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TV5/VIVA Partnership Updates

‘Tasya Fantasya’ is one of several TV5 and VIVA-produced programs lined up this year. (Photo credit: TV5)

The partnership between TV5 and VIVA Entertainment is off to a flying start.

Four programs will highlight the first few months of the TV5/VIVA collaboration. They are: ‘Born to Be a Star’, ‘Ang Panday’, ‘Tasya Fantasya’, and ‘Bakit Manipis ang Ulap?’.

‘Born to Be a Star’ is VIVA’s latest attempt in discovering future talents. Premiering February 6, the talent search show will be hosted by Ogie Alcasid, alongside Yassi Pressman and Mark Bautista.

Judges for ‘Born to Be a Star’ are Pops Fernandez, Aiza Seguerra, Andrew E and Christian Bautista. The show held auditions recently, with the hope of finding the most promising voices in the country.

‘Ang Panday’, starring Richard Gutierrez, is the latest made-for-TV adaptation of the Carlo J. Caparas classic. It will also star Bangs Garcia, Alonzo Muhlach, Regine Tolentino, Jack Reid, Christopher de Leon and Jasmine Curtis-Smith, with its premiere date still to be determined.

‘Ang Panday’ is no stranger to both film and television. Fernando Poe, Jr., Bong Revilla and Janno Gibbs have starred in the film adaptations, while Jericho Rosales starred in the TV adaptation that ABS-CBN once aired.

‘Bakit Manipis ang Ulap?’ marks the return of Claudine Barretto to teleserye genre in nearly a decade. The upcoming series is a made-for-TV remake of the 1985 film starring Chanda Romero, Tommy Abuel and Janice de Belen.

Also included in ‘Bakit Manipis ang Ulap?’ are Cesar Montano, Meg Imperial, Diether Ocampo, Dindi Gallardo, Roxanne Barcelo, Samantha Lopez, Bernard Palanca, Janelle Jamer, Bret Jackson, Issa Pressman, Mariel de Leon and Nathalie Colipano. The series is scheduled to premiere February 15.

And finally, ‘Tasya Fantasya’ will introduce viewers to budding VIVA star Shy Carlos. Like ‘Panday’, it was created by Carlo J. Caparas, and has also been made into a film and TV series, starring Kris Aquino and Yasmien Kurdi respectively.

‘Tasya Fantasya’ will also star Mark Neumann in his latest project for the network. Also included in the series, which premieres February 6, are AJ Muhlach, Ara Mina, John Lapus, Candy Pangilinan, Donnalyn Bartolome, Giselle Sanchez, Malak So, Arvic Romero, Jasmine Hollingworth, and Kim Molina.

Aside from the programs, VIVA and TV5’s satellite TV affiliate Cignal also joined forces in the launch of the Sari-Sari Network. The said channel features purely entertainment content, and also handles production responsibilities for TV5’s entertainment group.

It will be a very busy period for Vic del Rosario and company as far as content is concerned. That said, it’s up to TV5 to try and make an impact this year.


54 thoughts on “TV5/VIVA Partnership Updates

  1. Since Sari-Sari was mentioned here, I just really hope VIVA would improve the rest of their cable channel portfolio.

    I was very disappointed when MTV Pinoy launched, because I found it overly biased, especially with the local music they’re playing and the movies they’re promoting, whereas the Asian counterpart they (shouldn’t have) replaced wasn’t the case. Also, they didn’t even implement the worldwide rebrand and MTV Bump that was implemented elsewhere.

    They also launched a localized Celestial Movies as a Cignal exclusive (most likely to replace TeleAsia), and not only did I find it interesting enough (although I know there’s Screen Red and Thrill for my undubbed Asian movie fix anyway), but I found it to be a mere extension of Viva’s SineAsia thing, which didn’t really hit with the masses (as per ClickTheCity’s Year in 2015 article).

    Lastly, the existence of a Tagalized Movie Channel makes me wonder if the digital TV services in our country would ever implement a Dual-Language feature, like what HBO, FOX Movies Premium and FOX Family Movies are doing in other SEA countries.

