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It’s Showtime Finds AlDub Antidote in Pastillas Girl, Or So They Thought

It appears that ‘It’s Showtime’ has found a solution in their battle against ‘Eat Bulaga’ and the AlDub phenomenon.

Enter viral video sensation ‘Pastillas Girl’ (real name Angelica Yap), who has appeared recently in the AdVice Ganda segment (an obvious copycat of ‘Eat Bulaga”s defunct Problem Solving segment). On last Monday’s episode, Yap wanted to know when was the best time to fall in love again after a breakup.

Pastillas Girl’s question followed her revelation Friday in the same segment, where she opened up about her ex-boyfriend falling in love with her best friend. On Monday, the hosts of ‘It’s Showtime’ were willing to find her a new flame, only to see an audience member stand up in hopes of winning the heart of Pastillas Girl.

The audience member wasn’t the only one, though. Thousands on Twitter also volunteered in hopes of earning Pastillas Girl’s love, but in the end, it was Jess Verano Senido who caught their attention, with Vice Ganda going as far as inviting Senido on a future episode just for this chance meeting.

The skit became the top national and global trending topic on Twitter, outtrending the ‘Kalyeserye’ segment where Alden Richards and Maine ‘Yaya Dub’ Mendoza regained their ‘kilig’ ways. For ‘It’s Showtime’, it was a rare victory against the AlDub phenomenon.

Not all were pleased with the segment, however. Some thought it was an imitation of the ‘Kalyeserye’ that AlDub popularized, as ‘It’s Showtime’ attempted to create a similarly spontaneous and unexpected love team with Pastillas Girl.

Still, it was good to see ‘It’s Showtime’ regain some measure of confidence. But whether or not the Pastillas Girl segments will result in improved ratings remains to be seen.

Until then, AlDub remains on top for now, unless ‘It’s Showtime’ finds a way to make good use of Pastillas Girl.


221 thoughts on “It’s Showtime Finds AlDub Antidote in Pastillas Girl, Or So They Thought

  1. It might be Showtime’s chance to survive by adding Pastillas Girl. Yung peak viewing time ng Eat Bulaga is between 1:15-2:30pm during the Kalyeserye segment.

    Either way, IDK kung papatok yan sa ratings.

  2. Judy says:

    Okay lang sana kung si angelica jane yap yung totoong gumawa ng pastillas recipe kaso copy paste siya kay miel francisco. yung advantage lang na ginawa ni angelica ginawan niya ng video at napa upload sa youtube. Yung kay miel sa facebook lang. Tsk tsk tsk sana mga bata ngayon marunong mag cite or give credits. Copyright din yun eh. 😦

    • Now this should be an interesting scoop. Whether or not unexpected or intentional ang naging copy-paste remains to be seen. It’s up to you to debate.

      This article is about Showtime using Pastillas Girl in hopes of beating AlDub, so that other issue on the real Pastillas Girl has nothing to do here. If you have something to share about that attempt feel free to comment.

      • Judy says:

        Last last week ko pa nabasa yun. Naka-share sa fb account ng friend ko yung post ni miel. Nakakatuwa kasi parang astig na message. Naka private ata yung fb ni miel francisco. Tapos ng lumabas ito sa youtube na video ni angelica nagulat ako kasi parang iba yung face niya dun sa fb na nabasa ko. Yun pala magka iba sila.
        Sa akin lang sana may gumawa din ng video kung paano magluto ng sinigang. Hahaha

      • If that’s the case, then that’s unexpected. But we can’t determine kung may kasalanan si Angelica Yap aka Pastillas Girl sa infringement na ito. Until then, she’s innocent until proven guilty.

      • Judy says:

        Hi ralphierce,
        ita-type ko sana dito link ng fb account ni miel francisco para may citation ako at mabasa mo yung “recipe,” hehehe. Kaso parang na report as spam or na blocked na yata. Try mo nalang twitter siguro niya @Mielinamnam

    • John David says:

      I know kung sino talaga ung “ORIGINAL” na gumawa ng pastillas recipe. I can prove it to you. MIEL FRANCISCO is a COPY-PASTE!

      • That’s enough!! Ang article na ito ay hindi tungkol sa kung sino talaga ang totoong Pastillas Girl. Pwede ba stick to the topic of the article na lang kaysa sa makipag-debate pa kayo sa totoong Pastillas Girl?

  3. Obviously pantapat si Pastillas Girl kay Yaya Dub. Showtime is doing all it can to win in the ratings game. The good thing about Eat Bulaga, hindi lang ALDUB ang nagdadala ng Kalyeserye. Nandyan din sina Paolo, Jose, and Wally.

    • The impersonations of JoWaPao as Tinidora, Nidora and Tidora are also helping Kalyeserye’s cause. Showtime should have their hosts involved further through role-playing just to make the Pastillas Girl gimmick interesting.

  4. The rise of AlDub and Pastillas Gitl is a clear sign on the changing viewership preference in PH Noontime TV. The gimmicks of these programs are dwelling on the genre of lifestyle reality not variety show entertainment. Gone are the days that handing out millions of peso attract viewership among Filipinos. We might be heading to a RealHouswives type of programs in the long run.

