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In 100 Words: Jun Sabayton, Michael V Promote Fair and Honest Elections

The election coverage on TV5 and GMA became even more interesting, thanks to a pair of comedians.

In August 2015, TV5 launched a series of mock campaign videos starring Jun Sabayton. Titled ‘Bayaw for President’, it is currently promoted as part of the network’s ‘Bilang Pilipino’ coverage.

A few months later, GMA responded with their own series of videos starring Michael V. The ‘Dapat Tama’ videos, where Bitoy portrayed three different characters (Mimi Hasa, Delly N. Sha & Gary Palan), are currently part of the network’s ‘Eleksyon 2016’ coverage.

While the reception between the two advocacy series may vary among netizens, they share one common belief. Both ‘Bayaw for President’ and ‘Dapat Tama’ are here to teach voters on how to vote for the right candidate.

As of today, ABS-CBN has yet to release their own advocacy videos for ‘Halalan 2016’.


31 thoughts on “In 100 Words: Jun Sabayton, Michael V Promote Fair and Honest Elections

  1. Though Bitoy premiered such characters since last Christmas, his series will not start until next Friday, January 15.

    I haven’t started the series yet though.

  2. Jose Tiamson says:

    ABS doesn’t need that kind of format though. They are more into giving information though interviews, news segments, and a mobile app in partnership with the COMELEC.

  3. James Ty III says:

    Expect ABS-CBN to also be active in organizing presidential, vice-presidential and senatorial debates. DZMM, the AM station of ABS, staged presidential candidates interviews last month followed by the vice-presidential candidates starting yesterday with Leni Robredo.

    • TV5 started that with Happy Hour, then ABS/DZMM with Ikaw Na Ba?. GMA plans to do the same with Wanted: President early this year. So the three networks, in addition to GMA and TV5 tapping comedians for mock campaigns, are stepping up their election coverage game.

    • The Bayaw videos came first, while Bitoy and his three personas will be released only this January. So they have a good reason to attack GMA, since they were the first to come out with a series of campaign parodies.

      • In short, sayang lang yun effort nila kasi ang team kontrabando mismo ang nag-isip ng concept na yan. And GMA doesn’t give credit to either Jun Sabayton, Lourd De Veyra, or News5 for imitating Bayaw For President.

      • Indeed, even if Bitoy is a more accomplished comedian. The Bayaw for President videos are intended to attract both traditional and new media users, and since GMA doesn’t have online-exclusive programs such as those from Digital5, mahihirapan sila. Sayang lang talaga ang effort nila.

      • Oo nga. Such a waste yung ginagawa ng GMA. They should not imitate Bayaw For President ng TV5 in the first place and they should focus on how to fix their own problems, like digitalization (broadcast equipment still stuck at 1990s and all shows (except animes and Ryzza Mae Show) are still in SD), regional stations, programming and how they handle their other talents.

      • Asan? As far as I know, wala pang mga mock campaign videos ang ABS. Only TV5 and GMA have done that. And if ABS were to do such a thing, sinong decent na komedyante ang kukunin nila? Vice Ganda may be a comedian, but has a reputation to be out of context at times.

    • If you think the readers of FTT are anti-Kapuso, think again. Kahit ABS meron ring kahinaan, pero for the most part, mahina lang talaga ang GMA in virtually every aspect. Madaming excuses si Gozon para matakpan ang katotohanan (e.g. increased revenue despite the closure of some regional stations), which is why his station continues to fail with each passing day. Even HD and online-exclusive broadcasting, hindi pa magawa ng GMA.

      Better wake up with the truth, if I were you.

    • We don’t hate GMA but GMA hates the word “Change” it is sad that they still stick to the old type of media. Both TV5 and ABS are ready for the future. Yung GMA nga hindi pa.

      • As long as GMA remains stuck in the 90s, kahit na may mga social media accounts na sila, they still deserve to be criticized for not being competitive enough.

      • Lahat naman ng TV network ang kini-criticize natin, mapa-GMA, ABS-CBN o TV5. This blog is really fair in all aspects naman. Sa totoo lang, I still watch GMA every once in a while, but what I criticize is GMA’s slow adaptation to new technology, poor programming decisions, pagmamayabang at ang streamlining ng kanilang operations na nangyari na last year by closing GMA stations in Ilocos, Naga, Iloilo, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro and General Santos. Kahit nga ABS-CBN, binabatikos din, gaya ng timeslot problems at ang pagiging bias ng kanilang news division. Hindi nga ligtas ang TV5 sa criticism eh.

        Kung sasabihin mo na anti-Kapuso kami, THINK AGAIN. Ganyan talaga ang utak ng mga Kapuso fantard eh. Tinatawag na anti-GMA ang blog na ito, eh hindi naman totoo.

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