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Is ‘Wish I May’ Too Late the Hero?

‘Wish I May’ has been given the go-signal by GMA.

After a long and tenuous delay, the series, named after a popular song by Alden Richards, will finally make its debut. The question is, will ‘Wish I May’ be worth the wait?

The journey of ‘Wish I May’ began in October of last year, when GMA released a pair of short teasers for the series. Regularly played during commercial breaks, many thought the series would premiere within that month, given its release at the height of the AlDub phenomenon.

Unfortunately, it never materialized. Already penciled in as a lead-out program to ‘Eat Bulaga’ (whose Kalyeserye featured the AlDub tandem), ‘Wish I May”s premiere was postponed when its eventual predecessor ‘The Half-Sisters’ was given a three-month extension.

The series was also considered for Telebabad, but GMA chose to air ‘Little Nanay’ and ‘Because of You’ instead. Eventually, GMA revealed the premiere date of ‘Wish I May’ in the teaser video below, which premiered before the end of 2015.

Which leads to today’s long-awaited premiere. ‘Wish I May’, although named after Alden’s hit song, will not feature Alden himself nor his Kalyeserye partner Maine Mendoza, for obvious reasons.

Instead, the lead stars of the series will be Bianca Umali and Miguel Tanfelix, popularly known as the BiGuel tandem. The premise of the series will involve two teens (Bianca and Miguel) falling in love with each other amid tumultuous circumstances involving their families, brought about by the genetic disorder called ‘chimerism’.

Also starring in ‘Wish I May’ are Camille Prats, Mark Anthony Fernandez, Glydel Mercado, Rochelle Pangilinan, Mark Herras, Alessandra de Rossi, Neil Ryan Sese, Juan Rodrigo, Marni Lapuz, Ash Ortega, Sancho delas Alas and Prince Villanueva. Neal del Rosario and Mark Sicat de la Cruz will direct the series.

The premiere of ‘Wish I May’ comes at a time when the AlDub phenomenon was presumed to have winded down. While ‘Eat Bulaga”s Kalyeserye continues to rack up millions of tweets with each episode, ratings for the show were on the decline, as viewers find the skit boring, repetitive and uninspiring of late.

Although GMA was able to capitalize on AlDub’s success by placing ‘Wish I May’ after ‘Eat Bulaga’, having endured a lengthy delay may not help the show’s cause at all. Had it premiered during the height of AlDub’s popularity (‘Sa Tamang Panahon’ presentation, to be specific), they may have had a chance to succeed.

Still, GMA’s hopes were on ‘Wish I May’ to flourish in the same way its predecessor ‘The Half-Sisters’ did. However, it remains to be seen if the series will be worth watching after several months of hype.

‘Wish I May’ airs weekdays at 2:35 p.m. on GMA’s Afternoon Prime.


6 thoughts on “Is ‘Wish I May’ Too Late the Hero?

  1. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    I think TAPE, Inc. feels content with the current ratings of Eat Bulaga, but I hope they can be able to find a new partition for Eat Bulaga in order to revive the stake of the audience back.

    Going back to the main subject of this article, let’s give BiGuel time to establish chemistry. After all, we had high expectations for this drama since it began to be promoted last year.

    • They’re no strangers though, as seen in both Nino and Once Upon a Kiss. Still, we’re not sure if they can beat Doble Kara who already had a top-tier young star in Julia Montes, not to mention that they stole the momentum from The Half-Sisters in recent weeks.

      Wish I May’s success will only depend on how EB does well, so we’ll have to wait and see.

      • Nah, it would still compete with Doble Kara. Remember, around 55 minutes-1 hour ang airing ng Afternoon Prime teleseryes, so it’s still likely na aabutan pa rin ng Wish I May ang Doble Kara. As for ABS, bad decision on their part, as they really intended on giving Afternoon Prime hell ratings-wise simply by pushing back its teleseryes to match their GMA counterparts per se. Not to mention it would again affect TV Patrol regionals.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        Ratings for Wish I May’s pilot episode, according to Kantar Media (I saw this in the ABS-CBN Social Media Newsroom):

        Doble Kara: 15.5%
        Wish I May: 11.5%

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