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Jack TV, FOX Philippines Battle for Heroes Reborn

A bidding war between Jack TV and FOX Philippines over ‘Heroes Reborn’ has left viewers of both networks perplexed, even though the former will air the series much earlier. (Photo credit: Solar Entertainment/Jack TV Official Facebook)

Two cable channels are now fighting for the right to air ‘Heroes Reborn’.

Jack TV and FOX Philippines have announced that they will both broadcast ‘Heroes Reborn’ via satellite starting tomorrow. The premiere broadcast of ‘Heroes Reborn’ on both channels will be as follows:

  • Jack TV – 11:00 a.m.
  • FOX Philippines – 11:35 a.m.

‘Heroes Reborn’ is a 13-episode miniseries that picks up from where the original series ‘Heroes’ left off. In the U.S., the mini-series will air on NBC, the same home network as the original.

The original ‘Heroes’ first saw the light of day in the Philippines when it was aired on RPN-9 via its Prime Shift and C/S 9 branding. The series ran from 2006 to 2010 and spanned four seasons.

Just recently, all episodes of the original ‘Heroes’ were re-aired on FOX Philippines, who also intend to air ‘Heroes Reborn’. However, Jack TV, a former sister station of RPN-9, also made their own case on the upcoming miniseries, and as a result, a bidding war began between the two networks.

The program rights battle between Solar Entertainment and FOX International Channels is no longer new. There have been instances of one program being aired on each of the company’s channels; for example, Jack TV and FOX Philippines have the rights to ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy’, among other programs, with the difference being that the former airs the current season and the latter the previous seasons.

That said, it’s hard to fathom the fact that two cable networks will premiere the same program at almost the same time. It is also confusing, because the viewers will find it hard to choose which channel to watch.

Perhaps the time has come for Solar’s Wilson Tieng and FOX International’s Jude Turcuato to settle this issue once and for all. The similarities between the two outfits should not go a little too far by airing the same program almost simultaneously, so they have to figure out a way to differentiate themselves according to content.

Let’s just hope that they work out a deal in the near future. After all, this is for the best interests of the viewer.


10 thoughts on “Jack TV, FOX Philippines Battle for Heroes Reborn

    • Indeed. And we don’t know kung sino talaga ang nauna sa kanila pagdating sa announcement and promotion ng Heroes Reborn.

      Madami namang programa sa ibang bansa ang pwede nilang ipalabas, kaya I don’t understand kung bakit pinagaagawan pa nila ang isang programang katulad nito.

      • Jack TV was the first to announce that they will air Heroes Reborn with the original schedule being at ViaSat on Fridays 2:30pm with an 8pm Primetime telecast. FOX at the time wasn’t airing any teasers until late August. I guess when FOX heard of Jack’s move, they made up the decision to air the teasers already and went to their famous Parallel Play at 11:35am. They did this because they know that the timeslot was a success with the viewers, especially to The Walking Dead which will air the new season in October. This triggered Jack to move the ViaSat airing to 10:50am at first before finalizing it to 11am.

      • Since Jack was the first to announce, FOX PH should have let go. However, there is always a sense of competition, and FOX still announced it anyway, not knowing that another network beat them.

      • I did some research. Turns out that FOX is the broadcaster of Heroes Reborn in Asia. I checked SingTel, one of the cable providers in Singapore, and they will air the show a week later. I guess the demand for the show is big here in the Philippines, that’s why hence the Parallel Play. Overall, I think people will prefer watching it on Jack TV because of the earlier broadcast and the channel has been known to air some of the best US TV Series first than any other general entertainment channel out there. They are living up to their slogan #1stOnPHTV

      • Also consider Cignal subscribers, who only have FOX on their channel list. Either way, no matter how confusing the setup is, this should benefit both Sky and Cignal subscribers.

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