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On the Wings of Love Extended Till Early 2016

More JaDine madness is coming to the small screen.

ABS-CBN has announced that ‘On the Wings of Love’ will run until the first quarter of 2016. This means that the series will go beyond the norm of 80 episodes by the time it finishes.

‘On the Wings of Love’ has consistently ranked among the top ten programs in the country, with ratings of over 20% in both AGB Nielsen’s NUTAM and Kantar. The show’s popularity also translated into high merchandising sales, strong overseas viewership among OFWs, regular trending topics on Twitter, and most views on iWanTV.

It only shows that the tandem of James Reid and Nadine Lustre have come a long way since debuting together in the movie ‘Diary ng Panget’. Their popularity has now spread like wildfire, and fans took notice.

The overwhelming success of ‘On the Wings of Love’ proved to be a serious problem for GMA’s ‘My Faithful Husband’. Even though it premiered on the same day (August 10) as ‘On the Wings of Love’, it was never able to capture the hearts of viewers the same way the former did.

And with ‘On the Wings of Love’ now extended, ‘My Faithful Husband’ may not even end at the same time as its rival. Which is why GMA immediately went back to work and decided to go younger once again, hoping to prove themselves once more.

They called upon the youthful BiGuel (Bianca Umali and Miguel Tanfelix) tandem to star in the upcoming series ‘Wish I May’, whose teasers were released recently. The series premiere is still to be determined, but there is a possibility that it could replace ‘My Faithful Husband’ on the primetime slot.

Let’s just hope that GMA will figure out a way to curb the overwhelming popularity of ‘On the Wings of Love’. The Kapamilya series is on a roll, and it’s up to GMA to deal with it.


26 thoughts on “On the Wings of Love Extended Till Early 2016

  1. Huge problems ahead for GMA dahil hit na hit na ang JaDine. About BiGuel, IDK kung malalampasan nila ang love team duo (JaDine and KathNiel) ng ABS plus Ang Probinsyano.

    • Yes, big problem talaga ang naghihintay sa Wish I May.

      It’s obvious na nagiging satisified na lang ang mga GMA teleseryes sa 60 or 70 episodes per program. Considering the lack of success, that’s their barometer at this point. ABS’ extensions of superbly popular teleseryes are clearly well-deserved, on the other hand, which will only make GMA even more jealous.

      • GMA has not specified a target date for the premiere of Wish I May, hence that report on PSN may just be a rumor at this point. The most likely replacement for THS would be Dangwa, starring Janine Gutierrez, which GMA already confirmed that it would premiere this October.

      • GMA’s last self-produced morning drama was the not-so successful With a Smile, which was their unfortunate and ill-timed answer to Be Careful with My Heart. IDK if a morning drama will once again work for them, but let’s see.

        As for Wish I May, it looks like they’ll be the one who will replace The Half-Sisters after all. If they already confirmed it, an article should come soon.

        I’ll also write about Dangwa.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        I won’t be surprised if GMA Public Affairs will eventually produce a bias documentary, which will further place their credibility to its knees. I just wish they’ll never produce such.

        I think it’s time for the Peabody Awards to go to ABS! (If GMA News will continue this trend of producing non-news programs.)

  2. This is just a huge pain in the ass for GMA. Some say that JaDine since being launch last year and appear in some GMA shows would be the savior of the network from Timog Ave. but when the duo decided to join ABS-CBN, it is really a huge blow for Gozon and Company. And now with OTWOL kicking the ass of their competitor, this becoming a norm for GMA change shows just to compete.

    • Much like what happened when Forevermore lasted from November last year to May of this year, with one or two extensions. GMA pitted four programs against Forevermore, none of which succeeded.

      JaDine really made the wise decision to go to ABS, considering how poor GMA is at managing and propagating talents of late. And with Dreamscape and Cathy Garcia-Molina on their side, they can really thrive.

      • Factor in that all of the best tv and movie directors are in ABS. Back to the topic though, OTWOL really help James and Nadine’s confidence rise even higher. And made their doubters become fans in an instant. And their chemistry is off the charts and I’m witness to that magic.

      • Jose Tiamson says:

        They are successful since DNP but i think now everyone starts to notice how good they are in acting. Given that primetime slot really help them get notice lalo na sa fans ng ibang mga kapamilya loveteams.

      • That would help JaDine a lot and it puts them at par with other Kapamilya love teams: KathNiel, LizQuen, KimXi and other love teams. The primetime show OTWOL really proved that they have what it takes to get better in acting.

      • Yan nga. ABS currently has the best love teams so far. For GMA, BiGuel is a safe bet and AlDub doesn’t even count for GMA at all (considering na blocktimer lang ang Eat Bulaga at TAPE ang sumikat sa AlDub love team). GMA’s treatment on AlDub is worse. Hindi pinansin ang ibang loveteams ng Kapuso Network just to focus on AlDub (from newscasts on both 7 and 11 to DZBB and Barangay LS to everything else).

      • That is the reason why GMA is still way behind ABS in terms of developing and marketing talents. Yung Cathy Garcia-Molina at Dreamscape, hindi nila mapantayan, and without the qualities that the two have, nagsa-suffer talaga ang mga love teams ng Siyete.

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