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My Super D Premiere Leads to Late-Afternoon Shakeup

It’s going to be an afternoon of change for ABS-CBN next week.

On Monday, April 18, the superhero drama series ‘My Super D’ will officially premiere on the Primetime Bida block. That was the good news.

The bad news, there are no free slots for ‘My Super D’ on the current Primetime Bida lineup. Its intended replacement, ‘FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’, has not announced a final episode date due to its impressively high ratings, and ABS-CBN has no intention of replacing it at this point.

So where does ‘My Super D’ end up? Luckily, ABS-CBN freed up one slot for the upcoming series when it announced that ‘Game ng Bayan’ will air its final episode tomorrow afternoon.

The sudden cancellation of ‘Game ng Bayan’ came barely a month after it premiered to replace ‘Kapamilya Deal or No Deal’. Clearly, ABS-CBN knew what was coming, as ‘Game ng Bayan’ not only struggled in the ratings, but also became a logistical nightmare for the network.

With ‘Game ng Bayan”s cancellation now official, its old timeslot will now be filled by ‘We Will Survive’, the drama series starring Melai Cantiveros and Pokwang. It will still face GMA’s ‘Wowowin’, but not all areas will receive ‘We Will Survive’, which is a problem for ABS-CBN’s Regional Network Group.

Whether or not ABS-CBN will keep ‘We Will Survive’ on the Primetime Bida slot or move it to Kapamilya Gold remains to be seen. However, they need to find a way to make the broadcasts of ‘We Will Survive’ as simultaneous as possible, so as not to sacrifice its decently good ratings.

Going back to ‘My Super D’, this superhero drama series follows the footsteps of fellow ABS-CBN original creations such as ‘Super Inggo’, ‘My Little Juan’ and ‘Juan Dela Cruz’. With each of these series becoming successful hits for the network, the pressure is now on ‘My Super D’ to deliver similar results.

In ‘My Super D’, Dominic Ochoa will play the titular superhero role as Super D. He will be supported by Marco Masa and Bianca Manalo, who will play the role of son and wife respectively.

Joining them in the series are Atoy Co, Ryan Rems, Myrtle Sarrosa, Jef Gaitan, Louie Domingo, Marina Benipayo, Bong Regala, Jason Francisco, Marvin Agustin, Noni Buencamino and Ronaldo Valdez. It will be directed by Frasco Mortiz and Lino Cayetano.

With these changes now official, the question is, can ‘My Super D’ fly higher than ‘Wowowin’? And can ‘Wowowin’ be able to stave off this new threat?

We’ll find out.

‘My Super D’ premieres this Monday, and airs weeknights before ‘TV Patrol’.


7 thoughts on “My Super D Premiere Leads to Late-Afternoon Shakeup

  1. IMO, Game Ng Bayan should’ve been aired during Weekday mornings in the first place, just like Game KNB. Tuwing tanghali pumapatok ang mga klaseng games shows katulad niyan.

    The way I see it, Ang Probinsyano will probably still be on air until the 3rd / 4th Quarter of this year because of its huge success. Tatagal din yan.

    With the success of Super Inggo, I hope My Super D will surpass the sucess of Wowowin. ABSCBN should do more of these than drama-themed ones.

    • Much like The Singing Bee before. Still, making a standalone on-location weekday show such as Game ng Bayan is costly, unlike Happy Truck or EB’s Juan for All.

      If Ang Probinsyano can get into the 50s ratings-wise, that could be their ticket for a longer run. Hopefully they can keep up now that Ritz Azul was added to the cast.

      As for My Super D, they do have a great chance of toppling Wowowin. Then again, making superhero series can also be costly.

      Our concerns now are with We Will Survive, whose performance will be sorely affected by TV Patrol in the RNGs. They were doing decently well prior to the timeslot change.

  2. Accdg to sources the recent storyline of Ang Probinsyano about street crime and showing of My Super D’s is ABSCBN’s indirect way of endorsing Duterte’s messaging. It is said that Gabby Lopez is betting on two candidates Poe and Duterte. They are indeed making costly investments to protect their interest. This is just a rumor though which I feel is around 85% correct.

    • And I thought the institution is most (if not all) for Roxas but that’s just gut feeling like your own, Mr. Marcus Gomez but FTT isn’t a hub for election campaign insights.

      Politics is not Ralph’s cup of joes. He may be called a “fence-sitter” or an “escapist” by his ostensible and judgmental critics (no offense on both terms to the author) but it’s his own silent conscience that will decide the fate of the country come May 9.

      • i understand that politics is off topic here, i just commented based on the rumors in the creative department, the storyline and premier of the show is very timely to mold a political message.

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