  5. I just wanted to point out that Abe’s statement about SkyCable’s intentional signal interruption has no basis. Unless he is an ECE graduate he would understand that analog signal from a particular feed can’t be be manipulated or disrupted without affecting the feed of all networks. Analog signals work like a gumball machine. The gums are the signal coming from different feeds. To jam the flow would mean blocking the only entry way which in effect would disrupt the whole cable subscription. So plainly to disrupt GMA7’s signal would mean disrupting ABS’ signal as well, which is counterproductive and illogical. Dito ko na kinomment at mukhang wala nmang nagbabasa ng blog nya. I kinda expect responsible journalism from bloggers.

    • Mr. Oloroso even claimed to be a broadcast communications student. Ang problema lang sa blog niya ay yung wrong spelling at grammar, not to mention namecalling and attacking some individuals plus lack of research. Timow already berated him about this before.

  6. #‎BugawSerye‬ is now trending on twitter. This is proof that people dont like the new idea of Showtime. Even though they trended earlier today, may backlash pa rin from the viewers, especially the Solid Showtime viewers that are dissapointed with the decisions made with this Pastillas Girl segment. They see this as a clear rip-off of the Kalyeserye segment. Plus, add the fact that the Pastillas Girl is cursing in her videos and viewers see her as a bad influence.

    • Originality is no longer an issue among Filipino Viewers, ripoffs are popular among Filipinos as evident in consumer products. We have EatBulaga ripping off the concept of Forevermore and created their own segment BulagaPaMore. Ripping off is popular practice among creatives and this has been done as a result of media companies being more aggressive with their audiences. A big issue is Reality VS Scripted. Twitter fans of Showtime claim that the segment is real and how can it be a #BugawSerye if the suitors aren’t even allowed to touch the girl? Though AlDub is accidental and impromptu the theatrics of the segment and storyline are clearly scripted. Pastillas Girl segment is a lot more interactive especially that people can interact via twitter. Like AlDub, Pastillas Girl was an accidental phenomenon since if you watched the episode last Monday it all started by a random tease which resulted to a twitter wildfire among solid viewers.
      I don’t think you had the authority to speak on behalf the solid showtime viewers especially with your track record of malicious attacks on Channel 2. I don’t think your are also here for intelligent discourse. Ever since you came here you have pushed your idealogy to GMA down on everyone’s throats. I don’t blame GMA for such behavior but I don’t think they will be proud of you either.

      • Rey says:

        Natatawa lang ako sa comment mo marcus! It has “hypocrite” written over it. Ikaw din naman ever since nagbasa ako ng blog na to, you have been pro ABS bordering on fanaticism. Wag mong pangaralan ang iba when you dont even know how to deal with yourself.
        And i disagree with everything youve written, originality is still a very big factor sa success ng isang tv venture. People recognizes a cheap rip off when they saw it. Kaya nga pumatok ang showtime dati kasi “original” sya. Sadly, ngaun they have been copying Eat Bulaga here and there.

      • Dear Rey and Ann, I appreciate you calling me hypocrite because that’s an issue I would like to address for a long time. Thank you for having the courage bringing that up. You can review all my comments from previous posts collectively and you can see that my criticisms are all constructive, I offer solutions on how to improve a program line up or shows. I was the first one to say on this blog that GMA needs to realize that their over dependence on blocktimers would cost them their Sunday Noontime slot and look at what happened. I am not against GMA I just don’t like the deal they have with TAPE, I think its unfair to their creatives and unfair to their people. I am not against their News and Public Affairs Department, what I am against is how they are being relegated to do entertainment shows which is funny given the labor case filed by TAG employees who by the way got laid off and they are from the news department. I have great friends in GMA and I just echoed their sentiments, how would you feel if you are in the drama department and the stars you are helping doesn’t even get the attention you need from your network? How would you feel if you are from their Artist Center and you see AlDub everywhere?GMA is actually paying TAPE everytime they use footage from EB, when they can’t even pay their workers right. These are just if the sentiments I hear everytime we see each other. My comments are based on what I hear from GMA workers. And you know who thought of the PaMore segment first? SAS production staff.
        There is nothing original in this day and age and I think Rey is the one living in fantasy. EB is a ripoff of Kwarta o Kahon so as Showtime a ripoff Talentadong Pinoy which is a ripoff of the Got Talent Franchise. So before you lecture me of people wanting originality check your phone, jeans and shoes and see if the original idea came from that brand. I think you mistaken originality with authenticity. And for the record I am not rooting for Pastillas Girl I even criticize both moves in my comments above. Have you seen a Real Houswive type of show? I guess not, that show is full of cr*p and that is the forecast I am making which is the referrence I am making with the two gimmicks EB and Showtime has created for variety noontime program.

  7. yson says:

    Nang dahil sa mga palabas na ito lumabas na ang mga ndi maka kristiyanong comment . 😭
    Pero im sure puro kristiyano ang mga to.. Pero kung makapagmurahan sa youtube grabe.
    Mag enjoy nalang sana sa mga palabas.

