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AlDub Phenomenon Continues to Grow, But Warning Signs Become Evident

The AlDub phenomenon reached fever pitch last Saturday.

‘Eat Bulaga”s so-called National Pabebe Wave Day featured a chance meeting between Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) inside a mansion ‘owned’ by Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola). It marked the first selfie between the pair, the debut of the mansion’s maid Rianna, also portrayed by Bayola, and the first time that Yaya Dub spoke on national television.

That episode of ‘Eat Bulaga’ overwhelmed ‘It’s Showtime”s ANIMversary episode by a wide margin, both in tweets and in the ratings. A record 25 million tweets were confirmed during the episode, while ratings of 37.2 (NUTAM) and 30.8% (Kantar) helped ‘Eat Bulaga’ widen its gap over ‘It’s Showtime’.

Many were beginning to question ‘It’s Showtime”s increasingly immoral antics, such as what happened last Saturday with the on-air kiss between Viceral (Vice Ganda’s alter-ego) and Karylle (see video above). Even the infamous Pastillas Girl segments (which were criticized for its desperate and indecent nature) earned the ire of Gabriela for its exploitation of women.

However, the so-called Kalyeserye on ‘Eat Bulaga’ also has its fair share of detractors. This despite the fact that it entails a positive message to its viewers.

Since the AlDub phenomenon got underway, virtually every newscast on GMA and GMA News TV have always featured a short summary of the Kalyeserye (example video above). The overemphasis on AlDub continued even during Sundays, which is a rest day for the staff of ‘Eat Bulaga’.

Stories of the AlDub phenomenon have also become a regular occurrence on ‘Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’. Features of AlDub fanatics are usually the point of emphasis on the said program.

GMA has also taken advantage of Alden Richards’ renewed fame, even though it was ‘Eat Bulaga”s parent company TAPE, Inc. who made the young actor a household name. Just recently, News TV reaired the obvious flop that is ‘Ilustrado’, while Alden’s life story on ‘Magpakailanman’ was also replayed.

It is clear that GMA is abusing the popularity of AlDub. The pair alone has loomed large over GMA’s own talents, and as a result, stunts their development and potential.

That said, finding a balance between AlDub and the rest of the network should be emphasized. AlDub can’t do it alone, and GMA needs its other talents and programs to step up in this urgent moment.

AlDub’s popularity should not be taken for granted. It is GMA’s responsibility to make things fair for everyone, otherwise it may alienate its viewers.


55 thoughts on “AlDub Phenomenon Continues to Grow, But Warning Signs Become Evident

  1. Jerome says:

    If GMA will continue doing these things, baka dumating ang time na maging BCWMH ang mangyari sa Aldub. Wala ring tigil ang guestings ng Aldub sa iba pang GMA shows. Alden was on Starstruck yesterday to give “kilig” tips to the Starstruck hopefuls—a move which for me was done to increase its low ratings both from AGB and Kantar. Maine, on the other hand, had an interview with Ricky Lo for Celebritv this coming Sat.

    I also have read an article saying that Ruru Madrid (from the defunct Let the Love Begin) has a crush on Maine. Not being judgemental here pero such statement may be viewed as “nakikisakay” sa kasikatan ng Aldub.

    • What I’m looking forward to is Maine’s interview. She was last interviewed on KMJS, and that was before AlDub became reality. Since then she didn’t give interviews in order to stick with the Yaya Dub character na puro dubsmash lang ang ginagawa, though that would change since she finally spoke on national TV.

      Gotta admit that it seems that GMA has finally conceded to the AlDub hype, kaya napapabayaan na lang ang iba nilang mga artista. Ruru Madrid is an example of that, kahit may on-screen tandem na siya with Gabbi Garcia.

  2. Believe That says:

    Well, (IMO) I don’t think that this would be a big issue for GMA Artists for now. As I can see, even the artists are supportive of the AlDub fever. Remember during the National Pabebe Wave Day, GMA Artists, and Newscasters showed their pabebe wave pictures as a group or solo. To me, the artists are perhaps riding with the AlDub fever.

    On the other hand, it is sad how detractors and haters criticize with the AlDub phenomenon no matter how good the message kalyeserye is teaching. Well, let us just pray and hope that good things would come in the end, and that they would try to calm down and focus on their own preferences.

