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Walang Iwanan Ends Friday; And I Love You So to Take Over

This Friday marks a rather short conclusion to ‘Walang Iwanan’.

Premiering on October 19, ‘Walang Iwanan’ managed to air just 35 episodes, which is shorter than a typical ABS-CBN teleserye. No one expected this to happen, considering the Kapamilya network’s high standards when it comes to their teleseryes.

But there are some reasons why ‘Walang Iwanan’ had to end sooner. Beauty Gonzales is due to give birth either within this month or early next year, while Jhong Hilario will be busy running for public office next year.

As for ‘Walang Iwanan”s ratings, the series averaged a 10% rating throughout its run. On the other hand, GMA’s ‘Destiny Rose’ managed a 14% rating per episode according to the Kantar national ratings.

The same goes to AGB Nielsen’s Mega Manila ratings, where ‘Destiny Rose’ performed better than ‘Walang Iwanan’. Overall, ‘Walang Iwanan”s ratings was a letdown from its predecessor ‘Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita’.

Still, it was not an excuse for them to have a short run. After all, there are other circumstances that led to its tenure of over two months.

Next up for ABS-CBN will be Julia Barretto’s first teleserye since 2013’s ‘Mirabella’. Julia’s new series, ‘And I Love You So’, will feature her and Miles Ocampo as stepsisters turned archrivals, all for the love of one man, portrayed by Inigo Pascual.

The story of ‘And I Love You So’ will revolve around the rivalry between the characters of Julia and Miles, who soon found out they were stepsisters. Their lives would change, however, when their parents, portrayed by Dimples Romana and Tonton Gutierrez, reunite and become engaged.

But just as they begin living a normal life, the latter’s first wife, portrayed by Angel Aquino, returns after years of estrangement and seek revenge on his new fiancée. With it comes a series of events that will test the family’s determination to stay together and mend some old wounds.

‘And I Love You So’ will be the latest collaboration between ABS-CBN and Dreamscape Entertainment, whose track record of producing successful teleseryes has been well-documented. But for Julia Barretto, it is about redemption, especially after an inauspicious debut as a lead star in ‘Mirabella’.

That said, ABS-CBN hopes that ‘And I Love You So’ will help bring the best out of Julia. But whether or not it will translate to better ratings remains to be seen, so good luck.

‘And I Love You So’ premieres this Monday after ‘All of Me’ on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold.


16 thoughts on “Walang Iwanan Ends Friday; And I Love You So to Take Over

  1. AFAIK, Jhong Hilario will run for councilor in Makati City under Binay’s party, UNA.

    Come to think of it, would Christian Añasco (a Makati resident, a Binay apologist and a Kapuso defender) vote for this person this May? 😵

    • Ewan ko sa kanya. He’s divided between his loyalty to the Kapuso Network (being a GMA fantard himself) para lang iboto si Jhong Hilario bilang konsehal sa Makati and loyalty to Jejomar Binay’s UNA.

      Back to the topic, Walang Iwanan is merely a short-term fix and aired for only seven weeks. IDK if And I Love You So would finally beat Destiny Rose, kahit ang main competition ng Destiny Rose ay ang ABS-CBN’s public affairs block at Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal’s first fifteen minutes (in Metro Manila, Destiny Rose really competes against KDOND in provincial markets since 4:30pm ang timeslot ng Destiny Rose, as per GMA’s plugs)/

    • News outlets will take care of the list, so there’s no way an article about the winners will be written here. As for which network dominated, that will be the topic.

      Although, I would like to see Timow write about it instead, since he’s the one who wrote the predictions.

  2. Gab says:

    New sked of KG starting Monday:

    2:30pm – Doble Kara
    3:30pm – All of Me
    4:15pm – And I Love You So
    5pm – KDOND / TV Patrol Regional

    (NCA programs will be moved to the late night slot after Bandila.)

    • Well the News and Current Affairs shows are back to where they truly belong, after the late night newscast. While for KG, this is just a solid line up, lets just hope that And I Love You So can hit good in the ratings game.

      • They just realized kung paano nag-step up ‘tong GMA with their Afternoon Prime. Just a few months ago, nagbawas ng Koreanovela ang Afternoon Prime. Now it’s ABS’ turn to cut their lineup to four.

        It remains to be seen, though, kung susunod rin ang GMA sa path ng ABS when it comes to their news and public affairs programs. After Saksi, Tagalized docus ang ineere nila. Anyway, more on that in a future article, so let’s not divulge into it.

      • Apektado ang GMA Public Affairs block ng KDOND at TVP Regionals sa ratings, due to timeslot mismatch. Ewan ko kung ano ang gagawin ng GMA ngayong talo sila sa 5:15pm slot.

  3. Marcel says:

    Kung aalisin nila ang News and Public Affairs program nila at ilagay ito sa late (like what ABS did) then they should implement the original they had first regarding sa timeslot ng Wowowin, 5:00pm-6:30, since it is no a Co-Production of GMA at Revillame Productions. hintayin lang nila na matapos ang StarStruck.

    • Kaso Pasion de Amor ang itatapat sa proposal mo. Saka maganda na rin ang ratings ng Wowowin sa Sunday afternoon, and it will be a big loss for GMA on Sundays kung sakaling ililipat nila ang Wowowin.

      • Magaling talaga ang GMA pagdating sa timeslot mismatch, especially from 5:15-6:30pm on weekdays. Talo ang GMA Public Affairs block against Kapamilya Deal Or No Deal at TV Patrol Regionals, talo pa ang Starstruck against Pasion de Amor.

        As for ABS-CBN RNG, kailangan na nilang magadjust sa schedule dahil lilipat na ang ABS-CBN NCA block sa late nights.

        Kahit malapit na natin malalaman kung sino ang ultimate survivor sa Starstruck, mukhang wala na siyang future sa GMA Artist Center dahil sa kakafocus ng GMA sa mga beteranong artista, lalo na sa AlDub.

        As for that Wowowin proposal of yours na lilipat sa weekdays, ang matatamaan diyan ay ang 24 Oras Amianan, 24 Oras Central Visayas at 24 Oras Southern Mindanao. Paano na ang mga Kapuso sa Dagupan, Cebu at Davao na nanonood ng kanilang regional newscast?

  4. Marcel says:

    To clarify, its not a proposal of mine. Yan ay nabasa ko sa mga articles before in relation to Revillame’s transfer to GMA. 5:00pm-6:30pm slot of GMA is weak talaga and yan din ang gustong pasukan ni Joey De Leon at Mike Enriquez through Wowowin. Until mapunta sa Sunday Afternoon ito.

    For now, lets wait for the coming days. wala parin akong nababalitaan n bagong show na possible na pumalit sa Starstruck. or maybe the Lipsync Battle Franchise GMA acquired.

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