  8. Judy says:

    I have nothing against It’s Showtime and Eat Bulaga since both are guilty of copying (some of) each other’s segments. But they are noontime shows, they have a much larger social responsibility to make as compared to other shows. Otherwise they are sending the wrong message to our children that it is okay to steal other people’s thing or idea.
    As an ordinary televiewer I want to see something new from our television noontime shows. The split-screen romance of AlDub is new. The witty, frank, bullish and sometimes overboard advice given by Vice Ganda “was” new.
    The Pastillas Girl-looking-for-her-Prince Charming is…well it is not new. There have been countless radio stations that have done this “dating site” or “match-making” thing.
    The creative staff are there to create something endearing or else they are not better off than mere photocopy machine operators.
    I hope they will create a segment that have a mixed social responsibility in it, to make a much better (pastillas) delicacy to the Filipino taste.

    • doesn'tcare says:

      And besides, Filipinos nowadays are too judgmental and prone to hypocrisy especially watching TV. I know there’s nothing wrong with these noontime shows making their gimmicks to rise their popularity, not only in ratings, but also in social media. But I really hate to see most people use social media to bash other people and even celebrities because of what they’re doing. That’s why I NEVER watch TV anymore (except for sporting events) because of bad and dirty competition (in the Philippines) that influences our Filipino people into negativity.

      • That’s the problem with Philippine TV these days. Network wars are always prevalent, and with opposing fantards defending their network without constructive criticism, it’s demoralizing.

      • because TV networks are built with inside backdoor politics that fans are too naive to see. For example Kapuso Fans don’t understand what TAPE is doing to GMA, I think they are disillusioned that GMA is TAPE but failed to see the effects TAPE is doing to GMA’s film, artist, and entertainment departments. Marian is already signed with TAPE not GMA Artist Center.
        ABS has also been bullied by Kris Aquino in the talk department. also there is a silent war going on between drama units in terms of timeslots. Fans are great but they are the most naive people in the world.

      • Yan nga ang problema. Makikitid ang utak ng network fantards, Kapamilya fantard man o Kapuso fantard.

        Kapuso fantards did not accept the fact na lugi na ang GMA, blocktimer ang EB, SPS at Wowowin, at mayabang si Gozon.

        On the other hand, Kapamilya fantards did not accept the fact na mababa ang ratings ng KrisTV at Showtime, panggagaya ng Showtime sa ilang EB segments at ang panggagaya ng ASAP 20 sa Sunday PinaSaya.

        Talamak na ngayon ang mga fantard pages sa Facebook like Kapusucks Fanpage.

      • nainsulto ako nung napagkamalan akong Fantard haha! If they can only read my fb posts about Kabayan and Ted’s uncalled comments on TVP bka isipin nila na maka siyete ako.

    • Judy says:

      This is my constructive critique sa supposed “match-making” segment na ito ng It’s Showtime kung i-pupush nila ito:
      Sana i-drop nila yung tag na “Pastillas Girl” kay Angelica Jane Yap.
      Or totally i-cut off na itong segment sa lalong madaling panahon.
      Ito kasi pwede mangyari sa isang household na may six-year old child:
      Anak: Ma may bagong Pastillas Girl sa Showtime, nuod tayo.
      Nanay: Sige. (Binuksan ang TV.)
      Anak: Ang ganda niya. Ma ano po ba ibig sabihin ng “Pastillas”?
      Nanay: Ah ano iyon. Ito panuorin mo nalang sa Youtube yung video niya. Dito galing yung simula ng Pastillas Girl na tawag sa kanya.(Ipapakita yung nagmumura na video ni Angelica.)
      Anak: Ma ano po pa ibig sabihin ng “‘tang ina”?
      Nanay: Ah ang ‘tang ina or putang ina ay…ano…am…

      Kayo na po bahala magpaliwanag sa mga anak niyo.
      Ang It’s Showtime ay nakalagay naman na may advisory na Parental Guidance. Piro kung ganyan nalang naman I would rather switch off the TV or move to another channel.
      It is not too late for It’s Showtime to correct this mess. Sana maayos nila ito.
      As for me, an ordinary citizen, I (and we) have a responsibility to our younger generation. Nasa atin na po yun kung anong klase ng aral ang ituturo natin sa mga anak natin.

      • Hopefully they should teach Ms. Yap some good manners. Ayaw talaga nating mapunta sa negativity ang ganitong segment. Showtime should learn to be a role model to the youth, gaya doon sa Eat Bulaga.

      • well as much as Showtime is responsible for the rise of popularity of Pastillas Girl, parents are equally responsible in ensuring the exposure of minors to transformative content. Parents should learn to filter programs, videos, pictures or any other form of medium even if the stuff came from trusted source. Noone can substitute parenthood.

    • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

      Speaking about the “Kapusucks Fanpage,” I heard from the anti-network war group on Facebook that the “Kapusucks Fanpage” is reportedly unpublished, if not taken down.

  9. Gloria Aguirre says:

    There’s no way Showtime can top Kalyeserye.They are original,completely new to the audience and plus the phenomenal tandem of ALDUB is amazing and the two is magical it’s act!!!

  10. Bulahaw says:

    ALDUB was discovered by accident..it was unexpected and blossomed from a split second blush that was caught on TV…This pastillas girl is been shoving down to the throats of the viewers

    • Sa totoo lang, pilit yung ginawa ni Pastillas Girl. Hanap kaagad ng match without being patient. Desperado sa love si Pastillas Girl, ika nga.

      Dapat may moral lessons ding tinuturo ang Showtime sa mga bagay na ito. Hindi madaling magmahal, kailangang trabauhin muna ito.

