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In 150 Words: It’s Showtime Finally Goes Public Service

‘It’s Showtime’ has decided to help the masses.

The ABS-CBN noontime show recently joined forces with the ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs team to give the latest updates on Typhoon Lando, as well as news on the evacuation and relief efforts. Reporters Jeff Canoy and Atom Araullo appeared on the show to inform the hosts and the viewers of the situation.

The rare moment of public service may have helped ‘It’s Showtime’ regain its footing, but for a show that is clearly desperate for an audience, this is not enough. ‘Eat Bulaga”s ‘Juan for All, All for Juan’ segment has been helping numerous barangays and schools for over five years, and if ‘It’s Showtime’ were to be more devoted in reaching to the masses, they would have to work harder for a cause.

Perhaps it’s time for Vice Ganda and the ‘madlang pipol’ to be more charitable, just like what Tito, Vic, Joey and the Dabarkads are doing. AlDub may be helping ‘Eat Bulaga’ achieve greater heights these days, but at least they are willingly devoted to help others.


14 thoughts on “In 150 Words: It’s Showtime Finally Goes Public Service

  1. Cthsmith says:

    At least they are making a better move in bringing back their loyal viewers. They should have done that before. I know EB’ Sa Tamang Panahon on Saturday will be another headache for It’s Showtime not only because of AlDub but also because it is a fund-raising event that all of the ticket sales will be used in establishing libraries in different schools.

    • Exactly. What Showtime is missing right now is public service. If they were to shed the negative image that has hounded the show, they’d better help out the people in a charitable manner.

  2. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    I may be a fan of “Eat Bulaga!”, but let’s just hope that “It’s Showtime” will be able to take public service seriously, not just laughter and entertainment.

    • Kanina nga, nagreport na rin sa Showtime si Doris Bigornia.

      IMO, kung magiging newscast man ang Showtime, si Kuya Kim lang ang qualified sa mga Showtime hosts na magdeliver ng news.

      • Which is quite ironic considering that ABS (and Sports+Action) doesn’t have one to contend against Aksyon sa Tanghali and Balitanghali (Dateline Philippines on ANC is exclusive to cable).

        But seriously, Showtime should remain an entertainment show. However, aspects of public service should now be applied as well. May Lingkod Kapamilya, Bantay Bata at Bantay Kalikasan naman sila, so why not use these advocacies on the show to make a difference.

  3. Speaking of public service, come Saturday, the proceeds of the Tamang Panahon concert at PH Arena will go for the ALDUB Library Project. But then, due to Lando, will they change the route or add it to the plans?

    Only EB knows.

    And Showtime, please don’t make anymore antics that may destroy morality during noontime. You made too much damage.

  4. Though the prize money for the winner of Magpasikat goes to their chosen charity, It is not enough since they are just doing this once a year.
    let’s just hope that they also develop a segment wherein the focuse are our less fortunate kababayan.

    • The Magpasikat segment with the hosts was apparently their response to the Bulaga Pa More: Dabarkads Pa More segment, whose winner Paolo Ballesteros chose a school to help out with.

      In any event, Showtime should do more public service coverage. And with the help of Lingkod Kapamilya, why not.

      • IS Magpasikat Week came first before EB have their Bulaga Pa More: Dabarkads Pa More, Right? correct me if I’m wrong, hindi kasi ako laking EB eh,

        anyway, let’s see if Showtime Segment Producers will see that possible opportunities to regain themeselves.

      • Nauna na talaga yung Magpasikat Week. Sinagot lang ng EB with the Dabarkads Pa More; the only difference is that Dabarkads Pa More featured performance by the EB hosts based on a popular EB segment, while the Magpasikat Week is basically a segment where the hosts conceptualize their own performances. Another difference is that isang linggo lang ang duration ng Magpasikat Week, while it took over two months for Dabarkads Pa More to finish, dahil mahihirap talaga ang mga stunts ng EB hosts.

        Kaya ko lang sinabi na sinagot lang ng Showtime ang EB with Magpasikat Week is because Showtime is in dire straits, especially with the AlDub craze. Tamang-tama na sixth anniversary na ng show, so they brought it back hoping to regain the lost viewership. Kaso, the finale will be against ‘Tamang Panahon at Philippine Arena’, so malaki talaga ang magiging obstacle ng Magpasikat Week this time around.

      • Matagal na siguro yung Magpasikat Week ng Showtime, ever since its first anniversary. It is an annual tradition sa Showtime na kung saan magpapasikat ang mga Showtime hosts. Billy, Jugs and Teddy were last year’s champions.

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