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Dangwa Concludes; Heart of Asia Mornings Extended

The drama series ‘Dangwa’ is currently on its final week.

Airing since October 26, 2015, the story of ‘Dangwa’ has been focused on Rosa (Janine Gutierrez), the flower vendor who gave roses to men who hope to find their true love. At the same time, her own love story took hold, thanks to two men, Baste (Mark Herras) and Lorenzo (Aljur Abrenica), who try to gain her attention.

While ‘Dangwa’ has featured guest appearances from Kapuso artists each week, the finale solely focused on the conclusion of the love triangle between Rosa, Baste and Lorenzo. That said, viewers will have to tune in to see what fate awaits the threesome.

‘Dangwa’ had been well-hyped to begin with, thanks to a series of viral videos that revealed Janine Gutierrez as the so-called ‘Dangwa Girl’. However, ratings for the series proved to be unimpressive, as ‘Dangwa’ can only muster national ratings of 7-8% , whereas ‘Kapamilya Blockbusters’ average 2% percent higher.

With the not-so successful returns from its morning drama, GMA has decided to once again extend its Heart of Asia Mornings starting this Monday. The newest Koreanovela, ‘Carmina’, will be added to the block.

‘Carmina’ stars Kim So-yeon, Jung Kyung-ho and Yoon Hyun-min. The story of the Koreanovela will involve Carmina (Kim) as a secretary of a big company, Derek (Jung) as her fiance, and James (Yoon) as her boss.

Fate soon intervened in Derek’s life when he died, and his heart was removed and placed into James’ chest during his heart transplant. The once-strict James soon had a change of heart, and eventually fell in love with Carmina.

‘Carmina’ will take over the 11:00 a.m. timeslot of ‘Dangwa’. This means that the Heart of Asia Mornings block will once again have three Koreanovelas: ‘Someone Like You’, ‘Ice Adonis’, and ‘Carmina’.

As GMA reverts back to Koreanovela mode just before noontime, the question is, will they ever be able to produce another local morning drama? Considering their lack of success, it is unlikely that the network will make another one, and Koreanovelas will be here to stay.

Tomorrow is ‘Dangwa”s last, and after that, ‘Carmina’ takes over. Good luck.


9 thoughts on “Dangwa Concludes; Heart of Asia Mornings Extended

      • Pero tanong lang, bat parang mas may kakayahan pa ang News and Public Affairs gumawa ng drama na HD ang cinematography at may matinong istorya?

      • Perhaps an even better question is, bakit nakikialam ang GMA Public Affairs sa paggawa ng mga dramas? Sa totoo lang, the problems that plague the entertainment have led to this, kaya napipilitan nang mag-step in ang GMAPA. And you all know those problems regarding GMA’s entertainment group.

      • The Entertainment division of GMA is a mess right now. Pati GMA News and Public Affairs, nakikipasok na sa dramas. What’s next for GMA? Another GMAPA-produced drama?

        GMA News & Public Affairs is now a pseudo-entertainment division as of late. Most of their programs (e.g. To The Top and Dangwa) are ratings flops. I think merging GMA Entertainment and GMA News would be a practical solution for now dahil pumapasok na sa non-news programming ang GMA News. ABS-CBN would not let its news division (kahit medyo may bias) produce any dramas, since their entertainment division is way more successful.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        With the way things are going on, I won’t be surprised if GMA News will eventually produce a kiligserye or even a game show (homegrown or franchised), which we’ll fear the most.

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