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The Half-Sisters Extended Anew

‘The Half-Sisters’ has been extended until January 2016, after GMA initially reported that the series would end this October. (Photo credit: GMA Network/The Half-Sisters Official Facebook)

The longest-running afternoon drama today just doesn’t seem to end.

Director Mark Reyes has confirmed that ‘The Half-Sisters’ will be extended until January 2016. Counting the prior 17 months, the series will now have a total of 20 months on its current tenure.

In addition, Reyes confirmed that a new story arc is in the works. He teased that this arc will be edgier and more controversial, but did not disclose any further details because it needs the approval of a variety of sectors, from network management to the cast.

Considering that lead stars Barbie Forteza and Thea Tolentino are maturing as actresses, this may be the best course of action for the series. But then again, it’s up to the two young stars to convince themselves that they are ready for the next step.

Since debuting in June 2014, ‘The Half-Sisters’ has been one the Philippines’ top-rated programs. Its lengthy run has been very impressive, so much so that veteran actors Gloria Romero, Eula Valdes, Cherie Gil and Eddie Garcia have made special appearances at one point, all with the intent of adding more flavor to the story.

But while ‘The Half-Sisters’ remained a hit with viewers, they seem to show signs of decline in recent months. The entry of ABS-CBN’s ‘Doble Kara’, in particular, has given ‘The Half-Sisters’ its toughest rival yet, since the former starred Julia Montes, a very successful primetime drama performer.

As a result, GMA made an announcement earlier this month that ‘The Half-Sisters’ would be down to its last four weeks, in hopes of ending the series on a high note. This report was later retracted, however, and no further mention of its impending conclusion was made in later episode previews.

Its presumed replacement, ‘Dangwa’, was then moved to a late-morning timeslot. And when director Mark Reyes made the confirmation, ‘The Half-Sisters” run will officially go on for an even longer period.

Now that ‘The Half-Sisters’ will continue until the new year, expect even further twists and turns in a series that has featured many of them. But how much longer will the viewers stick around? Only time will tell.


25 thoughts on “The Half-Sisters Extended Anew

  1. Extended na ang THS and the ratings are in favor of Doble Kara as of late. Sawang-sawa na ang viewers sa kwento ng The Half-Sisters as of late at baka matulad lang sa Be Careful With My Heart na dating ratings-topper na bumaba ang ratings dahil sa nakakasawang kwento. Sa case ng The Half-Sisters, even a strong lead-in program won’t help as most EB viewers switch channels.

    Speaking of Dangwa, since it will be produced by GMA Public Affairs, I think that Dangwa will be another disaster in the making, lalo na sa ratings. Remember To The Top?

    • And GMA has not had success with local morning dramas in recent memory. Both Cielo de Angelina and With a Smile failed to draw in viewers, so if the GMAPA-produced Dangwa fails, then it’s another big blow for them, much like To the Top.

      GMA had the chance to conclude The Half-Sisters as early as the first week of October, only to retract their earlier announcement. Kung matatapos na sana this week ang The Half-Sisters, ang papalit sana rito ay Dangwa. Either way, it’s two strikes already for the Kapuso network this month.

      • Fact that Dreamscape (Producers of KS, AP, OTWOL), Star Creatives (Producers of PSY) and other production outfits of ABS-CBN are better in creating home grown high quality program than the whole GMA Network combine speaks to how miles ABS is in terms of programming. And for GMA News And Public Affairs, the whole organization is a complete mess. From the overuse of AlDub in their news programs to creating stupid and worthless entertainment shows produce under GMA Public Affairs. That is why some artists choose to work with ABS because of the quality of its shows. And it will only make poor Felipe Gozon and company feel jealous and envy at Charo Santos, Gabby Lopez and company.

      • Lack of finances continue to be a problem with GMA, thus they can’t stand a chance against ABS and its related units. Doing it by themselves at this point is taking its toll.

      • Cthsmith says:

        As far as I know, Wish I May was supposed to replace The Half Sisters. GMA announced that in June/July (take a look at their website) and Dangwa serves as a morning show even before they reveal that Janine is Dangwa Girl that went viral.

      • Maybe, but plans could change anytime, hence my reasoning that Dangwa could end up as an afternoon drama that would replace The Half-Sisters, had they finished. But now that they’re in the morning, it’s now a question of whether or not they will fare well. More on that in an upcoming article.

      • Kaya nga mga blocktimers na lang ang bumubuhay ngayon sa GMA. Isama mo pa ang mga anime at Karelasyon.

        Blocktimers might help GMA win ratings, but overall, it won’t help GMA at all.

  2. Cthsmith says:

    Let’s look at the brighter side. I would love to see THS ends with an edgier plot because I feel that Barbie and Thea’s acting skills will improve more. The good news is they will not add special guest just to help them to increase the ratings. I hope the finale rating of this show in January will be at the top of the list.

    • We’ll have to wait and see. At this point in The Half-Sisters’ run, they’re losing to a more accomplished actress in Julia Montes, who’s playing no less than two different characters. We have no choice but to hope that a second wind would happen to them.

      • Cthsmith says:

        Indeed. If GMA only established Barbie’s career way back before The Half Sisters happened. She is a versatile teen actress but if she is managed like what ABS-CBN is doing with their teen actresses, The Half Sisters will not face a headache when Julia Montes came in the picture of afternoon drama battle via Doble Kara.

      • Cthsmith says:

        She had three evening teleserye, Pilyang Kerubin was probably her biggest break in primetime since her stint in Luna Blanca Book 2 is very short and in Anna KareNina, she shares the spotlight with Joyce and Krystal.

      • Exactly. Wala talagang tiwala ang GMA sa kanya, kaya na-relegate sa hapon.

        GMA’s primetime lineup overall relies too much on their so-called ‘big-time’ stars that they ignore the others who were waiting in the wings. Poor young stars, never given a chance to prove their mettle.

      • Cthsmith says:

        You’re right. By the way, Fashion Pulis released a blind item this day and it’s about Jennylyn Mercado. I hope it’s a wake up call for Atty. Gozon to focus on their talented actors like Jen and Barbie. Wag umasa sa TAPE, kahit fan ako ng AlDub, naiinis na ako sa overexposure ng AlDub brought to you by GMA News and the network itself. Masyado sila umaasa sa wala. Count their own blessings na lang.

  3. Knowing that Dos regains the weekend afternoon territory or in GMA’s pet, AGB Nielsen, would say “it’s just a close race than it was before” against the rival.

    This makes their replacement, “Wish I May” by BiGuel (Miguel Tanfelix & Bianca Umali) delayed until the new year.

    The thought just ran: Why bother listen to GMA’s top management and the television operations division?

    • Wish I May is probably aiming to replace My Faithful Husband in hopes of countering the superbly popular OTWOL.

      Anyway, the fact is, GMA always seems to have surprises on their sleeve. They announced earlier this month that The Half-Sisters would be done by the end of the month, only to suddenly take it back. GMA’s questionable decisions must be shaking our heads right now.

      • Cthsmith says:

        I would love to see BiGuel’s Wish I May in Telebabad replacing My Faithful Husband but I think Nora and Kris Bernal’s Little Nanay is slated to replace TomJen series this November.

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