    Well then, perhaps the viewers are more intelligent these days and are starting to question the show’s message to the viewers. I remember that I saw a tweet saying that a mother would rather switch with other channels than to watch Pastilla Girl on TV. Even adult people I know don’t like Showtime because they realized how dirty the show is trying to portray to its audience, and to the millions watching on TV.

    • It won’t, but sooner or later, they would realize that AlDub is not helping GMA at all. Even though they’re fans of the duo, their futures as artists are at stake here.

      Again, there are different factors to watch here:
      AlDub = positive message but overhyped by own network
      Pastillas Girl = overrated, lacking substance and trying too hard

      That said, it’s up to GMA to let EB work their magic and not credit too much on AlDub’s success. AlDub may be a good way to teach the youth, but GMA’s abuse of its popularity may be taking it too far.

    • whether you like it or not Tito Sen’s association to AlDub will propel him to the top of the senate race- the biggest sin of the AlDub phenomenon. This is a sad reality. Funny how Filipinos clamoring for tax reforms also doesn’t understand how to make it happen which is more of Angara in the senate and no Tito Sen like senator at all. If you are a smart voter you would understand and see the logic at all.

      • @marcus: Indeed, how ironic that he advised to AlDub not to endorse any politicians next year as he is eligible to run for a second consecutive term in the Senate. We would consider his seat safe if the voters (especially the voters who have short-term memory or belonging to the poorest of the poor) vote status quo without knowing the accomplishments and acts (and antics) for six years.

        But we are here in FTT and Ralph’s website is not a forum of giving opinion on national politics.

      • i understand that this is not a political website but i think we have to slightly touched it because we are talking about the effects of this phenomenon which is condone popularity voting. I think this is the biggest sing of AlDub next to loss of opportunity among GMA Talents. The former was unintentional among fandom but will likely happen while the latter is GMA’s responsibility to their talents. I said this before that blocktimers as strong as TAPE are bad for the networks.

  3. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    I guess the reason why GMA newscasts are always airing AlDub reports is that they want to give a “replay” or summary to the viewers who weren’t able to watch the exact airing. If GMA only had a livestreaming or VOD service like IWanTV, the problem would’ve been solved.

    • However, airing AlDub summaries are costing them more money. Remember, TAPE has all the rights to Eat Bulaga, and the only way GMA can get through those footage is if they pay TAPE sums of money. The financial standing of GMA is only made worse because of this.

      Not only that, GMA News is increasingly becoming a subject of criticism because of their extreme attention to AlDub and not on national issues. Their overall credibility is severely tested as a result.

      The only way to make those VODs happen is if TAPE can produce a highlight of the episode and upload it on EB’s official Facebook and app. It would be much better that way.

      • Jc says:

        There is actually a replay of some parts of the kalyeserye on EB’s Facebook page. Better check it out on the videos section. But as I’ve said, not everyone can afford the Internet. So maybe we can conclude that GMA is using their usual radio and TV platforms for reporting on AlDub to serve the viewers who don’t have Internet access. Just my point of view.

        Meanwhile, just this morning on Unang Hirit, GMA continues to report on showbiz news related to GMA’s talents. But I think it’s not enough considering too much coverage of AlDub. So much for GMA News being called The News Authority of the Filipino.

  4. Cheers to this analysis. I feel the side effects of the Kalyeserye fever but not only on the carrier network.

    Mind if I post the other network’s reaction for the past 2.5 months of the Kalyeserye:

    1. ABS-CBN, the rival, implied that they admitted defeat from the trying hard stints (on It’s Showtime) to counterattack them. The Pastillas Girl admit of being a fan prior to her spotlight and Vice Ganda mentioned the tandem.

    2. Last September 12, PTV 4’s official Twitter account, joined the in crowd with a tweet: QOTD: “Tanggalin ang inggit sa puso.”

    3. Yesterday and a few days ago, on TV5, the terms “PABEBE WAVE” and “TAMANG PANAHON” was used as a mnemonic for the root of success for Gilas on the Road to Rio 2016.

    4. IBC 13, the only network that most Filipinos not giving a D, mentioned AlDub on’s “Showbiz Unlimited.” (a Saturday late night tape-recorded showbiz program).

    So far, CNN Philippines is resisting the phenomenon because of the obvious standards in entertainment news delivery (i.e. resisting from covering news from talents in their rival exclusive networks and focusing on upcoming Hollywood films, their celebrities and our underdog and never-heard-of actors and films such as the ones in Heneral Luna)

      • Even though they’re not touching on sensationalized showbiz, they still have sensationalized programs such as those of HLN. So it’s still not a credible network. But back to the topic.

