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The Story of Us Down to Final Week

The story of Macoy and Tin comes to an end this week.

On Friday, June 17, ‘The Story of Us’ will air its final episode. Throughout its 78-episode run, viewers witnessed the on and off love story of Macoy (Xian Lim) and Tin (Kim Chiu), whose trials and tribulations from childhood friends to estranged lovers took them to El Nido and all the way to America.

When it premiered on Monday, February 29 as a replacement to the top-rating series ‘On the Wings of Love’, not much was expected for ‘The Story of Us’. Still, it didn’t stop them from averaging nearly 19% in the national ratings, which is close to 6% better than that of either GMA’s ‘Because of You’ and ‘Juan Happy Love Story’.

While ratings for ‘The Story of Us’ were decently impressive, the fact that it ran so short became a surprise to many. Considering the fact that some of ABS-CBN’s more recent hit teleseryes were able to exceed the 100-episode mark, it was unexpected to see ‘The Story of Us’ run for only 78 episodes.

But ABS-CBN has its own reasons for ending the series so soon. Kim Chiu had been assigned to host season 3 of ‘The Voice Kids’, and juggling between the two shows could slow her down.

The KimXi tandem will also have a new movie coming up, and Xian Lim will prepare for an upcoming concert. To top it all off, ABS-CBN only gave ‘The Story of Us’ a 16-week threshold, hence the short run.

As ‘The Story of Us’ marks its conclusion, expect the love team of Kim Chiu and Xian Lim to do their absolute best. The series has been impressive so far, and it’s up to the viewers to finish off another successful run for the KimXi duo.

Can Macoy and Tin’s on and off relationship take them to a place where it all began? Find out on the final week of ‘The Story of Us’, which airs after ‘Dolce Amore’ on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida.