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Koreanovelas Return to ABS-CBN

What’s going on, ABS-CBN?

In an extremely unusual move, the Kapamilya network decided to bring back Koreanovelas after an eight-month absence. Their newest Koreanovela, ‘My Love Donna’ will air starting this Monday, and will replace ‘And I Love You So’ on the Kapamilya Gold block.

‘My Love Donna’ stars Joo Jin-Mo and Kim Sa-Rang. It will be the first Koreanovela since ‘Let’s Get Married’ and ‘My Lovely Girl’ to air on ABS-CBN.

Bringing back Koreanovelas on ABS-CBN doesn’t make sense. They already have the resources and technology to produce more local programming, so why do they still need to import foreign series when in fact interest in Koreanovelas are declining and there are some Star Magic artists who are waiting for opportunities to shine.

In addition, ABS-CBN is infamous for cutting a lot of good scenes when it comes to foreign dramas, so much so that their runs are shorter than originally indicated (remember ‘Ana Manuela’?). The fact that these dramas are short-term in nature doesn’t help ABS-CBN at all, and it only hurts their viewership whenever they are present.

By bringing ‘My Love Donna’ to Kapamilya Gold, ABS-CBN has made the wrong decision and the wrong time to bring back a Koreanovela. On the same day ‘My Love Donna’ premieres, GMA will bring in a new teleserye, the Andrea Torres-starred ‘The Millionaire’s Wife’, on the very same timeslot (more on that this Monday).

Remember, the Kapuso network only airs Koreanovelas in the morning and evening slots, and on Mondays to Thursdays as well. The presence of ‘Wowowin’ and longer teleseryes means that there is no place for them to add Koreanovelas in the afternoon.

That said, expect ABS-CBN to lose in the ratings with their newest Koreanovela. This is a definite mismatch for the Kapamilya network, and thus, it won’t help them at all.

What was thought to be the ‘end of an era’ for Koreanovelas on the network turned out to be false hope. Yes, ABS-CBN brought back a Koreanovela, but it won’t be long before they stopped airing them anew.

Other Notes: Speaking of Koreanovelas, GMA will have Korean movies every Monday to Thursday at 10:00 p.m. as part of the ‘Heart of Asia Presents’ series. It will replace ‘Temptation’ starting March 14.


13 thoughts on “Koreanovelas Return to ABS-CBN

  1. Marcus Juan says:

    t’s actually a reasonable move if you will look it this way: The airing of Game ng Bayan at 5pm is not possible in provinces because of the presence of local news, thanks to RNG. It is aired in the morning the next day. That was always been the Koreanovelas. By bringing back Koreanovela, they can now switch timeslot for the two shows with GnB in earlier telecast. This was actually done in KDoND. And local news wouldn’t need to be long as they used to be.

    • However, Koreanovelas are for the short-term only. After one or two months, it’s done. And ABS-CBN cuts a lot of scenes as far as we know. I don’t think it’s a reasonable move even if it benefits the regional TV Patrol.

      And besides, ABS doesn’t need Koreanovelas. They have the resources to produce more local programming. While they are the so-called ‘first and true home of Asianovelas’, their recent history suggests that they no longer have the motivation to air Koreanovelas, due to its declining popularity. Leave it to GMA if I were them, because they need it due to their lack of resources.

      • Marcus Juan says:

        It could be just another transition phase for the Kapamilya network while they are cooking for something big or patching things up. They had done this many times before. They brought back the famous Meteor Garden in line with the revival of Kapamilya Gold. And did it again just before the comeback of PBB. It’s flexibility give them some time to take a few steps back and reassess. Another possible reason: They might have the capacity to produce more local shows but undoubtedly their most valued assets are their human resources. The death of two of their talented directors recently might make the heads to think to slow things a bit. Also the recent feud between CR and VV could cause a negative consequence at the show’s rating and can also affect the succeeding show. To sum it up, airing a koreanovela is the safest move for the network.

      • For now, yes. But remember, they’re doing this at the risk of losing ratings, so it’s still a win-lose situation. In any event, it’s better than no filler show at all.

  2. order1 says:

    Does the sudden decision to air another Koreanovela on ABS-CBN have to do with Carlo Katigbak’s “tipid-tipid pag may time mindset?”

    Are there new things announced in the recently concluded Ad Summit at Subic?

    • I’m not sure if that’s have to do with Mr. Katigbak’s mindset. As for the Ad Summit, I didn’t go to that event, so don’t ask me. You might as well research that yourself.

    • One month lang, it’s over. That’s typical Koreanovelas for you. Not to mention a lot of editing just to end it quick.

      ABS should’ve not aired that Koreanovela in the first place. It’s a waste of time. Let GMA get them, because they seem to be obsessed with it.

      • At isa pa, balik sa 9am slot ang Game Ng Bayan sa ABS-CBN RNG viewers. I wonder if their investment on Jane The Virgin pays off. If that paid off, looks like US series will be the “new thing” for ABS-CBN. As for Koreanovelas, GMA will remain as your home for Koreanovelas. Kung may cable ka, may KBS World, Arirang, MBC (the Korean network, available on Dream) at Channel M to suit the needs ng mga Koreanovela fanatics.

      • The days of imported series on ABS appears to be numbered though. Back when they aired Alias and 24 Tagalized, hindi nila natapos yung buong series. In essence, that fate may also befall Jane the Virgin, unless they do something about it.

        As for Kapamilya Gold, I’ll talk about this tomorrow. With the conclusion of My Love Donna, ABS is down to two teleseryes and GNB, which may either help or hurt them.

    • 3 hours of Showtime could be interesting, although that may be too much to ask for the viewers and the hosts. But enough of that. Koreanovelas are technically history in ABS, unless they change their minds yet again. Case closed.

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