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GMA Brings Back Kapuso Primetime Cinema

Once again, GMA is making some radical changes to its Telebabad lineup.

Just recently, the network announced that they will bring back the transitional movie block ‘Kapuso Primetime Cinema’. The re-premiere of the said movie block will take place on November 9, replacing the Koreanovela ‘Legendary Women’.

It can be recalled that GMA aired ‘Kapuso Primetime Cinema’ two years ago, following the conclusions of ‘Genesis’ and ‘Akin Pa Rin ang Bukas’. GMA’s intent of airing ‘Kapuso Primetime Cinema’ at the time was clear: to capitalize on low advertising revenue during the Christmas season and to give more time for the production of upcoming teleseryes.

As it turned out, the move backfired. Replacement dramas ‘Carmela’ and ‘Rhodora X’ failed to bring the desired results, and GMA was left wondering why their ‘Kapuso ang Una’ battle cry did not work out.

This year, GMA opted for a more different approach. Instead of replacing the network’s teleseryes like they did two years ago, they decided to place ‘Kapuso Primetime Cinema’ on the timeslot normally reserved for Koreanovelas.

One possible reason for the move is that GMA intended to air ‘Kapuso Primetime Cinema’ in order for ‘Saksi’ to match up better with ‘Bandila’. The presence of ‘Pinoy Big Brother: 737’ and ‘Tonight with Boy Abunda’ has led to a later-than-expected airing for ‘Bandila’.

There is one problem, however. ABS-CBN has announced that a fifth teleserye (‘You’re My Home’) will air on Primetime Bida at the conclusion of ‘Pinoy Big Brother: 737’, and as a result, a hopeless situation now awaits GMA and its embattled fanbase.

That said, GMA needs to realize that they need to concede defeat than continue their already lopsided rivalry with ABS-CBN. It is clear the both networks are headed into opposite directions, and with ABS-CBN already more dominant than ever, GMA knows that an overhaul is more than necessary at this point.


46 thoughts on “GMA Brings Back Kapuso Primetime Cinema

  1. I think it will also replace My Faithful Husband. So it will absorb that timeslot in 2 weeks. Possibly to avoid a ne drama being victim to OTWOL. Just a theory.

  2. Cthsmith says:

    Because of You trailer already aired in Beautiful Strangers. It will possibly replace the Poe-Escudero series.

    GMA should not give up the Koreanovela slot in primetime. Sana itinapat na lang nila ‘yung Kapuso Primetime Cinema sa Kapamilya Blockbusters tanggalin na lang ang HOA Mornings dramas. That is the first time in five years that they will not air an Asianovela in Telebabad which will disappoint the avid HOA fans.

    Nakakainis na talaga ang GMA ETV lalo na si Rasonable.

    • Hindi lang ang Entertainment TV ang may problema sa GMA. Pati GMA News and Public Affairs, puro problema.

      Overall, puro problema sa lahat ng division ng GMA Network ngayong taon.

      • Indeed. Every year it seems as if GMA is conceding defeat, tapos ide-defy nila ito. Napaka-stubborn talaga itong istasyon sa Timog, kahit na papuntang Timog ang direksyon nila, literally.

      • Tama, di magtatagal at lalong babagsak ang GMA. Pag lumipat si Jennylyn or yung ibang lead stars nila mas mahihirapan silang gumawa ng drama. Di naman pwedeng si Marian lang ang lead sa lahat ng projects nila.

      • Kailangan talaga ng infusion of youth, dahil hindi forever ang kasikatan in this day and age. But they have to make a drastic overhaul if they were to cast their younger stars, because as far as we’re concerned, the current regime under Rasonable isn’t helping them.

  3. paano ang hatian ng oras nito? may marimar pa ba? may beautiful strangers pa diba?
    So paano mo isisiksik ang isang movie sa 45min timeslot? hindi ba bawal un kasi masasacrific ang movie quality? bka kasuhan sila ng film distributor

    • It might be a problem but consider this. Late rin naman natatapos ang Bubble Gang kapag Biyernes, so it’s possible that GMA is trying to emulate the situation by airing a movie after the teleseryes. The problem is whether or not the viewers of Saksi would buy into this radical scheduling. Kasi nasasanay sila na maagang umeere ang Saksi, and now with the movies taking over, mahihirapan silang mag-adjust sa delayed airtime ng Saksi.

  4. Believe That says:

    Indeed. Removing the Koreanovela will sound boring. I mean, who will watch their Koreanovela on the morning when everyone else are busy? They are the home of Asianovela then right? Hope by December they can come up of something since this Kapuso Block is a time for them to think up of something to air either for the new year or for the December season.