  11. Jc says:

    Angel Yap as I like to call, (a.k.a. Pastillas Girl) may be beautiful inside and out, but I think Showtime really needs to “beautifully” let her go, and let Angel find on her own his Mr. Right. Like you said about love, hintay-hintay din pag may time.

    Talking about showtime, like I said as well, Showtime really needs help from the audience in planning for new and slightly original segments. Hope to see this and other improvements.

    • To be honest, Pastillas Girl’s appearances show just how desperate Showtime is. Unlike Yaya Dub, Pastillas Girl is an example of becoming famous the wrong way. Kung si Yaya Dub gradual, pinipilit ng ABS na gawing instantly famous si Pastillas Girl.

  12. Jason says:

    Honestly, Showtime’s trying too hard. They’re putting up a fight against something that’s big right now. This isn’t a David-vs-Goliath showdown. They can’t win. I’m not bashing Showtime nor an AlDub supporter. It’s just they’re trying too much. Do something different than usual.

  13. Lucky charm ba si Pastillas Girl? Based on Kantar Media, Showtime had a rating of 14.1% last Monday (September 14) and 18.2% last Tuesday (September 15).

    Even though Showtime managed to narrow the gap with the entry of Pastillas Girl, EB still wins, with ratings between 20% and 20.6% on the same days mentioned above.

  14. AkoAngTatayMo says:

    I really like the discussion in this blog. Open minded ang lahat, sarap basahin.

    Minsan masaya magbasa ng comment ng mga bashers/haters pero kadalas hindi sila ng iisip kung ano ang sinasabi nila. Nakaka-disappoint ang kapwa nating Filipino na nag aaway away sa social media dahil hindi nila matanggap ang “Constructive Criticism” o kung ano ang tunay talagang nangyayari sa kanilang paboritong palabas o love team.

  15. Judy says:

    After today’s episode (September 17, 2015) ng It’s Showtime I can honestly say na ang lakas ng effect ni Pastillas Girl sa mga dalagang Filipina especially dito sa Babuyan Islands.
    Congratulations It’s Showtime.

    • Based on that episode you would think na magkakaroon ng konting sympathy ang mga viewers sa kanya. To be honest, hindi naman niya kailangang sagutin ang mga bashers on live TV. Parang napapaapekto siya sa kanila. Dapat trabaho na lang siya kaysa sa makinig sa mga haters. Yaya Dub never complains on live TV when it comes to haters; trabaho lang siya. Pastillas Girl should do the same.

    • Judy says:

      A short story from Babuyan Islands

      “Nanay may problema ako.” “Ano iyon anak?” “Hiniwalayan ako ng boypren ko.” “Anak huwag ka mag alala bukas din luluwas tayo ng Maynila.” “Magpapatulong tayo kay Vice Ganda.” “Magpapahanap tayo ng bago mong boypren live sa national TV, sa Twitter at sa Facebook.” “Gusto kong pagpipilahan ka ng mga pogi na lalaki.”

      Note: Kung kamag-anak ko lang si Pastillas Girl sasabihin ko sa personal ito, “tama na ang few days na TV exposure mo. Mag voluntary exit kana ng maayos, nakaka-baba ng tingin sa mga kababaehan ang ginagawa mo. Kung gusto mo sumikat sumali ka sa segment na Twerking Girls, dun susuportahan kita kahit ikasusuka ko na.”

  16. Jerome says:

    I’ve read mixed reactions from Showtime viewers on Twitter and most of them enjoy the Pastillas segment. But the problem is, this segment might send wrong signal to the young viewers (unlike the AlDub thing)— that if you want to move on from being broken, look for your love from social media. Still, I’m giving Showtime benefit of the doubt. Maybe, Ms. Pastillas would not fall in love to any of the Mr. Pastillas in the show and later realize that she should wait for the right time. We do not know.

    My another concern is that I observed that Showtime used its whole airtime (12 nn-2:30 pm)for this Ms. Pastillas.That’s a wrong move for me. Though based on Kantar and AGB, Showtime is slowly recovering from poor ratings, it should not still devote its whole time for that segment. It could have retained other segments so there will be no “sawa”factor and there will still be variation just like what EB is doing.

    I hope Showtime could still think of something creative.

  17. Jerome says:

    I’m glad I’ve found this kind of discussion. Unlike sa Twitter where people are getting irrational with their tweets.

    By the way, I’ve noticed that a comedy skit/ sitcom is becoming a trend again. First, the AlDub segment in EB, then you have Sunday Pinasaya and now the Celebritv which replaced Startalk. I’ve read that Celebritv is not purely a talkshow. It has also an element of comedy skit/sitcom.

    • CelebriTV is more like a late-night talk show masquerading on a Saturday afternoon. It’s clear that GMA and its blocktimers are trying to change the viewing habits by emphasizing comedy further on these shows, which is good to see. Then again, the blocktimers are only benefiting and not GMA.

  18. Jerome says:

    I agree. Di na lang dapat pinapansin ang mga haters. Pero because of these haters, mas lalo syang nakikilala. Yun nga lang sa hindi magandang way. Unlike dun sa Aldub ng EB, parang walang masabi or maibatong mali ang mga tao.

