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Pastillas Girl Skit Gets MTRCB’s Attention

‘Pastillas Girl’ is in hot water.

A meeting between the MTRCB’s Gender and Development Committee and the show’s director Norbert Vidanes, executive producer Mark Rejano, and business unit head Reily Santiago is set to take place this October 13. This was in response to numerous complaints from concerned citizens regarding the ‘Nasaan Ka Mr. Pastillas’ segment.

Among those concerned were the women’s group Gabriela, who requested the MTRCB for an investigation regarding the skit’s alleged exploitation of women. They claim that ‘Pastillas Girl’ (Angelica Yap in real life) is being pimped by various interested men, something that Yap and her mother vehemently denied.

The letter, which was sent to the executives of ‘It’s Showtime’, as well as ABS-CBN TV Production Entertainment head Laurenti Dyogi and Gabriela Secretary General Joan Salvador, is as follows:

Further to the Memorandum of Understanding dated 28 March 2012 by and between our Agency and various television networks and entities, including ABS-CBN Corporation, as well as the official letter we received last week from the party-list alliance Gabriela, not to mention some feedback from the general public, we are impelled to invite your authorized representatives for the program ‘It’s Showtime’ to a dialogue with the Special Sub-Committee of our Gender And Development (GAD) Committee on 13 October 2015, at 10:00 a.m., at ground floor conference room.

‘Nasaan Ka Mr. Pastillas’ was supposed to be ‘It’s Showtime”s answer to the explosively popular ‘Kalyeserye’ of ‘Eat Bulaga’, starring Maine ‘Yaya Dub’ Mendoza and Alden Richards. Instead, it only worsened the gap between the two shows, while critics to the segment continued to increase.

That said, the ‘Magpasikat’ spirit that has epitomized ‘It’s Showtime’ for six years is now a thing of the past. What the viewers see at this point is a desperate and frustrated program that is offering skits with negative results.

It’s another big blow for ‘It’s Showtime’, and for a show that is losing its grip, this is a painful and difficult sight to see.


23 thoughts on “Pastillas Girl Skit Gets MTRCB’s Attention

  1. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    I expected this to happen to “Pastillas Girl,” since my Mommy told me not to watch this show since it will encourage young ones, even at the youngest age of 11-12, to date while setting aside studies. At least the “Kalyeserye” has more good moral lessons for us to learn.

    Unfortunately, the “Kapusucks Fanpage” slammed the GABRIELA and MTRCB for the report, and even called these two groups “p*** (WORD CENSORED).” Not nice. These ABS-CBN fantards still think that “It’s Showtime” is still no. 1 in the noontime TV ratings, when in fact the rival is already becoming “the leader.” They even made a hashtag of their own, called #AlDogSabotagedItsShowtime, if I’m not mistaken. (AlDog is the “patama” of ABS-CBN fantards to today’s popular loveteam.)

    #VivaNeutralites #NoToNetworkWars

    • Let’s just ignore them. They’re just idiots if they still believe that It’s Showtime is on top.

      I have a feeling that It’s Showtime would end up getting the SPG rating in the same way that Willie’s noontime shows used to, which is not good because they are expected to be a family-friendly program. But now that the show is increasingly becoming less family-friendly, the MTRCB might resort to such measures.

      • This shows na makikitid talaga ang utak ng mga network fantards ngayon. Kapamilya fantards can’t even admit na talo na ang Showtime as of late against EB.

        On the show getting the SPG rating, the chances are likely. If that happens, dadami pa ang mga disgruntled Showtime fans na lilipat sa EB.

      • Exactly. We all know na dapat family-friendly ang mga ineere pag ganitong araw, but in the case of Showtime’s it’s becoming less and less influential to the youth.

  2. I hate the idea that Gabriela who is one of the complainants is politizing the issue in time for the upcoming election and MTRCB is falling for it although I hope MTRCB will follow through with this initiative because I believe the issue has its merits. Gabriela should also boycott EB since Jalosjos is the major shareholder of TAPE.

      • Gabriela filed a complaint against IS for the Pastillas Segment. Gabriela is a party list that advocates women and children’s rights. I’m just suspicious of their intentions against IS. They just wanted to ride the AlDub popularity for the next elections. If they are really standing by women then they should have not condone any business that has an association with Jalosjos. Isn’t ironic that they are crying foul over a segment but closed their eyes on how EB and TAPE is enriching Jalosjos? How about the number of women who lost their jobs due to TV digitalization. I just fin the group insincere with their case given the number of more important causes they choose to neglect because its unpopular. I am all for the Pastillas Girl investigation but when a party list group is politizing the issue to gain votes that is uncalled for. We as tax payers have the right to condemn partylists and government agencies if they are deviating their purpose for their own political gain.