    • MTV Pinoy is undoubtedly a poor man’s version of the free TV channel that used to air on Channel 41. MYX took ’em out to school.

      Anyway, VIVA has a long way to go when it comes to improving and managing their cable channels. Other than PBO, they have a sketchy history of operating cable channels. And as far as a dual-language feature is concerned, it will take awhile before we can adopt that, but hopefully they will eventually.

      • MTV here is no longer the same, like I said. The glory days with Sarah Meier and KC Montero as VJs are now behind them. Parang pilit lang talaga ang establishment ng MTV Pinoy.

      • Exactly. It’s like VIVA seems to be using a well-known international brand (much like 9Media did with CNN and TV5 did with Bloomberg in the succeeding years after its launch) to get to the level of, say, ABS-CBN Cable Channels, but ends up failing to live up to the brand’s name.

        This also leaves me to wonder why Viacom didn’t just put up a Philippine office and broadcast its own local feeds (a la FOX, Turner and Sony), instead of partnering with already-existing local content providers? At least they’ll keep their qualities intact, even when they slap the words “Pinoy” or “Philippines” on their channels’ names.

        Besides, the only strength Viva seems to be having when it comes to international channels is when they’re bringing in channels like RTL CBS and Lifetime, while maintaining their qualities for the most part, but still.

      • The fact is, VIVA is more well-known for building stars and making movies than managing cable channels. That’s their only claim to fame at this point.

      • Another sketchy problem for VIVA is their FM stations in Cebu, Davao (now known as UR97) and Zamboanga. Oomph Radio branding is dropped and the format is now classic hits, trying to compete against 103.5 Retro Cebu, 95.5 Retro Davao and RJ100 in both cities (wala silang competitor sa Zamboanga unlike its Oomph Radio days (Top 40/OPM) na naging competitor nila ang 91.5 Wild FM Zamboanga (na naging Mango Radio na earlier this year) and Magic 95.5).

      • One dilemma after another. The TV5/VIVA partnership is really going nowhere. Now that TV shopping has invaded the network, it looks like they’re no longer a threat to GMA and ABS, and they’re more or less equal to the minor networks such as Net 25 (save for Tagalized movies).

  2. Gab says:

    We do hope these shows will have better viewership.

    By the way, two IdeaFirst shows every Saturday, ParangNormal Activity and LolaBasyang will take a break from now as to give way to Viva’s line-up every Saturday.

  3. Good place to start though. Dapat mautilize nila lahat ng Viva Artists para sa ganon at least they will not force their big stars to join TV5. Nakakatakot kasi test of loyalty na to para Boss Vic e.

  4. I think its best for Viva to maximize the “dead air” TV5 has now on its schedule. At least the network is brave enough to make the necessary changes. I think TV5’s biggest issue is they don’t know their identity yet. I mean the biggest schedulling problem they have is PBA. They are catering to two different markets. I think they have to choose one to be successful. And they have to create content around their chosen market. Kung mostly men ang gusto nila – I don’t think their new programs will click, kung women nman they need to move PBA. If they want to cater to Teleseryes wont work they need to invest on a lot of weekly series tutal maiinterupt nman ang viewing habit kung may pba games pa sa primetime. just my two cents. I’m happy that Viva and TV5 is giving work to a lot of people right now but I’m not optimistic the said shows will make a mark.

    • Quite frankly, the task that VIVA has right now is so tough, with all the necessary pieces trying to fit together. This is not 2000 when they were blocktimers with IBC, that’s for sure.

      • they are providing work though which is good. of course their bigger stars are with ABS such as JaDine, Anne Curtis, Sarah G, Crustine Reyes, and Vice Ganda

      • Good thing that VIVA’s biggest stars will still work at bigger networks, like ABS and GMA. Since maraming artista ang VIVA, it’s a good thing for VIVA to utilize them on TV5. I still think that the Mediaquest-VIVA partnership is still a work in progress, but let’s see if that partnership will make an impact to the loyal Kapatid viewers.