        The only way GMA can restore credibility is if they stop making AlDub highlights in their news programs. EB can just make their own summary prior to the new episode of Kalyeserye, and they can upload that online. It’s up to TAPE to satiate the AlDub fans’ hunger.

    • Gab says:

      That was until tonight. CNN Philippines on Wednesday shown a special episode of News.PH on the topic: “AlDub: The Social Media Phenomenon.”

  5. And Alden’s appearance appearance on Starstruck last Monday isn’t helping at all. Starstruck’s ratings registered a nationwide rating of 11% (based on Kantar) vs. Pasion De Amor’s 26.3%.

    In terms of media coverage, GMA’s overhyped coverage of AlDub is the worst ever. ABS still tries hard with Pastillas Girl, but with so many talents on their disposal, they have equal coverage on all of their artists. TV5, PTV and IBC 13, well, meh, but trying hard. CNN PH, although criticized for EMAJs, HLN and reliance on lifestyle programming, is way better since they didn’t cover talents from other networks at all.

    And the other problem is still the fantards, lalo na yung mga die-hard fans ng GMA at ABS, gaya nina Christian Añasco (obviously a Kapuso fantard) and Jeffrey Garcia (once the head admin of Pinoy Nostalgia fan, Kapamilya fantard, lalo na’t fantard siya ng MOR 101.9 For Life, lalo na kay DJ Chacha).

  6. Gab says:

    Back to Showtime, it’s seems on weekdays, they are fluently on a single-digit rating, based on what i observed.

    Showtime and ASAP will be having a “Kapamilya Day” at the Alonte Arena in Binan, Laguna this weekend, following the so-called “astonishing success” of the IS’s anniversary in the Big Dome.

  7. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS: (slightly off-topic ito)

    ABS-CBN will launch its HD service on October 3. It will be available on Sky and Destiny subscribers (ch. 167 on Metro Manila, Rizal, Cavite, Laguna and San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, ch. 700 on Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, Iloilo and Baguio).

    Mapapanood na in HD si Pastillas Girl come October 3.

    Hope that it will be featured on a future article.

  8. Gab says:

    Additional: TV5’s Reaksyon hosted by LCV, also featured the success of Aldub phenomenon with their guest Cristy Fermin last night.

    Apparently, Cristy’s former friend Jobert Sucaldito still attacking the AlDub tandem via his write-ups circulated in tabloid (panay puri naman kay Pastillas diba?)


      • More like, mas importante pa rin sa GMA ang ratings from Mega Manila and Urban Luzon, thanks to their huge signal, habang dominante sa Visayas at Mindanao ang ABS-CBN.

        Kahit i-claim pa ng GMA na #1 sila, hindi pa rin yan makakatulong overall. Nangyari na ang streamlining sa kanilang regional stations, programming woes (both on 7 and 11), overdependence on blocktimers (SPS and Wowowin are now co-produced by GMA, APT (SPS) and WBR Entertainment (Wowowin); EB remains as a blocktimer, including Ryzza Mae Show), financial woes and employee woes (panalo na naman ang TAG sa regularization case). If only GMA were smart enough, hindi na sana nangyari ang mga kamalasan.

      • In short, binabalewala lang ng GMA ang VisMin area. That said, GMA can’t make a statement like that based on their dominance of Mega Manila and Urban Luzon alone. This is where ABS has an even greater edge whenreit matters most; those areas that GMA couldn’t take advantage of.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        Oh, I already expected that even some famous personalities, like the “columnists” you’re saying, could also be fantards of either 2 or 7.

        Eventually, I won’t be surprised if I’ll observe or hear that there’s a politician or businessman who’s a fantard of any of what I’ll now call “The Warring 2,” and if that becomes a reality, we’re in for a rude awekening. Let’s just hope that all politicians and, also, businessman here in our country are neutral on these warring networks. #NoToNetworkWars

  9. ABS-CBN just aired the 555 Sardines commercial featuring Yaya Dub. On the TNT ad between Alden and Yaya Dub, IDK kung ieere yan in full sa ABS.

  10. Gab says:

    Development: Aldub just featured in the yearender specials of ABS-CBN and DZMM this week. (Pero nasa part na na-feature ang Dubsmash)

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