      • How about Gabriela condemn all TV Ads that uses children and women to advance a political ambition?
        In the same way, Gabriela wants to use the Pastillas issue for their own ambition which is not far from IS using Pastillas Girl for ratings. Who is a bigger monster now?

      • Oh yeah I remember. Jalosjos used to be a criminal. Anyway, Gabriela should pay more attention to other issues involving their advocacy, and not just this involving Pastillas Girl. Making a big deal out of that makes them a fool. How about they watch AlDub and see their flaws, just to be fair?

      • Gabriela is not a credible complainant that’s all I am saying. They can’t be fair because they are not here to do public service to begin with. They did not have any single law (they have authored) that supports their advocacy. They are just preying on issues to be relevant the Filipino people are not paying them to be a clanging cymbal. They are a huge waste of taxpayer money.

      • Gabriela is not a credible complainant that’s all I am saying. They can’t be fair because they are not here to do public service to begin with. They did not have any single law (they have authored) that supports their advocacy. They are just preying on issues to be relevant the Filipino people are not paying them to be a clanging cymbal. They are a huge waste of taxpayer money. Just sayin

      • More like ka-epalan naman yan. Una, si VP Jejomar Binay (on offering Alden Richards a role on Binay’s supposed biopic). Ngayon, Gabriela Partylist naman (about sa isyu kay Pastillas Girl). Dudumi pa ang pulitika sa Pilipinas dahil papalapit na ang 2016 Elections. Sa Lunes na ang filing ng Certificate of Candidacy.

  3. Gab says:

    and the producers are still defend the concept of Pastillas Girl… nakakadiri ang statement nila na inilabas (which aired on TVP lately)

    • Freedom of choice at hindi pilit kuno ang sabi nila. And values daw ng honesty, forgiveness and opening to new possibilities. Ang problema, nagmamadali itong si Pastillas Girl. Showtime is recruiting some guys on the show in an attempt to win her love the fastest way possible. That, and all other things, is ‘pimping’. If I were Angelica, I would rather stay single first and ease the pain, then befriend someone and take time for our relationship to bloom.

      If Pastillas Girl wants serious advice, mas ok kung tumawag na lang siya kay Bro. Jun Banaag sa Dr. Love. Baka mas matutulungan pa siya doon. Or maybe, call Boys Night Out or Good Times with Mo, even GMA’s Love Hotline. What Showtime does is to be a bad influence to her, which is not good.

  4. Wow, it looks like Christian Anasco will rejoice over this matter.

    But anyway, marcus and I would agree that the Gabriela’s pressure can also use for politicization in order to garner more votes next year.

    Gabriela may have been a feminist party but they are extreme leftists. They are well known in loosing up Philippines-USA diplomatic relations in different ways by rallying and sometimes, by burning effigies, in order to spread the message of repealing EDCA and MDT and evacuating US troops over few cases (e.g. Joseph Scott Pemberton vs. Jennifer Laude and Daniel Smith vs. “Nicole” in Zambales).

    Oh, marcus, your political punditry reminded me of Jalosjos’ hypocritical political advertisement on Kakusa Partylist (which supposedly promotes children’s rights) within Eat Bulaga in 2010 or 2007 (?).

    His family crushed out of their bulwark in Zamboanga last 2013 but he endorsed Senator Grace Poe recently for the presidency.

    Ugh! Should we condemn ourselves for short-term memory when it comes to finding the right leaders?

    • Finding the right leaders is not easy. Yung pinagpipilian kasi ng tao is nakabase lang sa popularidad. Kahit nga celebrity, journalist at sports icon, politician na rin. Mukhang madumi nga ang pulitika sa Pilipinas ngayon. Kahit sino, pwedeng maging pulitiko. This shows na makikitid din ang utak natin, mga botante.

      • At isa pa, obvious naman na magdidiwang si Christian Añasco diyan, since Kapuso fantard siya. Magdidiwang din ang Kapuso fantards. At ang madidismaya ay si Jeffrey Olila Garcia (ex-Pinoy Nostalgia TV head admin) dahil Kapamilya fantard siya, lalo na ang mga Kapamilya fantards.

    • I think we should always check the facts, its our responsibility as commenters to always remind people of the facts. I want Pastillas Girl segment to be investigated but the media mileage is overkill, we have more pressing matters up for national discussion but News Programs from the 3 networks chose this issue to pound. I just find it hypocritical to condemn IS by people who are not for the best interest of Pastillas Girl to begin with, it could be for elections or to protect AlDub. If it was her mother or a close relative who cried foul then I believe it. The girl is over 18, and she knew what she entered into. The format now is like The Bachelor or the Bachelorette.

    • At least na-spare ang Showtime from further punishment, since may effort ang MTRCB to tone down those negative connotations against Pastillas Girl. If she wants to be a positive role model, all she has to do is to follow whatever advice and rules MTRCB gave ABS to her. Anything that would make the segment more enlightening should be enforced.

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