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In 100 Words: Encantadia to Return Soon

The original ‘Encantadia’ became a hit for GMA a decade ago, helping popularize the fantaserye genre. (Photo credit: GMA Network)

The fantaserye that briefly put GMA on top is about to return.

GMA recently announced that ‘Encantadia’ will be among the few new shows that will premiere next year. It is yet to be determined whether or not it will be reboot or a continuation of the original series.

For much of the late 2000s, ‘Encantadia’ and its sister series ‘Etheria’ and ‘Encantadia: Pag-Ibig Hanggang Wakas’ helped GMA take the lead over ABS-CBN in the ratings. But the cost of making such an elaborate series took its toll on the network’s finances.

A fourth sister series, ‘Encantadia: The Second Saga’, was supposed to premiere in 2010 but was scrapped even before production began. That said, it is still a question of if and when with regards to the latest version of ‘Encantadia’.


15 thoughts on “In 100 Words: Encantadia to Return Soon

  1. The question is: with GMA’s financial problems, will this Encantadia remake or reboot proved to be more costly for GMA? Is it worth the money?

    Mukhang malulugi pa ng lalo ang GMA sa planong Encantadia revival at may makokompromisong GMA Regional TV station, no doubt. Magbibilang pa tayo kung hanggang kailan matatapos ang GMA Dagupan, GMA Cebu at GMA Davao sa pag-ooperate.

    • But at the cost of GMA’s finances. Since the third Encantadia series ended, GMA’s fortunes on primetime gradually waned. Now they can’t even beat ABS’s teleseryes.

  2. gotfan says:

    i’m a fan of Encantadia but parang may doubt ako sa remake/continuation. walang budget ang GMA, baka maging puchu-puchu ang result.

    • Yan nga ang problema. Sa totoo lang, duda din ako na matutuloy ang Encantadia remake. Remember, fantaseryes are too costly to produce and GMA can’t even afford to produce a good primetime teleserye and their ratings in primetime have suffered.

      Baka mauuna pa diyan ang pagsasara ng GMA Dagupan, GMA Cebu at GMA Davao kung matutuloy ang remake ng Encantadia, which is too costly and did hurt GMA’s finances.

      • Indeed. Just look at GMA’s position now. Wala pa silang high-definition broadcast, which is not good for a ‘Big Three’ network like GMA. Although ok na ang testing for digitization, it is HD and equipment improvement that needs to be addressed.

  3. gotfan says:

    i’m a fan of Encantadia but parang may doubt ako sa remake/continuation. walang budget ang GMA, baka maging puchu-puchu ang result.

  4. Jason says:

    Judging by the cast’s announcements, I presume TV5’s Ang Panday will likely be shown first.

    But doing fantaseryes are costly and I’m weary of this. For GMA, this will be a huge hit or miss series. And I just hope that they won’t sacrifice regional stations for a flop.

    I have watched the original and from a kid’s eye it was good.

    • More likely a miss for me at may masasakripisyong regional station kung mangyari yan. The fantaserye fever of GMA drained GMA’s finances despite winning ratings against ABS-CBN’s more traditional teleseryes.

      Kung mamaterialize man ang Encantadia remake, goodbye Dagupan, Cebu o Davao na for GMA.

      • And worse, baka hindi na makakapag-HD broadcast ang GMA. Poor Kapuso network, masyado na silang behind sa ABS at TV5 pagdating sa mga technological advancements.

    • Obviously yes. Nationally GMA reigned during the mid-to-late 2000s because of their fantaseryes, but the cost of making them took its toll, and by the time the new decade arrived, ABS once again reclaimed the top spot.

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