    • And besides, animes lang ang nagpapadala sa GMA tuwing umaga, hindi Asianovelas. Hindi talaga magandang senyales ito kung mare-relegate sa umaga ang mga Koreanovelas. Better think fast or it’s over.

      • Believe That says:

        Exactly. Right now, based on the list of programs that GMA will broadcast in the future, I can predict that the Primetime block will be on temporary basis (hopefully). There are more Korean dramas lined up this year and on the new year. Sana wag lang ilagay sa umaga ang mga ito. And tatamarin lalo ang mga tao pag movie block bago mag balita sa gabi kasi malamang matatagalan ang pag antay sa Saksi. Mas dead time pa nga ang times nila sa Asianovela tuwing umaga rather than before Saksi.

      • GMA’s morning lineup should be more on animes. Doon lang sila umaangat. Kung Asianovela, lagot na, since mabo-bore ang mga tao kung drama na lang all day ang ieere nila. Asianovelas deserve to air on more favorable timeslots.

    • To be fair ABS also has a movie block, but it airs on a timeslot where most people were at work. On the other hand, GMA’s primetime movie block will air on a timeslot where people are already at home and are watching for pleasure.

  5. Believe That says:

    Hopefully they would bring back the Asianovelas on the evening. This movie block time is really not favorable to many. I was waiting to watch for Saksi but as I wait for the news, I got bored and almost fell a sleep waiting for the news. It is so unfavorable to many who are eager to watch news on a slight late night time. Even if Bandila starts later than the original time for Saksi when they still have the Legendary Woman, still it would be better if they start it early than Bandila for the benefit of those wanting to watch the news (especially students waiting for announcements on TV for their class suspensions).

    I suggest, to bring back Asianovelas since they deserve a favorable time before Saksi, then if they really wanted to have the Kapuso block time, have it air after Saksi. Maigi ito kasi kahit late na, konti naman na ang manonood since nasa dead na halos na tv time ung slot na un.

    • This movie block thing on GMA is not for the faint of heart. Now that ABS is airing five local teleseryes on primetime, GMA is feeling the pressure of its rival’s tactics. Koreanovelas may be a solution, but then again, it seems that its best days are behind them.

  6. The way I see it, it’s just a temporary filler. GMA is running out of ideas, and I’m glad to see them stumble so far. Kawawa sa kanila. They’d better pull the plug on it before Christmas. Kelangan nilang bumawi agad, their dominance during noon & afternoon are not enough.

    • And primetime is much important, since most viewers are at home watching TV watching teleseryes and dramas. Programming-wise, ABS is way too smart. Their movie block is aired on daytime. Kapuso Primetime Cinema will be a huge disaster, no doubt.

  7. Gab says:

    Some rumor circulated on social media that KPC will be replacing Once Again (which is on their last week) starting next week, due to low ratings

    • I don’t think KPC will fit in, since there’s still Encantadia and Juan Happy Love Story. Plus it could affect the 10:00 p.m. shows.

      Also GMA already made an announcement that two Koreanovelas will premiere on Telebabad this Monday. One (The Healer) is already confirmed to air at 10:00 p.m. And Descendants of the Sun could air on Once Again’s former timeslot. More on that in an upcoming article.

      • Jose Tiamson says:

        This is scary because they will air 2 koreanovelas every night. And I think it is not a good idea.

      • Exactly. And since they spent a lot on Encantadia, they don’t have enough finances to produce another primetime teleserye. Perhaps airing two Koreanovelas is a clear sign that GMA is on the road to conceding. They’d better admit that now or they’ll lose the faith of viewers.

      • And their money spent on Encantadia has gone to waste as Ang Probinsyano still dominates against Encantadia, even last Wednesday where Ang Probinsyano scored 45.7 against Encantadia’s 20.1, based on Kantar. Doon na dapat magworry ang execs ng GMA dahil sa first three days pa lang ng Encantadia, talo agad with 40+ ratings.

        As for Koreanovelas moving in to primetime, it seems that GMA is already surrendering against ABS-CBN on primetime. They should end airing any local dramas and acquire more Koreanovelas, retain Encantadia and GMA’s defeat will be sealed.

      • Kung tatanungin si Lilybeth Rasonable, feeling ko hindi pa rin ito tatanggapin ang pagkatalo. Yeah, we can expect that GMA will remain as stubborn as ever. Eventually, however, there will come a time na tatanggapin niya to, whether she likes it or not. But she better do this now just to save her credibility and reputation.

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