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Yan ang Morning Demoted Due to Low Ratings

It’s been a rough first month for ‘Yan ang Morning’.

Through four weeks and 19 episodes, the GMA talk show’s national ratings average was a paltry 6%. Making matters worse for Marian Rivera and company is that ‘Yan ang Morning’ is outperformed at times by ‘Magandang Buhay’, another recently unveiled morning talk show produced by rival ABS-CBN.

The poor ratings of ‘Yan ang Morning’ forced GMA to make an adjustment starting today. From its original timeslot of 10:45 a.m., ‘Yan ang Morning’ will be demoted to an earlier timeslot of 9:30 a.m.

In turn, GMA’s Asianovelas (collectively known as Heart of Asia Mornings) will be moved much later. Starting at 10:30 a.m., this will be the lineup for Heart of Asia Mornings.

  • 10:30 a.m. – Mako Mermaids
  • 11:00 a.m. – High School Love On

The two series will air their final episodes tomorrow morning. Then on Wednesday, June 1, a pair of Koreanovelas will premiere on Heart of Asia Mornings, with ‘Secret Hotel’ taking over ‘Mako Mermaids” timeslot followed by ‘I Heart U Doc’ in ‘High School Love On”s place.

Despite the timeslot change, ‘Yan ang Morning’ will still be up against ‘Kapamilya Blockbusters’, not to mention the upcoming 2016 NBA Finals that will be aired on a delayed basis on ABS-CBN. That said, it’s still going to be a tough challenge for ‘Yan ang Morning’ to keep up since they’re facing the same programs they’re up against before.

Perhaps GMA should consider this proposal. In order for ‘Yan ang Morning’ to perform well, they need to sacrifice the final 30 minutes of ‘Unang Hirit’, then move the former to 7:00 a.m., so as to have a chance at winning.

Not only does ‘Yan ang Morning’ air much earlier, it also gives them a head-start over ‘Magandang Buhay’, and in the process, enables GMA to keep their high-rating animes in the same timeslot. Seems easy enough given GMA’s penchant for cost-cutting in recent months.

It remains to be seen if the new timeslot will pay off for ‘Yan ang Morning’. For now, though, give them a chance to thrive.


27 thoughts on “Yan ang Morning Demoted Due to Low Ratings

      • Bakit ayaw nila itapat sa Magandang Buhay dahil sa star studded ng ABS-CBN o baka ayaw nila bitawan ang Anime Authority dahil for the kids? Alam ko na ang lakas ng Anime pero baka makulelat ang show. Opinion lang po ito.

      • Very obvious na maganda pa rin ang ratings ng mga anime sa GMA, kahit paulit-ulit ang ilan sa kanila. Kaya wala silang planong bitawan ito o ilipat ng ibang schedule.

        The only way for GMA to make Yan ang Morning work is if they can somehow air it much earlier than Magandang Buhay. Pero kailangan nilang i-sacrifice ang last 30 minutes ng Unang Hirit just to fit the show in. Total uso na rin ang cost-cutting sa Kapuso network kaya mas ok na ‘to.

      • Oo nga. Masyadong loyal ang anime fanbase ng GMA and they’re still loyal to the anime fanbase by airing them weekdays at 7:30am and eventually won the ratings game against Kris TV and Magandang Buhay.

        The timeslot change to 9:30am might not even work to boost that show’s morale. But our suggestions would be practically impossible, thanks to the loyal anime fanbase of GMA.

      • Pwede namang manatili ang animes sa same timeslot, as long as they cut Unang Hirit’s running time to two hours just for Marian’s talk show. It’s a matter of making sacrifices, saka uso na rin ang cost-cutting sa GMA these days.

    • And besides, talk shows in mid-to-late mornings are no longer viable. Yung SIS naging biktima nito once Showtime entered, and GMA never recovered since then.

  1. Sayang talaga, maganda naman ang intention na ibalik ang talk show in morning, iba na ngayon. Kahit hindi kagandahan ang ratings ng Magandang Buhay, pero worth it ito sa mga Kapamilya. Meanwhile, nag trending ang The Voice Kids sa ch. 2 at ang SVL sa ch 23 sa sabado, nag #1 at #3 sa Twitter, ano ang tugon mo dito? I am a fan of your blog since this summer. Salamat sa fair views.

    • This is where the advantage of ABS in promotional strategies kick in. Magaling talaga sila sa pag-plan at pag-promote ng mga programa at live events, and the end result was their social media dominance. GMA programs can trend on Twitter at times, but the problem for them has been promotion, lalo na sa mga teleserye nila.

      By the way, the second half of the comment you made had nothing to do with the topic, so please refrain from making such non-related comments. Huwag kang matulad kay Mr. Sunday.

