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In 100 Words: Underwhelming Ending for That’s My Amboy

As expected, ‘That’s My Amboy’ was a non-factor in its final episode.

The just-concluded GMA drama series ended its run Friday with a national rating of 16%. In contrast, ABS-CBN’s ‘Dolce Amore’ continued to roll, winning the night with a 33.3% rating.

Overall, the final week of ‘That’s My Amboy’ mustered only a 15% average rating, while ‘Dolce Amore’ scored 33%. The expected low ratings was a result of GMA’s unwillingness to promote ‘That’s My Amboy”s final episodes in favor of its successor ‘Once Again’.

Now that ‘That’s My Amboy’ ended with a whimper, what chances does the more serious ‘Once Again’ have? Considering the questionable tactics of the Kapuso network, expect the latter to do more of the same.


10 thoughts on “In 100 Words: Underwhelming Ending for That’s My Amboy

  1. That’s kinda sad for the demise of a GMA teleserye and a terrible register of ratings, thanks to removal of teasers. A very big jeers to Rasonable!

    Anyway, I see that you have a writer’s block because you don’t have much ideas on the happenings on the entertainment side.

    You should’ve written about the flaw of ABS-CBN’s game shows’ favorable treatment on celebrities than ordinary people where I initiated my outrage on your Family Feud article. I mean, it will expose even more better and prove that you’re not biased.

      • The only teasers they’re doing right now is for the just-premiered Once Again, the mini-series Naku Boss Ko, and the upcoming Telebabad series Juan Happy Love Story. They don’t do this on Wish I May, Hanggang Makita Kang Muli, The Millionaire’s Wife, Poor Senorita and Because of You.

        Speaking of Because of You, that series is about to conclude this month, but no such teasers for the finale have been aired yet. GMA should be ashamed of themselves for being so cheap.

      • How are supposed to watch the whole preview in five f***** seconds? HAY NAKU. Nakakawalang-gana ang strategy na yan ng GMA. Hindi nga nila matatalo ang ABS dahil sa move na ‘yan. Mapupunta lang sa wala ang pinaghirapan ng mga artista at production crew ng bawat drama ng GMA dahil sa move na yan. DESPERADO NA ANG GMA.

      • Dapat na lang huwag na silang gumawa ng teleserye if they keep this up. They can just cut ties with all of their stars and air more Koreanovelas. From what we see, parang si Mr. Krabs lang ang GMA: kuripot.

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