  19. Gab says:

    As of this time, on the latest Kantar rating last September 15 (on the date when Pastillas Girl looking for the “only one”), Showtime got 18.2%, while EB which even more popular due to the AlDub Invasion, got 20.6%.

  20. Ineere na rin lately ang highlights ng It’s Showtime featuring Pastillas Girl sa TV Patrol, but not on Star Patrol. Ineere yan during Marc Logan’s TVP segment Mga Kwento ni Marc Logan.

    At least it’s way better than AlDub highlights on GMA’s entertainment segments like 24 Oras’ Chika Minute.

      • Oo nga. GMA should learn from ABS-CBN News na hindi bagay ang highlights ng isang programa sa showbiz report. Program highlights, as well as outtakes, belong to light news.

        GMA is way worse pagdating sa sensationalism. ABS might be a pioneer in tabloid news, GMA sensationalized things a lot, like program highlights as part of showbiz news. Wala nga silang reporter na kalebel ni Marc Logan.

      • Kaya na-cancel ang Sabado-Badoo dahil dito. Marc Logan is something that GMA doesn’t have: a news reporter that focuses on bloopers and light news. Kung nag-hire sila ng humorist just for reports like this, it would’ve helped.

  21. Judy says:

    I’m not really into “showbiz chika” pero ngayon naaawa na ako sa long term effect ng Pastillas Girl segment kay Ms. Angelica Jane Yap. Sana bigyan ng proper and decent exit siya ng It’s Showtime within this week. Pagpinatagal pa siya sa It’s Showtime baka maabot niya yun tinatawag na celebrity or public figure status. And once na public figure kana medyo mahirap ng makapag file ng libel case against sa mga haters and bashers. Syempre public figure na yan hahalungkatin na private life, mga past na pinagdaanan at ano pang kaitsusan. Ganun din yun nangyare kay Nicomaine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub. Unfortunately, maganda yung background ni Yaya Dub kaya yung mga tao napamahal sa kanya.
    Sa It’s Showtime, the staff are trying to manufacture yung “kilig” formula na accidentally na discover ng Eat Bulaga sa AlDub.
    Para sa It’s Showtime probably its business lang on its side. Pero business siya at the expense of Ms. Angelica Jane Yap.

  22. Jerome says:

    I hope Showtime would think of a better execution of this Pastillas thing if they would really want to continue this as part of their show. It seems hindi napapag-isipang mabuti. Parang sige lang nang sige and not thinking the long term.

    By the way, I’ve checked the Twitter. Since Monday, trending ang Showtime ng ganitong oras pero ngayon hindi. Seems like the viewers ay bumibitaw na?

  23. goatfromtaytay says:

    Honestly, I do enjoy Aldub because it has some uniqueness and different plot twist compare to usual twists that are commonly shown in Teledramas (Fake pastor and plywood, anyone?). However, what cringes me is that the loveteam is being overrated. I wouldn’t be surprised if Aldub will be active on December and if GMA takes advantages of it too much, I’m afraid it might end up like Be Careful With My Heart.

    As for It’s Showtime, I feel like they jumped the shark since Pastillas Girl’s introduction on TV. Even some Showtime viewers noticed that the show looks worse and they rather want other segments like COC and Ansabe to return. I feel sorry to other hosts like Vhong, Anne and Billy. I noticed that they just stand there, talk less and their expressions look uncomfortable. : (

    • Overrated seems more applicable to Pastillas Girl than AlDub. However, I think GMA should not take advantage of their fame. Baka pag naging overused at overpromoted sila mawawala ang kinang nila. Let TAPE use them wisely.

      • Overrated na si Pastillas Girl, overexposed naman ang AlDub, thanks to GMA News. I just created an article on the Illustrado rerun sa News TV and I think na hindi yan makakatulong overall dahil masyadong overexposed ang AlDub. Capitalizing on their success won’t help GMA in the long term.

      • Exactly. Napaka-unfair naman sa mga other young talents ng GMA na hindi makaabante sa career. GMA should have not taken credit for AlDub becoming famous, dahil TAPE ang nagpasikat sa kanila.

  24. Jerome says:

    Got a glimpse of Showtime’s episode today. It’s slowly having comedic act which features the three Mr. Pastillas while playing a background love song. I just noticed na walang thrill yung paglabas ni Ms. Pastillas. The studio audience didn’t even clap or shout. It seems wala syang ganung hatak sa masa.

    • Rey says:

      I agree! Naobserbahan ko din to.. charisma wise, mas malakas talaga ang hatak ni maine.. siguro dahil narin sa mystery n nacreate around her. People want to know more about her. And since maganda ang background nya, everytime may nadidiskubre ang public tungkol sa kanya, mas lalo naeendear ang public kay maine.

      And we to congratulate EB for creating that worderful mystery that is Maine Mendoza.

  25. Gab says:

    A friend told me, nagkaroon din ng dating segment ang Eat Bulaga in the 90s, na katulad din sa dating portion ni ms. Pastillas named Heart to Get.

  26. Jc says:

    NEWS BLAST (put the Fox News alert music as background music): Ms. Pastillas (or Angel Yap) met with her ex for the first time (I guess) on Showtime while having a heart-to-heart talk with Vice Ganda.

    • Jc says:

      The name of her ex is Enzo. In the part of the heart-to-heart talk, Vice and Ms. Pastillas talked about the rights and wrongs about love. Vice also advises Angel to apologize to Enzo for her wrong doings.

