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StarStruck Ends This Saturday

The Ultimate Male and Female Survivor will be crowned this Saturday, as ‘StarStruck’ presents ‘The Final Judgment’. (Photo credit: GMA Network/StarStruck Official Facebook)

The most forgettable season in ‘StarStruck’ history is finally coming to a close.

On Saturday, December 19, ‘StarStruck”s Final Four, consisting of Klea Pineda, Migo Adecer, Elyson de Dios, and Ayra Mariano, will vie for the Ultimate Male and Female Survivor crowns in front of a nationwide audience. As it has been the case in past seasons, ‘StarStruck”s season finale will be dubbed ‘The Final Judgment’.

The season finale of ‘StarStruck’ will also feature a special guest. Former ‘StarStruck’ reject-turned-rising star Alden Richards will make a special appearance on the show, joining hosts Dingdong Dantes and Megan Young alongside ‘StarStruck’ segment hosts and judges.

Saturday’s finale will mark the only time that the sixth season of ‘StarStruck’ aired an episode on a weekend. This is surprising for the reality show, considering that past seasons always featured a weekend edition (typically elimination nights that lead up to the coronation of that season’s male, female and sole survivors).

But not this year, as elimination nights took place on a Friday.

Overall, the sixth season of ‘StarStruck’ failed to recapture the aura of past seasons, thanks to a poor choice of timeslot and the lack of a weekend edition. Losing to ‘Pasion de Amor’ and avoiding ‘Pinoy Big Brother: 737’ proved to be two sins that this season’s ‘StarStruck’ were not able to avoid.

With ‘StarStruck’ not performing up to expectations, an uncertain path awaits this season’s survivors and avengers. Staying with GMA may be a risky course for some, but moving over to ABS-CBN or other outfits may still help them enhance their skills.

It remains to be seen whether or not the ‘StarStruck’ finale will finish strong. But one thing’s for sure: it’s make or break for ‘StarStruck’ this Saturday.


15 thoughts on “StarStruck Ends This Saturday

  1. Jose Tiamson says:

    this will not make or break “StarStruck” but this will make or break GMA as a whole. If they can’t get a future superstar out of the final 4 at yun gawang gma at hindi galing sa mga blocktimers like AlDub, well this might be the end of StarStruck and possibly the end of GMA.

    • Mukhang ito na ang season to forget ngayon sa Starstruck dahil sa timeslot mismatch at talo sila against Pasion De Amor.

      As for the Ultimate Survivor among Starstruck’s Final 4, mukhang walang pagasa na magstay pa sa GMA for a long time dahil sa overreliance ng GMA sa AlDub phenomenon. Bagsak na ang GMA at this point.

      • In short, uncertain ang future ng Final Four, eliminated survivors at avengers ng StarStruck this season. Either pa-freelance or pa-Kapamilya sila kung iba-balewala lang sila ng GMA.

  2. Gab says:

    I heard also that magkakaroon pa ng fillers ang timeslot ng Starstruck bago mailagay ang Wowowin sa daytime timeslot next year. Base sa mga nabasa kong tabloid items.

    • Koreanovela pa more na lang ang gawin ng GMA sa ibabakanteng timeslot ng StarStruck. Duda kasi ako sa rumor of moving Willie back to early primetime; baka matulad ito sa nangyari sa TV5. Mas ok na lang siya kung tuwing Sunday na lang ang Wowowin. Total maganda naman ang ratings niya there.

  3. Jose Tiamson says:

    ABS will air movies on the weekend but as a filter program due to the end of its reality shows. not related to the topic though.

  4. doesn'tcare says:

    Last Saturday night, my mother was able to watch Starstruck: The Final Judgment (because she’s “die-hard” fan of Alden and AlDub), and I noticed that it was not in HD format (unlike ABS’ final live shows for reality/competition programs in HD particularly PBB 737 Big Night and YFSF Grand Showdown recently). I didn’t watch that show anyway. I’m really disappointed for GMA because most of their programs and live shows are still in 4:3 format which looks too obsolete for this compare for those ABS and TV5 programs.

    • Indeed. GMA should’ve been slowly breaking out the 16:9 format. Instead, they’re still stuck in the stone age of standard definition TV. Financially, despite their claims of increased revenue, they’re still in a mismatch, that’s why they’re way behind.

      • doesn'tcare says:

        However, some GMA News and Public Affairs programs are shot in 16:9 format (except for their title cards). But others don’t follow this suit.

      • What I want to see from them is a full 16:9 treatment, not just on the show, but on the title cards as well. ABS is already doing that for most of their shows, and TV5 to a lesser extent.

        GMA is so far behind that they seem stuck on black-and-white TVs for many years now. No improvement whatsoever.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        Oh well, it’s time for Gozon to realize that time is now of the essence and that sooner or later, goodbye SD TVs!

    • Jose Tiamson says:

      and if they can’t improve their equipment by next year, they can say goodbye to free tv and be a cable/pay-tv/satellite channel.

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