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With Rainy Season Underway, TV5 Still Needs Improvement and Continuity

Tagalized American shows such as ‘Smallville’ will take over TV5’s weeknight programming for now, as they prepare for the 2016 Rio Olympics coverage. (Publicity photo courtesy of TV5)

It’s back to zero for TV5.

As May turned into June, the Kapatid network management decided to make a lot of changes in their programming lineup. Unfortunately, those alterations turned a once-promising network into a troublesome one, full of questionable decisions that are not worthy of its status as a ‘Big Three’ network.

Just imagine this. Would anyone accept a network that airs TV shopping in the morning, cartoons and/or sporting events in the afternoon, and Tagalized American series or movies at night?

Obviously, no one. In essence, this is still TV5 a.k.a. the Kapatid Network, yet its programming is now similar to ABC 5 in its final few years.

The entry of Vic del Rosario’s VIVA group was supposed to rejuvenate TV5’s flagging entertainment group, but it didn’t happen. The first wave of programs came and went, with no replacements whatsoever.

VIVA’s problems were aplenty, such as the presence of the PBA and other sporting events, and TV5’s lack of reach in other areas. Clearly, there is still a lot of work to do, but for the moment, they are no longer involved in the programming.

So what did TV5 do? Click the link to the network’s official website, and one will be very surprised on what the schedules look like now.

But for those not in the mood, here are the lowlights:

  • EZ Shop and Shop Japan replaces Boomerang on TV5 block, with the latter now airing on weekday afternoons
  • Tagalized American series (e.g. ‘Arrow’, ‘Supernatural’) dominate weeknights
  • Tagalized foreign movies remain a constant presence, but on weekends, they now extend to primetime
  • ‘Outcast’, a American suspense series, replaces ‘MTV Top 20 Pilipinas’ and will be dubbed in Filipino
  • ‘Sports360’ is shelved for now

For many, these moves are not smart, but TV5’s intention is clear. With the 2016 Summer Olympics only two months away, there is little time for VIVA’s programming to make their presence felt, and thus, TV5 needs to air some temporary fill-ins while waiting for their Olympic coverage to begin.

Still, the lack of improvement and continuity remains a problem for TV5. It’s been six years since Manny V. Pangilinan took over, yet the story remains the same.

When will they finally learn? No one knows, but one thing’s for sure: expect the unexpected from TV5.


22 thoughts on “With Rainy Season Underway, TV5 Still Needs Improvement and Continuity

  1. Wala na. Back to Tonyboy Cojuangco days na ang sitwasyon ngayon sa Singko. Wala na ang Big Three. We now have to deal with ABS-CBN and GMA.

    • Actually, parang Big One na lang talaga. ABS has all the tools right now, while TV5 and GMA are still trying to sort out their problems. It’s unacceptable to see one station pulling away with all their innovations while two others are having a hard time keeping up. Dapat sana may fierce competitiveness ang tatlo, much like in the US where CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox are always neck-and-neck, kaso wala, because of the disparity.

    • Pareho lang sila with GMA these days. Kung sa GMA sobrang non-committed sa sports, non-committed naman sa entertainment ang TV5. At kung may advantage sa HD and digital ang TV5, may advantage naman sa signal at power ang GMA. They’re essentially tied right now.

      • Jason says:

        At least for the news department it’s improving as they have incorporated a newer set (the one they used for their election coverage).

        With a limited set of programs in the helm, I would put the afternoon cartoons to the EZ Shopping and Shop Japan slot. Because I think the cartoons would likely get more ratings than those infomercials.

        And I think they should use some of VIVA-produced films and use it as some sort of movie block and the ones on Sari-Sari.

        Lastly, we have to wait until August or September, to see the station’s newest programs. Back to square one, I guess.

      • TV5 has already decided that cartoons will air in the afternoon. Remember, once the Rio Olympics start, the morning slots might be used for the evening (Rio time) events, so your suggestion to move it back could be useless. As for the VIVA/Sari-Sari block, that’s still up in the air, for the same reasons.

        Otherwise the best course of action is to just go back to the ‘Ka-shake’ lineup of programs, so that TV5 won’t have enough difficulty competing with ABS and GMA while targeting a specific audience.

