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It’s Showtime Brings Back Tawag ng Tanghalan

‘It’s Showtime’ has promised to do things their way this year.

No longer having the desire to oppose the popular Kalyeserye of ‘Eat Bulaga’, ‘It’s Showtime’ decided to clean house to begin the year. One of the changes they implemented was the revival of the iconic ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’ singing competition as its main segment.

The original ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’ was initially a radio program of the original Bolinao Electronics Corporation (forerunner of ABS-CBN) before making a successful jump to television. During its run in the 1950s and 1960s, the show discovered some of the industry’s future icons, such as Nora Aunor, Pepe Pimentel and Bobot Mortiz.

In the new ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’, four contestants face off in hopes of impressing the audience and the judges. The winner will receive P25,000 and may defend his/her crown against other contestants in subsequent episodes, while the runners-up will receive P5,000 as consolation.

In the event that a singer goes out of tune, a gong will be hit to signal the end of their performance. The gong will be operated by Jhong Hilario.

‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’ on ‘It’s Showtime’ kicked off last Saturday, with Michelle Arcain of Davao emerging as the first winner of the revived competition. Arcain returned during Monday’s episode, but lost to Israel Alano of Batangas.

The segment is hosted by Vice Ganda, Amy Perez and Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla. The latter two were recently introduced as new co-hosts of ‘It’s Showtime’, and are no stranger to hosting variety shows.

Judges on ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’ will vary each week. This week’s episodes will feature Rey Valera, Rico J. Puno, Bobot Moritz, Nyoy Volante and Yeng Constantino as judges.

After a tough 2015 where ‘It’s Showtime’ plummeted to new lows following the emergence of AlDub, they now begin 2016 with a clean slate. The hope of entertaining the ‘madlang pipol’ the only way they can is something they need to address, and the revived ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’ is a good way to start.


75 thoughts on “It’s Showtime Brings Back Tawag ng Tanghalan

  1. James Ty III says:

    ABS already has plenty of singing contests like The Voice. Even TV5 will have its own singing contest in Born to be A Star.

    Won’t the Tawag ng Tanghalan winner end up in ASAP like all the other singing contest winners in ABS?

    • We don’t know. And besides, this is a 6X/week competition where the winner goes back to defend his/her title the next day, so it’s a very different circumstance. It’s like Talentadong Pinoy meets The Voice.

  2. James Ty III says:

    Speaking of PGT, I saw the schedule of Kia Theater at Araneta Coliseum and it mentioned that PGT will have tapings at Kia Theater starting next week.

    So it won’t be long before PGT’s Season 3 premieres.

      • Anyway, going back to TNT, it is currently streamed live on ABS-CBN’s official YouTube. Either this is Showtime’s way of trying to regain its lost audience by using a new medium, or an iconic competition being promoted to a new techie generation.

      • Strike says:

        Sayang lang ang pagbuhay or so called remake ng tawag ng tanghalan ng showtime… Parang Marimar lang medyo flop.. It should have its own timeslot..

      • ABS’ official YouTube clearly posts TNT performances as if they’re a standalone show and not a mere segment of Showtime. It doesn’t make sense for them to do such a thing. Yes it needs its own timeslot, but given that Showtime doesn’t have enough interesting stuff to offer, they had no choice but to turn it into a main segment.

  3. Marcel says:

    IMO. ok lang na nilagay nila sa Showtime ang TNT. since PGT is coming. Showtime will encourage those aspiring singers na sa TNT mag audition and not to PGT (though hindi naman yun maiiwasan).
    And for the record pangalawa na ito eh. Remember Funny One, it was actually first introduced as a solo show, but it ended up as a segment sa IS, hindi pa “Funny One” ang title nun as far as I remember kundi “Funny Juans”. baka pati I Love OPM ay maging segment din ng IS, but lets wait and see.

    • Sa totoo lang hindi ko maintindihan ang mga patakaran ng Showtime regarding these segments. Kung gagawin naman nila itong segments, they should have added the ‘It’s Showtime Presents…’ subtitle just for the record. Baka kasi ibang programa na ang pinapanood ng mga tao.

