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The End of CelebriTV?

Tomorrow afternoon could be the last time ‘CelebriTV’ will ever air on GMA.

The official teaser released today (see below) gave no indication that it will be the final episode for the GMA talk show. But as GMA announced the premiere date and timeslot for ‘Laff, Camera, Action’ (May 28, every Saturday afternoon), it was clear that the network has no choice but to close the curtain on ‘CelebriTV’.

‘CelebriTV’ first premiered on September 19, 2015, with Joey de Leon, Lolit Solis and Ai-ai de las Alas as hosts. It replaced ‘Startalk’, who had been on the air for 20 years but whose ratings were on the decline due to changing preferences in showbiz news reporting.

Originally, ‘CelebriTV’ was tagged as the weekly ‘trend-tertainment news’ and ‘comedy talk show’. Soon after, however, game show elements were added, possibly in an attempt to curb the increasing ratings of ABS-CBN game shows ‘Celebrity Playtime’ and ‘Family Feud’.

It backfired, and ‘CelebriTV’, like the final few years of ‘Startalk’, stumbled in the ratings. Not even a brief timeslot switch with ‘Imbestigador’ helped matters.

Overall, ‘CelebriTV’ will have a total of 35 episodes and eight months to its resume. Considering its performance, it was not bad, but it was not impressive either.

The truth is, showbiz talk shows are no longer viable. ABS-CBN knew what was coming when they finally pulled the plug on ‘The Buzz’ last year, however, GMA insisted that they are still worth watching, which is why they decided to create ‘CelebriTV’ in an attempt to revive its declining appeal.

Unfortunately, it didn’t, and GMA painfully realized it. Now they have no choice but to say goodbye to the format that once infiltrated the airwaves for several decades.

So come this Saturday, sit back, watch and enjoy what could be the curtain call for ‘CelebriTV’. It’s going to be a fun farewell, even if it will not make an impact in the ratings.


4 thoughts on “The End of CelebriTV?

  1. The show’s finale will never make an impact on the ratings. Tapos na ang weekly celebrity shows era dahil sa internet. Internet is now the new king of celebrity news, no doubt.

    • Game shows on weekend afternoons are now a trend. Just ask ABS, even if they prioritize celebrities more than ordinary people.

      After CelebriTV, iisa na lang ang show ni Joey which is EB. As for Lolit and Ai-ai, abangan.

  2. IMO, CelebriTV wasn’t a desperate move for GMA at all. They had tried their best to keep the “Showbiz on TV” trend by mixing Showbiz & Comedy altogether, but their best wasn’t enough. Had they long accepted that this trend is “dead”, they should’ve aired a comedy-themed show in the 1st place. Dahil malakas ang GMA pagdating sa comedy, I’m pretty sure Laff, Camera, Action will fare very well in the ratings game.

    • But based on the recent ratings performance of Family Feud, it still going to be very difficult for LCA to make an impact. The only hope for that show is to attract disgruntled viewers who are against ABS’ overuse of celebrities in their game shows, which is daunting at best.

      As for CelebriTV, it’s a good try, but it’s still a product of a bygone era. GMA needs to move on, period. After all, this is not the 90s.

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