      • Jc says:

        More NEWS BLAST: Yaya Dub caught in an “accident” following her date with Aldub on Kalyeserye. Story continues on Monday

        Meanwhile, Jess, one of the admirers of Ms. Pastillas (or Angel Yap) left for Bacolod.

      • On Twitter, the top 3 spots on the trending topics belonged to AlDub, Pastillas Girl, and critics of Pastillas Girl (aka Bugawserye Gang). Remember, the Bugawserye Gang are not necessarily viewers of AlDub; they simply liked to criticized the said Showtime segment for its bad influence to the youth.

        Anyway, it’s an eventful afternoon for viewers everywhere, but thanks to the 9 million and counting tweets about AlDub, they easily won today.

  27. Jerome says:

    I am quite bothered na almost all GMA shows pinapakita ang AlDub or si Alden. Even yung mga news reporters nila, sila ang laman ng kanilang mga tweets. I know they have a lot of fans and that maybe the network is just overwhelmed by their popularity but it might be a cause for overexposure to the point na baka manawa na ang mga tao. It’s too early to say this pero this is just my observation. Sayang lang kasi if this happens.

    And hopefully, they could give the same exposure with their other artists.

    • Yan nga ang nakakaalarma ngayon. Overexposed masyado ang AlDub these days. GMA should focus on developing their other talents kaysa magrely kina Alden at Yaya Dub.

      • Baka eventually sa TAPE na pupunta ang mga disgruntled na GMA love teams if they keep doing this, and then GMA would rely on TAPE for teleseryes like they did years ago.

      • Jerome says:

        That’s right. I think this is one of their strategies para idivert ang attention ng Aldub fans kasi some of them ay fans din ng iba pang ABS loveteams like Jadine. So, it’s up for the fans kung kanino sila this time.

        I can say na big risk din ang ginawa ng Showtime na magcelebrate sa Araneta. Would they be able na mapuno ang Araneta considering the popularity of Aldub? Dito makikita how solid ang fans ng Showtime and ABS loveteams.

      • Gab says:

        Usually, the celebration of their anniversary of ST had a one-week of talent portion for the hosts (they did this also to EB thru Bulaga Pa More).

  28. Jc says:

    So let’s get it straight, Alden Richards is currently contracted with another entertainment agency despite being a kapuso talent? Hope I get it right.

  29. Jc says:

    Looks like with the AlDub phenomenon, gmanetwork.com, registered more than 200 million page views making it the no. 1 most viewed website in August beating abs-cbnnews.com which is in second place with more than 100 million page views according to Effective Measure. The kapuso website was also the no.1 local website placing at 6th behind Facebook (which is at the top spot) according to alexa.com. Meanwhile, abs-cbnnews.com is still the country’s top news website also according to latest data (as of today) from alexa.com placing at 6th behind Facebook (which is still at the top)

    Oh, ABS-CBN is also the no. 1 tv station in the country during the 2nd quarter of this year in NUTAM according to AGB Nielsen.

    Hope GMA celebrates their victory in gaining the top spot for the most viewed website in August by launching their own live streaming service.

  30. Overheard says:

    Tinotodo na pala ang promotion para sa anniversary kickoff ng Showtime dyan as Araneta na ilang metro ang layo mula sa Broadway. May nakita pa along plug na nagpromote ang Kathniel para doon. Napakadesperado na sila, utang na loob!

    • John says:

      its not desperate move, its simply called a counter programming. At least hindi movie block ang tinapat. So far the pastillas work(based sa nationwide rating). ABS faced worst than this before so they definetly take one show and noontime pa. Honestly ABS knows how to handle adversities…

      • Think again. Before Pastillas Girl came to the picture against AlDub Showtime was losing badly in the ratings. They closed the gap somehow with the entry of Pastillas Girl, but it wasn’t enough. Then came the Bugawserye critics who thought that the Pastillas Girl skit lacked value and substance.

        Desperado talaga ang Showtime dahil talunan sila sa EB with the AlDub thing, not to mention the factor of nagmamadali sa pagmamahalan in the Pastillas Girl skits. And to clarify, counterprogramming only applies to a programming move by a network knowing they can’t win against another network’s show. This is what happened recently when GMA placed movies against The Voice Kids 2.

        Kung counterprogramming ito, dapat sana’y movie block na lang ang ipinalit ng ABS against EB. Pero hindi, desperado na sila kaya ginawang bongga ang show nila sa Sabado with their established love teams (KathNiel, JaDine) on board.

      • Rey says:

        Pastillas girl segment helped ST gain viewers mainly because of curiosity. Nung tumagal na, obvious naman na bumitaw din ang viewers. In fact, last saturday, EB has 40% on AGB NUTAM. Napakahirap n mareach ang 40% level sa panahon ngayon but EB did it, all because of AlDub. Kaya this Araneta thing is a desperate move. At pag hindi ito nagwork, might as well ibahin n nila ang oras ng ST or cancel it.

      • Jc says:

        Variety wars again this weekend though. Hope Ma’am Charo gets to realize that Showtime needs the power of the ‘Madlang Pipol’ to at least think of good and slightly original segments that would recapture the attention of the viewers.

