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In 150 Words: Banana Sundae Impressive, But Not Enough

The move to Sunday afternoons somewhat benefited ‘Banana Sundae’.

The final airing of ‘Banana Split: Extra Scoop’ last November 7 only garnered a 3.9% rating in Kantar, which is clearly affected by the presence of ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’ and ‘Pinoy Big Brother: 737’. Upon moving to Sunday afternoons, however, the newly-rebranded ‘Banana Sundae’ showed some improvement, as they managed ratings of 14.4 and 12.7% in its first two weeks.

This was not enough to beat GMA’s ‘Wowowin’, though, as Willie Revillame’s game show earned ratings of 14.9 and 14.1%. The same can be said for AGB Nielsen in Mega Manila, as ‘Wowowin’ defeated ‘Banana Sundae’ in each of those weeks (20% and 16.6% vs. 9.8% and 8.3%, respectively).

Despite the defeat, ABS-CBN seems impressed with ‘Banana Sundae’. Nevertheless, Martin Nievera and a few other netizens did not approve of the network’s decision to move ‘Banana Split’ and cut ‘ASAP”s airtime, but let’s face it, it’s clear ABS-CBN needed something to perk things up since ‘ASAP’ is losing big time to ‘Sunday PinaSaya’.

Change is clearly in the offing for ABS-CBN on Sunday afternoons, and ‘Banana Sundae’ is one of them.


6 thoughts on “In 150 Words: Banana Sundae Impressive, But Not Enough

  1. It seems that some people can’t accept the change of viewing habits. Nagbago na ang viewing habits since SPS and Wowowin, and I must say that ABS is now improving on Sunday afternoons, to be exact, but not enough.

    • Si Martin Nievera hindi maka-move on sa mga pagbabago. If he doesn’t like these changes, pwede naman siyang mag-quit from doing ASAP rather than face these criticisms. ASAP is no longer the same show as they were a decade ago, and ABS realized that, kaya nilipat ang Banana Sundae.

  2. akka544 says:

    >‘ASAP’ is losing big time to ‘Sunday PinaSaya’
    But in the Kantar November 22 ratings SPS beat ASAP by only 0.2. Looks like ASAP is improving again by a little.

    • Yes it’s a small deficit, but overall, ASAP has not been able to keep up with SPS for several weeks now. The viewing habits have changed once SPS began airing. Gone are the days when Sunday variety shows are all about sing and dance numbers; it’s a new era now.

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