  2. Kahit Kapamilya Blockbusters man o NBA Eastern Conference Finals, Yan ang Morning does not have any chance of survival on its old timeslot. Ngayong 9:30am na ang timeslot, I still think that show will face more dilemmas ngayong may NBA Finals na, which will start this Friday. I’m pretty sure Kapamilya Blockbusters and NBA Finals will beat that morning show no doubt. Like what I said on an earlier comment, another missed opportunity na yan sa GMA to compete against Magandang Buhay, but the problem is the loyal anime fanbase of GMA.

    Maganda ang suggestion mo, Ralph, pero ewan ko kung tatanggapin yan ng GMA, lalong-lalo na ng loyal anime fanbase ng GMA na ineenjoy pa rin ang mga anime sa Siyete kahit paulit-ulit na lang ang palabas.

    • Here’s how it should work:
      5:00 a.m. Unang Hirit
      6:50 or 7:00 a.m. Yan ang Morning
      7:30 or 7:40 a.m. Astig Authority

      This is more than viable and clear enough. Animes can be retained, but Unang Hirit needs to make some sacrifices para kay Marian.

      • There’s nothing wrong naman about two hours of Unang Hirit. And since uso ang cost-cutting sa GMA, they could go to that route, only if the hosts and staff are willing to make sacrifices. Still, only GMA can decide on the matter.

  3. According to ABS-CBN, NBA Finals will be aired LIVE every Wednesdays and Fridays (Mondays will be delayed for one hour thanks to Magandang Buhay) starting this Friday. I’m sure the upcoming NBA Finals rematch between Cleveland Cavaliers and the defending champions, the Golden State Warriors, will beat Yan ang Morning in the ratings game. Any thoughts on this?

    • This year’s NBA Finals schedule is no longer M-W-F (Manila time) every week. Here’s the schedule (all games at 9:00 a.m.; Monday games are delayed):

      Game 1 (Friday)
      Game 2 (Monday)
      Game 3 (Thursday)
      Game 4 (Saturday)
      Game 5 (Tuesday)
      Game 6 (Friday)
      Game 7 (Monday)

      Other than Game 4, the rest of the games fall on a weekday. This isn’t going to be good for Yan ang Morning, Heart of Asia mornings, and on Saturday, Magic Knight Rayearth, Maynila and Sarap Diva, because the NBA Finals tend to attract a big audience.

      • Jose Tiamson says:

        Good thing almost all of its games are at 9:00 am. At least people can watch it live. I don’t if GMA can recover from this potential blow-out.

      • Probably not. Then again, though, not everyone will watch on Channel 2, since there’s still BTV and NBA Premium. However, with GMA weak in the regions, advantage ABS.

      • Ralph, one advantage cguro sa ABS kay karamihan sa mga viewers nila ay walang cable. Kasi madali ng mapanood ng NBA dahil free coverage ito, kaya lang masasapawan lang ang dubbing sa original announcer.

      • It’s been always that way. Tagalized lagi ang NBA coverage sa ABS (just for the masses’ sake), and the Finals is no exception.

        And to top off, may advantage ang ABS sa VisMin. GMA can never lay claim to that, and whenever you watch their ads regarding their ratings, hindi nila binabanggit ang Visayas at Mindanao dahil alam nilang mahina sila doon. So expect their programs to lose to the NBA Finals with that kind of disadvantage.

  4. COMPARISON of Yan Ang Morning vs. NBA Finals ratings (Kantar):

    Game 1 – June 3 – YAM (6.9)/NBA Finals LIVE (21.8)
    Game 2 – June 6 – YAM (7.2)/NBA Finals VIA SAT (20.4)
    Game 3 – June 9 – YAM (7.7)/NBA Finals LIVE (22.6)
    Game 4 was aired last June 11, which was a Saturday
    Game 5 – June 14 – YAM (5.3)/NBA Finals LIVE (22.4)
    Game 6 – June 17 – YAM (5.5)/NBA Finals LIVE (24.2)
    Game 7 – June 20 – YAM (5.0)/NBA Finals LIVE (23.7)

    Looks like the airing of Game 7 last week is a nightmare for Yan Ang Morning.

    • No contest. Yan ang Morning is not worth watching. Even against Kapamilya Blockbusters, they always lose. Perhaps GMA may be better off if they air the show at 7:00 a.m. instead, because mid-morning is like a death sentence for their talk shows.

    • A very expected development, even if Marian herself stated that the show was only a one-season run. Again it’s obvious that GMA simply can’t sustain their talk shows for longer periods of time, due to very low ratings and bad timeslots. More on that this Monday.

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