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The Voice Kids Returns for a Third Season

‘The Voice Kids’ is back.

A new crop of young singers take the stage beginning this weekend to see who will be the next grand winner of the most popular singing competition in the country. The third season of ‘The Voice Kids’ will get underway with the blind auditions, but before that, there were some significant changes that took place.

This season’s set of coaches/judges will be different from prior seasons. Gone is Sarah Geronimo, and in her place will be the country’s ‘Megastar’ Sharon Cuneta, who will join holdovers Lea Salonga and Bamboo.

Geronimo, who had been a judge for all two seasons of both ‘The Voice Kids’ and ‘The Voice of the Philippines’, stated that she left the show in order to focus as a performer on ‘ASAP’. However, she hinted that she may return to ‘The Voice’ in the near future.

Also joining ‘The Voice Kids’ for this season will be Kim Chiu, who will be one of the show’s hosts alongside Luis Manzano and Robi Domingo. This will be Chiu’s first major hosting role.

As in prior seasons, ‘The Voice Kids’ is divided into several levels, starting with the blind auditions. From there, singers on each of the three teams will be gradually eliminated, culminating in the series of live performance and results shows that will determine this season’s winner.

The first two seasons of ‘The Voice Kids’ constantly ranked atop the most-watched programs in the country. Season 1, won by Lyca Gairanod, averaged nearly 35%, while Season 2, won by Elha Nympha, averaged nearly 42%.

Overall, the ‘The Voice Kids’ normed over 39%, which is better than the 25% average of its sister show ‘The Voice of the Philippines’. That alone, coupled with the success of some of the former’s finalists, became a key reason why ABS-CBN chose to produce a third season of ‘The Voice Kids’ first instead of the latter’s own third season.

If the second season’s high ratings were any indication, expect an equally excellent, if not improved turnout for the third season of ‘The Voice Kids’. The popularity of the show has been impressive so far, and now, it’s up to the viewers to take it to the next level.

Season 3 of ‘The Voice Kids’ Philippines airs Saturdays at 7:15 p.m. and Sundays at 7:00 p.m. on ABS-CBN.


9 thoughts on “The Voice Kids Returns for a Third Season

    • Coincidentally, tonight is the ‘season finale’ of Lip-Sync Battle Philippines, and it could be the only time both TVK and LSBP face off. Still, the odds are not in favor of LSBP, considering how hugely successful TVK is.

  1. The 3rd season of this show is impressive and quite promising, in fact TVK3 is trending no. 1 nationwide from day 1 and 2 according to Twitter when I watched the show last week. How long can GMA fix these problems to give their loyal Kapuso fans a life back to glory? This is severely alarming for them, what do you think, Ralph? Sorry for my grammar…

    • GMA doesn’t have any answers to TVK, and even TVPH (whose ratings aren’t as impressive as TVK though) for that matter. They tried with Bet ng Bayan (an obvious PGT ripoff) and To the Top, but both were simply too scared to face either of the two.

      • The main reason why they are at the pit of the bleak is lacking of strategic plan from the management and they insistedly denied the downfall of their show, but instead they claimed that their show is undisputed number one, this is ridiculous and annoying. One aspect they are focus over again is quantity over quality.

      • GMA repeatedly made those claims of ‘No. 1 TV network in the country’ in their ads; however, they only emphasized Metro Manila and Urban Luzon in their related figures. A lot of factors also come into play, such as the lack of regional networks and their recent retrenchment of employees. It is no secret why they are struggling, although the financial statements say they’re in good shape, it’s not enough to hide their difficulties to succeed.

      • Let us see what would be the progress as they trying to encapsulate the segments on their show (on GMA). I would suggest that they have to study and research primarily the future show; the management also has to use their prospect GMA artist (except who are popular) can bring their show into life just like Toni Gonzaga on ABS when she had a breaktrough on PBB by hosting, then now she more and more popular.

      • Problem is, which among them is capable? The Artist Center hasn’t had much luck either in finding some gems in the rough, which is why a lot of GMA artists who couldn’t thrive with them transfer somewhere else for new opportunities.

        It all starts with management, period. Ever since Lilybeth Rasonable took over, GMA has endured a lot of problems with their entertainment programming and artist development. Replacing the entire management team might be the best course of action.

        By the way, I will not tolerate poor sentence structure, so try to improve on that. The comment you made above had a lot of errors in said structure, and if you’re still a student, then that is an equivalent of an F grade. Just my advice for you, because people might not understand you if this keeps up.

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