  4. Marcel says:

    Parang mas appropriate nga siguro na “Its Showtime Presents Tawag ng Tanghalan” rather than “Tawag ng Tanghalan Sa Its Showtime”. sa madaling sabi, Nagmumukhang Blocktimer ang Isang Stand alone show sa isang Variety show. its kinda confusing para sa mga manunuod esp may livestreaming pa ang TNT sa Youtube. pero kung paninindigan ng IS Management ang ganitong set up, interesting din naman kahit papano, as for me.

    • To be fair, dapat ganoon ang ginawa nila, para balanse ang dalawa. Hindi naman pwedeng nasa background ang It’s Showtime kapag TNT na, dapat kahit papano meron pa ring focus sa It’s Showtime during TNT.

    • Mukhang affected ang Kalyeserye with Alden out of the country.

      But like we said, mas gustong i-focus ngayon ang It’s Showtime ang kanilang trabaho kaysa sa ratings ng EB. Even with this little piece of victory, there’s no more sense comparing them viewership-wise. Total si Vice na ang nagadmit to the madlang pipol regarding EB.

  5. Jan Caridel Nacito says:

    Paano kaya kung magtuloy-tuloy na ‘yung paglamang (kahit barely) ng IS sa EB? Is it a sign na EB should do something new na?

  6. Marcel says:

    Simula palang nung monday, may kaunting paglamang na ang Its Showtime sa Eat Bulaga.
    Jan. 11, 2015
    IS – 15.5%
    EB – 15.2%
    Jan. 12, 2015
    IS – 15.3%
    EB – 15.2%
    Jan. 13, 2015
    IS – 16%
    EB – 14.3%
    Data ftom Kantar Media
    With these figures, pwede ng sabihin na bumabalik na ulit ang sigla ng Showtime, while EB, yes maliit lang ang lamang pero mas nalaki ang ibinaba nila.
    ang tanong nalang, magpapatuloy ba ito o hindi. lets wait and see in the coming days.

  7. Jan Caridel Nacito says:

    Sa bagay, ratings are sooooo relative. Anytime pwedeng magbago. Mamaintain lang sana ng IS for a few weeks or months tapos we can say na they rule again sa tanghali…

    • Returning to what they do best instead of allegedly copying EB’s Kalyeserye is what led to Showtime’s return to relevance. Plus with TNT also being livestreamed on YouTube, may advantage na kahit papano ang Showtime to its arch-rival.

    • Jose Tiamson says:

      Plus the addition of noontime veterans Tiyang Amy Perez and Mariel Rodriguez really helped a lot. They at least help restore order sa showtime and they know how to entertain on noontime so positive additions indeed.

      • More like Showtime is getting back on track this year. It seems na nakakasawa na ang kwento ng Kalyeserye, ayon sa ilang viewers, but seeing Showtime getting back on track is good news for Showtime.

        IDK about Eat Bulaga’s plans ngayong unti-unting bumabawi ang Showtime.

      • Jose Tiamson says:

        Mas may sense pa ang KS dati at nakakatuwa talaga siya. Pero since Oct 24, medyo naging mababaw na ang story kahit nakukuha nila yun usual twitter numbers nila. But now some fans might go back to watching showtime because may sense na ulet yun palabas. Kahit sabihin natin na natalo sila ng EB, look what happen now the show has regain their confidence. At mahahalata naman na kahit sa MMFF talo ang AlDub. That is the effect of being mayabang and self-proclaim.

      • Pag na-extend na ang popularity ng AlDub beyond Kalyeserye, may sawa factor rin ito eventually. And look at what happened. But that doesn’t mean na mayabang sila though. It’s just that GMA itself is overexerting too much to capitalize on their popularity, kaya pati ang EB apektado sa ginagawa ng Channel 7.

        In short, kasalanan ito ng GMA. As for Showtime, let’s just hope that ABS won’t commit the same sins that GMA did.