      • That’s what they’re lacking at. All they keep doing is imitating what EB is doing. Bringing ABS’ popular loveteams is just their way of diverting attention away from AlDub. We’ll see if it pays off. Otherwise, things will get worse from here.

    • Jc says:

      It’s definitely the time that the creative department should listen to their viewers.

      I know we should let the ABS-CBN loveteams be out of the picture in this topic or I should refrain from out-topic stuff, but based from my observations AlDub really gets the highest number of tweets than ABS-CBN loveteams’ teleseryes based from the trending list that I often get from Twitter on my iPod touch. That means, even though the leading trending hashtag is at the top, that doesn’t mean it has the highest number of tweets.

      Meanwhile, if you know, I’m not sure what is the difference between the trending lists that I see on my iPod and and on the computer? Who has really the most accurate list? And I do not know if the trending list that I see on my iPod would apply to either Philippine trends or Worldwide trends? Hope you answer that question.

  31. I have heard reports na nadismaya na ang fans ng ilang Kapuso artists dahil sa umano’y walang exposure o kulang sa suporta. Dahil sa pagfofocus ng GMA sa AlDub (THANK YOU, GMA NEWS), may epekto yan sa GMA overall.

    May ad pa ang GMA, regarding their page views on GMANetwork.com last August, all because of AlDub hype.

    Any thoughts on this?

    • This is sign of desperation for GMA. At least diyan sa kabila very stable at may balance talaga. Kaya dito ko na nasabi yun point ko at di dun sa fanpage ng aldub. Baka awayan ko pa sila.

      • Kung may sariling Mr. M ang GMA hindi ito sana nangyari. That’s the problem kapag wala silang capable na talent evaluator/scout/manager in the mold of Johnny Manahan, which is crucial in stabilizing and making the most out of the talents. As we’ve been saying for a while, the Artist Center is a mess, and AlDub only made it worse.

  32. Gab says:

    Tommorow should be exciting.

    Eat Bulaga: National Pabebe Wave Day, Alden and Yaya Dub’s encounter at Lola Nidora’s mansion
    It’s Showtime: Kapamilya Day @ Araneta featuring the triumvirate of Kapamilya loveteams LizQuen, JaDine and KathNiel.

  33. Jerome says:

    After the “tapatan” of the two noontime shows, I don’t know how to react with the tweets and comments that I’ve been reading from Twitter, FB, blogsites, etc.

    Sorry for the word pero kulang na lang eh magpatayan ang supporters of the two stations. Nagtuturuan, nagsisiraan and all those bad words. I don’t know. Kahit ata talaga saang bagay, di mawawala ang ganitong sitwasyon. Nakakalungkot lang na yung nagbibigay ng entertainment sa tao ay nagiging cause pa rin ng division at gulo.

  34. Believe That says:

    In terms of Twitter wars, the combined 3 love teams of ABS-CBN plus ViceRylle kiss didn’t pay-off vs EB’s National Pabebe Wave day. Let us just have to wait for the ratings. That is for my observation.

      • Jerome says:

        Have you heard about the statement released by Gabriela re the alleged pimping of Ms. Pastillas? The statement says that they have been receiving complaints about the segment. The viewers today are really smart enough. Let’s see what will be its effect to IS and what action will MTRCB make.

        Too bad for IS. I dont’t know how they will be able to regain their good image. Twerking Girls, Ms. Pastillas, Vice kissing Karylle last Sat. Parang okay lang sa kanila na may mga ganitong issues basta napapag-usapan. This might lead to the end of the show if they continue doing these kind of things. Nagmumukhang hindi napag-isipang mabuti ang mga actions.

      • More like they’re getting more and more liberal. LGBTs na talaga ang main audience ng Showtime ngayon, aside sa upper class at upper middle class market.

  35. Gab says:

    The Numbers are out:

    AGB Nielsen: EB – 45.7% vs IS – 11.9%
    NUTAM: EB – 37.2% vs IS – 17.4%
    Twitter: EB – 25.6m vs. IS – 6.7M

      • Jerome says:

        Very impressive for EB. It has been a long time since a local tv show had a 40+ ratings. Of course, the challenge is how to maintain this momentum. Though I read an article saying that EB is not worried about Aldub’s saturation point. At least, they recognize that such time would really come.

      • Momentum talaga ang kailangan ng Eat Bulaga in order to sustain that 40+% ratings in Metro Manila. Mukhang hindi sapat ang magarbong anniversary kickoff ng Showtime sa Araneta. We should wait for Kantar, but I would expect na mataas pa rin ang ratings ng EB.

        Wala talagang problema ang EB sa AlDub, pero pagdating sa GMA, puro na problema. Isa na diyan ang overexposure (THANK YOU, GMA NEWS). GMA should focus on developing their talents. Sayang lang din ang mga hopefuls sa To The Top at Starstruck kung puro AlDub ang inatupag ng GMA, from entertainment to news.

      • As I said, it’s both Showtime using immoral antics in trying to gain audiences and GMA abusing the popularity of AlDub. Kaya nagiging conflicted ang utak ng mga mas nakakaalam na AlDub fan.

    • At least EB got respectable ratings of over 30% on both Nielsen and Kantar. Tumaas nga ang viewership ng Showtime sa Kantar, but overall, it’s not enough to beat EB.

