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Because of You Premieres Monday, To Face On the Wings of Love

‘On the Wings of Love’ will have a third rival in a span of 17 days.

Its original rival, ‘My Faithful Husband’, ended with a whimper last November 13. Its next opponent, ‘Beautiful Strangers’, is also expected to bow out quietly tomorrow night.

After failing to beat ‘On the Wings of Love’ with a pair of heavy dramas, GMA decided to make things a little lighter. But instead of pitting up-and-coming stars against one another, they opted for a tried and tested formula: putting veterans on the spotlight anew.

‘Because of You’ is the network’s latest attempt in trying to curb the JaDine phenomenon. The series will be led by Carla Abellana and Gabby Concepcion, with Rafael Rosell acting as the third wheel.

The story will revolve around the three actors, in which Andrea (Carla) will try to deny her true feelings towards her ex-boyfriend Oliver (Rafael). Eventually she found Jaime (Gabby), whom she fell in love in an unlikely setting.

‘Because of You’ will also include the likes of Valerie Concepcion, Celia Rodriguez, Iya Villania, Joyce Ching, Enzo Pineda, Kuh Ledesma, Vaness Del Moral and Bettina Carlos in supporting roles. Mark Reyes will be at the helm of this light-hearted series.

For Carla, it will be her first series without her usual on-screen and off-screen partner Tom Rodriguez, who is currently paired with Megan Young on the second remake of ‘MariMar’. It is also Gabby’s first project with the Kapuso network, after making a comeback several years ago with ABS-CBN.

Still, the odds are not in favor of the Kapuso series heading into Monday’s premiere. ‘On the Wings of Love’ continued to exceed expectations, and the duo of James Reid and Nadine Lustre are fast becoming bankable stars, something GMA couldn’t manage with their younger talent.

That said, ‘Because of You’ will have its work cut out for them. For Carla and Gabby, they hope to remain relevant even in the midst of an ongoing youth movement that is giving GMA a lot of problems.

‘Because of You’ premieres this Monday after ‘Little Nanay’ on GMA Telebabad.


28 thoughts on “Because of You Premieres Monday, To Face On the Wings of Love

  1. Jerome says:

    GMA cannot utilize its younger stars to pit against the successful loveteam of Jadine. And sad to say, GMA lost another young star because Elmo Magalona has already signed a contract with ABS and is set to do a show with Janella Salvador. It will just be a challenge for ABS to make Elmo popular again after his low rated primetime show with Janine Gutierrez. Elmo’s transfer is also a manifestation of GMA’s too much focus on Aldub.

    • It helps that ABS has Dreamscape, Star Creatives, Johnny Manahan and Cathy Garcia-Molina to guide their young stars to new heights. The same cannot be said for GMA because they don’t have the equivalent of those four to help their youngsters.

      It’s unfortunate that GMA is now an old man’s league, where they put too much emphasis on the older stars. And now with promising star Elmo moving to ABS, things gets even worse. Maybe the only viewers left for the network are those in the 30s-50s bracket; much of the teens and young adults bracket have shifted to ABS.

      • Jose Tiamson says:

        But now with the youth movement of GMA might move either to VIVA or Star Magic, it might be dark days ahead for GMA. There are also rumors that another kapuso artist might move to ABS after Elmo Magalona.

      • To clarify, there’s no youth movement in GMA at this point. Puro old-timers sila sa primetime. If the Kapuso young stars couldn’t get the attention they deserve, then they really have no choice but to take their act elsewhere.

        I suggest you correct your grammar, dahil first sentence pa lang halatang nakakahilo.

      • Gloomy days ahead for GMA Artist Center.

        It’s GMA’s veterans vs. JaDine again this Monday. At least Elmo found its new home dahil sa kakafocus ng GMA sa AlDub. GMA is now a disaster, with or without Eat Bulaga.

      • Yung love team niya with Janine Gutierrez didn’t work, so now ABS is hoping for him to create a spark with Janella Salvador. But with Mr. M, Dreamscape and all other assets, anything is possible.

        At this point, baka hindi talaga matuloy ang Wish I May, considering how GMA is becoming an ‘old-timers’ network.

      • Jose Tiamson says:

        Sorry about that. Im just saying that the young artists of GMA might leave GMAAC and move to VAA or Star Magic because of the wrong moves that they did. And even kuya germs can’t help revitalize their artist center.

  2. gotfan says:

    Another problem with GMA, mahirap kalabanin ang ONTWOL. I agree na nagiging ‘old-timer’ network na sila, and they are also starting to lose their prize stars. There’s a rumor na lilipat na din daw si Songbird. A really good decision for JaDine na ABS ang pinili nilang network.

    • And not just OTWOL, but the entire Primetime Bida lineup is giving GMA a lot of problems. Yung You’re My Home, which I initially criticize for its slow start and its timeslot, is beginning to gain momentum as well, thus adding to the woes of the other network.