      • Overexposure did hurt GMA at all, no doubt. Salamat sa GMA News, overexposed na masyado ang AlDub and they have to pay TAPE, Inc. para lang sa clips ng Kalyeserye, which would have been used to rescue GMA’s draining finances.

      • Jose Tiamson says:

        In short, they may win the trending battle but in terms of creating long term segments Showtime for me wins that battle and their creative team is still the best in noontime. Sayang marami naman segments ang EB na may sense but because of KS, parang napabayaan nalang nila. And Umay factor is setting in for the guys in Aurora Blvd. Once a fan but because of the fans who are so boastful and always compare ABS-CBN to those nametag artists and to AlDub, I lose my respect to them. #ALDUBPaMore

    • After Tamang Panahon, it’s really clear that Kalyeserye is gradually losing its audience. Nagkita na at naguusap, kaya yung intriguing factor nawawala rin. EB appears to have paid the price for the rise of AlDub.

      Anyway, enough talk about AlDub’s presumed fall from grace for now, dahil hindi naman sila ang headliner sa article na ito. Baka pwedeng i-include natin ito sa next article which is about Wish I May.

  8. It seems that It’s Showtime wins every Mondays-Fridays and Eat Bulaga wins every Saturdays, based on figures from Kantar Media in the past three weeks. Any thoughts on this?

    • For whatever reason, viewers were becoming more interested in EB’s Saturday episodes than those on Monday-Friday. Kalyeserye is longer on Saturdays, so perhaps that helps EB win on those days. Showtime’s TNT segment is helping them win every Monday to Friday, and since nabibitin ang ilan sa Kalyeserye, that also helps the former a lot.

    • Just ask ABS-CBN by going to the audience entrance sa may Mother Ignacia. Wag niyo ako tanungin dahil I’m not even an employee of the network. Better ask them, if I were you.

  9. Gab says:

    Tawag ng Tanghalan’s Semifinals will be this week. I believe the format of the competition is similar to Born to be a Star.

    Preliminaries muna, tapos daanin ang monthly finals, at pag nanalo, deretso na sa finals at the end of the year…

  10. Elsa Maria says:

    G’day, inquiry if audition for Tawag ng Tanghalan 2016 still going on? What to bring po? Am 52, is there age limit po? Reply me please, thank you so much

      • Gab says:

        Clarification lang Ralph. It’s on the Quarter 3. Mukhang mahaba-haba lang ang hintayin natin before the finals.

        May auditions pa rin po sa ABS-CBN Audience Entrance, Wednesday at Friday afternoons

      • ABS simply misled us. Akala kasi natin semifinals na, yun pala may auditions at ongoing pa rin ang TNT eliminations. What a way to screw the info, It’s Showtime team.

  11. Gab says:

    Jaya, who was the host of post-GMA Supershow’s sunday variety shows on GMA then, was announced as the new judge of Tawag ng Tanghalan last Saturday.

    • Just go to ABS-CBN’s website or visit their QC headquarters for more info.

      This will be my last reminder to all of you. If I were you, don’t ask me again for the audition details of Tawag ng Tanghalan, since I’m not even affiliated with ABS. Better ask those authorities instead. Thanks.

      • Ralph, parang ang TNT nga nagbibigay ng success ng Showtime kahit na may AlDub ang EB. Cguro sa timing tlaga ang kailangan para ma-retaliate ang momentum.

      • In short, their response became a turning point in the rivalry.

        But that’s not the point. Some who comment here keep asking me questions regarding the TNT auditions. Dapat sa proper authorities nila ito i-address. I’m not even affiliated with ABS for goodness sake.

    • From Brodd:

      To address those who visit the site on how to audition to TNT, here is the link and follow the instructions:


      you need to fill up a form, a video, a photo at iba pa.

      Dapat tingin-tingin ka rin sa previous comments pag may time. Like I said before, hindi ako taga-ABS, so huwag niyo itanong sa akin ang audition details ng TNT.

      Sa susunod na may magcomment pa sa akin na kapareho nito, I won’t hesitate to delete it. This is my last reminder to you.

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