  2. Clrk says:

    I was thinking the same about comparisons with GMA and TV5. What about TV5 capitalizing on tagalized foreign movies and series. We can have a tagalized channel on free TV much like TMC on cable.

    • Tagalized series are intended for the masses only. And besides, there’s already American series airing in other cable channels, so what’s the point of an all-Tagalized network?

    • That doesn’t look good at all. Ang dami talagang nasayang na opportunities ang TV5 to succeed with local programming, all because of preoccupation with news and sports.

    • Once the contract expires, it’s possible they’ll let it go. But the PBA needs to reconsider its long-standing decision of airing its games exclusively on VHF channels in order to find a more flexible partner, because they’ll have a hard time attracting a new partner if they keep that ruling.

  3. Jason says:

    What do you think about this suggestion?
    Have the weekday PBA games aired after Aksyon Tonite/ReAksyon (meaning delayed telecast)
    and have the weekend PBA games aired live.

    • Are you out of your mind? No one would watch a delayed PBA game THAT LATE. Crazy as it sounds, but the PBA needs to loosen its reins in terms of broadcasting their games.

      The only option now for them is to repeal that old rule of airing games exclusively on VHF television, because as it stands, the main VHF channels 2, 5 and 7 are too loaded with entertainment shows, while channels 4, 9, 11 and 13 are either ill-equipped or lack space to cover PBA games. The PBA can no longer thrive with these handicaps, so they’d better think out of the box soon.

      As for TV5, I expect them not to renew its contract with the PBA, so as to shift its attention on entertainment. With the PBA in the way, TV5 was unable to sustain its entertainment properties, that is why they might as well drop the league’s coverage for their own good.

      • Channel 4 is under transition mode kasi Duterte will be president in 2 weeks. Incoming PCOO Chief Martin Andanar would really need to fix the station’s schedule, as what the appointee is for our country, to accomodate the broadcast under a new contract.

        Channel 9? Impractical. CNN Philippines: air sports, lose renewal of broadcast rights and license from CNN in Atlanta.

        Channel 11? I rofl’d. Excuse my language, t*nga si Gozon. He should’ve set up a sports division pero dalawang employees sa GMA ang may forte sa sportscasting (Chino Trinidad and Mark Zambrano).

        Channel 13? Gee. Like what Andanar said, it’s BULOK! They should privatize immediately because it’s a big laughingstock to the competition.

        If I were a PBA Commissioner, we should consider splitting the broadcast of every elimination game in to TV5 and IBC 13 pero mahirap itong iimplement kasi, real talk, EXCLUSIVITY MENTALITY prevails.

      • I’d say, change the habit. They can’t air on VHF TV forever. If the VHF channels they want are either too preoccupied, too exclusive or too weak, then the PBA has a big problem in their hands. Making the move to UHF, as much as the idea sickens them (see Solar/Studio 23 and AksyonTV era), is what’s best for business at this point. And besides, they have other platforms such as online livestreaming and cable broadcasts so it won’t be a problem.

      • The PBA board needs to realize na 2016 na ngayon, hindi 70s o 80s. The board is technologically behind anyway. Even a certain network is also technologically behind.

      • Indeed. Mahihirapan talaga sila kung VHF TV pa rin ang pakay ng PBA for live games. They already have two other platforms (cable, internet) for the broadcasts of their games, so no need for them to keep chasing a VHF channel.

  4. Jason says:

    Thinking about it, if TV5 doesn’t renew their contract with the PBA. They can finally fix the programming for TV5, AksyonTV and Radyo Singko.

      • The problem is will the PBA board finally settle with ABS-CBN using S+A? ABS-CBN tried to bid for the rights to air PBA games so many times but it failed. GMA is out of the picture due to obvious reasons. The other concern is IBC 13’s impending privatization, which is expected to pursue under the incoming Duterte administration.

      • That said, it’s time for PBA management to make some sacrifices. They can’t air in VHF forever. With little to no options, they have no choice but to embrace UHF television, even if it means sacrificing a portion of their audience. They’ll have a hard time if they stick to the old ruling.

        And if the PBA were to leave TV5, that would be good for both parties. But first, the PBA needs to think about loosening its rein on television broadcasts.

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