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Family Feud Moves to ABS-CBN

The Filipino franchise of ‘Family Feud’ is going Kapamilya.

Just recently, ABS-CBN announced that they will acquire the rights to produce and broadcast the hit game show ‘Family Feud’. The said game show is the latest in the Kapamilya network’s series of foreign franchise acquisitions dating back to 2005.

Soon after, it was revealed that Luis Manzano will host the said game show. Afterwards, he announced on the March 20 episode of ‘ASAP’ that the premiere date of ‘Family Feud’ will be on April 9, Saturday, and will air on weekends.

The Filipino franchise of ‘Family Feud’ joins a rare list of programs that were aired on three different networks. The original version, hosted by Ogie Alcasid, aired on ABC 5 (now TV5) from 2001-02, then the subsequent editions, hosted by Richard Gomez, Dingdong Dantes and Edu Manzano, aired on GMA from 2008-11.

In addition, ‘Family Feud’ is the third game show franchise to air on both ABC 5/TV5 and ABS-CBN. The others are ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and ‘The Price is Right’.

‘Family Feud’ on ABS-CBN will replace ‘Celebrity Playtime’, another game show hosted by Luis Manzano. Its timeslot is yet to be determined.

It will be interesting to see how ABS-CBN’s own take on ‘Family Feud’ will live up to the standards set by both ABC 5 and GMA. But considering the streak of success that ABS-CBN has enjoyed of late, getting some good viewership should not be a problem.


16 thoughts on “Family Feud Moves to ABS-CBN

    • Try to watch the show and see for yourself. Remember, HD has a 16:9 aspect ratio while SD has 4:3. If any ABS show on SD has black letterboxes on the top and bottom, then it was configured for HD broadcasts.

  1. After a month of airing, I realize that the present incarnation of Family Feud is the WORST compared to ABC 5 and GMA. To play in this edition, you must be a celebrity unlike the other two, where they done for occasions. It’s a deemed continuation of Celebrity Playtime.

    • Even KDOND used to be dominated by celebrities. Overall, ABS isn’t really the giver type despite its success.

      It’s a shame that despite their ‘Kapamilya’ nickname, they don’t even give back to loyal viewers. Even their most recent ‘Thank You for the Love’ slogan, it doesn’t apply here.

      • Gab says:

        Tama kayong dalawa. Iba=iba na ang selection ng mga families na lalaban, puro mga celebrities galing sa mga ABS-CBN shows, hindi ang mga celebrity na kasama ang mga kamaganak niya.

      • Hence, the name ‘Family Feud’ doesn’t apply since the celebrities involved are not related. Baka mas ok pa yung title na ‘Celebrity Feud’ considering the unwillingness of ABS to audition family members of all walks of life in favor of celebrities.

    • doesn'tcare says:

      And one thing that I’ve noticed when I watched one of FF episodes, I don’t understand how the overall points of two families (or “teams” rather) compute at the end of the game. I’m just confused. It seems they don’t apply US version of FF when the total points of two teams are shown every end of the round. Recently last Sunday, I’m able to watch this, and I seemed they revealed the overall points of each team only at the end of the game (even the winning team didn’t reach 300 points unlike US or other international versions). I hope you’ve noticed this if you watch one of these episodes. It’s fun to watch but not so satisfied.

      • Overall, ABS totally deviated from the norm with Family Feud. Any expectation that we have for the show to surpass what the versions of ABC5 and GMA have done went out the window.

      • In all essence, nasira na ng ABS ang PH version ng Family Feud. Mas may sense pa ang Celebrity Playtime kaysa sa Family Feud.

      • All of their recent game shows don’t care about the ordinary Filipino, contrary to what the network stood for in their long-time slogan. It’s a shame that they’re doing this.

  2. Gab says:

    OT: Heard from the gravevine that ABS-CBN will plan to air again “Minute to Win It” within this year. Just saw one of the teasers within Tapatan ni Tunying. Si Luis Manzano ba kaya ang magiging host nito ulit?

  3. AT LAST! I am so relieved na tapos na ang “Celebrity” Family Feud kahapon. Papalitan na with the return of Bet on Your Baby 3 this coming weekend.

    According to a tweet on network’s PR Twitter (@ABSCBNpr) dated April 26: Business Unit Head Reily Santiago said that the returning game show’s first month will devote to celebrity families and then on normal families to aim the prize of P 1M or house and lot.

    I doubt his vow to be materialized but for me, BOYB’s much better.

    Back to the recently concluded show, if I see their return on this network soon, I would like to see their selections better. For now, good riddance muna kay Luis Manzano! 😛

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