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Shop TV Now on GMA

GMA enters the world of TV shopping when it joined forces with Solar Entertainment’s Shop TV. (Logo courtesy of Shop TV, Solar Entertainment)

GMA Network is now joining the TV shopping bandwagon.

Last night marked GMA’s first foray into the TV shopping genre, when it joined forces with the Solar Entertainment-owned Shop TV. This brings the total number of free TV stations with at least one TV shopping program to ten, the list of which are as follows (parenthesis indicate the TV shopping programs the channel currently airs):

  • ABS-CBN (O Shopping)
  • PTV-4 (TV Shop, EZ Shop, Shop Japan)
  • TV5 (Shop Japan)
  • GMA (Shop TV)
  • IBC-13 (TV Shop, EZ Shop)
  • ETC/SBN-21 (Shop TV)
  • Net 25 (EZ Shop)
  • 2nd Avenue/RJTV-29 (Shop TV)
  • BEAM-31 (O Shopping, Shop Japan, TV Shop)
  • AksyonTV (Shop Japan)

Shop TV features products that are advertised on the Home Shopping Network in the United States. The network airs as a standalone cable channel on SkyCable, Cignal and various other outlets, while also acting as a program block on all of its Solar Entertainment sister channels, save for CT.

With the new collaboration, GMA now hopes to compete against its fellow Big Three networks and their TV shopping affiliates. The alliance should also attract a more sizable audience for Shop TV, who look to use GMA as a tool to further promote and advertise its products.

The Shop TV on GMA block currently airs every weekday from 12:30 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.


11 thoughts on “Shop TV Now on GMA

    • Yung GMA kasi gustong makipagkumpetensya sa ABS at TV5 na may mga TV shopping programs na rin, that is why they joined forces with Shop TV just for the purposes of competition.

      But it doesn’t mean na magiging IBC-13 o BEAM-31 na rin sila when it comes to overdependence with TV shopping programs. Nilagay lang nila ito just to settle down a bit before signing off. ABS and TV5 only air O Shopping and Shop Japan on late nights because they don’t want to make their programming stale and boring in the daytime with these infomercials. And GMA is doing the same thing too.

      Although, I once proposed this as a solution back before Sunday PinaSaya and Wowowin moved into Sunday noontime, because they were losing so bad then with all those movie blocks and Sunday All-Stars.

  1. I have a similar post about that, but it is a short summary and is focused on the Big Three’s home shopping offerings. I also included an info about GMA’s last infomercial ever aired before Shop TV, which is Proactiv Solution, way back in 2005.

    Speaking of home shopping, I always suggested na mag-EZ Shop na lang ang GMA, but I’m glad that they struck a deal with Solar Entertainment, airing Shop TV on late nights.

    • As expected. Since they lost The 700 Club Asia to Channel 7, no choice ang News TV but to bring in ShopTV. They’re also airing in the afternoon habang bakasyon ang V-League dahil sa UAAP and NCAA volleyball.

      • And besides, none of these networks are interested in airing TV shopping for the time being. Although S+A is capable of airing O Shopping during late nights, that’s not possible due to the probability of late-night sporting events.

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