      • Almost the same situation for Viva but with bigger circumstances and situation. Yun Viva TV is just a continuation of the partnership of Vintage Television (Vintage Sports) and IBC before Viva would absorb Vintage 16 years ago. But you are right being the content provider to a tv network is harder than being a blocktimer.

  5. Jason says:

    I’ll have to add something in your previous conversations:
    1) Wattpad Presents will be a weekly thing as it will be moved to Saturday(Feb. 6) at 9:00-10:30 p.m.
    2) If they’re are going back to the teledrama route they need to move PBA back to Aksyon TV or Hyper because the basketball games tend to go overtime look what happened to Baker KIng and My Fair Lady that suffered in the ratings game.

    • As far as the PBA is concerned, it will only be allowed if the league relaxes its rules on TV coverage. As it stands, they still demand that the games have to be aired on a VHF channel, so it’s practically impossible and TV5 has no other choice. And besides, AksyonTV already has a loaded schedule since dropping the PBA, so it’s also impossible.

      TV5 already knows that they can’t compete with ABS or GMA, so let’s leave it that way. Being a niche station, what they need to address at this point is the audience they want to target.

      • Jason says:

        My proposed primetime sched will be just like this:
        6:15-7:15 Aksyon
        7:15-8:00 Ang Panday
        8:00-8:45 Bakit Manipis Ang Ulap
        8:45-10:45 PBA (delayed,Wed. and Fri. ) / Movie Max 5 (Mon.,Tues.,and Thurs.)
        10:45-11:15 Aksyon Tonite

        What do you think?
        I think this would be the most ideal scheduling of shows I could think of(Well for Amachan I think it should be moved to late afternoon slot).Because both Ang Panday and Bakit Manipis Ang Ulap are big investments and it should make a little headway in terms of ratings-wise.

      • That won’t suit well with PBA fans. Remember, the PBA is essentially TV5’s flagship show, and they won’t allow it to air on a delayed basis, especially during playoff and championship games. While teleseryes are what you say big investments, TV5 seems more focused on sports anyway, so PBA remains their priority even with the teleseryes around.

      • That suggestion of Jason’s might inspire a PBA backlash. Baka ikaw pa ang babantaan ng PBA fans sa suggestion mong ‘yan. Baka mamaya, mumurahin ka ng isang SMB fan o ng Ginebra fan sa suggestion mo.

        We’re on the way to Digital TV at stuck pa rin sa 80s ang board ng PBA (insisting na dapat iere sa VHF ang PBA), hence any change within the current PBA would be impossible.

      • Unlike the UAAP, the PBA is technically catered sa ‘masa’. Although the UAAP is gaining a mass audience themselves, ok lang sila sa Channel 23 because their audience mostly caters to teenagers and young adults. Iba ang sitwasyon sa PBA, kaya hindi sila mai-ere sa UHF channel.

  6. Gab says:

    As preparation for Born to be a Star, TV5 aired a replay of the grand finals of Star for a Night dated back in ’02. (IBC-13 days)

  7. Jason says:

    The primetime scheduling is in such a mess and maybe this is a reason Bakit Manipis Ang Ulap?’s early cancellation ( the other one Ms. Barretto’s health). For me as a viewer, I can’t seem to fully enjoy their series because of this conflicts. TV5 should something about the PBA and it’s a blessing in disguise as the Governer’s Cup will not start right away, they have ample time on their primetime schedules.

    • Patricia Hizon and Vic del Rosario should do something about this, since they’re the ones responsible for putting these programs on TV5. Even with VIVA’s involvement, TV5 continues to become more of a sports network with the PBA and Olympic coverage, so this is one problem they need to resolve.

      If ABS-CBN was able to make the most out of their entertainment and sports offerings, then TV5 should do the same. Problem is, the VIVA channels, AksyonTV and HYPER aren’t as well-reached as Sports+Action, so that’s another problem they have to tackle.

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