      The StarStruck finalists may not be even destined to call GMA home if their poor treatment of younger talent continues. In essence, madami talagang issues ang kailangan i-address ng GMA when it comes to their youngsters.

      • gotfan says:

        Di ko din alam kung ano bang problem sa GMA bakit hirap silang magpasikat ng homegrown artist. Exposure ba ang kulang? hype? talent? or star factor? Yung sikat talaga na homegrown talent nila si Angel, Marian and Jen lang, idk what happen to the others.

      • gotfan says:

        Di ko din alam kung ano bang problem sa GMA bakit hirap silang magpasikat ng homegrown artist. Exposure ba ang kulang? hype? talent? or star factor? Yung sikat talaga na homegrown talent nila si Angel, Marian and Jen lang, idk what happen to the others.

      • More like kulang sa exposure ang young talents ng GMA, resulting in lost potential. Pagdating sa hype, puro Angel (prior to her transfer to ABS), Marian at AlDub ang focus ng GMA management throughout the years, kaya walang gaanong development ang mga young stars, kahit pa Starstruck finalists, To The Top winners at sa current talent ng GMA Artist Center.

        Puro na lang beterano ang focus ng GMA at wala silang chance against the young stars of ABS-CBN na nabigyan naman ng focus at development under Star Magic, Dreamscape, Star Creatives and Johnny Manahan. The success of young stars like KathNiel, JaDine, LizQuen, Janella Salvador and other young talents are the reasons why these young artists have star power, tons of commercials featuring these young talents, and respect towards viewers, young and old.

        Yung AlDub phenomenon, TAPE ang nagpasikat at TAPE din ang nakikinabang, hindi ang GMA. I repeat, with or without Eat Bulaga, GMA is doomed to fail.

      • Indeed. Nagiging unsafe working environment ang GMA dahil dito. Pag nasa ABS, everyone has a chance to shine, lalo na there’s Star Cinema, something that GMA couldn’t sustain at this point.

  3. gotfan says:

    Sorry for the double posts, paki edit na lang po. Masyado ngang expose ang Aldub, kitang kita dun sa station id nila pati sa news Aldub lahat. Sa totoo lang nakakaumay na, I am a fan of Maine and Alden pero sana wag masyadong OA ang GMA sa kasikatan nila. And I agree na Eat Bulaga ang nagpasikat sa kanila. Flop ang mga drama ni Alden dati.

    • Fact is, hindi inalagaan ng mabuti si Alden before AlDub came along, much like the network’s other younger talents. If there’s any chance na makakaabante ang mga bata, their only recourse is to break ties with the Artist Center and sign with another agency, such as Viva or Star Magic. At this point, opportunity is dwindling for them dahil sa sobrang pag-emphasize ng GMA sa mga old-timers.

      • Jose Tiamson says:

        I have to agree with you. GMA does not have the likes of Boss Vic Del Rosario or “Mr. M” Johnny Manahan to run their talent agency. Kuya Germs is a legend in getting star talent but the problems with GMAAC is putting its toll.

      • That’s Entertainment is so twenty years ago. GMA needs to realize that they should not live in the past. Like we’ve been saying for a long time, an overhaul is needed for their entertainment group, starting with the management.

  4. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    I’m just sure “Because of You” won’t be a hit in the ratings, Kantar or Nielsen, to be honest. I prefer watching “On The Wings of Love” the more.

  5. maximus says:

    GMA is trying to copy OTWOL dahil hindi gumana ang mga heavy dramas na kalaban nito na my FAITHFUL HUSBAND at BEAUTIFUL STRANGERS na hindi umubra sa jadine. now their using carla and gabby concepcion and i don’t know the name of the other artist as a formula against jadine which i think has a more lighter atmosphere.

    • They’re not exactly copying it because they’re not using younger talents. Mga 10 years ang gap nila Carla, Gabby and Rafael Rosell over the JaDine duo. Masyado na kasing overdependent sa mga so-called ‘senior citizens’ ang GMA dahil hindi nila kayang pangalagaan ng mabuti ang mga mas batang talents nila.
      Sila Bianca Umali at Miguel Tanfelix nakabangko pa rin, and even Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid, as well as their fellow contemporaries, hindi pa rin makaabante sa career nila dahil sa masyadong pageemphasize ng GMA sa mga matatanda.

      • Yan nga. Puro na lang beterano ang ilalagay ng GMA para lang kalabanin ang KathNiel at JaDine. Little Nanay’s effort isn’t enough to beat PSY, mapa-Kantar man o Nielsen. Pati Because of You, talo against OTWOL.

        Nakatengga lang sa GMA ang mga young talents ng nasabing network. Hindi nga natin alam kung sino ang susunod sa yapak ni Elmo Magalona na naiinis na sa unfair treatment ng Kapuso network sa mga young talents (blame GMA’s overdependence on veterans and AlDub) at lumipat ng ibang network, gaya ng ABS-CBN.

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