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Explaining the Disappearance of GMA’s Teleserye Episode Teasers

Notice something different on GMA these past few weeks?

Anyone who tuned in to Channel 7 should take a look at the commercial breaks during every program. There are the usual episode teasers, programming trailers and advisories, product advertisements, and for election season, political advertisements for national candidates.

But there is one aspect that is missing from these commercial breaks of late, and that is the episode teasers for all GMA teleseryes. So what happened to them?

As April got underway, GMA elected to stop airing episode teasers for their teleseryes, and instead create repetitive 10-second advisories for each program. Even in the network’s official YouTube page, the said episode teasers were nowhere to be found of late; their most recent upload was that of ‘Poor Señorita’ (see above), and that was two weeks ago.

The motive of GMA, it seems, is to save money, particularly since the upcoming national elections will require a heftier budget for GMA News coverage and teleseryes take a majority of the network’s overall production cost. While GMA appeared to have increased their income by 111%, as far as they were concerned, it was still not enough.

Remember, an episode teaser’s purpose is to preview the upcoming episode that will air on that day. But since GMA decided to remove this approach for their teleseryes, this left viewers without any information on what will happen to the upcoming episode of a particular series.

That said, with the lack of any promotional effort for their teleseryes, GMA’s continued decline is once again becoming evident. And it didn’t help that they are also a non-factor in the ratings and on social media.

It will be interesting to see how this latest conservative effort will pay off for GMA. With elections drawing near, GMA needs to step up their game, otherwise they might fall even further behind ABS-CBN and TV5 as far as technological resources go.

And yes, there’s still the new ‘Encantadia’ to worry about, so this is definitely now or never for GMA. Good luck.


17 thoughts on “Explaining the Disappearance of GMA’s Teleserye Episode Teasers

  1. GMA may have doubled the income in 2015 thanks to AlDub, Wowowin, Colgate Palmolive re-entry and pol ads but austerity measures (e.g. cutting down RNGs, merging the summer SID with the promos for the season, etc.) paid much of toll but real talk, GMA’s financial standing (60% equity : 40% liabilities) and financial operation are still under the conservative strategy. ABS is aggressive; parang PBA lang ‘yan (defense on the former and offense on the latter, if I get the terms right).

    P.S. I apologize for the comment I made on you re: PH Elections 2016, as we are exactly 3 weeks away. I get polarized by some naysayers, nihilistic and pessimistic social media accounts but I’m defending part of the quote on standing on your conscience despite your silence.

    • As long as GMA does these restrictive ‘addition by subtraction’ measures, they will not be at par with ABS. How can they be able to broadcast in HD if they are doing things that are not beneficial to them at all? This is not good.

      As for the elections, let’s just wait till May 9 and do some justice ourselves. No need to be apologetic.

  2. Teleserye episode teasers are important in order for the viewers to know what would happen on their favorite teleserye airing on ABS-CBN or GMA. Since nagtitipid ang GMA para sa Election 2016 coverage three weeks from now, their decision not to air teleserye episode teasers will do more harm for GMA than good. ABS talaga ang mananalo diyan. Kahit ipagmayabang pa sa mga loyal Kapuso viewers na tumaas na ang net income nila by 111%. Their conservative approach won’t help them compete against media conglomerates like ABS-CBN and Mediaquest. Even smaller regional networks (CLTV, PBN, CCTN, Brigada) will beat GMA on their respective home markets (Central Luzon, Bicol, Cebu, General Santos).

    2016 will be the make or break year for GMA. If the new Encantadia works, aabangan na lang natin kung ano ang mangyayari.

    • Exactly. It won’t make sense if they do not relent. They might as well stop producing teleseryes altogether if they keep this up.

      Regarding GMA’s lack of episode teasers for their teleseryes, I wonder which series on Telebabad will end on April 29. They’re already promoting the upcoming series Once Again which will premiere May 2, but we don’t know whose series it will replace because of the lack of these teasers.

      • That’s the problem. You, Timow, MC and I will have a hard time wondering what GMA teleserye will end this Friday. But the way it seems right now, we might never know.

      • Worst-case scenario is that they’ll end up with five dramas on the same night and bump Saksi to midnight. That’s even worse. GMA needs to stop being ridiculous.

      • Too unfortunate. It would’ve been Because of You ending next week considering how long they’re on the air. But quite frankly, That’s My Amboy couldn’t keep up with either KathNiel or LizQuen, hence the early conclusion. May high hopes pa naman ang AnBie, pero wala pala.

        And by the way, GMA did not even announce it yet on TV, again due to their decision to stop airing episode teasers. Kaya viewers are missing out.

      • cthsmith says:

        Yes, that’s too unfortunate for AnBie considering that Amboy is a good romcom serye and it’s Barbie’s comeback primetime serye. Due to the intense competition with LizQuen, the series suffered a lot when it comes to the Nationwide ratings. I hope that Once Again can rate higher than Amboy.

        Nagplug sila about the finale, I think last week. Kaso nagtitipid sila kaya hindi well informed yung viewers, only the netizens since Donita posted about its early conclusion weeks ago.

      • Then again, LizQuen’s series is still rating very well, kaya baka mahirapan ang Once Again na maka-attract ng viewers.

        With the lack of any plug for That’s My Amboy’s final week, expected talaga yung konting manonood for its finale this Friday. Wala silang alam kung paano matatapos yung serye because GMA stopped plugging those teasers.

  3. Overheard says:

    Hinala ko, baka sa susunod pati mga “ABANGAN” (tuwing magtatapos ang teleserye) nila ay puputulin na rin… Huwag naman sana.

    • GMA deserves to be bashed with this decision. And it didn’t help na none of their teleseryes are rating well, so with this decision, mas lalong delikado ang sitwasyon nila.

      • cthsmith says:

        I hope they will use the billion peso income they earned courtesy of AlDub phenomenon to upgrade the technologies and their transmission to digital. Like what you have said in the previous articles, napapagiwanan na talaga sila ng dalawang networks. Yet, they will produce another expensive remake – My Love from the Star, bukod pa sa Encantadia requel.

      • That’s another problem: investing in costly dramas rather than planning for the long term. Poor GMA, baka forever na silang stuck sa 90s kaysa sa tanggapin ang pagbabago ng TV industry.

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