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Has Time Ran Out on Wish Ko Lang?

‘Wish Ko Lang”s transformation from a public service program to a drama anthology has not worked well for GMA. Promotional posters such as this found on ‘Wish Ko Lang”s social media accounts made it clear that the show no longer serves a purpose. (Photo credit: GMA Network)

‘Wish Ko Lang”s magic is slowly disappearing.

Once known for granting wishes to ordinary citizens, it has now turned into a drama anthology that seems more appropriate to rival ABS-CBN’s ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya’. The purpose of ‘Wish Ko Lang’ has now turned into a joke, where the title of the show is no longer applicable to its new format.

It has been that way for nearly a year now, where host Vicky Morales has turned herself from the face of the show into a background character, overshadowed by the Kapuso actors that the show assigns. Even ‘Karelasyon’, a similarly themed drama anthology, is now outplaying ‘Wish Ko Lang’ in the ratings.

For a show that has been on the air for over a decade, this is definitely insulting to the loyal audiences who have watched ‘Wish Ko Lang’ all these years. It hurts, isn’t it?

When ‘Wish Ko Lang’ debuted 13 years ago, it served its purpose well, granting wishes to ordinary citizens who sent letters of hopes and aspirations. For years, the show was a ratings winner, beating similarly themed programs such as ‘Willingly Yours’, ‘Simpleng Hiling’ and ‘Nagmamahal, Kapamilya’ (the latter show was hosted by ‘Wish Ko Lang”s original host Bernadette Sembrano).

Then came ‘Failon Ngayon’, whose more informative and engaging brand of public service began to upstage ‘Wish Ko Lang’. The show experienced a decline soon after, moving into three different timeslots which never worked out for them.

In August 2014, ‘Wish Ko Lang’ moved to its current timeslot, and soon after, it reformatted from a public service program to a drama anthology in order to compete against the newly-revived ‘Ipaglaban Mo’. It became clear, however, that older fans disapproved of the show’s transformation, and as a result, ratings continued to suffer.

Now GMA has to make a decision. Since ‘Karelasyon’ and ‘Wish Ko Lang’ offer a similar format, they need to choose between the two of them, and based on ‘Karelasyon”s impressive ratings, it may be better for GMA to finally let go of ‘Wish Ko Lang’ and create a legit public service program without the unnecessary dramatizations.

If they choose not to let go, they have to pick between these two options. Either they bring the old format back and move to a new timeslot, or rebrand the program if they intend to keep the new format.

It’s up to GMA to decide. They can only hope that this decision on the fate of ‘Wish Ko Lang’ is for the best interest of the network and its viewers, and will help GMA in the long run.


16 thoughts on “Has Time Ran Out on Wish Ko Lang?

  1. Gab says:

    Nawala na ng kinang ang dating “wish ko lang” esp. their segments on good samaritans.

    So far, only Mission Possible on Ch.2 and another show by Daniel Razon on UNTV (forgot the title, anyway) are the ones who have the resemblance to WKL’s original format

    • doesn'tcare says:

      Exactly. I liked to watch WKL before unlike its present format (same thing as Imbestidagor na similar sa SOCO ang format). It’s more evident that GMA News’ credibility is now declining.

      • Worse, Wish Ko Lang and Karelasyon looked similar to each other. Kaya nagiging confusing na panoorin ang parehong programa. Wala na ang purpose ng Wish Ko Lang.

      • Parehas na ang format ng Karelasyon at Wish Ko Lang. Sayang na ang Wish Ko Lang. Napunta na yan sa wala. Kahit Imbestigador, SOCO copycat na. Dapat ikansela na ang parehong programa kung hindi ibabalik ang Wish Ko Lang at Imbestigador sa dating format.

    • Jc says:

      Gab, I think UNTV’s show is entitled ‘Munting Pangarap’. As for Wish ko Lang, they should really get back to the old format yet avoid being desperate in ratings. Public service is more better than gaining more viewers to say it for the least.

      • Exactly. What’s the use of their show kung puro aktingan na lang sila? They’re supposed to fulfill wishes to people, yet the actors are now the stars of the show. Wish Ko Lang no longer makes sense nowadays, their title undeserving to their current format.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        I think GMA uses the title “Wish Ko Lang” in this kind of drama anthology show because, in my own POV, GMA wants to tell real-life stories about how a person’s wishes come true through hard work and determination, while facing challenges. Earlier, I saw a Wish Ko Lang! episode depicting the story of a special girl who tried her best to fulfill her wish to become a singer, amidst the challenges and hardships she faced, especially when she felt ashamed when she had no footwear and was asked by her teacher to sing for her school.

        But, as always, I prefer the old format more.

      • The old format is much better, because based on previous episodes and the episode you watched, it seems like the current Wish Ko Lang is a mix of Karelasyon, Ipaglaban Mo, MMK and Magpakailanman all rolled into one. Its identity is now a confusing one, considering how the now drama-focused GMA Public Affairs group has butchered the legacy of the show by bringing dramatizations.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        To avoid confusion with these 4 shows you mentioned, GMA, if they cancel the show, should (Choice A) extend Karelasyon, (Choice B) replace it with a true public service show to compete with Failon Ngayon, or (Choice C), allocate it with a TV shopping block.

  2. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    One of the first episodes of “Wish Ko Lang” I saw (in my life) since its reformat as a drama anthology last year was the one which talked about the story of an activist who got arrested upon the declaration of Martial Law, and was finally found many years after EDSA I.

    While I enjoyed the episode, I observed, too, that the new format doesn’t fit to my tastes as a viewer, especially when I became a “Wish Ko Lang” fan since 2007. The old format of “Wish Ko Lang” was much better, as you said.

    • GMA could have canceled Wish Ko Lang at that point but no. They kept the name but changed the format, and it alienated the viewers to the point that viewership is now on the decline.

      • Oo nga. Kahit talo ang Ipaglaban Mo sa Karelasyon, talo naman ang Wish Ko Lang sa Ipaglaban Mo. The format change doesn’t help Wish Ko Lang at all. Same din sa Imbestigador na nagiging copycat na ng SOCO. Both programs are now in desperation mode and the only choice would be cancellation of both programs. Cancellation of both programs would be better. Replace them with EZ Shop.

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