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Once Again to Challenge LizQuen Starting Monday

‘Dolce Amore’ will have a new opponent next week.

After taking care of business against ‘That’s My Amboy’, the ABS-CBN drama series will now go up against ‘Once Again’. The upcoming GMA series will be topbilled by Janine Gutierrez and Aljur Abrenica, and will premiere this coming Monday.

In ‘Once Again’, Janine and Aljur portray two different characters whose fates will both intertwine through the power of reincarnation. Janine will play Reign and Des, while Aljur will play Edgar and Aldrin.

Reign, a rich girl, and Edgar, a meek baker, fell in love with each other, but Reign’s family objected and she was forced to marry an elite bachelor named Lukas (Joko Diaz). While trying to overcome these obstacles, both Reign and Edgar met their demise – Edgar during a fight, and Reign after a horrific accident.

Twenty years later, they met anew, but as Des and Aldrin and in a different place. Though they were different people, they still shared the same love and passion that Reign and Edgar once showed.

Joining Janine and Aljur in ‘Once Again’ are Jean Garcia, Sheryl Cruz, Chanda Romero, Emilio Garcia, Timmy Cruz, Thea Tolentino and Jeric Gonzales, with special participation from Christopher de Leon, Bembol Roco, Irma Adlawan, Sharmaine Arnaiz and Phytos Ramirez. The series will be directed by Don Michael Perez.

‘Once Again’ should have its hands full as they face the established love team of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil. With GMA’s recent unwillingness to promote their teleseryes*, the series may find themselves in a tough spot against ‘Dolce Amore’, especially with the latter posting consistent ratings of over 30% nationally.

If Janine and Aljur were to stand a chance against LizQuen, they need to prove their worth chemistry-wise and talent-wise. Given the success of LizQuen, it will not be easy, but if they can somehow click, that will help ‘Once Again”s chances.

With all obstacles thrown at them, it will be interesting to see how can ‘Once Again’ play a big factor. That said, the first week of this series will be very crucial, and if they can survive, it will be a huge help to their confidence.

‘Once Again’ airs starting this Monday after ‘Poor Señorita’ on GMA Telebabad.

*Exceptions are upcoming series, such as ‘Once Again’.


22 thoughts on “Once Again to Challenge LizQuen Starting Monday

  1. Gab says:

    It looks like Aljur Abrenica has been move on from the case filed against the network (or to terminate his contract).

  2. Meanwhile, the supposed Vice Presidential Debate for GMA this Sunday, is cancelled due to the candidates’ conflicting schedule. Kasi Labor Day, they might be there in the campaign trail to discuss labor issues and tackle their programs.

    I am so pissed to Gozon for wasting money on promoting something that can’t materialize in the past minute. I’m sure GMA will win the Golden Fleece Award for Philippine Television for the nth time.

  3. Another attempt to beat LizQuen. Expect same results as That’s My Amboy for Once Again. Plus the lack of promotion might hurt that show’s chances.

    • GMA is promoting the show’s premiere, but once it debuts, they might not do so, as it’s been the entire month. So much for preparation that amounts to nothing in the end.

  4. I switched watching “ONCE AGAIN” of Janine and Aljur, the duo have AMAZING CHEMISTRY! Sorry for LizQuen…corny and storyline tapos mas corny ang bulol ni Tenten.

    • Corny is an understatement for LizQuen. And unlike Janine and Aljur, LizQuen has better chemistry owing to their previous success in Forevermore and a few movies. Think about it. It is ABS who’s more successful molding love teams than GMA, and ratings clearly showed. Unless GMA finds a way to stabilize their love teams, they might as well regroup and find new pairings all over again. And that’s a fact.

      • SUCCESS IS NOT FOREVER… there is always a chance for CHANGE! And for a change, the love team of JANINE and ALJUR is promising! The rating of “ONCE AGAIN” is a big big challenge to “DOLCE AMORE”. ALJUR and JANINE have amazing chemistry!

      • Not quite. Better look at the figures of Kantar. It’s not even close. You may claim that Janine and Aljur may have great chemistry, but they’re still not as close as LizQuen right now.

        Simply put, Once Again doesn’t stand a chance. You’re just in the minority.

    • I understand your are in favor of Love Again, but you have to think also that Lizquen tandem are popular some parts of the world especially in Africa(Nigeria and Kenya) because of Forevermore. You cannot determine only in chemistry to give the satisfaction of the audience. In addition, Dolce Amore was also in headline on a local Italian Newspaper before they start showing their pilot episode.

  5. Lisa wald says:

    I will tell you I been watching Once again play by Janine and Aljur that’s a good story so far and very exciting. It’s very unique and very interesting to watch.This show deserve to have 30 percent rating. Janine and Aljur can act have a good chemistry so please support them.

    • Too bad they’re up against LizQuen, whose popularity is miles higher than the love team of Janine and Aljur. And contrary to your expectations, it is Dolce Amore who is earning a 30% rating or better. Once Again may be good story-wise, but the majority seems to enjoy Dolce Amore’s story a lot more.

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