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VIVA-TV5 Partnership a Bust So Far

‘Bakit Manipis ang Ulap?’ will conclude tomorrow night, part of a series of problems that plague the VIVA-TV5 partnership in the initial months of the deal. (Photo credit:

The VIVA-TV5 deal is off to a slow start.

The partnership which oversaw the premiere of three new series (‘Ang Panday’, ‘Bakit Manipis ang Ulap?’, ‘Tasya Fantasya’), a talent singing search show (‘Born to Be a Star’) and ‘MTV Top 20 Pilipinas’ has not paid dividends for the Kapatid network. In fact, ‘Bakit Manipis ang Ulap?’ will conclude tomorrow night, with low ratings a key factor.

And if that’s not enough, VIVA had to deal with the PBA’s overwhelming presence for much of TV5’s primetime schedule, especially with the Commissioner’s Cup playoffs now well underway. Such a shame.

When VIVA announced their partnership with TV5 a few months ago, many hoped that the deal will revitalize the network’s moribund entertainment department. After all, VIVA had a great reputation for breeding successful talent and producing impactful programs and movies, which showed in prior partnerships with IBC-13, GMA and ABS-CBN.

Unfortunately for VIVA and TV5, that has not bore fruit. VIVA’s new programs made little impact in the ratings, and the supposed comeback of once-popular stars such as Richard Gutierrez and Claudine Barretto failed to deliver the desired results.

Even worse for VIVA is the fact that they are having a hard time scheduling their programs. Both ‘Ang Panday’ and ‘Bakit Manipis ang Ulap?’ aired during non-PBA game days, but as the playoffs got underway, VIVA had no choice but to move the two dramas to a later timeslot.

The same can also be said for ‘Born to Be a Star’. Originally airing every weekend, it now only airs every Sunday, thanks in large part to the timeslot changes for both ‘#ParangNormal Activity’ and ‘Sports360’.

With so many dilemmas to begin with, it seems like the glory days of VIVA Entertainment on television has long deserted them. Still, the partnership has a long way to go, but first, they need to consult with both Sports5 and News5 in order to solve whatever issues they have right now.

Consider this a bump on the road. Hopefully VIVA can work out these problems as soon as possible, so that their partnership will not go down in vain.


27 thoughts on “VIVA-TV5 Partnership a Bust So Far

  1. I guess TV5 will be better off as a news and sports channel. AniMega will stay but I think this is TV5’s own way to compete against S+A. S+A has a wider reach than TV5.

      • I think Jasmine made a bad decision. She should join her older sister Anne on ABS-CBN or go to GMA. That’s the only choice right now. Ritz Azul made her decision to move to ABS-CBN weeks ago and she’s now appearing in top-rated FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

  2. PBA is a very big impact on TV5’s programming. The only way for it to improve its programming is to move PBA to AksyonTV. Then, TV5 would have a clean line-up for primetime.

    • That’s easier said than done. It will only happen if the PBA finally decides to let the UHF channels broadcast their games. Until then, more problems await TV5’s lineup.

  3. Jason says:

    Here’s my take on this:
    1. TV5 shouldn’t broadcast all of the elimination round games or try to have a game of the week maybe on the weekend slot.
    2. TV5 is better as somewhat of an alternative channel. Two of the longest shows to date for the channel are holdovers from the past: Parangnormalactivity, which was given a brand new season due to it having a huge following. Wattpad Presents, from a daily series it became a tv movie series. They shouldn’t take away the channel’s strength that they’re better off being different than going to the same traditional cliche teleseryes.

    • As far as your first take is concerned, the PBA has had a long-standing stipulation that ONLY VHF channels are allowed to broadcast their games, citing the need for better reach and signal. Unless the PBA decides to relax this ruling, we have no other choice but to stick to what they have right now.

      TV5 as an alternate channel might be for the best though. But VIVA needs to play a key role and abandon their mainstream thinking in favor of a more selective thinking, which is not easy given their track record.

      • Tell that to the PBA board na stuck pa rin sa 1980s. I agree with TV5 as an alternative to the two mainstream networks (ABS-CBN and GMA).

      • The PBA can never be as popular as UAAP basketball and volleyball if they keep this up. Changing their broadcast standards is crucial if they want to regain the audience they used to have in the Jaworski era.

        As for TV5, it’s up to VIVA to stop thinking big and focus on the small things first. They won’t be able to reinvigorate TV5 if they continue to be mainstream-centric.

    • That’s an interesting topic for tomorrow, because of how the show evolved. From an EB-like format on Sundays to a sketch comedy show ala Banana Sundae.

  4. It is good for TV5 to move the PBA and all Sports Coverage in AKSYONTV therefore, they can make many PROJECTS with partnership to VIVA.
    I believe also that TV5 with Partnership to VIVA can survive and bring back their ratings again as how they did in the year 2010-2013.

    • Problem is, PBA still insists that their games be aired on a VHF channel. And AksyonTV is not as accessible as ABS S+A. In short none of your suggestions work, unless TV5 decides to take care of their technical issues.

      VIVA and TV5 have a long way to go, but they need to coordinate with both News5 and Sports5 first. This is not an easy task because sports and news currently dominate the TV5 networks, and the entertainment department has been infamous for making mistakes programming-wise (e.g. Misterless Misis).

  5. TV5 should air their prevous drammas like BABAENG HAMPAS LUPA, NAGBABAGANG BULAKLAK, ENCHANTED GARDEN, CASSANDRA WARRIOR ANGEL, THIRD EYE and many more as a temporary show and after that They will make many primetime series and aired atleast 3 KOREAN NOVELAS OR DRAMMAS then they can bring back their rating and could even beat ABS-CBN

    • That’s not gonna happen. All of those shows came under the Intalan regime and you know all too well that TV5 failed in their ambitious attempt to compete with ABS and GMA. As long as the PBA and other sports programming is on TV5, the entertainment department will have a hard time filling up the schedule.

    • The best solution to improve both TV5 and GMA 7 is to open their stakes or share to investors, citizens or corporation from United States of America or Rightist Countries.

      • US? Rightist countries? I don’t think that will work. Besides, there is a rule (I think) still in effect that foreigners are not allowed to own a broadcast company. This stipulation led to Uncle Bob Stewart selling GMA to Gozon, Jimenez and Duavit during 1970s Martial Law. Unless President Duterte amends that rule, they can’t allow foreigners to own TV and radio stations.

  6. Jason says:

    Do you think that TV5’s overrelying too much on foreign tv shows. Ang Panday will end and the substitute for it will be Smallville.
    There’s no locally-produced show right now.

    • At this point yes. VIVA has had a hard time promoting their productions, especially with the PBA and other sporting events in the way. In addition, TV5 is growing tired of too many movie blocks. That, along with the lack of reach and signal power, hinders TV5’s ability to succeed with local fare.

      About the only good thing they’re doing right now is producing online-exclusive shows, which are not as costly.

      • Jason says:

        Three hours of EZ Shopping and Shop Japan (9:00-12:00 and in the morning) isn’t going to help either though I’m optimisistic that they’re going to premiere locally-produced shows this maybe late-June or early July.

      • At this point, I’d say give up. TV5 is too preoccupied with news and sports that their entertainment department is being compromised. And to make matters worse, the FIBA Olympic Qualifiers and the 2016 Rio Olympics are a few months away, not to mention the PBA Governors’ Cup. TV5 will be so busy with sports during those months that they don’t have time for any local entertainment productions.

        Sorry, but VIVA’s job just got a lot trickier.

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