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In 100 Words: The Half-Sisters’ Conclusion Announced Anew

Once again, GMA is promoting the impending conclusion of ‘The Half-Sisters’.

Recently, GMA released a teaser for the long-running Afternoon Prime series, which suggests that ‘The Half-Sisters’ is coming to an end anytime soon. The series, which stars the likes of Barbie Forteza, Thea Tolentino, Jean Garcia, Andre Paras and Ryan Eigenmann, has been airing for over 19 months now.

This is the second time that the Kapuso network advertised the conclusion of ‘The Half-Sisters’. They previously released a similar teaser in October, only to pull it out amid news of an extension.

Unless they change their minds yet again, the countdown to the conclusion of ‘The Half-Sisters’ is now underway. For loyal viewers of the show, this is long overdue, and now they hope that the series will end on a high note.


12 thoughts on “In 100 Words: The Half-Sisters’ Conclusion Announced Anew

  1. eto ang 3rd longest running / top rating afternoon drama series sa GMA after the successful of GMA’ s afternoon drama series: 1. Valiente (which run for 2 yrs. from 1995-1997) & 2. Daisy Siete (which run for 6 years & 26 seasons from Sept. 1, 2003 – July 2, 2010), yan ang pinakamatagal yung Daisy Siete ng Sexbomb Girls.

    • Daisy Siete is technically an anthology, not a drama series. Paiba-iba sila ng istorya per season, that’s why they’re an anthology.

      Madalang ngayon ang mga drama series na nagtatagal ng at least dalawang taon. Be Careful with My Heart is one recent example.

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