      • In short, natalo ang KathNiel, JaDine, LizQuen at iba pang loveteams sa AlDub. Mukhang mas nanaig ang combined effort ng Broadway, barangay at mansion kaysa sa Araneta.

      • Jc says:

        One beats three ika nga.

        Meanwhile, AlDub really has the overall highest number of tweets compared to ABS-CBN’s teleseryes. it is impossible that ABS-CBN can reach that even higher mark. And the only way to do it, is that ABS-CBN should really need more help from the viewers (or if ever wait for destiny to come) in order to put their (the viewer’s) trust back to ABS-CBN’s teleseryes. I know it’s unfair to compare it but that’s my point of view.

      • This despite the fact that primetime receives the most viewers compared to noontime. Of course, it can also factor variety; AlDub is just one, ABS teleseryes have many talents to choose from.

  36. Jill says:

    I will bookmark your website. Healthy ang discussion between Aldub phenomenon and the Pastillas girl/Showtime. And as for me, I stopped watching Showtime since nagiging boring na yung “Sine mo ‘to” para sa akin. Buti dumating yung Funny One. Nililipat ko yung channel kapag FO segment na. Tapos nabalitaan ko na lang na nawala na si Ryan Rems. Enter the Twerking Girls. Disappointed ako sa ginawa ng IS. Parang night club yung tama ng lights, then may pole sa gitna at naka-topless si Eruption. I am very disappointed sa creative team ng IS. Sana ibalik na lang nila yung roadshow nila sa buong Pilipinas. Yung parang festival kung magperform ang mga kasali sa ganitong/ganyang province. (I forgot the name of the segment) I miss the old IS, but then who am I to say these things. Viewer lang naman ako who loves the old format. And maybe the execs and creative team think na it is better for the show to have 2.5hrs of Pastillas segment. Well, just saying. I’d rather watch EB or Shakey’s V-League =)

    • Showtime is definitely a disgrace at this point. And by the way, they might as well not bring back the old format because it may confuse the show with Pilipinas Got Talent, which may come back soon. Showtime needs to change their routine, that’s all.

      Yung theme na ‘Magpasikat’, forget about it. Hindi naman sila nagpapasikat ng mga contestants, unlike EB.

      • Eh sabi nga mismo ni Tito Sen na hindi niya gagamitin ang AlDub sa kanyang pangangampanya. After that, may mga reports na kukunin si Alden bilang Jejomar Binay sa Binay biopic. TRAPO TALAGA.

      • Jerome says:

        Nawala na yung essence ng IS. Kaya nga nasa theme song nila yung, “This is your show, this is your time, magpasikat na.” I’ve observed na ang konti na rin ng studio audience nila unlike dati na puno talaga. Well, sino nga ba namang manonood ng live sa studio kung halos Pastillas ang papanoorin mo. Better stay at home or do something else na lang.

      • Sayang lang ang Showtime ngayong halos okupado na ni Pastillas Girl ang airtime ng Showtime. Sayang lang ang purpose ng naturang palabas: ang magpasikat ng iba’t-ibang talento mula sa iba’t-ibang bahagi ng Pilipinas. Showtime will be forever remembered as the show na nagpatumba sa long-running morning talk show Sis.

      • JDRV then explain to me the popularity of Tito Sen in the polls? whether you lije it ir not Tito Sen’s hosting stint made him senator and his affiliation with AlDub will make him number 1 in 2016

      • ABS also answered the allegations of signal loss particularly their complaint of signal loss among TVPlus users. ABS reiterated that tge digi box can’t be manipulated since its only a receiver of the signal. ABS also stressed that uf GMA would switch to digital from analog the boxes would receive their signal way better. They also stressed that analog can’t be manipulated and the signal interruption on the said AlDub episode is GMA’s fault. They haven’t receive the similar complains from other channels.

  37. Judy says:

    Is it not Ironic
    Maine Mendoza portrays a “yaya” in kalyeserye but Eat Bulaga, the hosts, the staff, Alden, Paolo, Jose, Wally, and TVJ treat her like a princess.
    On the other hand, It’s Showtime is marketing Angelica Jane Yap as a sweetheart, hence the “Ms. Pastillas” moniker, but it is actually selling her like a putrid leftover.
    Let’s have some Pun
    *Bagay si Ms. Pastillas maging endorser ng Ariel (P7.50 nalang)…MURA kasi.
    *Si Ms. Pastillas ay parang isang korporasyon…marami ang nagmamay-ARI.
    *Sana kasama si Ryan Bang sa mga Mr. Pastillas applicant para maging G******G.
    *Question: Ang isang tomboy ba ay pwede sumali as Mr. Pastillas?
    Asan ang hustisya?
    I go for gender(-preference) equality.

    Orayyyyt. Rock ‘n Roll to the world.
    Goodvibes lang po tayo.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • To be honest, hindi deserving yung ‘sweetheart’ tag kay Pastillas Girl. Mas ok pa sa kanyang yung tag na ‘whiner’; nagpapaapekto sa mga bashers para lang magkaroon ng simpatya sa mga tao. Kaya hindi siya pwede maging role model sa mga kabataan with the way she acts.

  38. Gab says:

    Showtime in Binan vs. Yaya Dub and the three Lola’s studio tour will be hours away now, let’s see if they can beat the records set last week….

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