year.

    Abangan na lang natin ang bagong kalaban ng Pasion de Amor, since yung current season ng Starstruck really is not worth watching dahil sa timeslot mismatch at low ratings.

    • The way things is going on, the eventual Sole Survivor might not even stay with GMA for long, which will be more insulting. StarStruck really has outlived its purpose.

  7. GMA just revealed Starstruck’s replacement: The Producers, which will premiere on December 21 and will compete against Pasion de Amor.

    Kahit successful ang run ng The Producers sa South Korea via KBS2, I doubt na matatalo ng The Producers ang Pasion de Amor.

    • No choice ang GMA at this point. It’s a shame na sila na lang (aside from PTV-4) ang kumukuha ng mga Koreanovela habang tumigil na ang ABS sa pag-import nito in favor of more local programs.

  8. Mukhang pinanindigan mo yung pagiging Captain Obvious mo, Jake-Jake.

    As for the Starstruck winner, I have high doubts on your future with GMA Artist Center.

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